Cigarette........balloons......get it??
Soo much time wasted sifting through StileProject-type sites,(porno pop-ups, camsite pop-ups, porn content, general filth, etc. Nothing wrong with it, mind you.But CrispyChrist people, don't copy Stile's layout! I'm too lazy to give examples, YKWYA.) and only a few of which I find worth mentioning. Those later. What I'm wondering...what are the prerequisites for calling one's site "E/N"? Does this site qualify? After all, it's got a lot of everything and nothing...a quote from an "E/N" site:"The E/N scene is one of the most fantastic genre's to have every(sic) graced the Internet World, take a look around, every site owner, every member of staff is solely in it for the pleasure, most sites are done in peoples spare time, and with the Internet expanding at a great speed, good, original and fun content is hard to find these days. The E/N scene is one of the last non totally commercial genre's left, so we should treasure its existence, and strive to make its kind known throughout the whole world." Doesn't mention how one aquires such a label (oops, I'd better give crazyfuckedupshit credit for that quote) so I guess I'll have to wait until somebody bestows it upon me. Hell, I only just now found out what it means, so I am far from deserving of it, and don't really know what the benefits are if I did earn it.Update: after looking around on CFUS I discovered that Blogs are included in this "genre", and there's even a submission option, but I don't think I could handle the traffic just yet. Another byte from the horse's mouth:"Everyone's interruption(??) of an E/N site is different, that's why we at CrazyFuckedUpShit have broaden our horizons, we contain many different kind of sites, and a few "may" just fall out of the E/N community, but we feel they should be included for a few reasons, 1. Most have strong links, and relations with the E/N scene. 2. They are great sites, with excellent content. 3. Its makes this directory the BEST on the whole Internet." Their directory is extensive...
On with Stuff I Found.
This week's forecast: looks like sunday will feel like sunday and monday will feel like friday!
A NewsBlog:Follow Me Here.
And Another:The Unindicted Co-Conspirator.
Dammit, just go here.(Bunch more weblogs.)
Random quote from some Blog: "Who did this?
I found a sock in the road today. It had pickle in it. A pickle. I didn't pick it up or touch it. The pickle was sticking out of the top. It made me think of the Ice Cube line, "You better put a sock on that pickle...."
I've already used up all my kb at boomspeed, and it hasn't even been a week yet......."LOLZ!" 8^P

Dropdown USA:"I get annoyed every time I have to scroll down to the United Kingdom and feel that if I have to scroll down then so should everyone. Apart from Albania. Also, not having to scroll down gives U.S. users an unfair time advantage when completing online forms, this too will ruin the Web." Hehe. I think I agree, but let's talk about sex.
Yummy Wakame serves with Atomic Badger Racing. I return the volley with Gerbil Derby but it doesn't clear the net.
I went to the Ant Picnic, waited and waited....no one showed up so I ate all of the potato salad.
So W-T-F? Great, now I can't get that eerie voice out of my head. "Do not scroll over the Blue Folders........."
Can you understand Korean? Me neither.
Maybe I can learn at All World Knowledge.
Found this funny tidbit at Ernie's House Of Whoopass:
Single Black Female
Seeks male companionship, ethnicity unimportant. I'm a very good looking girl who LOVES to play. I love long walks in the woods, riding in your pickup truck, hunting, camping, and fishing trips, cozy winter nights lying by the fire.
Candlelight dinners will have me eating out of your hand. Rub me the right way and watch me respond. I'll be at the front door when you get home from work, wearing only what nature gave me. Kiss me and I'm yours.
Call xxx-xxxx and ask for Daisy.

