Torus always finds such Unique Games.
Destructionism 2
CNN.com - Seven astronauts die as shuttle Columbia shatters - Feb. 1, 2003
Surreal~so close to the anniversary of the last shuttle disaster.
This is an image of the debris trail.......

Words fail.
Really, really recommend this little MPEG~
Ratatak - SoTU Remix
It's how heard it too.
Aside from the stud (no pun intended), I think it looks cool! Wouldn't do it myself.......Dragon [graphic]
Thanks Torus.
WishList Item #33Mandarin Coat. (The one at the bottom.) Actually, Shadow Fae has lots of shiny clothes and whatnot.


As always, frequent political postings at Temple Furnace.
This will be of interest to the Lady Who Brought Our Sock Goddess Into The World~
Is Maitreya the Christ or the Antichrist?
via don't read this. But you really should.
WaiWai--Japanese Schoolgirls playing filthy game of orgy roulette
"Instead of a single bullet being loaded into a revolver chamber and the trigger pulled until it lets off with a blast, Russian Sex Roulette, the schoolgirls' derivative game, sees the girls allow any number of men to unleash their weapons in her chamber."

This site has been around for years & continues to be well maintained inlike many other cool "goth" sites I found in my early surfing ventures....
Gothic Martha Stewart
"You Have A Great Site With Helpful Information, Resources & Links! (Congratulations on maintaining such an informative web site).
With the disabled populations growing it's important for everyone to know where to find this helpful information. I would like to suggest a link for your site of a product that many visitors to your site may have
an interest in.
View Point Mobility manufactures the "VISION" rear entrance lowered floor wheelchair minivan conversion.
Take a look at the site and I think you will agree that the visitors to your site may find the information very useful."

Okay. Hope that actually is helpful to someone.

ViewPoint--disabling right-click didn't facilitate ease of posting. Your site is not graphics-intensive, nor is it a particularly theft-worthy design, I'm not sure why you'd bother blocking it.
I mention this merely because I enjoy irony.

For the record, I don't really think posting links to games and quirky articles is "helpful information".....to each his own, I guess......but thanks for the compliment.
So, I don't know.........clever spam? Are companies hunting down bloggers to advertise on?
Did anyone else who runs this sort of blog get a similar request? Do I get a commision if someone mentions seeing it here when purchasing one of those things? Are they fuel-efficient with an option of hybridization or full conversion to hydrogen? So many questions.....
(voluntary human extinction movement)
via that one below
Does it ever get really difficult? I never found out after the fifth round. Maybe I'm burning out on this type of game.
via Ultimate Insult who gave us a bigger challenge with Missile Strike.
Most of them moments away from spilling green groceries~
Nights in Danemark
Love it! Funny-cuz-it's-true kinda thing~
State of the Union Updater 2.0
Free Nelson Mandela!
Hold your tongue Mandela, you anti-American!

Note- the racist remark was a stretch.
And those who now criticize him for his remarks on Bush also ignore his remarks about Saddam.

It would appear any criticism of Bush is simply not acceptable, even from an icon of freedom and liberty.
Remember the phrase "uniter-not-a-divider"?
Hollow, empty, letter clusters without meaning.


Good For A Giggle, I Guess~
A Timeline of CIA Atrocities
"Ectomorph is the leading fashion house for garments in latex or polyurethane stretch. Fourteen years ago it set out to merge the boundaries of fetish and high fashion."

Kinda Rusty site design.....
"This is a video taken in 6000 feet of water.
An undersea robot is sawing a 3mm wide slit (1/10th of an inch...remember that width) in a pipeline.
The pressure inside the pipeline is 0 PSI while the pressure outside is 2700PSI, or 1.3 tons per square inch.

And then a crab walks by........

(itty bitty mpeg.)
Interesting perspective~
Jesus wouldn't have a prayer among the far right
"If one is keeping score, it is just as easy to point out the evils of Christianity. Tens of thousands of men, women and children, both Christian and non-Christian, have been terrorized and sped into the arms of their Maker on the point of a sword, or toasted on church bonfires, all in the name of Christ. It is a subject that seems to rarely come up in Sunday school for some reason.

If the right-wingers really studied the matter, they'd find they have more in common with Muhammad than with Jesus. Muhammad was a merchant, a businessman and entrepreneur - a capitalist. Before Jesus walked off his job, he was a carpenter, a common laborer - and with his talk of brotherhood, no doubt would have been a union man.

