New Hoogerbrugge~<------N-A-I-L-S------> Rumble And dance!
ANother wonderful game from Orisinal.com - Fishball.
Here's another actor I like, David Morse.

He's in a pretty good new TV show called "Hack".
"A woman's face never looks so beautiful as when it's distended in pain". -The Long Kiss Goodnight
Not true of course, but a great line nonetheless.
Insta-Goth Kit
Image by Noa Blah c2001


Interactive habitat at Explore Mars Now!
scroll down to see their review of Fetishize Me...
Chateau Bizarre: Lucky 13, special thanks to Lucy for submitting Me!
Played this before bed last night, pretty entertaining~Courage | Pharaoh Phobia
THis is actually pretty cool~David Copperfield's Dream Portal.
Might be fun, lost patience waiting for it to load...will try again later. Gold Yard
"The basis of tolerance is that you avoid annoying other people. You are basically free in Holland to do what you want to do but don't annoy other people," First Dutch Cannabis Cafe Marks 30th Anniversary


I am Very Thankful to Love and Be Loved by this girl....
I am very Thankful for this guy right here.....
Sister Star
StarI am thankful that her ancestors did not suffer the slaughter and disease of the invading Europeans, else she would probably not be on this earth today.


I Smell Burning Toast
So it's oneish a.m. and we're laying in bed watching TV in our cozy basement apartment after partaking of a natural relaxant. She's sleeping, I'm watching Conan and entertaining paranoid thoughts of SWAT teams bursting into our home in a case of an address mix-up (which apparently happens alot across the US) and dragging me out into the street in my underwear. Our dog, who normally barks loudly at the slightest sound outside, suddenly proclaims "Moof" and a light is shining through our kitchen window. Headlights do not shine through our window because of how the house is situated, so this is highly unusual. Of course, my mind starts playing out worst-case scenerios immediately, and I jump up to take a look. I see a firetruck outside, go to the front door, and see two more. Walk to the corner of our sidewalk and there are firetrucks and patrol cars surrounding our house entirely. It's bitter cold out, and there's an eerie silence as the firemen mill around, not saying a word to each other or curious neighbors. I'm thinking they've barrackaded us in and are going to "escort" us to a waiting boxcar on the nearby railroad tracks, off to an Ashcroft/FEMA camp. Or maybe there's a bomb threat. Of course, it's simply a small fire a few houses down, but I can be a little paranoid in these uncertain times. All is well, but what freaks me out is how quickly and silently they came in to our quiet, one-lane-street neighborhood without setting off any dogs, and without the usual window-rattling rumble trucks make when they go down our street.Our neighborhood is very quiet, sometimes I can hear traffic from the highway three blocks over, so this was quite unusual. It took them minutes to get all those trucks in and block two intersections, minutes to put out the small blaze, and 4 hours to completely extract. I was still hearing the back-up beeping at four in the morning.
Well, it was exciting for me, anyway. I even drew a little picture of what it must have looked like from above using a satelitte image of our block, which you see at left.The arrow is where we live. I personally think seven ladder trucks was a bit much, but this is the age of Caution after all.
We haven't had this much excitement on our block since a squirrel fried itself on a transformer and knocked out power for half the day.
After snapping a few digital cam shots, we went back to bed, and I drifted off to sleep with thoughts of axes chopping down our door "just in case" and some clumsy fireman knocking over all our precious collectables, including my new apparatus.
I'm just glad to have something to blog besides one-sentence entries for a change!
Is there a moral? Bill Cooper once warned "large family gatherings on holidays such as thanksgiving and christmas are dangerous. That's when the stormtroopres will knock down your door, while you're all in one place, fattened up and sedated by eggnog and the tryptophan in the turkey."
Next entry- I create an image that describes how a ray of sunshine intentionally bounced off various objects in the bedroom to shine directly into my right eye and wake me up far too early.
Full face transplants are no longer science fiction.
Woman, son & dog found mumified in their home...
why is this so common among Germans?


This is where the longsocks come from, Limassol to be exact (it's near the bottom of the island) perhaps we need to take a business trip there to inspect the facilities ~;)
The Atlas Book -- Cyprus
I got a really cool, um, object from my honey for my B-Day.....perfect for a site like this ~ VIRTUAL OM ~
Hehehehehe. What a lucky guy Ben is!! Yummmmy!
What Sex Is Your Brain?
Wake Up
"No, you cannot have a say in your everyday lives.
No, you cannot share resources to make everyone's life better.
No, woman cannot be equal to men in every possible way.
No, you do not have a right to food on your plate and a roof over you head.
No, you cannot work at jobs that are both exciting and necessary.
No, you cannot choose how you will be educated and what you will study.
No, you may not choose peace over war.
No, there are no choices beyond Coke or Pepsi, capitalism or state communism.
No, you cannot stop the corporations from destroying the planet.
No, you cannot even consider changing the status quo.
No. No. No.
Be silent.
Die. "
(Not so much a political site as a UK music fanzine, I just like this paragraph. Via AbN.)
I'm looking at a redesign, and in searching for specific graphics I found Kandy'z PSP Tubes which has some quality tubes, especially the skies and people. No octupi.........


This game was fun enough to download the free trial version~QBeez
Alpal sent me this link because they make her custom designed socks (they're encouraging me to do more custom designs with them), it's a pretty cool site by a Canadian grrrl with alot of attitude...

Morrissey?? Puh-Leez. That kinda looks like me, though.


I had no idea there was such a thing til I saw it in the .com part of an email address and said "Hey! let's see what's at Beer.com!"
Tough Game~Jetpack Stan
via The Chump
These are really cool and I want them!
G-taste Black Dragon Posting Resin Model Kit
(sorry about the pop-ups, but it's not my fault you don't have No Ads.)
Wired News: SciFi Show's Fans Pay for TV Plea
"Devotees of the SciFi Channel's Farscape, which was canceled in September, have pooled their money to buy a TV commercial pleading for the show's resurrection.
Fans have raised thousands of dollars in donations to pay for a 30-second television commercial, the first made and paid for by followers of a TV show, according to the Save Farscape campaign."

My all-time favorite sci-fi show~ ever. I really miss it!

The crosshair's a little goofy, but it's still fun~Mickey and Mallory
Excellent, and about freakin time~
World's biggest telescope to prove Americans really walked on Moon
"Conspiracy theorists, you have a problem. In an effort to silence claims that the Apollo Moon landings were faked, European scientists are to use the world's newest and largest telescope to see whether remains of the spacecraft are still on the lunar surface."

Holy.....this will mess with your eyes........SubCulture