"Over 150 men found themselves talking to the Humane Society about an eight-week-old labrador retriever puppy."
This other Ernie is pretty funny, too.
Ah, The Knife Show Rebecca describes it as I would have, but better:"Back in the day, the knife show was a late night treat, perfect for those apres binge drinking nights or the one bong hit too many kind of evenings...............It's a sick sick show. But I can't take my eyes off it. There is also quite a spectacular assortment of swords and tactical knives they recommend you strap to your beefy calves." I happened upon this show one night under the very same circumstances as described above, and I, too, was transfixed by the gorgeous "gut-stabbing" sabers being hawked by sweaty, angry, in-your-face tractor-jockeys. Some of those swords were beautiful however, and the Low Low Price! really was both low and low. See also her rant about American Idol. Funny girl.
Which reminds me; Quick Rant. I am really tired of this phrase:" The world is a different place since 9/11".
No, it isn't. Murka is different perhaps, or at least has opened one lazy eye, but the world is the same as it ever was. Cruel and Unpredictable. But what can one expect from the Amarrogant public? An entire nation of Drama Queens. Yes, it's very awful that lots of people died all at once, but just a little perspective shows that more people died in Murka from drunk driving accidents last year than did at the WTC. It was a shocking blow to be sure, but other countries have to deal with worse every single day. Sorry if that sounds callous. I'm just grouchy, I suppose.

Must go, Octopi on the Discovery Channel......
This posting sucked. I can't decide whether I was just not "into it" or perhaps feeling "out of it" or both...

Do Not Scroll Over The Blue Folders....................
this is the upgrade we'll soon be working with, except for a couple of known bugs they promise to fix quickly it looks awesome. The newsgroups can be found through the support link, it's where I go to find out what people are really saying about this product...


Brian Warner sans makeup

Today's Gushy Thank You goes to Coolio(cooler than the other Coolio) for linking to Fetishize~Me! I want a referrer log too, so I can go visit those who visit me.These guys aren't actually linking to this site, just the Sexy Socks Site, but that's.......okay.I can take that one of two ways:1)I'm Competition or 2)I'm Not Worthy. Well, since neither site pinches my links, I'm going to go with 2. And that's.....okay.Here's how I can tell if I've had visitors today(besides the counter, which doesn't really tell it like it is):Is there a starry background in the blog frame? No? Then I've had more than three visitors today! Nifty, eh?Because remember, that image is hosted on Batcave, and it crashes if I get more than 3 visitors. I keep meaning to fix that....but hey! I finally exceeded Brinkster's free bandwidth! This is a hallmark.....I have so many people to thank.....*tears* Time to get my own domain? aw yeah! We are already looknig into it....until then, if I exceed my free bandwidth, please go here or here, where I can always be found, bandwidth be damned! Ain't I sneaky??
Guess what today's Big News is on ALL the news channels All Day Long All The Time Always? I've got that loop of the girl smirking while roasting a marshmallow, then playing the harp, then doing a monologue while wearing a funny hat burned into the back of my retinas. 4000 children go missing in Murka every year, yet the media focuses on this One Rich Pretty White Mormon Girl. Sure it's sad, but dammit! There are other things going on in the world, people! Nobody's figured out what happened to that other Rich Pretty White Girl Ramsey either, so let it go until there's actually something worth reporting about it! And it should be pretty obvious to even schoolchildren that prayer is nothing more than wishful thinking..speaking of which, Jerry Falwell's theory as to why this case gets more press than any other missing children is "sex appeal"!!!! That's fuckin creepy, Jer. It must be tough, being a worm.
Pancakes sound tasty right about now...............smothered in blackberry syrup................
Do you know what a "damp squib" is? Does the @ sign have a name? What is the longest one-syllable word?
Why are polka dots called polka dots? What are you asking me for? Go find out here.
What? Alfred Hitchcock didn't have a bellybutton? Is that physically possible? Does that mean he had no umbilicus? I must know! I got this stuff from Delicious Seaweed.The A-Z Phobia list too, but I have linked to that one before. But hey, this is kinda cool. Oh, and Castles for sale!! Thanks, my South African friends! Your undersea flora was truly delectable.And I'm gonna do that thing with my archives, too. I love sites where I learn something!
Uh oh.....Is the internet facing collapse?
Oops! It's unpatriotic to be fat, says Bush.
"Please remain in terror at all times." (refreshing.)
Warning: Getting A Life can be hazardous to your health! If you have A Life, you could be subject to horrific bouts of paranoia, insomnia, stomach cramps, and sexual impotence.
Speaking of which, W-T-F???(Better not look at work, I guess.)

