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I've been spending more time in the Furnace than here lately anyway. That site requires lots of reading and research, eating up the leisure time at the Chapel. I need to find some balance.
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Reminds me of the dream I had last night.
song stuck in my head since the late 80's

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Religious Group Members Seek to Raise Jessica Crank from the Dead
"Members of a religious group who believed prayer would heal a terminally ill teenager called on God to raise the girl from the dead Wednesday."
But.......God didn't answer the first time, why........aw screw it. Who can explain religious extremists?
The Fighting Maya

Hieroglyphics Disclose Unknown War
"A bitter war between rival Maya city-states may have set the stage for the collapse of that once-great civilization, say scientists who translated recently found hieroglyphics on stone stairs in an ancient pyramid in Guatemala.
A hurricane last summer began exposing the carvings at a site known as Dos Pilas, and the story they tell is forcing scholars to rewrite history."


Got Copelandia Cyanescens?


"So yesterday we talked about oil."

"It is good to see you think these very difficult events through. You have good opinions. They are still ill-informed but you are very curious and you really really want to understand why everyone cares so much about 9/11 and the war."

I put this here for me to look at later. I just liked that particular paragraph. It talked to me, but it wasn't directly about me.
This gets blogged here because it is a personal blog, a formal document of deep emotion that deserves to be in Sanctuary, not in the throes of the hot and caustic breath that is the Furnace.


From The Inbox Part 3

From The Inbox Part 2

From The Inbox

At a small airport's main terminal in the Texas Panhandle, three strangers
are awaiting their short air shuttle flight. One is a Native American
passing through from Oklahoma. Another, a local ranch hand, is on his
way to Ft. Worth for a stock show. The third passenger is an Arab student,
newly arrived at the Texas oil patch from the Middle East.
To pass the time they strike up a conversation on recent events, and
the discussion drifts to their diverse cultures. Soon the Westerners learn
that the Arab is a devout Muslim. The conversation falls into an uneasy
The cowpoke leans back in his chair, crosses his boots on a magazine
table, tips the brim of his big sweat-stained hat forward over his face. The
wind outside blows tumbleweeds across the runway and the old windsock flaps,
but no plane comes.
Finally, the Native American clears his throat and softly, he speaks:
"Once my people were many, now we are few."
The Muslim raises an eyebrow, sneering, and leans forward, "Once my
people were few", he adds, "and now we are many. Why do you suppose that is?"

The Texan shifts the toothpick to one side of his mouth, scrunches his
eyes,and from the darkness beneath his Stetson states, "That's 'cause we
ain't played Cowboys and Muslims yet."


1. Portland, Maine or Portland, Oregon? Portland, Oregon of course!
2. New York or New Jersey? New Amsterdam
3. Van Gogh or Van Halen? Van Gogh. One good ear is no good if it's deaf.
4. Bill Clinton or Bill Gates? Tough question, choose an evil of two lessers....Clinton I guess
5. Leonardo daVinci or Leonardo DiCaprio? Dumb question. daVinci of course.
6. "American Pie" or "American Idol"? Neither, actually.
7. George W. Bush or Curious George? hehehehe, what's the difference?
8. Billy Joel or Billy Idol? I am an aging Punk, so Idol.
9. Donny Osmond or Donald Duck? Both are equally annoying.
10. Dr. Seuss or Dr. Kevorkian? Dr Seuss at the beginning of life, Dr. Kevorkian at the end.

The Smoking Gun

The assumption, by looking at these two pictures, is that the door in the "live" drilling is not the same door that was photographed in 1993 when it was discovered.
The handles on the door are different. In the 1993 photo the left handle is shorter than the right. In the 2002 "live" photo, both handles are the same length.
But why would the hoaxters make such an obvious error? What happened to the other handle?
Interesting Read:The Homeless Guy.
"Here, I will attempt to relate to you the realities of homelessness. But there is certainly more to a homeless person than being homeless, and this may be the best thing this blog could accomplish - a greater awareness about the whole-ness of homeless people. Not every post will be about homelessness, but they will all be about a homeless person, me. For some people it will be their first experience with the 'me' identity within a homeless person. Welcome to My world, a subsidiary of Our world."

The guy blogs from a public library.
And you know what else? He has had 20,000 visitors since mid-august 02. While he may not have started his counter at Zero, he averages 70 visits a day, and without a link to anyone else.
The Chapel? Inummerable links since February 02. Average per day? 30. And that's on a really busy day.
Interesting indeed.
Wish List Item:
6000+ images in the newly launched photo section and a really great quote in there too...
bjork.com, pics
I logged onto this website to order kitty vaccines, the current front page pic is of a dog that appears to have allergies...
Drs. Foster & Smith - Pet Supplies & Pet Products Selected by Veterinarians
(Sylvain says~ the picture was funny enough to post!)
Egypt Special NOT Live! The Discovery? A Door Behind the Door!

