I'll bet he peed a little when he punched him.

Were the lunar landings faked?
"This week Buzz Aldrin, 72, punched a man who suggested that the missions to the moon were a hoax. But does anyone still believe that old chestnut? Yes indeed, finds Stuart Jeffries."

Of course, there's plenty of that stuff in my archives, but again, it would take effort to find. I need to implement a "search site" function.......
Bad Omen

Rare white bison born.
If you know about Native American Legend, then you know that this is Not Good News for humanity.
And on Friday the 13th no less. And there's Four of them...........
Is NASA Capable Of Lying?

"After Viking Orbiter 1 took the very first image of the Cydonia face (35A72) in 1976, Viking scientist Gerald Soffen announced in a press conference on July 25, 1976 that a second frame had been taken "a few hours later" in which the impression of a face 'went away'. That ad-hoc pronouncement became the basis for two decades of NASA claims that the face was just a trick of light and shadow.
We know today that that second frame was completely fictitious. Carl Sagan called the claim that such a frame existed an 'unfortunate misstatement'; I call it scientific fraud.
That there is a coverup of artificial ruins on the surface of Mars is therefore more than a crazy conspiracy theory; it is a strong possibility that is backed up by undeniable evidence in the public record.
Full Article.
Lots Of Robots

Wonderful Animation. Worth the DL time.
Rediscovered at The Blort.
Four reasons why you don't exist.

Quantum physics, logic, Buddhism and information theory.
This is the kind of thing Chapel Perilous was originally all about, until the US came out of the closet as an Empire in 2000.

"There are good grounds for believing that everything exists. Everything includes an infinite number of beings of all possible descriptions. It includes a Christian God and a devil. It includes an infinite number of monkeys. It includes a thousand-foot ghost of my grandmother. It includes every dream you have ever dreamed. Everything is true.
Knowing this, we can see that it is purely for anthropic reasons - happenstance - that we pay any attention to our selves, or the world that we chance to find around us. It is an infinitely tiny sliver of an infinite multiverse.
We see ourselves as a subject undergoing successive experiences in time in a classical universe simply because our view is so restricted. If we could see the whole multiverse, we would not be able to see anything: it is all noise unless you 'squint' and look down a certain fissure in the multiverse, choosing a time line and spatial co-ordinates."
Great Article. Via abuddha's memes (a Universe Unto Itself, where this Chapel does not exist.)

Can't we all be a little more like Hamtaro?


Be good or Be evil
then check out Little goth girl, a bit long but cute just the same.
Actually there is a whole series of them that you can find here...
The Other Side - Twisted animations by Mata - Suggested for mature viewers
Yup, that's where I'll be, watching the adventures of little Sarah & her Devils...
(Note from Sylvain: I thought the bit she said about people and spiders appropriate to my post below...I think we may have even blogged these two things at the same time....)
Via AbN:
How Does Human Consciousness Work?
"A British geneticist has proposed a theory, which is gaining ground, as to why humans are conscious and aware. If proven correct, the theory not only would explain one of science's greatest mysteries, the 'hard problem' of awareness, but it may also, in future, allow for the development of artificially intelligent, conscious computers."

How Stupid Does One Have To Be To Believe That Bush Won't Bring World War III?


City Jumper
(it's a game...via Coolio's.)
Invisibility Cloak

The pick of this week's hottest patent applications in the world of photonics.
"The idea of an 'invisibility cloak' has made the leap from science fiction books to an international patent application. Ray Alden of North Carolina is attempting to patent a 'three dimensional cloaking process and apparatus' for concealing objects and people."
Via Oracle.Zenic.Net
Renewable Energy

Archives are being difficult, so here are two links regarding the implementation of Hydrogen to sever our dependence on foreign energy resources:
Phoenix Project: Shifting from Oil to Hydrogen
Hydrogen Political Action Committee.
Those who argue against it's feasability, read the articles, visit their relevant links, then come back and make your case.
Don't forget to provide links that will back up your arguement. If it's a good arguement, I will be willing to provide more information to back up my own assertion.

The Twin Towers.

And This Is How It Is. When I randomblog late at night, I find the most interesting blogs.
"I'm not sulking."

1. Paper or plastic? Neither. Hemp.
2. Stripes or plaid? Neither. Solids all the way.
3. Baseball or football? Neither. Period.
4. TV or movies? TV. The less Human Contact, the better.
5. Craig Kilborn or Conan O'Brien? O'Brien. Always hated Kilborn on TDS.
6. Amazon or BN.com? Neither. Powell's. Hate them too, but their prices and selections are better.
7. Yahoo or Google? Google.
8. Star Trek or Star Wars? Neither. Farscape.
9. Cats or dogs? Both.
10. Is that for here or to go? To Go. The less Human Contact, the better.


A Massacre I'd Never Heard Of
Martin Bryant
April 29,1996
10 Better Things To Do Today

"By now, most of you want to escape the tearjerker music and video of flames and dust. The media and the politicians have gone too far. We're just one step away from making this date a national holiday, which is two steps away from moving it to a Monday so we can have a three-day weekend with department store terror-day sales."
Oh, it will happen all right. Americans love holidays, especially ones with 3 day weekends. I have no doubt that this day will turn into a holiday, that many corporations will make vast amounts of money capitalizing on human suffering, and none of that money will go to charity. It's the American Way.

