So it occured to me last night that some people may not want to read my life story, and would rather just see the links. I have a better idea of how to do this, but it will require a re-tooling of this page. So, for now, you can skip my boring journal entries and click on that button above, which will just display the links, and even tells you how many are on the page! It won't show the frame links, which is good, because there are over 500 in there.......I hope this helps keep people interested in this site! Remember, there is a "submit stuff" form below the content frames, so please send me stuff you think I should post here. I'll even consider picture entries, as long as it isn't pornographic or overly suggestive. You can see that I don't post nekkid pictures here. Find those on your own.
There will be more links today, this is just a start.
Two From Aberrant News:Wired 7.11: This Is Your Brain on God.

Female or Shemale. A photo quiz from B3ta.

You probably don't need to know this about me, but when I first discovered the webcam trend, I became kind of addicted to it, until I found out it's major purpose, then I just sort of lost interest. If you don't know already, here's the lowdown: barely legal girlies post their webcams in portals designed for such a thing. They have their little weblog there, too. They say things like OMG! and LOL! and wOOt! alot, and use emotes after every sickenly cute little sentence. They tease you by showing a little leg or midriff or even a boob or two. Once they've got your attention, they point you over to the little button that says "donate" or "tipjar" or "wishlist", or the more overt "buy me stuff!" where you get to give them money for doing pretty much nothing. And these girls actually get alot of money and free stuff this way. One girl boasts that she got $1200 of free shit in 2 weeks. They also love being voted for, though I never figured out how this benifits them, beyond the obvious: more traffic, more potential suckers.Here's a Perfekt example of what I mean, a girl who knows she's cute and capitalizes on it. She cleverly hides her wishlist in one of the butterflies. There was one night on CamWhores where all the girlies were showing their boobies, except this girlie, probably because she just might be underage, but still she won all the tagboard votes and probably made a nickel or two in the process.
Hey, whatever gets you the scratch to buy that new boyband CD I guess. What cracks me up is that so many of these chicks have their webcam on Camwhores, a very naughty site indeed, but no! Don't call them whores! Don't ask to see more than they are willing to show, because they aren't sluts, even though their picture shows up right below a nasty gif. of some pornstar getting an oversized vegetable rammed into their nether regions. You should see some of the shit these girls ask for.Some have the coconuts to ask their marks for entire computers, or trips to exotic locales.
I bet they get it too. Makes me sick. Probably because I can't get away with it myself. I mean, I could pretend to be a teenie nymphomaniac, but even I'm not that desperate......yet.
Another cutie who can make you feel sorry enough for her to shell out the coin.unpinkified - the tale of a drunk naked stick figure girl named kim
Don't get me wrong, some of these peeps have interesting things to say, I just personally think it's lowering oneself to ask for stuff you didn't earn.
This girl is a cooltease, I suppose:V...My Dark Star.com
This camwhore is marginally cute, but not as cute as she thinks she is.Stop touching me. bad man. Go harrass her, but don't tell her I sent you. And hey, I didn't make up the name "camwhore", so don't yell at me. Ths one's pretty cool,though the eyebrow thing is really overdone these days.A Paralytic Silhouette / Verotika dot Org Caution: watch out for pr0n.
This is more for me than you, but check her out, she's pretty funny.T00fing 3x since 1996 I wish I were funny, but dammit, I'm just not bright enough. There was a brief time in high school when I was hilarious, but the talent just plain vanished.
I just can't make up spur-o-the-moment shit like my brother Mike.
I think I would consider putting a webcam here if I had a clue about how it's done........I've already got the donation button too. Down at the bottom left corner of this page.
So, if you're thinking this is a great way to get something for nothing, by all means, get your webcam up and submitted. I'll even help you out, but just remember me, and throw some of those "donations" my way.
Zeroaphexx, 20/20Vision,Cam Tracks! CondoCams, Sleeping Pills, FloorGasms, twoinchesfully, superhyperdemnochild, Pheends, Exploited, MyDarkness, DarkThirst,
SpookyLinks, MyLiveWebCam,WebCamVillage, CamVille,

SpotLife, RaverBashing, and the mother of them all, Camwhores. BigTime porn warning there. If that wasn't enough for you I've got tons more, and there's probably thousands more that I don't know about.Me, I'd rather watch THIS.
Now, for all that research, don't you think I deserve a lil sump'n? No? Oh well. Here's some other stuff I found today.