Scientific cyber-journeys based on Howard Bloom's books Global Brain and The Lucifer Principle.
Britney Spears is icky.
Hehe. Junkyard Blog made his Murkan/Israeli flags even BIGGER since yesterday.....was it something I said??
Okay, well, it's small I know, but I have fish to fry. I have to make sure this page never fails, a daunting task, to be sure! Remember, if you can't find me at Brinkster, you can always find me at BlogSpot.
Quick program note: this site is updated in the late evening, usually before 10pm PST. It takes me that long to find stuff. I used to post as I go, but now I like to batch entries.


A daemonibus docetur, de daemonibus docet, et ad daemones ducit(Something I found at 4am.)
I'm looking around at other blogs today. Not easy to find gems within the piles of student-ramble-whine excrement, but with protective gloves and a splatter shield I wade.Note: The "Blogs Of Note" on Blogger are not neccessarily noteworthy or even interesting, IMO.Shut up about the World Cup already. I don't care about any sport, much less that one. If your Blog doesn't catch my attention right away, then off I go. Hm. I wonder if I would say the same about my own site? Yes, yes I would. My site rawks.My links rawk.My craZy political rants rawk.Someday, someone else besides me will realize this. Hey, least I don't go "WootWoot!"
Here's a good idea:greatest.blogspots."I peruse the directory/recently updated blogs/etc. to give you the greatest or most interesting or least interesting of the blogspots. Fun for me, fun for you."
Another good idea:BlogHop. Sites are submitted and voted on by other "bloggers". I've added my site and the voting option is right underneath that pic of me in the upper left corner.
Vote often? Raise my rating? More visits might=more sock sales hopefully!
Favourite Half Light has a unique and poetic writing style, updates frequently. Normally, I have little interest in Blogger's personal lives unless they get to the verb quickly, but this one's writing is worth the attention. Same with Sweat Flavored Gummi whom I've already mentioned twice, she's that entertaining.
I found this amusing site, Weebl and Bob, on a blog not worth blogging.
Ah, this one seems worth perusing:World Wide Rant.
As well as JunkYard Blog.(One thing I don't like about it, the superfluous use of the american and israeli flags in the header. Pointless gratuitous patriotism... but that's just me.I have my own biases.) Looks like he's got the news on, but I withhold judgement until I've read it thouroughly.
Speaking of rants, a quick one. A frighteningly large number of children go missing every day, I think it's in the thousands per year, yet the mainstream media insists on the over-exposure of missing child Elizabeth Smart. Why? Because she is pretty and white, that's why. It has been admitted by one reporter that news channels go through cycles depending on what they feel the viewers want to see. This week is Sad "Child-In-The-Well" stories. Next week it will probably go back to Sad Post- 9/11 stories. I peruse cable news every day, and every channel covers the same three or four stories---ALL DAY. Meanwhile, real problems and issues never get coverage. I wrote a letter to MSNBC telling them that, rather than filling weekend/late-night/slow news days with re-runs of Explorer or National Geographic(both have their own channel), they should let volunteer reporters come in and report on the news that the regular reporters are afraid to cover. No response yet, nor do I expect one.I also mentioned that Dan Abrams should change the name of his show from "Abrams Report" to "Sorry, We're Out Of Time." All these shows get people on to debate the "hot" issues", but never let them get thier point across before having to go to commercial. This is(one of the reasons) why nobody ever interviews Noam Chomsky.ps: I hate Bill O'Reilly, but I watch him anyway. Props to him for pointing out today that Saudi Arabia should be added to the terrorist-sympathizer list and Bush should be confronted as to why he insists on remaining in bed with these obvious enemies../rant.
Found on another Blogger's site: The Skeptic's Dictionary."A Critical Survey of Questionable Therapies, Eccentric Beliefs, Amusing Deceptions and Dangerous Delusions ." This one too:Is God Real? See, I have a big problem with the concept of God, and I am constantly trying to figure out why.There's an animosity that I cannot readily explain.Anyway, a Random BlogIrl.
I wanna see where this goes:The Joint Ascension.
Plecosthamus across from us.Say it 3 times fast.Or don't I just thought it sounded funny..
Another one to watch:tooth and other teeth!

