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I looove chicken! I just can't help it!!
Welcome to EatChicken.com
5 minutes of freedom
The last one is scary:
"First I will hack into this website (30 seconds), quick format the HD (90 sec.), Have it automatically Install a batch file (pre-written, no-time) that will short circuit the power supply, making the server explode(60 sec.). The explosion will trigger a number of other explosions and make the building catch on fire, and burn down to the ground (120 seconds). I go home and watch it all on the Ten o clock news."

Um, this is just a simple blog for dumping links I find.
Please don't explode my server! I didn't say what I really wanted to do in those five minutes.....
Funny and just plain sad for it's truth.....Virtual Journalist
I don't know, some of them are interesting......OSHA - Fatal Facts Accident Reports
Oh, hahaha. That's really funny at 1:45am....Subliminal Images via
They are all nice to look at....The AmigaMCCC File Collection
I tried to order a live koala, but their checkout function isn't working....Pets Or Food.
One of those games where at first you go Eh..then an hour later you go Dammit! Mars Patrol


Flying Snake Video Clips
I honestly had no idea...........
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Goodbye Cool World
A whole bunch of suggestions for words to replace "cool".
The winning word sucks, and no one suggested "shiny" which is good, because we all know what happens to shiny words that describe things equally shiny, they get overused and rusty.
Only Fetchers know that shiny means cool and rusty means uncool. It's a Secret Club, so Sshhhhh.
JESUSIFIED: which socks did I wear today?
"If thee looketh closely at the rollover picture thee canst actually behold mine leghairs standing upon end screaming at me to pull mine socks unto and beget back in the dwelling!"
And they aren't kidding!
Insensitive Shirt Of The Month.
found at Aberrant News.


What a way to go. Reminds me of a Far Side comic:

"Who could have known that when he was waving his hands around, he was signaling for help?"
Why Switch to Canada?
"Luckily, we don't get your classroom textbooks. That's why we know more about you than you know about us - it's an advantage! We also have more than two parties to choose from in our elections."


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Interesting 8-page article on American Empirialism~
The Burden
via generic blogger
Invention Facts and Myths
Holy Crap! A to Z~!
Shnit On a 'Fix! These questions are easy!!
Questions for Evolutionists
How widespread is anti-Americanism?
I got all of them wrong.
We Done Liberated 'Em Good!
Afghanistan: The Nuclear Nightmare Starts
"A startling new report based on research in Afghanistan indicates that our worst fears have been realized. The study, produced by the Uranium Medical Research Centre (UMRC), points to the likelihood of large numbers of the population being exposed to uranium dust and debris.
Those in Kabul who were directly exposed to US-British precision bombing showed extreme signs of contamination, consistent with uranium exposure and with some types of chemical or biological weaponry."
Saddam used bioweapons on his own people.
We only use them on non-Americans.


Shiny~ create your own timeline that outlines world events during your lifetime....quite interesting.
Israel Optimistic About $12 Billion More In US 'Loans'
For this amount of money, on top of the billions we've already "loaned" them, we should plant our flag and make it a US state.
Then we could clean up Palestine, give back the stolen land and help them rebuild, thus working to repair East-West relations. Just a thought.......
Take Back The Media!
I expect comments on this. They went overboard with the Dubya/Hitler comparison just a tad IMO, but.....
All of the Bush's have been in trouble with the law. Every single one.Yet, somehow, we keep electing them rather than throwing them all in prison where they belong.
Both Bush presidents have lied to their employers, the US citizens.
Poppy and brother Marvin stand to make billions from the War On Terror. Dubs and Niel can't get into that action until they become private citizens again, and you can be assured they WILL. Their setting it up for themselves even now. Add all that bloodmoney to the wealth Grandpa Prescott aquired selling supplies and laundering money for the Nazi Regime, all of which Dubs stands to inherit someday.
Known criminals assert they intend to bring integrity back to the White House Outrageous.
via DRT.
Meanwhile, Hannity did his usual Bush-Gushing Clinton-Bashing and completely ignored actual important stories worthy of "debate".
Here's a challenging maze-type puzzle thing~ GridLock.
Diverse Plaatjes

Coolio put together some images he found while surfing a particular site, mostly NSFW! I had a similar idea a few days ago, posted and published, but the post dissappeared into the internet ether, the first and only time that's happened with Blogger.
Anyway, alot of them are quite humorous.
Interesting~I'd like to try this.........
Fine Art Photographers Pinhole Photography