He hung out with the dregs of society: the poor, prostitutes, tax collectors, and finally thieves. Not exactly the kind of person to whom you would entrust your most precious and eternal possession: your stock portfolio."

This I Gotta See!
"Maybe Logic
is a feature-length documentary destined for a release date of spring 2003 about the universe of Robert Anton Wilson featuring video of Bob spanning over 25 years & interludes w/ru sirius, Paul Krassner, Tom Robbins, Rev. Ivan Stang, Douglas Rushkoff & many more."

I love this guy, have all of his books. Genius.
He has his own website which updates rarely.....though he did recently say "The Bill of Rights exists now only as a historical curiosity, although you can still find it in the back of a good fat dictionary."

via IncoBLOGula.
Canadian "inspectors" to seek deadly U.S. weapons
Hehehe. Why?
"Our mission is to draw attention to the fact that there are weapons of mass destruction -- for example, about 15,000 nuclear warheads -- in the United States that pose a massive threat to global peace.
We're following Bush's lead and demanding that the U.S. grant our inspectors immediate and unfettered access to any site in the country."
Wired News: Sneaky Toolbar Hijacks Browsers
"It's the most evil thing on the Internet, according to some of its victims. But it's not a virus, a scam or a raunchy porn site.
It's a browser toolbar that some swear is doing 'drive-by downloads' -- installing itself without users' permission -- then taking over their systems and making it impossible to uninstall."

Yes, I've got the damned xupiter on this machine, and yes, the uninstall attempt provided by xupiter got rid of the toolbar, but not xupiter. Now, if I get a Page Cannot Be Displayed, xupiter opens all manner of pop-ups, most of them porn. I've got No Ads to shut them down, but sometimes there's so many it causes those damned "illegal operations".
I don't even know how I got it either-certainly not by choice! I've tried to uninstall it completely many times with no success.
via follow me here.
All He Left Unsaid
It's going here because no one seems to be visiting the Furnace.
"Bush on several occasions linked Hussein directly to al Qaeda, [but] failed to mention that Hussein is a secular dictator who has spent the last thirty years crushing Islamic fundamentalism in Iraq, failed to mention the death threats levied against him by al Qaeda, and failed to mention the absolute fact that Hussein would never be so stupid as to give weapons or aid to blood enemies. Were he to do so, he would find those weapons immediately turned against him.

Bush failed to mention how the American economy could handle the billions of dollars needed to support the war, the inevitable oil shock that would come as a result of the war, the billions more needed for his missile shield, the billions needed to push his new tax cut through, the billions needed to make his old tax cut permanent, and the billions needed to pay for the new programs he proposed.

Bush failed to explain why so many Admirals and Generals, including Generals Zinni and Schwartzkopf, have spoken about the recklessness of this war plan. He failed to mention the inevitable blowback of terrorism that America would suffer should this war take place, especially if it takes place with a 'coalition of the willing' that does not include a UN sanction.

At no time, and in no way, did George W. Bush mention the name Osama bin Laden."

He also didn't offer any casualty projection, for Americans or Iraqis, in the upcoming War.
And a funny-because-it's-true statement from Jon Stewart said last night~
Quoting Bush "'With a new national commitment, our scientists and engineers will overcome obstacles to taking these new hydrogen powered cars from laboratory to showroom.'

Those obstacles? His administration."
you are a fiery dragon! you may be beautiful from
afar, but very dangerous up close! maybe you
should let your gaurd down a little and let
others get to know you.
Found at IceMaiden who is purty but her site is difficult to read with that small, dark green font..........

Loverly New Fetishize-Me Banner to your left provided by Kitsuneko.
Name That Tune!
via Catch.
I did pretty well........
War 'has ruined Afghan environment'
"Two decades of war have laid waste Afghanistan's environment so badly that its reconstruction is now compromised, the United Nations says.
A UN Environment Programme (Unep) survey found more than half of Kabul's water supply is going to waste.
It found children working 12-hour shifts in dangerous factories, and sleeping at their machines.
More than half the forests in three Afghan provinces have been destroyed in 25 years."
via Aberrant News.

Shane's girls.
found at SE
I modified one of Shane's girls to look like the Sock Goddess because she accidently broke her Hello Kitty! coffee mug yesterday.....
Your computer could be killing you.
Oh, what doesn't anymore?

