Interesting :First commercial Moon landing gets go-ahead.
"The US State Department and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have granted TransOrbital, Inc. of La Jolla, California, permission to send its TrailBlazer probe to map the surface of the Moon and photograph Earth. The launch is scheduled for June 2003."

Aha. Someone else calls it Online Begging!Hey Buddy, PayPal Me a Quarter?
What does Bosnak think of all the people who have borrowed the savekaryn.com idea?
"Someone took my website and copied it exactly," she said. "That's copyright infringement."

(It's a Fembot I found at The Chump.)
He should also be fined for that ridiculous hairsyle
(cue banjo music)

Judge Orders Man Not To Have Any More Kids. "Judge James Kimbler sentenced Talty to five years probation and community control sanction that forbids him from conceiving any more children during that time.Talty has fathered six or seven children with four or five women and owes more than $30,000 in back child support, WEWS reported."
That's good news. but he should be forbidden to spreading his Goo forevermore, not just 5 years. I truly believe that certain portions of the population should not be allowed to breed.
The bad news is that the ACLU is contesting the ruling.""It's fundamentally unfair", Talty's lawyer whimpered.
(It's a Game.)
More Mars Mysteries

"The most prominent boosters of Martian enigmas such as the "Face on Mars" have produced photos that they say provide evidence of mysterious buried city-style structures on the Red Planet but the origins of the photos turn out to be just as murky a mystery.
The controversy came to a head Thursday night, when the Enterprise Mission, a Web site focusing on the enigmas in the Martian region of Cydonia, posted false-color views of the Martian "cityscape.' Enterprise's captain, author/researcher Richard Hoagland, said the photos were true infrared renderings from the thermal imager on NASA's orbiting Mars Odyssey spacecraft.
However, that claim was contradicted by Arizona State University Professor Philip Christensen, the head of the scientific team for the Thermal Emission Imaging System, or THEMIS. Christensen said the pictures appeared to be reprocessed versions of a daytime infrared image posted to the THEMIS Web site in July."
Relevant Links Inside.
Original Story HERE and HERE.
I'm a humble man, but please notice the time stamp. I want it known that even if this turns out to be a hoax, I was an itty bitty part of it.
HERE is a comparison between one of the new images from Enterprise Mission and an image of Hydroate Chaos taken by a Russian expedition in 1983.
This site has Russian Satellite photos of Area 51, quite clear. Nope, that place doesn't exist. They also have some Mars anomaly photos, but it's a Tripod site, so there are many pop-ups and very limited bandwidth.
Oh yeah, and I'm so glad there is someone in the world who makes these wierd and somewhat disturbing flash movies.


Vibrating broomsticks, from the inbox (no pun intended~;)...
scroll down & read the reviews, particularly the ones by BarrelO'Monkeys from New Orleans & Rleek from NY
Amazon.com: Customer Reviews: Harry Potter Nimbus 2000 Broom
Are you here to read the MARS story?
Scroll down a few entries or go directly to the entry.
You're only Jung Once
Or, High Irony aka Hirony

Just before I Randomblogged the site where I found the pic below, I stepped on a little plastic airplane that broke the skin. Someone on High must be mad about my 9/11 post yesterday evening. Or it's just in keeping with the accelerating synchronicities. I don't just leave little plastic airplanes lying around.

Via Scandals With Your Mom. Yes DG, it is both humorous and sick. But it IS typical of thecurrent American Mindset regarding muslims. Personally? A Fundie of Any Religion Still Smells Like Shit. Christian Fundies are just as dangerous as muslim Fundies. And don't get me started on Scientology Fundies. Here's a fun thing to do: record that dianetics tune from the commercials, then walk into one of their Auditing storefronts and play it full blast. I've actually seen this in action when I worked for a TV repair shop owned by Scientologists. The owners and the converted employees snapped into a bizarre hypnotic state when the commercial came on the Quality Control TV. Eyes glazed over, swaying slightly to and fro.........when the volcano erupted, they snapped out of it and returned to their mundane routines as if nothing occurred. True Story.
As an aside, my Aural Protrusions are highly sensitive to the sound of Snapping Toes.
Pretty~Eerie~Angel Decoys.