What's this thingie?Art Bell - UFO Images/Photos
Spirit Frame:AlienPress
Science frame?Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization
So in HawaiiPunks, we were reminiscing about acid trips.......::killfish::
I go there every night, just to hear the beat.[[browser destruction]]
Think I'll just keep smoking.Nicotene patches and gum may be harmful.

An ACTUAL visitor submission! Cuba's possible sunken city.
I keep forgetting to add this to Diverse...Camp Chaos. Now that I think of it, I haven't added any of the permalinks yet, and I really don't know what I'm going to do with all this other crap I collect....:::Goth in Asia:::...
Here's another one, dammit!=Cloud 10=
I gotta go back and retrieve all the links I want permanently placed...if I weren't so busy trying to keep your interest..and for the nifty little comic to the right,credit where due:OFFBEAT! comics.
I'm still laffing my ass off about the fact the cops found multiple samples of sperm in Condit's living room..from multiple sources.....there's your motive.
Okay, that's enough for today. My eyes are burning. I need a blanket........

I finally got into Hawaii Punks news group, and spent the majority of yesterday reading through 938 posts. At first, I was really excited and quite giddy about the whole thing, because this was my past,and these people were my Family. But to be honest, I was left a little dissapointed, dissillusioned. I'm not sure what I expected exactly, perhaps to have been remembered as more than just So-And-So's Friend, perhaps more than just a peripheral mention of my existence. I looked at it initially as a family reunion. I cared about these people. I cared about how they felt about me. We all made mistakes, as adolescents do, but I was never confused about my feelings for every one of them. I respected them, I idolized them, I emulated them. The thing about this group though is that most of the people in it were of a "different clique", comprised of the Original Crowd, whereas I arrived on the scene later and was considered a poseur, so they either never knew me very well or never cared to know me.Of course, I am being too cynical.Perhaps I am just looking at it all wrong.I'm sure once the initial novelty wears off, I will see it all differently.( I should add that two days later, this is the case. I look at it completely differently now, and I am grateful to re-know these people.)There are some very cool people in that Group, who I want to remain in contact with,and it was interesting to see what everybody's up to these days, and sad to see who has died in the years gone by.
A few good things came from the experience: contact with the few of my very best friends, a new perspective of my past, and an appreciation of where I am now. You truly can Never Go Back.
Enough of that. Let's get on to the shit that's piled up in that two days. I used to post alot of news, but lately I just don't care. I still keep up on current events, but just see no point in posting it anymore. The news frame is right there to your left. I'm more interested in posting the weird, wacky wonderful things I come across. Hey, all the links are right here on the site, but I do all the footwork for you, least you can do is leave a comment once in awhile, so I don't feel like I'm talking to myself. Tell me you hate the navigation, tell me to post more Lovelies, or less, yell at me, stroke me, something. I just want to be wanted, I just want to feel like I am providing a tiny ray of sunshine in an otherwise bleak existence.
So let's pretend you care for a moment, and get on with the entertainment.

This is my old friend Matt Grim's site, HawaiiRaves.
I still can't figure out if he's actually really talented or just really fucking lucky, but I don't remember him not getting everything he ever wanted. Look, there he is! HawHawHaw! Naw, the guy's not nearly as scary as he looks. Hey Captish, you still do that spit-drinking trick??

Here's my brother Mike. I just put this here so I can remember when his birthday is. And this time, it wasn't me that pressed charges. I'm think he's a carny now, or deviant pornstar, or both.
I like the creepy atmospheric lighting at the SFPD.

This is here to remind me to write a review on them:Fainting In Coils

I just like the look of suprise on Jesus' face:Catholic Shopper! "Wow! So many deals! Good thing I saved!"

I didn't know this site still existed....Heaven's Gate® - How and When It May Be Entered

This Is The Future:BBC News | SCI/TECH | Virtual kingdom richer than Bulgaria

Hey, I know a guy who looks like this, and his name is Danny too. :: From Mystic Knights To Hollywood Lights ::

Bookmark now, browse later......Danny Elfman 's Music For A Darkened People :: Here comes the Spider-Man

Aw Gee Willakers Dave, do you really need my money??DAVID LYNCH.COM

It has said "coming soon" for over a year now....TimBurton.com - The Offical Website, but these guys seem to be home.The Joel and Ethan Coen Homepage.
This guy is still around too.Laid-Off: A No Nothing Production.

This reminds me of an old Hawaii Punk friend, John Milan's artwork..Whim Grinder.
More Milan-Like cartoons: Bulbo.