Now I'll never get that damned theme song outta my head!
ABCNEWS.com : Christmas Eve Alert Was Fake, Sources Say
"The FBI has concluded the information that led to a nationwide hunt for five men suspected of infiltrating the United States on Christmas Eve was fabricated by the informant, sources told ABCNEWS."
I've been watching Fox News all day, and have not heard one word about this.
Think they'll mention it on Hannity? Me neither. It doesn't involve Clinton or Iraq.
Beautiful corsets gowns & kimonos...
gothic + giesha =
Silks & Velvets by Yosa
Go on. Click to play with J-LO's Ass. You know she wants it. (NSFW!) After that you may be in the mood for a yummy french kiss. Mmmmm ...
City of Oakland Council Resolution
"To the extent legally possible, no City employee or department shall officially assist or voluntarily cooperate with investigations, interrogations, or arrest procedures, public or clandestine, that are in violation of individuals' civil rights or civil liberties as specified in the above Amendments of the United States Constitution."
White House Silent on Racial Controversy (washingtonpost.com)
GOP Official Expresses Regret Over Distributing Article Critical of Civil War Outcome
"The White House and the Republican National Committee declined to comment yesterday on a racial controversy involving a Bush administration ally who is campaigning to become chairman of the California Republican Party.

Bill Back, the California party's vice chairman running for the top job, sent out an e-mail newsletter in 1999 that reproduced an essay that said 'history might have taken a better turn' if the South had won the Civil War and that 'the real damage to race relations in the South came not from slavery, but from Reconstruction, which would not have occurred if the South had won'".
"We can't be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans ..." Bill Clinton (USA TODAY, 11 March 1993)
Bill Cooper was nothing if not exhaustively thorough...........
via prodeathrave
I Lucy.
GM to Offer Hybrid Vehicles
"In one of the clearest signs yet that hybrid cars may be going mainstream, General Motors Corp. plans to offer a variety of the gas-and-electric powered vehicles over the next four years."


I Jeffrey Combs.

Beyond Re-Animator!!
Say what you will about the source, but....Double Standards, Dubious Morality In War On Terror
"North Korea breaks all its nuclear agreements with the United States, throws out UN inspectors and sets off to make a bomb a year, and President Bush says it's 'a diplomatic issue'. Iraq hands over a 12,000-page account of its weapons production and allows UN inspectors to roam all over the country, and - after they've found not a jam-jar of dangerous chemicals in 230 raids - President Bush announces that Iraq is a threat to America, has not disarmed and may have to be invaded."
The Independent Institute | The Lies We Are Told About Iraq
"The Bush administration’s confrontation with Iraq is as much a contest of credibility as it is of military force. Washington claims that Baghdad harbors ambitions of aggression, continues to develop and stockpile weapons of mass destruction and maintains ties to Al Qaeda. Lacking solid evidence, the public must weigh Saddam Hussein’s penchant for lies against the administration’s own record. Based on recent history, that’s not an easy choice."

You're going to criticize the source, aren't you?
Anyway, all governments lie, whether they are dictatorial or democratic. It's the Nature Of The Beast, and the current administration is certainly not an exception.
Like I said! If I run across it anywhere in the Digiverse, I will blog it~
Modern Living
Yep, that's what I thought......
Jesus 'healed using cannabis'
"Jesus was almost certainly a cannabis user and an early proponent of the medicinal properties of the drug, according to a study of scriptural texts published this month. The study suggests that Jesus and his disciples used the drug to carry out miraculous healings.
The anointing oil used by Jesus and his disciples contained an ingredient called kaneh-bosem which has since been identified as cannabis extract, according to an article by Chris Bennett in the drugs magazine, High Times, entitled Was Jesus a Stoner? The incense used by Jesus in ceremonies also contained a cannabis extract, suggests Mr Bennett, who quotes scholars to back his claims."

See also Marijuana and the Bible.
Also of interest~
Marijuana And Medicine.

Archived Weblog Entry - 12/26/2002: "Twenty Most Annoying Conservatives of 2002"
7. George W. Bush
"Suppose you’re the leader of a nation of nearly 300 million people. You need to pick just a few people to lead new agencies investigating terrorists and terrorist activities, from academic professors to retired generals to former officers of the law. Who do you pick? If they’re all war criminals, then you’re probably George W. Bush."
5. Ari Fleischer
"There are those born into greatness, and there are those who have greatness thrust upon them. There are also those who lie about everything all the time. Guess which category Ari fits into?"