I'm going to publish this in it's entirety, because Enterprise Mission is having serious bandwidth problems.
(Update 9/16/02 Site loads fine now. Post edited.)
Images: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Beam Me Up, Jesus
Or, An Early 9/11 Anniversary Special
Or, Watch the Hit Numbers Drop Exponentially

Oh, this is going to be a messy post.
This site is horribly written, but it has the pre-9/11 UFO video that I've posted here at least twice.
I'd seen it occasionally as a commercial for Sci-Fi.com before the events of 9/11, but thought. of course, it's just a well-done studio production. A few weeks after 9/11 I went to the site, found it again, watched it several times, and posted it on my old and abandoned site Spectral Net. Someone commented recently at SE (where I re-re-discovered the video) that Sci-Fi has in the past commissioned film-makers to produce UFO videos for them, but I find no evidence of such a claim at Sci-Fi.com regarding these particular commercals. The "Sci-Fi Happens" spots are sent in by the general public, who are obviously paid for footage used, so the site need not provide a "hoax" disclaimer.
The witness who filmed the object did claim it was real, but that, of course, is not proof of authenticity. The fact that she asks Sci-Fi to "make me an offer" doesn't help either.
More integrity would have been lent had the witness supplied the footage to objective anamolous investigators for free.
Two members of SE offer compelling clues as to the footage being hoaxed, such as an inconsistent horizon line and a lack of "digital tearing", the kind of info I was looking for .
In researching whether or not anyone has proven it to be a hoax (which, as I write this, I have yet to find), I came across some other sites of interest.
New Analysis of WTC UFO footage (on Sept 11).It should be noted that Dr. Bruce Macabee dismisses the evidence as birds.
This person claims the Pentagon footage was faked (scroll down a bit), his "evidence" being that the time and date stamp on the film are wrong.Faked or not, why is that date/time stamp wrong? It doesn't make much sense either way, does it?
Here's a good article called Conspiracies Or Institutions: 9-11
and Beyond
which goes into considerable detail about what conspiracies are, how they work, and how they relate to the events of 9/11. Most of the questions are glossed over in my opinion, but makes some very good points about how these theories can go too far with spurious claims and little credible evidence.


These people really should shut the fuck up : Aliens blamed for September 11 by conspiracy fans.
glay_walk2.gifSo, where were we? Oh yeah, the 9/11 UFO footage. I found an analysis that was translated from Japanese to Engrish, so if anything, it's good for a grin :Speed of Verification * UFO:
"Here, as for being surprised, the helicopter completely influence of the sonic boom It is not to receive. If it is usual handling, is disassembled in the sky the extent which It is the expectation which receives impact if and, it is trick image, After all, it is thought impact is produced."
See the Black Object?One thing that piqued my interest while watching the gif was the explosion in the Tower. I'm wondering which floor held the office of the FBI, the one that contained all the evidence for a case that was being brought against Mobil Oil.But again I digress. I did a frame-by-frame of the Quicktime and noticed a few things: 1) The object can indeed be seen in between the towers before it peeks out the other side and the girl notices it. 2) Seems to me the girl notices it a little too quickly, considering the panoramic view of the city. 3) The object changes shape in a single frame then back to "normal" in the next.
4) The video operator zooms in on the object just as she points it out, again a little too quickly IMO, unless he saw the object before her. 5) The object seems to jump a few frames when it begins moving, but that just might be the quicktime. 6) The object's rapid fly-by of the copter and subsequent ascent into the stratosphere are seamless, but the sound of the object as it approaches the copter is troublesome, as it can be heard before it whooshes by, and the breach of the sound barrier is not as audible as it should be.7) The trail left by the object looks real. This must have cost a pretty penny to produce.
More observations found here in the Sci-Fi Forums. Then this person says she saw another UFO over the left tower. I looked carefully but couldn't see it, however did notice a few other anomalies; probably light relfection. The genius of the video was placing the object between the towers, thereby making it harder to debunk. The most telling evidence would come from careful analyses of the object as it approaches the copter. So far, I can't find anyone who's done that.

Here is a similar looking object I found at the Rense.
And check out this RealVideo , of which is said, quote "I took these shots from CNN right off the tape they were running on TV. I noticed how the plane kept changing shape, how the front of the plane looked different in the air all around the plane are glowing balls of light; spheres on the buildings also after the plane enters the building waiting on the other side of the building is this object hovering in the sky . It is not a helicopter!"
As one Air Force officer -- a veteran of over 100 sorties over North Vietnam -- explained, "Those birds (commercial airliners) either had a crack fighter pilot in the left seat, or they were being maneuvered by remote control."
Oh and take a look at this dissappearing plane (WMV) that I found here. Lots of the stuff herein I got from this great site : Whatzit?
INow, on to other areas of interest.