"The following are 10 things to do today instead of wallowing:"

Every Religion, By Any Name, Still Smells Like A Cult
And a Cult is not defined by the number of it's followers.

Joe Rogan wrote a great peice about Opie And Anthony getting fired for the Sex In Church Broohah, and on catholicism in general.
"'Well, you have to respect what other people believe in! Religious tolerance is an important part of our culture!'
What if what the other people believe is crazy?
What if said people are in a cult, and in their cult Yogi Berra is their god, and it's incredibly disrespectful to walk by their house of worship with a baseball hat on. Would people be up in arms if some radio station organized and orchestrated a public baseball hat wearing, walk-by day there?
Of course not, you say. Those people are silly. Why, they're in a cult.
Well, I've got news for all you Catholics; you're in a cult too.
It's just a cult with millions of people in it.

When you see the pope in his big goofy hat on, doesn't that look remarkably similar to what some crazy cult leader would wear?
That's because he IS a crazy cult leader.

'Of course I'm not in a cult!!!! Catholicism is a religion! It's real!!'
That's what people in cults think, too. You think people in cults know they're in a cult?
Believe me, you can't get people to chop their balls off and drink the kool aide unless they think you're selling the real shit. And if that cult is successful, and it goes on for a long time, and after it's passed down from generation to generation, it becomes an accepted religion.
As incredible and mind boggling as it seems, stories that require more suspension of disbelief than an average Scooby Doo episode are just mindlessly handed down over and over again from parents to children, with very few questions asked.
Which is where you are.
Taught goofy shit by your family, that was taught goofy shit by theirs. Handed down generation after generation, without anyone ever questioning how incredibly fucking silly it all is."
More Close-ups of Downtown Cydonia, Mars

The image on the left is downtown Egypt, the right is Downtown Cydonia; comparison images, not identical.
Now, I still reserve judgement as to whether they are authentic, as in "NOT overlays" of an earth city. It remains that I Want To Believe, but I don't want to be Suckered. If it is indeed a hoax, it was not perpetrated by Hoagland himself, as he intentionally distanced himself from the image processing. And if is indeed a hoax, it is the most technically advanced of it's kind.
See also MarsNews.
"So far, NASA's response to this controversy is that 'there is no controversy' and that the low-resolution images on the THEMIS webserver are the only ones acquired by Odyssey. Their standpoint is that anything else out there is 'doctored' and certainly didn't come from the Odyssey IR instrument.
There are several problems with NASA's response. First of all, any reasonable person who compares the high-resolution image available on the Enterprise Mission website with the low-resolution NASA version can see that they are from the same dataset - the Mars Odyssey IR instrument. It is impossible to ADD that much data to NASA's low-res image to create the high-res version, as many are claiming was done. However, the reverse IS possible; one could make NASA's low-res image from the high-res image on the Enterprise Mission website. This signifies they are the same data, and back up our claim that NASA knowingly posted false data to the THEMIS website while withholding the 'real' high-resolution version."

Guess What Drug I am On!

New 'moon' found around Earth

An amateur astronomer may have found another moon of the Earth. Experts say it may have only just arrived.
Much uncertainty surrounds the mysterious object, designated J002E2. It could be a passing chunk of rock captured by the Earth's gravity, or it could be a discarded rocket casing coming back to our region of space.
It was discovered by Bill Yeung from his observatory in Arizona and reported as a passing Near-Earth Object. It was soon realised however that far from passing us it was in a 50-day orbit around the Earth.


Flight Of The ChickenHawks

Not An Insect

See also my archived post about Rods here.
'Machine' Politician Exposed By Photos

Rice and Gonzalez
"What we are seeing in these photos is a machine that has defaulted into standby mode. At a press conference in which attention is directed elsewhere, the robot would go into a temporary shutdown state in which it assumes a preprogrammed pose while waiting its turn to reactivate and begin speaking."

There are 5 or 6 other photos not included in this article where the identical (not similar) Bush is standing next to different people.
Who Is This Man??

I suddenly feel very, very old.
Via AbN.


Loyd Pye
Me showing off...
luciens lair
(excellent fighter game.)
(tough driving)
Christians: Can't Live With Them, Can't (insert desired illegal action here) Them.

Are cats for true Christians? "Is it appropriate for a Christian to own a cat, in light of their past pagan religious affiliation and the medical information that is now coming to light? "
Bwahahahahaha! The Religious are just too hilarious!

(volume up,please.)

Farscape To End
"The SCI FI Channel confirmed that it will not pick up its original series Farscape for a fifth season. 'There are no bigger fans of Farscape than we here at SCI FI Channel,' the network said in a statement. 'It was one of SCI FI's first original series and quickly became a critical and fan favorite. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts to reach a broader audience, Farscape has been unable to grow beyond its core fan base. That, coupled with the extreme and growing cost of production, has led to the difficult decision to end the series at the conclusion of season four.'"
Best science fiction show on television since the original Star Trek. No reason to watch Sci-Fi channel any more.


Rise, Robots, Rise!

Walking Asimo
These things kind of freak me out.......