Kinda fun. Took me longer than it should to figure out how to play it.Fly The Copter.
And I suck at Tetris, but now I can suck in 4D.
An article about Kenneth Anger,many links to Timothy Leary.
Get your sin.Richardsonmag.
More sin.Sisley.
Uh huh. omnikishi.
Mmmmmm.Jumping Jokes.
Aw Yeah.Bam-B
If that wasn't enough for you, go here, scoll down and watch some movies.
more small feet... WoW, what a view!Small Feet on a Great Wall
a small feet poem...Small Feet
this gif goes good with music, scroll to bottom of page...gallery


FLAWED is working now.....t ... Reality is overrated ...
Now this is fun. :::: antcity ::::
This guy is on Art Bell tonight. He claims that over 75% of the world's population has at some point in time been possessed by demons, aliens, or lost/errant spirits. He learned about it from his experiences in dentistry, and has since been "releasing" these entities from his clients. Welcome to the Center for Human Relations.
Top Ten Worst Cars Of The Millenium, and while we're at it, OddBall Cars, and of course the Top 10 Gassiest Dogs.
Then there are the Winged Cats, something I've not heard of before.


The 80's are coming back to haunt me:newOrderweb.com - the official REPRISE website(watch NO videoz)
Java knocked me down. Will visit here after restart. Imaginary Moments.
Play an online board game-win prizes! (NOT affiliated with this site.)Pump-N-Shine
HyperDiscordia, Confusion for a New Generation
Mama Rose's Kitchen
Oh, cool! A Jack Parsons reference site!Babalon.net
Why? A series of 9/11 questions.
Things my girlfriend and I have argued about.
An archive of Deep Thoughts.
Nice Quicktime Movies:Amoebalabs.
This has been getting good rex all day, maybe tomorrow the link will work.FLAWED
Haha. Stumbled across this again. OdDcAsT
Go Get Your Cotton Candy.
Destroy Rock City.
Leave it here until the links are working again.CHP
Short Indie Film:Split Second
Biology-inspired visual interactive experiments:Metaphorical.net
Not much going on here yet, but what does work is very cool:Who's We?
More sites than I can list individually:08 Reboob Main
Couple of games and some interesting experiments:2noodles design
This would partly explain their popularity in the 80's:DEVO put subliminal messages in their music.
Skulls, jewelry, bugs & more...
nice images too Necromance


A 0catch forum suggestion:Namezero.com
Found this link on Fark, spent way too much time arguing about it in the forum.US Witches say christians violated their rights.
What can I say? I'm easily amused Practice Design
2inch linklist
Serves no purpose that I can ascertain, but I like the music and graphics:depart zanshin /sumting (impressure04)
Also tricky to navigate, but I like the de-constuction of the machine. Fukn French, the WTC animation is disturbing enough to make one wonder which side these guys are on._CHOOSE_:_INCORECT_o
Navigation is tricky.....Solvent Paranoia ahead...


Still trying to find a reliable, free image host, for possible future paid upgrade. Thought Batcave might be the one. Fast loading, lots of megs...turns out you can only upload a certain number of files per day. If you exceed that, all your images become inaccessable. Funny, it didn't say anything about that in terms, though I may have indeed skimmed over that part, because other hosts I have used never had that limitation.And there's no indication of reaching the limit during the upload process. Support is just as rude and blunt as any other free host. So once again, all my images are gone for the moment. Supposedly, if I do no uploading for 24 hours, everything will return to normal. Sorry, Batcave, this is not a selling point for me.I have only been with you for a few days, and you've already screwed me over. Maybe it's my fault, but there was no need to be caustic about it. I'm the type that prefers to try before I buy, and unfortunately, you have let me down before I've even done much with you.
This site is still very much alive, and the search goes on for a good and kind Host. I'm using four different hosts right now, so when one fails, I switch templates to another one and hope it works. The template we are on now is Brinkster. If it fails, we go to Netscape, which is a horrible Host (and where most of the pre-Batcave images are stored...if you look in the archives, you'll see that most of them are missing, because Netscape sucks monkey sphincter.) If that fails, we go to Tripod, which is an even worse Host. It's an accaptable backup method, I think, considering I don't really know what the hell I'm doing. I basically just make guesses about how to do something web-related, because I am too lazy to read online tutorials.
No images in the Blogger until (hopefully) tomorrow. No big loss, I guess.
Back in september of last year, I began collecting alternative news links so that I could keep informed about what was going on without relying on the mainstream media. I felt certain that the US government was somehow complicit in the events that occured, I did not trust Bush or his administration to tell the truth about anything after the political voting process was circumvented and the presidency was stolen.
I didn't vote for Gore either, I was with Nader, but didn't realistically expect him to win.So I researched the alternative news sites and had gathered so many that I had to throw them on a website for easy access.
From there I began to openly speculate about the conspiracies and deceptions surrounding the events of early september. Eventually, the "hot" news died down and I expanded the site to include occult and esoteric studies. I was still interested in finding out the truth, but like other humans my interest in the subject waned as I felt that if these allegations were true there was nothing that could be done about it anyway, and since speculation about government wrongdoing is considered "unpatriotic", I didn't want to show up on it's radar as being a terrorist sympathizer.(Which I'm not, of course) I continued to write this-and-that about various subjects and continued to collect links, which eventually evolved into this site. Anyway, while perusing links last night, I came across a whole mess of sites that continue to debate the issure and gather evidence. Here are some of the better ones, but if anyone asks, you didn't hear about them from me.

[The Prior Knowledge Archive
The World Trade Center Demolition and the So-Called War on Terrorism
9/11 Coverup: Vee Ver Jus Followink Orders by Paul Walker
9-11 Attack on America
How the New World Order is Taking Control Right Under our Noses
Ghost Missile One
and Two.]

Back to other interests, this is an interesting article:Creation - Holographic Universe


Geeeez. I didn't hear about this:Left-Eye in another accident two weeks ago
This is a good read:Conscious Creation Central


Top CIA official warns next terror attack unavoidable
Will peruse for possible permanent placement:Noosphere: The Emerging Web of Consciousness
Buncha games:ULTRASHOCK
The Buckminster Fuller Institute

Tori Amos-type weblog-type-thing:discomachinegun.net
I'm running out of ideas for dinner, so......Iowa State University's Tasty Insect Recipes
A possible career choice:Carny Lingo
Useful tag reference:The Compendium of HTML Elements
A definite sign that I am getting old: Listening to BowWowWow's "See Jungle! See Jungle!" actually brought tears to my eyes........I.G.G.L.E.(which has nothing to do with BowWowWow....)
Look for spirits with this ghostcam, ask the ouija board a question:Courierpress.com - Ghost hunter