Slow moving, graphics-intesive flash game:
Stop Derek! It's about presents and snowballs. Speeds up after you play for awhile.
Meanwhile, this one is quite enjoyable...King Of Fighter.
Whereas this game is just downright weird.
And FHM spews out the Top 100 Online Games.
Here is a Tribute to the The Best Song In The World.
Everyone's got a Wishlist. Mine is here.
Welcome to Cloneaid.
Now this is a selector:

If I were a Dead Russian Composer, I would be Sergei Rakhmaninov.

I lived in the early Twentieth Century and was well known for my compositional, conducting, and piano skills, yet I am melancholy despite this talent. My famous works include my nearly-impossible piano concerti.

Who would you be? Dead Russian Composer Personality Test

And I didn't even cheat.

A Big Thanks to Everlasting Blort for linking to Fetishize Me! That really made my day....
One question for viewers of this site-visit the page. Does the font show up for you? If not, please let me know in the comments below.
Wow! A link from Fark that's actually interesting!'Thinking' robot in escape bid.Scientists running a pioneering experiment with "living robots" which think for themselves today said they were amazed to find one escaping from the centre where it "lives". That's fuckin cool, if you ask me.
It's becoming increasingly difficult for me to find links that aren't already featured on every other daily link-type site...I'm going to have to look for more obscure sources I think.Case in point: compare the links submitted at Madville (which I just now found) to the links submitted at Fark. Well? All Look Same! What to do? My site is a drop in the ocean! The only diff between sites like this and mine is that I post a few other things like flash and occult sites. With the upsurge of "blogging", there is an increasing saturation of daily link sites that pinch from each other, and there really is no demand for more of them. When I first started this site, I only knew of Fark. Now I am finding that they are all over the place, and I'm way back here in the far corner of the internet, struggling to find interesting links only to be beaten out by the more interactive sites that have sponsors and affiliates. I must brainstorm
on how to make this site unique, to stand out amongst the clones that are squeezing the inspiration out of me.........sigh.
Alright. I admit it. I've been watching American Idol on Fox. Tonight, the viewer votes are in for the first group, and I predict that this girl will win, because she is the most well-rounded of all the first grouping as far as talent, looks and style go.
Today's post will arrive after the show airs since I am still digging around, so if she doesn't win, I will have one more reason to be dissapointed in the human race.
(update: 3 finalists out of 10. She was 2nd.)
Nice font site:DaFont.
And another one:PizzaDude.
A thorough site about the Bush Crime Family/
Here too.
Good article;Are we living in a Police State?
Read it:Oddities of 9/11
Little-known facts of the world's best-known event.

I like to think I'm on top of the current news, but I never heard about this:Speculation that Powell may quit caps bad week for Bush cabinet.

More on Merkaba~
Sacred Merkaba Techniques
Markaba Research And Education
Other Stuff:
San Graal School Of Sacred Geometry.
Creationism Vs. Darwinism:A Commentary.
Chapel Tibet.

