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Mini Review - This site is for everyone with a SERIOUS sock fetish! This site has a kazillion hard to find socks such as striped thigh highs, super loose socks (which are favorites in Japan and about impossible to find here), andclassic lace anklets. The prices are reasonable, and there are a lot of free (and original) pictures of the socks and good descriptions of how they actually function. (In other words, the webmistress clearly states if they stay up or not!) Shipping, privacy, contact, and other customer service info is easy to find. The print can be a tad hard to read at times on the dark background, but I think you'll manage. A little bird told me that the woman who runs this site might decide to wear the socks before shipping them if someone asks nice and pays extra. - Vamp

Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  05/18/2002  Advertising Content:  None
[NOTE:] This is a completely different "vamp" tham yours truly.
Are My Feet Hot or Not?

Well, How to meet a Time Traveller was not a joke, but actually an interesting concept, which is, in a nutshell, to write a document explaining to a potential time traveller that you would like to meet him/her in a specific place and time, and hand this document down through the generations until time travel is invented and the traveller comes upon your document. The theory is that time travel will most likely be regulated by strict laws to avoid changing past events. Time travel to the past in general would not be allowed unless one was invited, thereby not affecting past events. It's a nice idea, but I have a couple of problems with the logic. The author makes reference to passing down the doc through secure and trusted channels, even writing in one's Will what should be done with the document in the event of one's death.The problem with this is, of course, that one can not be visitited by a time traveller if one is dead. I understand why he included this directive, but here's my problem with it. Let's say you've written the document, giving precise detail where and when the traveller should visit. Logically, all you would have to do is go to that specific place at the specific time, bury the doc under a few feet of soil in a secure receptacle, and wait. If the traveller does not show up, either the doc was never found, or time travel is not possible, or if it is, it is strictly prohibited. There would be no waiting period because of the nature of time. One would not have to wait all of their life for a response, it would be instantaneous because once the doc is retrieved, the traveller would go back in time to the exact moment you placed the doc under the ground. Make sense? I wrote to the author with this observation, his response was intentionally enigmatic:" have found that when you date the document, it needs to be at least three days later from the date you signed it for the meeting date. In some cases, the document can simply be thrown in the trash after signing it.Weird, huh?"
Now, I wonder if he's being sarcastic. It's possible, his profession is comic artist. I responded:"Now, when you say 'I have found', does this mean the experiment has worked for you? And if so, have you documented it anywhere? Time Travel is a subject that fascinates me to no end, so I would love to read about your experiences with it." To which he repilied "it has worked, but you need to try it yourself, I won't give you any more details without you doing so."
Conclusion; intruiging idea, both the time travel theory and the notion that I've been reeled in.
Think I'll take this arguement over to the Time Traveller Forum and see what they think.
once you get over the EW, GROSS!!! this is actually pretty cool
NETI - Jalaneti or nasal irrigation


Hey! Lookie what I found!
Essays On Socks!

And from that site?
The Joy Of Socks!

(keep reading, there's much more!)
WOW! This is what I call News:Astronomers Discover 11 More Jovian Moons.
AB's guest next friday, interesting articles found within The research and writings of Donna Higbee.
Hey this guy's still around?Uri Gellar Homepage.
Are you a Scorpio trapped in a Capricorn's body? Change your Astrological Sign.
More dinner ideas.
Discordian source material at F.N.O.R.D.
Articles discussing 9/11 at Crank.net
"How to Good-bye Depression~If you constrict anus 100 times everyday.Malarkey? or Effective way?"
Nice dark artwork at Hellblinki Sextet.
This is a great resource: Science Frontiers.
I NeedToRead HomeWorking.com, or should I read this first?
And I really want to dive into this: Transhumanist Resources.
Yeah, no, I haven't seen this site yet: LOBSTER.
Or this: The Skeptical Inquirer.
Just thought "do you realize how many links are on this site? Gotta be in the thousands by now!"
Oh yeah. The new Vanilla Coke? B~F~F~D. Still tastes like Coke, so yes, it sucks.
Another occult resource site:Esoteria.
Another Odd News site:Fortean Slips.
Another paranormal resource site:zerotime.
A site that purports to contain 1,000,000 Paranormal Links.
I don't know, I'll research it later and get back to you. What Snooz.
Become an Objectivist in 10 easy steps.
Hm? Foot Talking...
Something for Jake:The Bad Dog Chronicles.
Create your own cult!
Cool! Now to find out if it's ligit or a joke...will let you know:How To Meet A TIme Traveller.
This site has it all:Online Feng Shui Bible.
I would actually love to aquire one of these:20th Century Castles: unique underground property.
I'm sure the coming months will provide excellent material for this site:Bushisms.
Seriously. That's enough for today. And you should probably pay Kitty a visit, or she might get mad. Seriously.