and my personal favorite...........
"1b. Sean Hannity
When I was younger I thought that smarm was a condiment, like marmalade or jelly. I later found out that it was best defined as a preening overconfidence and superiority, rather than a tasty breakfast accoutrement. Mr. Hannity also has hair. Folks, he’s a walking Breck girl."
Preemptive impeachment
Law professor stands ready to draft articles for any member of the House
"Article II Sec. 4 of the Constitution states that: 'The President, Vice President and all Civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.' Boyle says that waging a war of aggression is a crime under the Nuremberg Charter, Judgment and Principles. 'It's very clear,' he adds, 'if you read all the press reports, they are going to devastate Baghdad, a metropolitan area of 5 million people. The Nuremberg Charter clearly says the wanton devastation of a city is a Nuremberg war crime.'
We don't have to wait for the devastation of Baghdad to impeach the Bush cabal because they have already repudiated the Nuremberg Charter via the so-called Bush Doctrine of preventive war and pre-emptive attack."

Repost because it's fun~
Interface Escape

I Frickin' Give Up.
Friends of Liberty - 9/11: Chavez financed Al Qaeda, details of $1M donation emerge
"High-level military defectors reveal new terrorist links between Al Qaeda and Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez. The man who control's the largest oil reserves in the Western hemisphere gave $1 million to the world's most wanted terrorist right after the 9/11 attacks... "
Self-Annihilating Sentences --- S. Gorn
Almost a BIllion of them.
"We will keep on fighting until the violence ends!"
Still getting these in my e-mails once in awhile~always good for a giggle!
Meet Me at HOT or NOT
"Note that nowhere does it state in the Bible that one would experience bliss in Heaven, just rewards. Bliss is not important. Well-being is not important. A sense of balance and the development of your knowledge, a sense of wonder, the ability to love more deeply, or anything else is NOT mentioned with regard to heaven. Just rewards. And best of all, even a serial killer can get there as long as they confess Jesus before their last dying breath."

I the internet.

What a site~
fuckedplanet.net - Cesspool of the Solar System
Information Overload.
Like Mazes?
NationStates is a nation simulation game. You create your own country, fashioned after your own political ideals, and care for its people. Either that or you deliberately torture them. It's really up to you.


Currently watching The Crooked E: The Unshredded Truth About Enron. So far I am not impressed. First of all, I was hoping for a documentary, not a drama. The acting is stiff and forced, the script is horrible, and Mike Farrell is in it.
Speaking of which, I'm thinking of sueing the Sci-Fi channel for two lost hours of my life watching that piece of crap Dragon Fighter. The basic premise was stolen from Reign Of Fire, the acting was worse than horrible. I wanted each and every character to be torn apart by that unforgivably shoddy CGI dragon. None of the special effects looked even remotely real enough to suspend disbelief. And Shit On a 'Fix, what's up with that editing? Like it was done on a home vcr. Even the foley work sucked-there's one scene where all the characters come running in to the lab, and when they all stop, you can still hear running footsteps. And the chick with the horrible, unplacable accent was dubbed in! And not even in sync!
Cancel Farscape for budget troubles, then make this laughable waste of videotape?
We'll see how they do with Children Of Dune before consulting a lawyer.
Hidden Video: Bush and world leaders involved in Mock Human sacrifice
I'm having Real Player problems at present so can't watch the video, but there's plenty of information about it and relevant links inside.
See also The Story People Magazine Won't Let You Read.
both via LinkFilter.
Sometimes when I'm out for a walk, I like to imagine that my subconcious creates the world before me as it unravels into oblivion behind me.
Welcome to Zanpo, Virtual City 2.0
Osama not on Israel’s watch list
"Although Israel appears to have convinced the Bush administration that it is an al Qaeda target and thus a partner in the war against terrorism and Saddam Hussein, the fact is that Osama Bin Laden’s name does not exist on Israel’s top priority watch list."
futurefeedforward: Bush II Never President, Historians Conclude
"In the most recent issue of the Proceedings of the Archivist of the United States, a crack team of historians lead by Harvard Professor Emeritus Ruth Ascidy announced the conclusion of a sixteen year study of the 43rd U.S. President during which the team determined "to a degree approaching absolute historical certainty" that "the 43rd President of the United States was not, as supposed by some popular conspiracy theories, George W. Bush."
via Follow Me Here.
Not neccessarily agreeing, just puttin it out there~
The James Donahue Column - Why Iraq? And Why Now?
"President George W. Bush says he personally believes Saddam Hussein has those weapons but neither he nor the UN weapons inspectors, who have been searching Iraqi buildings for over a month, have been able to prove it.
Yet even as we dispatch an armada of fighting ships, carriers, aircraft, bombers, troops and material into the Middle East in preparation for a big assault against a little country that has no apparent means of defending itself, the North Koreans are blatantly flexing an alarming nuclear muscle.