Well, Duh

Kelly ClarksonWhen you're done looking at the cool clouds, and if you're not too busy, please mow the lawn. before going on your Perilous Voyage.Orisinal
Episode 7

New Dolls That Promote Female Self-Esteem

It doesn't even look like her. If you want an action figure done right, you hire Todd McFarlane.
Okay, well, this one seems okay. My 12" Captain Kirk and Ghost Rider can fight over her. I wonder how anatomically correct they are. Do they have nips?
Check out this video of a UFO at the August 16 Chile International Air Show.
Oh yeah, while I'm here, Conan O'Brian's guest tonight will be Triumph the Insult Dog, who will dissect the footage of Marshall Mathers and his posse knocking down the pernicious puppet at the EmptyV music awards. MTV is, of course, repeating the awards show ad nauseum, but that particular segment has been edited out, though I think they left in the part where EgoBoy gets booed by the audience for threatening to punch Moby. Mathers is an asshole, so this should be very humorous.
Ann Rexic Coulter
Pretty??? Bwahahahahahaha!
Pretty Freakin Scary, I'd say!

Ann(WasAMan) Cold-Turd! Religiose Sanguinarius Cadaver!
(it's a game.)
Your skin starts itching once you buy the game
(of course I've had it in the ear before)

Grab that tune before it smells too much like tuna.
You know that car commercial that uses Iggy Pop's song "Lust for Life"?
Here comes Johnny Yen again
Yeah. Well, they forgot the most important, and telling line:
That's Like Hypnotizin Chickens.
Then there's that one with the epileptic girl.......poor thing
Days go by and still I think of you........
Meanwhile she's having a seizure while her friends just smile as the E kicks in.
American Idol? I have decided that, after watching it from beginning to end, I don't much care for it.
At first, it was somewhat interesting. Then it was a ridiculous carnival side-show gone horribly wrong, and I felt ashamed for watching it. For experiencing glee when Tamyra got voted off. Not because she was black you fool, but because it was Unexpected. It was hilariously wrong, and as such, kept my shameful interest.
Now, I only watch to hear Kelly sing. I don't even care if she wins. My Aural Protrusions are very sensitive to a sour note, causing neck spasms and eye twitches, and she's not hit a one. Abdul, whom I assume can only be gangrenous with envy. actually uttered a Truth : her voice can make a grown man cry.
There I go feeling shame again   butugotta Lust For Life
Another thing; that's quite the backyard she's got.


sings but mostly yells

rollins haiku
I can't wait until Henry comes out of the Closet. Then we shall truly know that Reality is Unraveling.
I'm not gay, and I certainly see nothing wrong with being gay. I worked for a gay man who owns most of downtown Waikiki. He would host many parties, and I was the butler/bartender/houseboy. You'd be surprised at the some of the celebrities that I got to meet and some that have hit on me in my 2 years working at the Magoon Estate. One particular episode comes to mind: I was doing routine maintenence in the third floor guest room,(which was a house unto itself) setting up the VCR for a show about a new project that Bob was about to unveil. There at the baby grand, in a salmon-colored robe and nothing else, sat none other than Rudolph Nureyev. He was playing a Wagner tune, when he spotted me, in cut-offs and a revealing tee (it was Hawaii, people). He asked, in a heavy russian accent, if I'd like to spend some time with him on the private stretch of beach Magoon owned. "I've much work to do, " I said, cleverly disguising my awe (it was Nureyev, people). " I will talk to Bob," he purred. "I am sure he wouldn't mind availing your services to me for an hour or two." I carefully declined, saying there were many exotic plants and animals that I could not neglect, even for a moment. The orchids alone....the many aquariums in each room, even the the ones with secret entrances, and the birds.....all the birds.He seemed perturbed for a moment, then remembered that He Is Nureyev, and continued to play Wagner, a song which almost brought me to tears, though I can't recall the title.
Needless to say, I was glad I turned down the offer. Nureyev died of aids soon thereafter.
True Story. And there are so any others I could tell about the Magoon Mansion. I witnessed the death of the Challenger shuttlecraft there while folding laundry and making sure the bedsheets were folded and tucked according to specifications. That is my most predominant memory, as I saw the explosion on a screen that dominated an entire wall.
You'd like to know who I saw, who I met, who stumbled out of the Magoon Master Bedroom in the morning, wouldn't you? Oh, you'd be surpised, indeed. And it's All True. I still dream about that house, for it was a Universe Unto Itself. I was eventually fired because of my ungayness,(Magoon tried hard to convert me,to no avail) but I snuck into the mansion and lived there for quite awhile unnoticed. I lived, drank, ate, recorded music and generally partied there, virtually invisible until I decided I'd had it with living in the middle of the Pacific, and wanted to return to the Land Where I Was Born.
It's the Tip of The Iceberg, people.
How Crack Cocaine Effects The Fashion Sense Of Former Star Search Contestants