I haven't posted a good amount of interesting links lately, so there's lots for today.

Our Conscious Mind Could Be An Electromagnetic Field.
From The Guardian:Planet is running out of time: US rejection of Kyoto climate plan 'risks uninhabitable Earth' .
See also:Cosmic catastrophe a certainty.
Found a Blogger daily news site:OFFBEAT NEWS.
Saw it again, reposting it: Demonia.
The images herein are quite disturbing....
makes one wonder What Women Want!
Apply to be a Full-Time Killer.
Flash Experiments:Interim_Process.
Automatic Horoscope.
Online Book Of The Dead.
Esoteric Link Index.
Gallery of Huge Beings.
They Fight Crime! Random crimefighter generator.
An online Steven Wright humor archive.
Elaborate Joke that should be an Actual Product:Helly~Jelly.
I like the idea of this Hollywood Reincarnation site, despite the damn geocities pop-ups.
Just strange:Jayne.
This too: Maintenance /Web
From the Brain Trust: Unreliable Facts.
See also Strange But True,
and Useless Information,
and The Why? Files,
and Stupid.com.
Then find out How Stuff Works.
NSFW: How Rude!
Sorry. Go here instead.
Hm.Universe of Phenominom and Conspiracy. Close to nothing there, so you might not want to bother, but there's lots of stuff over here at the Panic Encyclopedia.
Some MRML tags to try out........
Another humorous "news" site: The Taunt.
Uh....... CousinCouples. O~kay.
From the Idiot Files:Online games.
This is fun: Interactive Model Railroad.
From Supreme Beings.com, the Mad Ramblings page.
Interesting portal: Asylum Eclectica.
Buncha stuff at Thee Underground.
Informative, but not really Beyond Weird.
Adopt a Virtual Dog.
More later, I gotta go do the Dinky.....I mean dishes............
Govt-Media Lies About 9-11 Falling Apart.
Articles refuting the official story about what happened 9-11.
Guilty for 9-11: Bush in the Open.
What Really Happened:"The history the government hopes you DON'T learn!"
911 Datapage.

Other news:What "meow" means.
"According to a recent report by ABC News, researchers at Cornell University's Psychology of Voice and Sound Laboratory recently completed a study that shows cats have developed new vocal talents to become more adept at managing and manipulating their human owners into submission." Yes, my cat does this.
The Bush camp is using a tender picture of the Chimp on the phone during 9/11 events to promote it's re-election. I suggest they use this more truthful picture instead, which was taken at the same time as the other, though admittedly the horns were added later.
So Ari Fleischer is saying (with Condi Rice parroting) that the FBI and CIA (loose use of the word "intelligence") could not have known beforehand that the highjackers would use the planes as missiles (even though there were attempts of this kind as early as 1985).
And, as Ashleigh Banfield put it, the nation collectively gasps in disbelief.
And the government expects us to trust them. And we expect the government to protect us. Appears none is immune to disillusion. The good news is that this might mean Bush's demise, at the very least , no re-election. I just find it incredibly hard to believe that, of the thousands of intelligent people that work in government investigation, the scenario that played out on 9/11 was never once considered.
Here is a list of 500 unanswered questions regarding the events of early september, followed by 5 major questions the Resident Bush should be forced to answer.
Engrish in action, scroll down to the clowns~accessories
the mannequin of my dreams~new stuff blue stuff
Really fun constructor at sodaplay.
many doings at superbad.
Just thought I'd pass on that this is working again.
This is a Good Read: Questions,questions..
as is this: Alternative NewsWire.
"When we bite 'em, they stay bit!" Sassy's Worldwide Dogbite Service
My ISP:Qwest Replaces American Citizens With Foreigners.