Ow ow ow


With the Simple Character Entity Chart I can now type "naivé" properly.
and there's this thing too~
Hi. I'm new to the innernet.
Japanese Emoticons
via Metafilter
before you look, guess what I'm doing here~

(-.-) y¬.o0O
spo0fed.com :: What happened to fake CNN? And as a result, what happened to my entry "Thoughts On...."?
I should have known better than to throw a large chunk of work on a spoof page.......
A new Primary Color?
According to this, my next Minor Decimal Birthday is on Monday, February 17, 2003.
Mark the calendar.
This Carmen Electra Cheerleader Video is quite...uh......entertaining.
Though it's difficult for me not to consider her "damaged goods" after she let Rodman and Durst "hit it".
Anyway, the socks and tarsus look nice!
(NSW. You might have to register with I-Film, but it's free and often worth it.)
found at LinkFilter.
Bound For Victory?
While Fox Television has described [Joe Millionaire contender] Sarah Kozer's occupation as "sales and design," the 29-year-old Los Angeles woman has a far more interesting entry on her resume: in the past few years she has starred in bondage films like "Novices in Knots," "Hogtied," and "Helpless Heroines," an well as foot fetish titles like "Dirty Soled Dolls."
A submitted link~
ez2www.com :: Directory : Anomalies and Alternative Science
Wow. That could keep me busy for awhile.
A doctor, a lawyer, a priest and two boy scouts were on a small airplane together when they were told by the pilot that the engine had failed,they were going to crash and there were only two parachutes on board.
The doctor took the news with ease, he said, "I have lived my life with purpose, so I propose giving the two parachutes to the boys here."
The lawyer responded by saying, "No, I disagree, screw the kids."
Then the priest says, "You think we have enough time?"
Simple, addictive~
via crackbaby
You know, I still can't get over a similar Cosby Show story I read........I will never look at Cliff Huxtable the same way again.
"Black Book Online is for professional investigators ONLY. If you are not a private investigator, or in the legal, insurance, collection, journalistic or law enforcement professions, you MUST leave now!"
Put A Sock On It!
Seems the GB's are showing off their stems, some of them with Socks on! Mmmmmm.........make sure to view earlier entries too.
You know, it's a funny thing, this PhotoTopic showing up around the time I asked to join that community.....nah.
Coincidence, I'm sure.
And I'm not complaining!
See, since I'm not a member of LiveJournal, I can't join GBC, which is really unfortunate because this week I would have had Very Shiny Sock Pics to submit......but I can still visit everyone there and comment, so that's not too rusty.


Apparently, the Blort didn't care for george's speech.
I don't know- he's made worse speeches, but I really don't put much stock in the Spin Of The Union anyway.

So obviously coached on how to look cumPASHnit and tone down the patented patronizing smirk.
And with recent revelations, I think Grandpa Prescott would be proud.

You know, when I was a kid and would hear Jimmy Carter say "nukular" I would laugh my ass off.
Even at that age I knew how to properly pronounce the word.
When I hear it mispronounced as an adult, it's just not funny anymore.
Some say both pronounciations are acceptable. I say Metathetic Dogpoop.
Even a C-average Yale man should be able to pronounce it properly. In My Opinion.
That post about comment-squatters, fruit-soup, abortion, the patriotism of protesters and being naked was too long, so I put it all here~
Thoughts On Things - January 28, 2003
Sorry if there are Pop Ups- I have No Ads.
Please come back and comment on it if you want.
Update~well, shnit. It just figures the site is down until tomorrow. Hopes it's still there- I didn't bother to save my work.
Two brief notions~
To watch Jimmy Kimmel Live is to watch a man's lucrative career go down the toilet.
To watch tonight's State Of The Union will be to watch "a rerun of a bad movie".
A dilemma; go to the zoo and watch a chimp flail his arms wildly and fling poo, or stay home and watch it on TV?