Check out the claymation video in "experiments":=vanillaorange=

A few fun things to do here:Fowlerism

Interactive flash weirdness12: NERVOUS MATRIX 02 ||| MONO*CRAFTS 3.0

Another obscure and possibly interesting flash site:renascent

Sorry, I just like Cool FLash.

At first, I thought this was stupid. Then I started playing around with it, and kind of enjoying it,and wasted precious minutes laughing at it.

Some games I don't have time to play right now:robotduck

I don't know, might be interesting:topsari.net


Bookmark now, browse later.......Weird Science (Bill Beaty's Homepages). and another,Feid

Oh, well, yeah. This is a must-link no-brainer.....[object]

Looks like this site is back up..finally.a radiohead website.

Keeping with the 60's flashback theme:Laurie Anderson

And of course:RzWeb: A Guide to the Works of The Residents

Gotta start a JustWalken frame........UnrealisticExpectations - Yep, still got 'em...

My name is boring. I prefer Dagr The Lawless, or Magma Kangaroo, or Shuakhwe, maybe not Fuck Stick, though.

According to Uncle Willie, she's real yummy in person:Linda Park

We already know Roxanne Spaulding is yummy. Note to self: talk with Image about Action Figure deal.


Obvious: AmIAnnoying.com

Awright. This took me a really long time to compile, and Cheesy Fries! I am beat. Hope it keeps you busy for awhile. Spread the word. Give me a reason to continue doing this. It's too hard on the ego having only 3 hits a day. I'm going to bed now after doing this: The Zen TV Experiment



Raggedy Ann is 87 years old today. Milton Burle died at the magickal age of 93.
I've been patiently waiting all day to hear from Mr. Schlemmer about my request to join HawaiiPunks.
Nothing yet. I've been patiently waiting all day to be accepted into LiveJournal. Nothing yet. Wrote Matt Grim last night, still waiting to hear back from him. In the meanwhile, administrative problems all over the place. Comments falling off, news tables not displaying, Tripod's been down, and I feel like I've wasted the day.
I should be working on Wandering Star, but I feel unmotivated and uncreative right now.So here's the stuff I found while smoking too many cigarettes and waiting for people to write back.

Those of you familiar with the Art Bell broadcast will surely know of the "Voices From Hell" recording. Here's the real story about it. Urban Myths: Drilling to Hell. This is a good example of how christians try to manipulate events to their own agenda. It seems Art has removed it from his site, but you can listen to it here.The Sounds of Hell.

I don't remember what this is,Nofrontiere_Space.
but this is a nice Flash Site:SUBAKT,and another one:Soulbath, and another one:Day-Dream.

Today's musical suggestion is Cop Shoot Cop, a great band that unfortunately broke up a few years back, and there's not much about them on the web worth mentioning, nor is their individual post-mortem projects. But I grabbed this gif of a video of theirs. One of our best shows ever was opening for them at Satyricon. "Release" is pure unadulterated, angry genious. I've always wanted to be in a band that sounded like them. Two bass players, several drummers, and midgets. Go here to listen to some unreleased songs of theirs, which doesn't really do them the justice they deserve.

This is kind of weird, which came from this:euh? You'll figure it out:shattr-d
Consult the I-Ching:26: Ta Ch'u - The Taming Power of the Great
I haven't checked this out much yet, it seems to lead to some other interesting places: halfempty.
Another site I need to spend time at:Mayhem.Net
Unique Architecture:Pasa & Pasa - Mad about Gaudi.
StrongBad e-mail Archives.Tandy 400!!!
Authentic Indian Names....Mine is Charlie Philosophical Elk.

That's all for today. I'm more than a little pissed off right now, because I'm only getting fucking spam e-mails AND I told myself I would not sit in front of the computer all day, AND I accidently recorded the Daily Show over the Jodie Foster interview, which I really wanted to watch and share with Niqkita. Not to mention a good chunk of Watching Ellie too.
Well, at least we've got Cook's Tour and Enterprise and that new sit-com about puppets to entertain us.
These girls want to meet you:
But not this one:

Damn. Jodie Foster was on The Tonight Show just now, and Damn. She looks fine.
Okay. Heard from a very old friend tonight, and it's got me a little rattled. Many memories came flooding back, even some of the "blurry" ones. He and I had an interesting relationship, to say the least. But I'll tell you, one of the good things about memories is that usually only the really good ones remain. We were truly like brothers, always fighting, always competing with each other.Sometimes I felt so insignificant around him, so uninteresting by comparison. I wanted to be like him, and yet he could always get under my skin. Come to find out he felt the same way, which suprises the hell out of me, because I often wondered why he chose to hang around with me at all. We had some really good times in Hawaii, and after so many years, those good things outweigh any of the bad. Remember that time we ditched school and hung out with those skanks, drinking 151 in a hotel stairwell?
Man, I got the beating of my life when I got home sloppy drunk.
These memories are flying around in my head like hummingbirds.
On top of that, he tells me two more old friends will be contacting me shortly, and a way to get in touch with even more old friends.
The Hermit has been discovered.

