After koalas dry their tears with eucalyptus leaves, they find new ways to kiss their dreams good morning.

Jahavo Ishmael!



I had a very long and intense dream last night. I was walking home on a clear sunny day, when suddenly, people started running past me in total panic. I stopped someone to ask what was going on, and before he could answer, I saw it. A tidal wave higher than the tallest buildings approaching me, roaring violently. I thought " I have to get home, quick!" But I knew I would not make it in time. At first, I started to panic too, at the thought of that wave crashing down on me and tossing me around in the resulting debris before finally killing me.
Then, a sense of complete calm overcame me, and I accepted my fate, as I thought about the life that I have lived and the people I have loved. Even though many aspirations and goals had gone unfullfilled, and many life-errors made, I was not afraid to die. I even welcomed it to some degree.The wave then overtook me and did just as I had imagined it would, throwing me about like a ragdoll for what seemed an eternity.
Then, silence.
I opened my eyes to find myself in a large field, the water flowing away as if a gigantic bath-plug had been pulled. Grey, water-logged bodies were strewn everywhere, but incredibly, there were a great number of survivors milling around the field, looking lost and confused. Long to short, the human race had endured Nature's Wrath and as a result,She had washed us clean of our individual selfishness and prejudices. We, as humans, now had a reason to come together as one without the excuse of blaming other humans for the disaster. There was much more to the dream, of course, including yet another tidal wave which I also managed to survive, but what makes this particular dream different for me is that it was very long, detailed, and lacked any of the usual strangeness involved with "normal" dreams. No swirly, foggy haze, no sudden scenery changes, no super-powers or celebrity sightings. I felt the water rush over me, felt the pain of holding my breath, and saw in great detail the damage and suffering that ensued.
Is it a prophecy of what's to come? I don't know, but I awoke to a clamor outside,and discovered that the street I live on is closed off as city workers repair a large sewage problem that affects the entire block.
Also, it was announced today that water may have been detected on Mars. Oh, and would you take-a-fucking-look-at THIS. Hmmm.....
Still, as I write this, I have a lingering sense of foreboding, and an uneasy feeling that there is something important I'm supposed to do today, but can't remember what.
For now I will blame the feeling of dread on the disclosure of Resident (that's right, Resident) Bush's activation of the "Shadow" Government. I, ShadowMan, did not approve or endorse this action. (Sidenote: after I finished the last sentence, my computer experienced some sort of power surge and I almost lost everything I had thus far written.) But I'm sure the Cowboy has a good reason for it, which is much more frightening than any passing dream.

You are Raziel. Twice as dead as any of the other vampires, you hate the form you inhabitat. But even more than that you hate your master. You'll never rest until you have your revenge against Kain.

Find your inner vampire.

Victoria's Light wrote me again today. The UFO fly-by videos are up! Not bad, but I have to ask myself, what are the significant differences between her story and that of my favorite one-armed Switzerman? Quite a bit, actually. First of all, ol' Billy's videos are more plentiful and much clearer than Victoria's. Second, Billy's "contacts" go into FAR greater detail as to who they are, where they come from, and what their mission is, whereas Vicki's contacts seem to be comprised of most of the world's religious progenitors(to quote:"Jesus, Babaji, Budha{sic}, White Eagle, Blessed Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Kuthumi, and others"), none of which seem to be actual space travellers, but Ascended Masters who, for some reason, need spacecraft in order to visit Earth. None of Vicki's contacts make any mention of other beings having visited us in the past or present, but Billy's contacts are very explicit about it, saying there are very few ET's who care to drop in on us, and most of those who claim to have had contact with otherwordlies are frauds and charlatans, including the famous George Adamski.
So, who to believe? Well, both make a rather convincing case, though I think Vicki is somewhat deluded by her preconceptions of religious faith whereas Billy is more centered on the technical aspects, which I find more plausible and appealing.
At any rate, I frequently ask for Those Who Reside Above to make their presence known to me, but no call-back since I was a child of 6 or 7.
That is another story in itself, and, for reasons too personal to publish, I think I know why they don't answer.

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Your Results:
You were male in your last earthly incarnation.You were born somewhere around the territory of what is now know as modern Wales, approximately in the year 950.Your profession was: entertainer, musician, poet, temple-dancer.A brief psychological profile of you in that past life:
You always liked to travel, to investigate, could have been detective or spy.A lesson that your last past life wishes you to learn in your present life is:Your lesson -- to conquer jealousy and anger in yourself and then in those, who will select you as their guide. You should understand that these weaknesses are caused by fear and self-regret.
Do you remember?

What Sex Toy Are You?

I enjoy selectors. These two were found on Cheshire's site.


Does hoping for something affect the chances that the desired outcome will occur?
Some say that if you really want something, and you ask Universe nicely, She will comply with your wishes.
But there are rules involved when asking Nuit to bless you with the object(s) of your desire.
First is truly believing that she will actually deliver the goods. Second is asking for the outcome in question three times, elucidating your thoughts precisely. If you have any doubt as to whether your request will benefit you or not, don't expect a result.Third, you must thank the Glorious Manifestation for granting this and all past/future requests, and for being the Loving and Caring Mother that She is.
Finally, you must put that particular desire out of your mind completely, thereby freeing the thought so it may find what you are searching for and ensure that it finds it's way to you.This is decidedly the most difficult of all the requirements, for it must be done completely for an accurate result. Some prefer to forego the archetype method completely, and simply demand Universe to comply with their Will. While this method holds some appeal, I prefer the ritual method as it takes my imagination to task, and does not conflict with or struggle against a feeling of One-ness with All That Is.
I find that this procedure does not work so well when requesting something for which one has developed a dependence,or familiarity. How can I stop thinking about nutter-butters if I ate them every day for years, and suddenly there were no nutter-butters to be found?
Indeed, life would be strange and unsettling if not for those creamy, crunchy, comforting nutter-butters.
Then the day would come when I would no longer crave them or depend on them to fall asleep at night.
That's the day, of course, that the sky will open up and rain nutter-butters all day and night, while I hide in my basement with an industrial-size bag of crispy M&M's.
The Khabs is in the Khu.
Ok. Decided to add "off" function to weather sound.
Too bad one can't do this in real life.

