(Will millions of christians be tricked into going to Hell??)
One can only hope.
B3TA Loves The Web
Oh, all right. Me Too. Singing Horses.
Ants Arena.....not as easy as it first seems.
It's easy to escape once you realize that there is no way out .


This is a pretty fun shooting game~VIERKANTE OGEN
via Coolio's.


Happy Samhain!!
yes, this is me
We were asked to take pictures of a band playing tonight, so we did go out. I didn't drink, that just made me cranky. That, and my looks left me years ago. You know you are old and scary looking when you go out on halloween without a costume and people are still afraid to talk to you, or worse yet, ask you what you are supposed to be. I'm only 36 but I feel ancient when I go to clubs now. It's a good thing I've got my Niq, otherwise I'd be one sad and lonely old man. Maybe I should work that scary old man angle. Works for Rob Zombie.
Another thing that rides me at live shows is a set of empty drums. The band is jamming along, and they just sit there, imploring me to play them. Forget that there are already three drummers going at it, those drums are lonely, they call out to me.
Back in the day, I'd have no problem getting up there and banging on those drums, invited or not. If there was an empty set of drums onstage and I was at that show, you can be sure I'd be on them. Doesn't matter if I know the people in the band or not. Actually, back then, that would go for any instument that wasn't currently being used by a band member.
But now, I'm....tempered, I guess. Sobriety is a factor there too, I'm sure. And the fact that I've become a Creepy Old Man.
Here is the site for the shimmering foot powder my Auntie sent me, I need to call them to see about buying wholesale from them...
Foot Pampering Treatments
I feel bad for posting only political articles today, so now I throw out the first random thing I find before going to bed-(later than I should, I might add)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Theologian of the Year
And I've never sat through a single episode. I saw parts of the original movie, the parts with Paul Reubins.
But hey, it's no more ridiculous than any other religion.


From my inbox, thanks to my little brother...
EW!!!Talk Dirty to Me
Did Jesus Eat Magic Mushrooms At Last Supper?
"Heinrich says the mushroom resembles pita bread and when soaked with water it feels exactly like human skin. He figures that's the bread that Jesus was referring to at the last supper when he said 'eat this bread, this is my body.'

But that's not the only way Jesus might have doled out psychedelics. Heinrich says people who eat lots of shrooms have a reddish-orange urine that's even more hallucinogenic -- and figures the almighty turned water into wine by whizzing into a five-gallon jug of H20."

Hehehe, Dude- eat this bread. It's-like- my body!
Hehehehe. Watch this guys-I'll pee into this jug and call it wine-how much you wanna bet these chumps drink it??


I want these!!!ACCESSORIES
This just plain Confused Me~Google's Cookie

"The CIA had to stop using a comparatively innocent log-analysis cookie that expired in 10 years, and their document search site isn't even used by many people. Google handles 150 million searches per day, and their cookie expires in 2038. One of Google's leading software engineers, Matt Cutts, has a top-secret clearance and used to work for the National Security Agency. Google doesn't even feel the need to defend their cookie policy; they merely laugh off anyone who inquires about it. "
Help McGruff Take A Bite Out Of......lucious young boys!
"A highly decorated police officer who used to visit schools dressed as McGruff the Crime Dog is accused of using the Internet to seek sexual encounters with children."


News: A Net meltdown is inevitable

"Tuesday's attack on the Internet's root servers should serve as a warning: Something is seriously wrong with the organization that supposedly governs the Internet and is responsible for the maintenance of the root servers.
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is a moribund bureaucracy centered on a culture of exclusivity and control, as was its predecessor, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). It has no legitimate charter for its authority, except that of cultural momentum. With its roots reaching back to the beginning, it is in control, period."
Google's got a pretty nice-looking new portal~My Way - The No's Have it
("no banners, no pop-ups, no kidding.")
AbN points to PsyberMagus Spirit @ realWedge.co.uk
The spells do work, I've done similar ones many times.
Careful what you wish for however!
And I take issue with the inverted pentagram on the front page- any Magickian worth their salt wouldn't associate themselves with it, or at the very least not direct attention to it.
You want Spirit pointing UP not DOWN.
"I don't walk under that big Crucifix that is near us, I don't believe in exposing myself to Christian ThoughtForms."
Then I would suggest removing that gif.
And hey, that guy kinda looks like Marc Almond.......
Hair Of The Dog That Bit Me, Lloyd
I got to watch both renditions of The Shining in the last two days........the newer one isn't too bad. DeMorney is easier to look at than Duvall, but the latter plays a more convincing over-dependent-then-horrified Wendy. Steven Weber does a great job as Jack, but I'm afeared nothing compares to Nicholson's performance or Kubricks vision. I preferred that the Evil was confined more to dementia than in the newer version where it is more active than imaginative.That's why Kubrick was a genius director-he knew when to be subtle. And I still think an axe is scarier than a croquet mallet.
Scientific American: 15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense
"Opponents of evolution want to make a place for creationism by tearing down real science, but their arguments don't hold up."
Sent a note to Svante Adermark's weblog......
his wife and daughter need socks.
Now he knows where to go.
G-Blog.net / tHatgrLkarLa "wel tahdae mE en kRissY we sUpPOsed to go to ThE pArade in our neighBoORhOod.. but thEn we ended uP going to tHE park to play with our buDdie stan( its our tire swiNg) hehe yea we just talked while we wEre on tHE tIRe sWiNG haha en LauGHed en so oN tHEn it started raining so we dEcIDed to walk back hoMe en ThEn we went to krissys en went on line en sTuFf."

It obviously too alot of imagination and effort to write this. More surprising, the whole blog is written in this manner. I felt a sharp pain behind my left eye after the first paragraph.
Can you escape les randômes?


Now I Know I've Got To........Run Away
Soft Cell
(2 songs included-okay Dave Ball is a genius, but Almond? He creeps me out, always has.)
Some Halloween Flash Fun at
...and we were just talking about this........
Elegant Goth Lolita