Hmm.Can semen cure the blues?A researcher says male ejaculate may act as an antidepressant.
I want to keep up on this story:China Scientists to Probe 'ET' Launch Tower.A team of Chinese scientists is to head out to the far west of the country to investigate a mystery pyramid that local legend says is a launch tower left by aliens from space.
This is an interesting concept:The National Time-Space Registry makes it possible for you to officially own an instance of previously occurring time-space. For example, you may lay a claim to Normandy Beach on June 6, 1944 or you may own Philadelphia on July 4, 1776. You may own a legal deed to that time-space instance.
Which led me to A Virtual Space-Time Travel Machine and a list of time travel-related websites.
A game site, The Station I joined (free) simply to check out the multi-player Dating Game. Interesting...........
Your life is about to change. Salpar's Internet. (Note: my life didn't change that I can tell, and I didn't find anything worth blogging, but it does have some weird and NSFW content.)
Can someone please explain THIS to me ??
Well golly, that's all for today. Christina Ricci is on SNL right now, you understand.


This picture(no, not the lightening, the link, silly.) reminds me of a dream I had recently, in which I saw my Higher Self hovering over a large bubble, dangling a wire with a magnet-type thing on the end down into the bubble. Inside this bubble and just below the magnet was a human being~my lower self, my earthly incarnation. Whenever my higher self moved the magnet around, my little lower self would become animated. Images on the inner wall of the bubble would move and change depending on the movement and position of the little guy. So to him, it seemed as if he was moving about and interacting with the world, but from the outside it could be clearly seen that my lower self was always stationary, a fixed point in space, and the environment inside constantly changed to accomodate his perception of reality.
Then my Higher self began to float upwards and I saw an endless ocean of bubbles with entities floating over them.
I don't know anything about the book mentioned on the site,(except I that it's by the author who wrote "Stranger at the Pentagon") but it looks really interesting,and the description of the image is compelling, which led me to Afterlife Knowledge and Virtual Chaos:A Theory Of Everything and Merkaba, which reminds me of last night's dream, in which I was being chased by military helicopters while flying in my own Merkaba. I had initially landed in the desert outside Art Bell's station, and was telling him that I was going to reveal some of lifes mysteries, when he inadvertently gave my position away on the air, which brought the copters. The image above is the Merkaba I was flying in.
(No, I don't have a "thing" for Art Bell. I just like to listen to him while checking out sites or while playing Alchemy.Last night's show was especially creepy; it must have seeped into my subconscious, so stop hassling me about it, wouldja?)
Which brings us to Sacred Geometry Discovery that describes the sacred symbols as related to the Kaballah.
Here's a lengthy and informative site that teaches How to read people's auras.
Learn the 15 major tests of the Spiritual Path.
Ah,It is the most Divine of all Metaphors.The universe was created with a Big Bang.Through the Masturbation of God.
This one is pretty informative:Catastrophism and Ancient Anomalies.
As is this: Junk Science.
Very thorough site on the magick of Huna: The Teaching Hut.
Post now, review archives later: Reality Shifters News.
Intruiging:The Propaganda Preparation for 9/11:The mystery surrounding the death of John O'Neill.
Huh? Thousands of mysterious objects land on shore.
Wha? Evidence for Creation by Outside Intervention.Darwinists, Creationists and Intelligent Design proponents are unable to explain anomalies in the emergence of domesticated plants, animals and humans.
No! UMass researcher finds most people lie in everyday conversation.
And no thanks, I'll continue smoking.
MMmmmmm.Bereavement Gummi.
This guy can really hold his water! Take Aim.
Well, sometimes you find lots of links, sometimes you don't.
Oh yeah, now I remember what I was going to say.Opponents of evolution want to make a place for creationism by tearing down real science, but their arguments don't hold up.
Enough. My tinfoil hat is firmly in place, Art Bell is on, Cook's Tour is recording for LumpyTime, now.......what's for dessert?
Is it legal now? this is NOT the "safe" version we see on the shelves at the liquor store, this seems to be the REAL thing! I have contacted them regarding the legalities in the US and their willingness to assure delivery. They also have cannabis vodka...
Absinthe, buy Absinth, Real Absinthe