Hypocrites is back! Good News, since it was this close to being dumped from the Blogrolling. Kidding. But I'm still lamenting the loss of Empty Bottle, and still a little miffed that Peat keeps changing his Title and URL. I lost track of how many name changes he went through; now he's back to the original name "DIversionz". Peat, I am leaving it as Inblognito until I witness that the newest change sticks for more than a week.
I'm probably not supposed to tell you this, but ........ My Girl is on Playboy Radio Right Now!
Doing an interview about fetishes, specifically sock fetishes, of course. Break a Tarsus, sweetie! Not literally.
Picking At Your Dino-Sores
Or, Oedematous Rex

I can't tell if this guy is serious, but I'm willing to wager that he isn't. My mind wasn't exactly blown by the sock-puppet movie above,(note: I tried to put the movie here, but couldn't get the placement right) nor by the "evidence" provided on his site. In fact, it left me intellectually flaccid. At any rate he links to a pretty good Cryptozoology Site. Mokele-mbembe is fun to say, so is GiggleBees, which I found a little more mind-blowing.
While I'm in here, check out The Einstein Conspiracy.
Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground

I hate to Follow The Fold, but I'm actually liking The White Stripes. This particular type of music keeps weaving in and out of the mainstream on a regular basis since it began in, what, the latter part of the 70's? They are all over the place, as evidenced by the Empty V Music Awards. I don't care for the other efforts, The Hives and such. Perhaps TWS appeal to me as a two piece act, heck, I liked Timbuk 3, except for that insipid song about A bright future that requires protective eyewear. Too bad they didn't get the prescription for near-sightedness. Anyway, there's a video in there, if you have the patience to wait for the "quick"time download.
Why stop at auctioning off just the girl's name?

What'll it be for baby trademark?
"Rangel and Williams are auctioning off the name of their daughter, who was born Saturday. For a minimum bid of $100,000, you get to suggest the name, and they'll think about naming the child whatever you come up with.[The parents said they] prayed about the auction idea. Prayed where? At the Church of the Almighty Dollar?
Rangel and Williams came up with the auction plan because it has been a particularly bad year for selling homes, and they need the money."
This is just plain sick, stupid, and wrong. Hold on to that 100g's, you're going to need it to pay for your kid's therapy. Or a lawyer for when she grows up and sues you for mental abuse. Yet another good reason why some people shouldn't be allowed to breed.
No part of his life ever qualified for a scene in the movies.

White Apples is a Good Read. Example :"The 'pretend-I'm-not-really-here' look on peoples' faces while holding the leash and waiting for their dogs to shit."
And another: "People are always waiting to be discovered. Any minute now *they'll* realize who I am."
Yet another : "Canine observation that makes me think there's some kind of larger metaphor lurking here:
No dog likes to have its ass sniffed.
It only wants to do the sniffing."
Wish I could write like that. Dad, you gave me the fallen arch gene, why not the creative writing gene? But thanks indeed for the *other* attribute. She thanks you too, I think.
So I found that gem of a journal in the comments of A Small Victory (who says "I have been lumped in with evil-doers, called both a war mongerer and an anti-war liberal asshole, an America hater, an arrogant American, a moralist, a witch, a stuck up snobby bitch who hates ugly and overweight people, and well, the list goes on.I think I've gone beyond the point of caring. Kiss my ass, every last one of you. Especially those who do not take the time to read words carefully, use a dictionary, or respond without resorting to a string of curse words and little else.") via Blogatelle. I had seen both before, but Bloggrolling wasn't invented yet, and it required actual work to add links, and I was already over 500 at the time. Now they have been Rolled.