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When I used to write songs for mindvirus, there were times when I suffered long bouts of writer's block. I had already plagiarized most of my older poetry for use in a library of about 30 songs, and as the demand for new lyrics got higher, I found it exceedingly difficult to write under pressure. So I had to resort to using a technique that would produce new material expediently. First, I would consider what I wanted the song to be about. Once I had a general idea, I would apply the technique, making sure the message I was trying to convey was relatively clear, remaining consistant my normal writing style, yet obscure and esoteric enough for a subjective interpretation from the listener. Here are two songs I wrote using this technique. See if you can figure out what it is, and what the songs are about. I would be interested in reading your interpretation of them.
Time the well runs dry demand and supply turns timber down over us briny hands in the fire snag metal dischord evolution shot loose a warm stone but I'm ready to burn everybody down any day now talk don't offer signature all love attention nothing worthwhile is gained from talking take a walk you talk untalk mock shock(shock) some chance to offer everything left this supplement sucking vapor sand castle hides the ocean ending life's devotion fine tree line but when the lies are done I lie in waiting
Candles and atrophy telling stories lie while yawning nothing no one roaming eyes you don't come over orbit around a shapeless ego motion air in the sky we swim
escape the love we cause to die yes purify run like water from the hands that bring the thunder I'll burn you down as I watch you go
Some heavens are walking now dance around immersed in laughter singing halls echo the wind hollow calling mar the stigma angry wallow sorrow go I wither spin and shatter nothing-love and love and love-all kiss the killing model made
terms of collision
Men from animals then turn to stone. Turn at the thought of another discover. Animate cadaver rings the incessant telephone. Secretions push the boundaries further. Ahriman, reckoning the sinking sun. Ahriman, we remain broken. Tense and twisted, tight-fisted, 1x1. We remain broken. Fleta; the hummingbird that you conjured. Fleta, remain the hummingbird.
What has not follow up what has not got,bully up to abrupt terrain. Wither, billion blithering idiots, shimmering, glistening in vain. We let death take the cloud-moon; satellite take me alive. Take not the chemical-criminals, or the ones crawling up god's leg.
Becca, don't bend back. Don't perish, don't breathe your last. Becca, exist once more. Turn back. Mortis is at the door.
Tolerant Nature Bride, washed out in the early tide. In the poison wind she died; occupants, we LIED.

Can you hear the rain in here? Should I provide an option for turning it off?

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He's been a no-show for over a month, then suddenly his website's redesigned to look sleek and professional and sterile and lifeless. When he first started the site, he was so excited to make full use of the internet; visions of Joe Rogan flash cartoons, a regular webcam show, etc. Then he got a real job, and all those aspirations went out the window. Can't say I blame him, it IS one of my favorite TV shows, and he IS one of my favorite comedians. I like his new flash intro, though. If you've never been to his site, I recommend spending your day off reading his archives. His caustic approach is infectious; your conversations will be peppered with expletives, if it isn't already.

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Robert Morgan was on Art Bell the other night, and after I read this, I tend to apply his Old Apache mentor's philosophy to all of life's unexplained mysteries.

Did you hear about this lady's prediction that a large UFO would make an appearance in Salt Lake City during the winter games on Feb 21? When what could have been one of our most profound experiences in this reality passed without any mention of such an incident, I wrote to her asking why nothing happened and why she had not provided any information about it on her website.

Well, an associate of hers wrote me back today, and now I share the revelation with you:

"Utah and AZ TV interviewed Victoria on Feb. 21
with live footage shown.
Feb. 21, 2002 2:25 first fly by UFO (Cigar Shape with small Scout Craft surrounding it )filmed and documented.
Then...at 2:45 a second fly byUFO (Cigar Shape with small scout craft surrounding it TV interviews done with Italy and Norway also.
With the Olympic games taking priority, sorry you did not see immediate coverage in your city. Wait there is more to come. check out site March 1 for live footage"
Should be interesting.

Unfortunately, I will have long since shuffled off this meatbag before this
sees any sort of completion, which is unfortunate, because that guy's got it all figured out. But hopefully I will live long enough to see this guy become President, because I am sick to death of this guy.

I can expect to die on:

May 13, 2036
at the age of 70 years old.

On that date I will most likely die from:

Cancer (42%)
Heart Attack (15%)
Third Degree Burns (9%)
Alien Abduction (8%)

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Nightmares open in a New Window

Sometimes, especially during winter, the days blur into one another, and everything begins to look the same. Sometimes, you just need to relax, drink some hot cocoa, close your eyes, and let your imagination wander.
We all want to tell our own story, leave some kind of legacy, before civilization is destroyed by some power-hungry reptile.
We all need to feel secure in this cruel existence, to feel that we can control our own destinies, without allowing others control it for us. In the end, it probably doesn't matter anyway. But at least we can escape
the trappings of this insane world through fantasy and dreams.
I need more sleep.

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