There's tons to poke around & see here (if you haven't already), I'll start you off with~Oxymorons, ala dribbleglass.com


There seems to be a slight bug in this design, at least from my end. Until I figure out what it is, if the main blog doesn't show up, I find it helps to hit "refresh". I'm not entirely happy with this design, but it will do for now. If I can't discover the bug, it won't last long anyway.(Update:I think it's the transparency javascript. I loved it, but alas, I had to leave it. Works okay in the links frame though.)
My new image host has the same problems as the others I've tried: more than a few visitors and goodbye images. I need a paid host, I know......I came back after completing this simple redesign to find the counter reading 2012.....if you've been reading some of my posts and know about the Mayan calander, you know what these numbers mean........gave me a little shudder.......
Interesting article:September 11, 2001: No Surprise.
By the same author:The Hate Crimes You Don't Hear About.
Also, some history onColin Powell: don't ask about My Lai, don't tell about Iran-Contra.
with links to more info, such as THE UNAUTHORIZED HISTORY OF HAARP.
BroJohn has this thing called a NewsWebWheel which accesses hundreds of news websites randomly. Clever idea, though the pages refresh too quickly for me to peruse the articles. I want to figure out how he does it and put one of my own in a frame on this page.
From Scotsman.com:War on terror: FBI 'guilty of cover-up' over anthrax suspect. Because I can't expect the US media to report these kinds of stories.
Two articles from Fate Magazine:The Mind Of God and Angels Or Aliens?
From Fortean Times:Away With Faeries explores the legends and lore of this mysterious phenomenon, as well the various explanations which have been offered to account for it
Electric Warrior's article about Amazing Mentalist's UFO Prediction.
This site looks like it's got all sorts of interesting articles.
Another Planet X Resource site that missed the last batch.
Found on a Tripod site:Could this War On Terrorism just be a pretext for making secret preparations for the incoming Planet X? (scroll down a bit.) Then off to the World War III Report and The Shadow.
THIS INFORMATION could save your life and freedom, apparently.
Also,AIDS: quirk of nature, or mass murder?
From Salon:Prime-time propaganda:How the White House secretly hooked network TV on its anti-drug message.
From Unknown Country:Mysterious Rash Returns."A mysterious rash has struck mainly young girls at schools across the nation since September 11. A recent New York Times Sunday magazine story said that no medical cause has been found for any of these rashes and researchers now think they may due to post-911 hysteria and nervousness about possible future terrorist attacks. As to why the rash effects girls more than boys, the Times said that girls worry more about the future."
Watch for the Return Of Jesus with the MessiahCam!
Oh, nothing, just the end of the world....OmegA.
This guy claims to have "found Atlantis!"
Well. This is a curious site:COMMUNIQUE"We are your future dreaming selves. We send a message from hyperspace into your local spacetime in order to stimulate imagination - the Dream Machine with which you will construct the next world."
This looks like a cool place to live...
Create your own fashion statement with naked vectors at DressLab.
What goes on here? All sorts of Flash Weirdness.
As Candice would say, This Site Is Noisy.
This one too, a worthy repost as it has been updated:Larry Carlson.
A portal to other Flash Weirdness.
Mildy amusing java game in beta testing:Attack!
Watched Kelly's Osbourne's new video for "Papa Don't Preach" last night. Both disturbing (because would she be getting this sort of deal if not for her father's celebrity?) and delightful (because she IS pretty and is a great role-model for girls who "don't fit society's ideal bodyshape", which I find attractive in it's own way. Her actual talent is debatable.) Also saw The White Stripes video with the Legos. That was amazing. Now I kind of know why there's such a fuss about this group lately. I like their quirky songwriting style. I admit it, I am listening to Busta Rhymes right now..........." I make sure Everything Remains Raw....."