It occurred to me last night that I read blogs almost exclusively now. Before the invention of blogging, I tended to read more of the sites I visited. Now, with so many millions of blogs, I find myself skimming the entries of the journals I Randomblog, looking for key words or phrases that will hook me into reading further. It's the epitome of Instant Gratification, but I wonder; am I learning more now than when I actually spent precious time reading an entire site? Like I mentioned yesterday, if a blog doesn't Get To The VerbTM, I move on. I skip RadioBlogs almost entirely as a rule. Same with LiveJournals, or any associated with Geoshitties or Angelfire.
The Chapel started out as a personal blog with a few links thrown in, but quickly realized that, unless a person knows me, they won't be interested in reading my trivialities, and that would not help the effort to Fetishize The World. I can count how many people who know me on one hand, thus the adoption of the slogan Get To The VerbTM.
The Effects of Botulinum Toxin A On The Brain

Dear Ann Coulter,
"You're fired.
It's not that extreme viewpoints are unwelcome on the opinion pages of the Centre Daily Times. All political viewpoints, from Cal Thomas on the right to Molly Ivins on the left, are welcome here.
But, we don't welcome haters, Ann, and that's what you are.
Well, you are either a hater or a hypocrite who calls names and spews enmity because you believe it will get your pretty face on television more or sell more copies of your best-selling books."
I liken her to a harpy, the mythological creature with the head of a woman and the body of a vulture. It spits acid,covers itself in it's own feces, has a shrill voice that causes the ears to bleed, and vomits while speaking.Everything that it touches immediately becomes contaminated with an awful stench.
Coulter is walking proof that Botox poisons the brain.
See also Pa. Paper Backed After Canceling Coulter. Of the 500 e-mails sent in, 485 supported the decision.


Found at MadVille. All other articles therein can be found at the source of origin, Fark, which generally doesn't post games.
The Divine Pymander Was Right
or Metaphor MishMash

YULIAThis Internet Universe is a curious place. Sometimes it seems there is a Collective Unconscious at Work in Here. Cool Links make the rounds on all the popular blogs,most times without one acknowledging the other, perhaps unaware that the other even exists.The Grapevine Tangles, the innumerable Blogs nearly Strangle. And The Chapel is missing essential hookroots that might place it's fruits in Higher Esteem, the most glaring example being that I am not soliciting it nearly as much as I could, by way of the blogrings and cliques. In the "blogoshpere", the structure sits on an island shrouded in mist. Sailors pass with indifference, those who land ashore find rescue soon enough with the X-In-The-Box. Obscurity in the Real might be ideal, but whispering in the wind of the Virtual Stormfront has an odor of futility and seclusion. But my Siren's Song may very well be monotonous. The average stay of the wanderer is less than a minute, which would indicate that such are skimming over the long groupings of symbolic letter clusters. The "symbol-minded" know that images speak louder than words and carry more influence. Also, politics, as religion, can be tedious, as it exists in an infinite loop. The Faces change, The Malady Remains The Same. Humans thrive on conflict, does objecting to it change anything? Numquam,populus.
I will never agree with the Right nor most of the Left, my worldview is rarely modified, and then only minimally, by reading the sobriquets of either side. No one scours these Archives, not even me. As for others, I peruse only if it's established that the Blog gets to the Verb. I don't want to dig through the coquina to find the nugget of content, so I resemble my own remarks... It's harder on the eyes than the printed word.
Everyone's linking her, so let's do it again, as it is definitely worth the Repost. And I won't pretend you saw it here in mid-August anyway.
Show Us Your Dick

GCGeorge Carlin on Bush War.
" We like war. We're a warlike people. We can't stand not to be fucking with someone. We couldn't wait for the Cold War to end so we could climb into the big Arab sandbox and play with our nice new toys. We enjoy war.And one reason we enjoy it is that we're good at it. You know why we're good at it? Because we get alot of practice. This country is only 200 years old, and already we've had ten major wars. We average a major war every twenty years, So we're good at it!
And it's just as well we are, because we're not very good at anything else."


This Flash Site is mesmerizing:FilmText.
What's Her Face
Very Interesting Article: The Evidence for Ancient Atomic Warfare.
Religious texts and geological evidence suggest that several parts of the world have experienced destructive atomic blasts in ages past.

More on the hydrogen-conversion idea (that no one saw fit to comment on), this time with do-it-yourself instructions on how to convert your vehicle cheaply and easily.Fuel from 'Burning Water'.
"This is the easiest and lowest cost way to convert your car to run on (relatively) free energy. Now with existing technology, anyone can stand up and make a difference by reducing the local automotive pollution, eliminate ga$oline expen$e$, help restore our atmosphere, and breathe a little easier. You will be making use of your entire existing system, except the fuel tank and catalytic converter."

Britney turned on by lesbian porn. "She is particularly taken with lesbian sex, ever since she had someone rent an all-girl video for her. She and her friends watched it together and Britney is absolutely fascinated."