While North Korea is strongly suggesting plans to start building a nuclear arsenal, the United States is busy cranking up a massive war machine to attack Iraq because a dictator there might just possess obscure weapons of mass destruction.
President George W. Bush says he personally believes Saddam Hussein has those weapons but neither he nor the UN weapons inspectors, who have been searching Iraqi buildings for over a month, have been able to prove it.
Yet even as we dispatch an armada of fighting ships, carriers, aircraft, bombers, troops and material into the Middle East in preparation for a big assault against a little country that has no apparent means of defending itself, the North Koreans are blatantly flexing an alarming nuclear muscle.

It is obvious to this observer that Hussein does not want a confrontation with the United States, nor does he want the people of Iraq to suffer the fate of the citizens of Afghanistan when we went after the Al-Qaeda network there one year ago. Thousands of innocent civilians perished in our bombing assault.
Why aren't we positioning our naval armada off the coast of North Korea? Is it because the North Koreans offer a well-trained military armed with missiles that carry nuclear warheads? Is there a fear that somebody might get hurt there if we fight there?
I might suggest that the North Korean army is planning to take advantage of our military adventures in the Middle East and do some empire building when we are in no position to stop it. The fact that the North Koreans are starving might be the driving force behind their actions."

My problem is how Bush picks which vicious dictator to war with and which to negotiate with.
It's just plain hypocritical. Kim Jong II is just as heartless when it comes to his countrypersons as Saddam is. He's got the bomb, Saddam might. Bush wasn't willing to negotiate with the Taliban for the release of OBL, yet he's willing to negotiate with NK who poses the most immediate threat to THE WORLD, not just the US.
Interesting~the FBI admits to lying?
The case of the five vanishing suspects
"Yesterday, the FBI admitted that the most important ingredient in the story -- that is, the proof -- is nowhere to be found: 'There is no border-crossing information that would say they're here,' FBI spokesman Ed Cogswell said. 'And to say they came in from Canada is pure speculation.'
The FBI admitted that there was no proof that the five had come from Canada, that they had crossed the border, or that they were connected with terrorism.
Asked what might have triggered the initial FBI allegation about the five Middle Eastern men entering the U.S. from Canada, the Mountie replied caustically: 'It was a slow week at the White House. They needed something to stir the pot because nothing was happening in Iraq.'"

See also Terror alerts manufactured?
FBI agents say White House scripting 'hysterics' for political effect
"Don't misunderstand, there is a real terrorist threat to this country," an FBI agent told CHB. But, the agent continued, "every time we go public with one of these phony 'heightened state of alerts,' it just numbs the public against the day when we have another real alert."
CHB reported that FBI and CIA sources said a recent White House memo listing the war on terrorism as a definitive political advantage and fund-raising tool is just one of many documents discussing how to best utilize the terrorist threat.

Hm. A liberal site and a conservative site essentially saying the same thing.
Didn't think I was color blind until the last plate~
Color Vision Deficiency Test
Found this in the comments section of A Small Victory.
The Vice Guide To American Foreign Policy.
Good Read.
Time and Patience Required.
Code Zero: The search for Molly
Grassfire.net~ in direct opposition of GrassRoots, I guess.
I smell christians.
Some might get a kick out of this~
Bush and Satanism
Despite the title, there are some serious questions the media won't ask on this website.
Damaged Ambulances
"Since the clashes began on September 29th, 2000, the PRCS EMS has been on full alert to respond to the emergency as well as continuing it's mandated role as the nation-wide emergency medical provider. The staff of EMS and their volunteers provide professional, efficient, impartial care even though they are constantly faced with difficult working conditions and often come under attack when responding to emergencies in the field."
Party Stances
or "American Vs. American".
I Cephalopods.
Did anyone see The Future Is WIld on the Animal Planet? Millions of years from now, "squibbons" will be swinging from the trees and making crude weapons, will huge carnivorous squidaphants lumber through the forest in pursuit of their rubbery meat.
A man with a salt shaker would be king.
Why al-Qaeda is winning
"The war against terrorism won't be won until the West grasps the fact that we are fighting a lethal idea rather than a tangible enemy."

Yes, the war on "terror" is really an abstract, as was the war on drugs.
And if (I mean after) we win the War on Terror? Please let's engage in a War on Crankiness. Or perhaps a War On Lethargy or Rude Shoppers.
Forget about a War on PMS--it's a battle that can't be won.

Oh, here's that article~
The Legend of the Wilhelm Scream
Sound file and video compilation can be found at metafilter.