I think it's humorous that the US mainstream media is just now openly wondering if Bush had prior knowledge of the events of 9/11. I (and alot of others) were asking that question as the buildings were collapsing. How does a government control a population? FEAR. It appears "Operation 9/11" was successful, at least for the moment. Americans get bored easily, short attention span, instant gratification, a tendancy toward complacency, immersed in thier own individual universes. Speaking of which.......
I first started learning about quantum physics and dimensions above three from Rudy Rucker. He offers some free software that demonstrates the properties of such:Rudy Rucker and Farideh Dormishian's Hypercube Downloads,Boppers, and Chaos Downloads inspired by another great theorist, James Gleik.
Interesting flash site replete with esoteric symbolism:SteffanMorris.com.
An interesting Noam Chomsky interview.
Karma Ghost.
Girls of '64.
What a unique way of presenting news:Strategic Competitor.
Some funny 3-D animations:ANIMATA.
I have been having some crazy thoughts about the nature of reality; as soon as I can sufficiently put them into words, I will post them here.
Remember, any time you see a grey alien advertising some product,
(let's say, oh, INTEL for example). it's another method of conditioning the populace to accept their existance. Eventually, when they DO land on the White House Lawn, people will be fascinated for awhile, then go back to being immersed in their own individual universes.
Must post before midnight, so that's all for now.

I am 47% evil.

They asked the wrong questions. I am far more than 47%!


Fark actually provides a link worth posting:100 Banned Books: Censorship Histories of World Literature.
Films I didn't know Danny Elfman wrote the musical score for: Proof of Life, Spy Kids, Family Man, A Simple Plan, Good Will Hunting, Men In Black, Mission: Impossible, Dead Presidents, To Die For, Dolores Claiborne, Black Beauty, Midnight Run, Scrooged, Beetlejuice, Tales From The Crypt, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Amazing Stories.
And those I did know about:Spider-Man , Men In Black II, Planet of the Apes, Sleepy Hollow, Mars Attacks!, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Batman Returns, Edward Scissorhands, Batman,Beetlejuice, Pee Wee's Big Adventure, The Simpsons, as well as songs for such films as Ghostbusters 2, Weird Science and Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
Some games: Coffee Break Arade.
Some more games: Center Fleet Online Gaming.

the description for this is so suggestive it's nearly creepy...eBay item - SABRINA! NICE BUTT MANNEQUIN FORM



I have been quite proud of the fact that, for 9 years, I never watched a single whole episode of "The X-Files". Since I have an active interest in the paranormal, friends were bewildered as to why I refused to watch the show. Well, I tried to watch the very first ep and a few after that, but never made it past 10-15 minutes of it. The acting was poor in my opinion, but the biggest reason was that it became a huge part of pop-culture, and I tend not to want to follow the fold. I was the same way with SOuth Park. HATED IT at first, but eventually I watched a whole ep and it grew on me. Not so with X-FIles, though. I tried, but it just never caused a spark of interest. Well, tonight I am dissapointed for two reasons: One, I broke my 9 year record and watched an entire ep all the way through, and Two, it was STILL boring and uninspired. The only reason I watched is because it looked like an interesting one, what with the Brady Bunch and all.....
As I expected, it's just another crime-drama with a quirky twist that's barely worth mentioning.
I am writing this as it ends, I am so bored. And to think I almost made it through the entire run without ever really witnessing it. There will be re-runs to avoid, but it's just not the same. AND... I missed the LA LAW reunion.
Updates later, must take out my frustration on Dinkys.
BTW, if you ever play DinkyBomb, I am the one known as "Them!" Damn addicting game.