"How come it took 2 hours to give the audience a paltry 10 second peek of what's behind the drilled hole? A very short continuation of the shaft, immediately stopping again in front of another wall/door. The difference? This 'Door' is not as polished as the Gantenbrink Door.

Gantenbrink's name was mentioned once during the broadcast and brief footage showed him at work during his initial discovery in 1993 (in the broadcast, National Geographic says 1992, but they are wrong - it was in March 1993). Of course, his name was never mentioned again during the remainder of the broadcast since 'Secret Chambers Revealed' should've more appropriately been entitled 'The Zahi Hawass Show' as he gloated every dusty step of the way.

Oddity: When Gantenbrink first discovered the door in 1993, the two thin copper fittings found on the Door were different in shape and size. The left clamp was shorter than the right clamp, obviously broken off, with the missing left piece sitting on the floor about 2 meters in front of the Door.
Fast-forward to 2002: Curiously, BOTH copper fittings are NOW of the SAME size! Apparently, the lower half of the right copper fitting broke off too. Closely examining the shaft's floor towards the last 2 meters in front of the door during the broadcast, the broken off left copper piece is nowhere to be found anymore! Nor is there any sign of a broken off piece of the right-hand side clamp which is now quite obviously missing.
(I noticed that, too.)

Why was this event so obviously staged? Was it even ?LIVE? as the blurb in the upper right hand corner of the TV screen continually tried to remind us of? Not even close. How come? Not even 2 minutes after the credits started to roll on television screens around the world, the National Geographic website already featured a COMPLETE transcript of quotes AND an exact narration of what happened when and where.

Question: If they quite obviously already looked through their drill hole in one of their previously staged test runs (before the broadcast) and already knew that there?s another door behind it, how come they didn?t use the first hour to show the audience what?s behind the Door and then use the second hour to drill through the second door to reveal what lies behind it? But of course not, we must wait another 10 years. "

Ancient Egyptians DID NOT treat human remains this wayI also found many problems with the opening of the "Overseer Sarcophagus". Nothing but a pile of bones, which is not consistent with Egyptian tradition, even in the era in question. Also, Hawass clearly damaged the top of the sarcophagus in his effort to remove it, quite unprofessional.
"The skull is completely preserved," Hawass said in a preliminary examination. "This man is resting beautifully."
The jaw bone was missing and the rest of the bones were in complete disarray. It is clear that Hawass knew what the sarcophagus contained, as he stated immediately after openin it "This will prove to the world that those idiots who believe in 'lost civilizations' are wrong".(Not verbatim, except for the "idiots" remark.)

This is not a conspiracy so much as an obvious fabrication, a bald-faced lie.
But it has been established before that Hawass feels a sense of ownership as regards the Giza Plateau, and is not incapable of re-writing history to the benefit of his countrymen. Truth Be Told, his countrymen would not have the slightest idea how to pull off today what the Ancient Egyptians did 5000 years ago.
Legendary Times.com


Fun Game:Sub Mission.
Difficulty Level~ Quite High. Q/A=Up/Down Arrows=Direction Space=Fire
Wish List Item:

Too bad we're a tad short on the 2mil.

This site is huge. As soon as I'm done banging around in the Temple Furnace, I'll have to take a relaxing swim in that Ocean Of Knowledge.
via abhudda's memes.
Seperating "Church and State"

The Chapel will no longer carry political posts. For those, go to the Temple Furnace. (Located in the links frame too.) All related links have been excorsized from this Hallowed Sanctuary and imprisoned there. This site will now return it's focus to the strange, unusual, interesting, and entertaining links we find, and will represent no political opinions whatsoever.
The Reason? I'm more than a little pissed off about quite a few issues, and the Chapel is a place to relax and escape the caustic, abrasive nature of Political Opinion.
I was just checking the links on my gallery & decided to blog the wonderfully twisted works of Mark Ryden in case anyone hasn't been introduced to him & his magic monkey...


This is Nifty: Quicktime Panoramas of the Giza Plateau. You control the pan.
The Mysterious "door" was drilled through and peeked into, as well as a sarcophagus opened, Live from Egypt on National Geographic. IMO~Staged.
I met Dorota at the cookbook store last month. She is a local woman about our age who made & maintains this site, it's kind of aimed at kids, but it's pretty froggy, so therefore it is cool!
"Please drag a black hand and look for the point to squeeze. (It's easy) And rub it as you like."
veeeerrrrrrrry sloooooow DL, NSFW
Swamp Gas, Ball Lightning, Auto Lot Balloons, or the scout for the Imminent Invasion?

I realize that posting such articles reduces what very limited credibility I have with some readers. But remember, the Chapel is all about the Unusual. I offer no opinion on it, I merely post it for your entertainment.
UFO means "unidentified flying object". It does not automatically mean "Aliens From Another Dimension!" What ever it is, pretty interesting design. Kinda looks like a big Fist.



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