Damnable Terrorist Whales!
Bad joke aside, this is horrible.
"The navy is currently developing a £160million system which it intends to have on six of its frigates within three years. It includes the sonar that, experts claim, can inflict the most excruciating death imaginable on whales."
JailBirdMan via Adult Swim. Too clumsy to sneak past the sleeping guard!
Sunset from our backyard last night.
Found at the GBC~
Star Taboo
Live Journal doesn't seem to like me..sometimes it won't open the page and I have to click a few times to get it to comply. Commenting is even more difficult...it took me several tries with this one.....she got nice.....hair.
Oh Yeah, Baby!
EU rules force church bodies to employ atheists.
"Thousands of religious schools, charities and organisations could face legal action if they refuse to employ atheists or sack staff who become Satanists under proposed Government regulations."
Follow Me Here
He did a great interview on Crossfire....so
a political post, but it's important~
Gary Hart :: Restoring the American Republic
He needs to be encouraged to run for president next year. We need to see that "rerun of a bad movie" and assure another Bush serves only one term in office.
Soo many cuties!
Dogs and Puppies Pet List - Oregon Humane Society
Makes me sad we can't adopt them all.......
This is funny!CNN.com - Study: Muscle car drivers have small shifters
Muscle car drivers who volunteered for a recent experiment were almost 10 times more likely to posess significantly smaller genitalia than males who partake in other hobbies, recent study shows.
via DRT.
This is fascinating-held my attention for the full ten minutes!Animated Atlas: Growth of a Nation
Interesting to see what was bought, sold, and fought over.
Reminded me that Hawaii was "annexed".
Things seem to make a little more sense in this context....via Torus, whom I'm starting to wish contributed to Fetch~Me!
which socks did I wear today?
In which I get to participate in a rare appearance!
Seriously, most comfortable socks I've ever worn.
Even if I weren't biased, I'd never go back to regular socks after these.
Oh, and I love that olive pic! Fun thing about this page, I don't get any special priviledge in knowing what the next entry will be, even if I'm in the shot!
Taissa Lada Fabulous clothing, nicely done site
Introducing the Demotivators 2003 collection
...they have bittersweets too


Hey, Shiny!
Jabo has linked us!
It's the old Chapel Perilous page, but that's okay since everything shows up as it should.
How long has that page been up? I'd blogroll it, but....there doesn't seem to be a JaboBlog in there.
Anyway, thanks man. Glad you still stop by once in awhile. I don't mind at all being called "Pippy"!
See? He alludes to ballgame homoeroticism too~
Chris Pirillo ~ Getting Screwed While Everybody Else is Getting Laid
"One by one, they leapt towards his waist, each one missing by a mere six inches. Finally, Johnson made contact. He threw Toto to the ground and smothered him with over two hundred and fifty pounds of pure male energy. Their eyes met as the event culminated; their bodies so close, they could taste one other. It was sweet."

How does he get his font to look like handwriting?
I really am still so clueless about such things.......
Build your own wrestler~cute diversion found at a small victory.
See, I thought the nation was transfixed by a big wrestling match today, but according to ASV it's some sort of ballgame. Oh well, still kinda homoerotic IMO. Not that there's anything wrong with that, just not my thing.
Go team, get the points, or whatever.
Strange..........[ noodoll.com ]
It would appear the John Lennon couldn't take his talent with him~
Songs From Beyond
via Yummy Wakame. (over that flu yet, Livvy?)

Not many sites updating today because of an important wrestling match or some such nonsense on the TV
So important, apparently, that the neighbors are drinking heavily in the afternoon and my cheap smoke source closed early so he won't miss the big sweaty homoerotic ballet. Fortunately, Adult Swim will not be affected.

Valentine's Day is coming...
I made a special page here...
FZMe's Sweeties Page
then compared it to this site's VD page...
Victoria's Secret's Sexy gifts
Oh, but I do want this...
It's up!
the official Betty Boop site
Not sabatoged, I promise!
Visual Illusions via Wastrel Division.
I guess it really has come to this~
C.A.T.Eyes Homepage
Note to the neighbors--MYODB. Or Else.
So I took the What Religion Are You? test at Beliefnet.com (rediscovered at Toohey World) and as an experiment I entered none of the above or not applicable for all of the questions. I went for complete neutrality.

It said I was christian scientist 100%.

Interesting, since I find that term to be contradictory if not just outright laughable, but not interesting or humorous enough for me to learn more about this faction of the larger Cult.
Next was Ba'hai, to which I say
Then mormons, then JW's, then quakers! Shnit On A 'Fix, these are all cults I regularly make fun of! My universe is imploding!
Anyway, go check out Toohey's World. It's extremely Shiny. As opposed to Rusty.
The Bettie Page this time via SE.