Blogger has been down off and on (more off) all day, so I've been harrassing the CW faker in his message board to pass time.
I came across a few interesting sites last night, so let's get to them.
Funny Applet:Blush
Cute WebCam Girl: ACE.
My WishList for April:Inexplicable Objects.
God's Website: Adidam - Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj
The result of His Work:Fuckedworld
There is something very wrong here:Time Cube
And something unusual here:Absürd Örg.
Remind me to put these in the proper frames:
the AvatarSearch OccultLink
Web Wanderer's World
Science Hobbyist
Noise Room
Nibiru TV
And to stare long and hard at this:Iasos - Fractal Infinities

take free enneagram test



Congratulations Halle Berry, on winning the Oscar for Best Actress! I've always admired her. Beautiful, intelligent, talented, humble, beautiful. And barefoot in "The Flintstones Movie".Have you seen her Website?

I didn't watch the Oscars. Instead, we rented THE MAN WHO CRIED, a Johnny Depp/Christina Ricci vehicle that I had not heard much about. It was gorgeously filmed, and had a wonderfully haunting soundtrack that featured "Gloomy Sunday" and "Black Is The Color", among others. I must have that soundtrack for my collection. The piano piece here is played by Jane Trojan.
I felt that Ricci played the role of Russian-peasant-raised-in-England quite well, though her english accent leaves something to be desired. What struck me most is how she can be utterly stunning in one scene and utterly plain (yet still endearing) in the next. And poor Johnny is getting typecast as the "mysterious gypsy". Have you ever seen "Dead Man"? Genius film, not only for Depp's performance, but because it's got Cripsin Glover! Anything that has been touched by CH Glover is Gold, even the original BTF. The man is my hero. I have been scouring the net looking for an official website, because I know it's out there, but not under his name.
Also, both guys are a few years older than me, yet look a few years younger than me. Unfair. But even the most ardent hetero cannot help but be captivated by Depp's charm and attractiveness. He's the only male actor that I can safely say is a human work of art.

And on to today's news, which is brief for the moment as it is too nice outside to stay cooped up in this dark, dingy office.
The FBI will finally release their fictional version of the Flight 93 cockpit recordings, but only the relatives of the doomed jet will get to hear it, thereby effectively curtailing speculation and criticism of their talents at emulating middle-eastern accents.
What have you done for me lately?GWB's First Year Report Card.
Health Alert! Don't fall into a COMA in Missouri....
Belated St. Paddy's Day entry:SoYouWanna speak with an Irish accent?
New article at Sorcerer's Guild, "The Magickal Aspect".
More Action Figures to add to my collection.
Cool Flash Art Site: { - Redberger Version 2 - } - - The Preaching Season -
Cool Flash Games: Calvin and Hobbes.
If you are like me, you want to know if that Christopher Walken Journal is the real deal.READ THIS. I'm actually a little pissed off...I don't want to talk about it.
For things Walken-Like, go to Walkenwonder.com
Another good interview:The Walken Shtick, Creepy . . . and Cool.
A younger, but still creepy/cool Walken: Stratford 1968
An old, but funny article:Lord Under Investigation For Failure To Provide.
Tonight, legendary author of countless articles and books on the paranormal,Brad Steiger, will be on Art Bell 11pm PST KEX 11.90.
As a primer, I humbly offer these interesting links:
Watch for UFO's in Bonnybridge, Scotland with this live cam.

Or if cryptozoology is your cup of tea, watch theLoch Ness Webcams, Video, Underwater TV
From the same little corner of the globe: UFO Fleet Taped Over Bedhampton, England
Interesting article on Mars and its strange Moons.
A movie that some claim is proof the US, in collaberation with the former USSR, landed on Mars in 1962.

A website dedicated to theories about the 12th Planet, which some claim is scheduled to re-visit the inner solar system in 2003.

And finally (for now), the Gothic Babe of the Week.
Why have I posted her picture here? Well, it should be fairly obvious. It is to remind me to visit her website later (she's on Angelfire, can't handle the traffic) to see if she needs more socks.
More stuff later, perhaps after FEAR FACTOR and COLIN QUINN.