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The Lost Wookie Documentary
Father And SonWhen I was a kid, I remember seeing a special on TV about Chewbacca and his family on their home planet. I always wondered what ever happened to that show, as it never aired again. It was called The STAR WARS Holiday Special.
More on that here and
here; Google shows many sites that review it, but so far I haven't found the actual film. Boba Fett is first introduced in a little animation within the film. And Princess Leia sings in another part, which I think is in one of the above links.
Apparently, Lucas hates it so much he wants to track down all the bootlegs and destroy them.
I don't know~ I remember liking it because it focused on Chewbacca's home world and lifestyle, but also was dissapointed that it was largely a steaming pile of Wookie Poo.
Oh, but I'd love to see it again.................
U.S. Deleted Iraqi-run Florida Chemical Plant from UN Weapons List
"Most recently activated American soldiers are unaware that they will likely be facing the same deadly chemical and biological agents provided illegally to Iraq by their own government just prior to the last Gulf War – and that high-ranking Bush 41 cabinet officials profited from secret investments in these companies manufacturing weapons of mass destruction."
Columns: Another suspect deal, another Bush brother in the mix
Of all the posts I've done about Dubya, never once was there a mention of a brother named Marvin....I feel a little foolish not knowing there was another Bush Brother.....
What this war is not about
"Israel, which has had a large nuclear arsenal for 40 years that scares hell out of its neighbours. Security Council Resolution 687, paragraph 14, calls for removing all WMDs from the Mideast. The U.S. has never volunteered to enforce that clause."
TooheyWorld reports many many Runtime Errors when visiting this page.....in redoing the layout I fixed as many errors as I could find, and IE reports none. Is anyone else experiencing this? If so, please let me know and prehaps advise on how I can repair that..........
Ahh. It was a good night at LinkFilter~
Round-The-World Travel Guide
Most Corrupt Leaders of the Year
You missed two, you gelatinous mound you!
It's called a "spine"- you might want to do some R&D on that.
Funny side note--they are mostly "Donks"!
Before Prohibition:Images from the preprohibition era when many psychotropic substances were legally available in America and Europe.
If this looks familiar to you, then yes, you are old.
Sid & Marty Krofft Present: Pufnstuf's Living Island
The Original Barney, but so much darker-weirder.
And even as a kid I knew there was something very very wrong with that flute.
Aw, man. I miss The New Zoo Review too.
Very Well Done!
LOUD - Coil: "Marc Almond killed us nearly!" (interview)
I love reading translated text!!! No, really. Read it, it's funny. "It was a good Gig believes I. But which is actually happened in Limoges?"
Always the optimist~the article seems to imply that Bush now realizes that a war with Iraq and all it entails--basically a "messy and thankless job" that will likely not result in a democracy in Iraq--could seriously hurt his chances for re-selection.
GN Online: Sanity may be returning to international scene
"Americans are beginning to realise that their country's uncritical support for Israel's colonial war is fuelling an epidemic of anti-American sentiment among Arabs and Muslims, which is putting American lives and interests at risk. Far from being a valued strategic partner, Sharon's Israel is being seen in some quarters as a serious liability, all the more burdensome as Sharon seems set to win a further term of office at the Israeli elections of January 28."
That and....
I guess our Revenge Porridge is getting too cold.
Will Your TV Become a Spy?
Hollywood wants every new digital set to include technology that would stop people from putting its shows on the Net. Bad idea
AlterNet: Top Ten Conspiracy Theories of 2002
Guess What? I Believe Them All.
Fascinating Article~
The Enron-Cheney-Taliban Connection?
"Scarcely a month after Bush moves into the White House, Vice President Cheney has his first secret meeting with Ken Lay and other Enron executives on February 22, 2001. Other meetings follow on March 7 and April 17. It is the details of these meetings that the Bush Administration is seeking to keep private.
It is already known that Cheney accepted seven out of eight national energy policy recommendations made by Lay; so what are they so damned determined to keep secret? What could be more incriminating than that?"

This is something that should really get more media attention. Or any media attention.


Bush Stresses Iraq, N. Korea Differences (washingtonpost.com)
"President Bush again drew a sharp distinction yesterday in his policies toward Iraq and North Korea, telling reporters that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's 'day of reckoning was coming' but that he was sure the 'situation with North Korea will be resolved peacefully.'"

Again, Bush says he wants to liberate Iraq because Saddam is a vicious dictator, but wants to resolve the NK sitch peacefully even though Kim Jong is a vicious dictator. Both essentially murder their own people. Both are pursuing WOMD's.
Weak Knees. and Two Faces.

Bill O'Reilly:
"How can Bush say he wants an open government while striving to make this the most secretive government in history? Why won't he tell us who Cheney met with concerning the energy policy? Why can't we get ANY info about the Mark Rich pardon? Why the 75 year lid on all presidential pardons? What is he hiding?"
[not verbatim, but close.]
I used to hate O'Reilly, but lately, he is earning my respect.
Where's integrity when convicted liars get important jobs?
"Why would a president who ran on a pledge to bring integrity back to the Oval Office bring into his administration two men who were convicted of making false statements to Congress?"

I don't know. I've asked that very question many many times, and no one has ever provided an answer.

"But what is just as disconcerting is the meek response of those moralists who spoke out so vigorously and often about a president who lied about 'that woman'. Where are they now when convicted liars are rewarded with important jobs that demand integrity?"

I don't know. I've asked that very question at least three times, and no one has ever provided an answer.
My idea for a T-Shirt, inspired by NNP~
"Liberate Iraqis, Not North Koreans!"
(put here because I want to blogroll the site, but Blogrolling won't open at the moment.This way I won't forget.)
Found this in the referral logs, am assuming it came from the Reliable Alternatives webring~
The News Channel
713 Absurdities for an edjamacation. They are really only absurdities if they are taken literally; as a comparison Michael Moorcock's Multiverse has fewer inconsistencies for a larger body of work, but has only one author.
A thousand or so years from now, all will worship Arioch!
In't This Cute??
Here's a shiny RPG~
Damn Tough Game~


The Sock Goddess posted this only a day or two ago, and my long-winded political posts pushed it down too far.
Spectator Magazine.
Lots and lots to see there.
You remember that frustrating maze game.....here's another one~
via Wasterl Division again.
Some Lovelies~
Another One Year Anniversary over at onegoodmove.
Great Blog, that.
If you were offered to get into the Ultimate Fighting Championship ring with anyone of your choosing, who would it be?
My first choice is Sean Hannity. It would be most fun to mess up that Reagan hairdo, rearrange those quirky eyebrows, fatten that smug, self-righteous, patronizing screech-hole of his. Once properly pounded, he can go ahead and blame Clinton for it.
Then maybe Ari Fleischer,with or without the spectacles.
Marbles - An Addicting marble flash game.
Yesterday was the first anniversary of insignificant thoughts. Vincent is one of the few self-professed RightSiders I visit who has both the brains and the decency to debate political issues like an adult, without resorting to insults and name-calling, and one of only maybe two who would actually call me a friend.
Go say hi and Happy First Year--many more to you, Vinny.....meanwhile the Chapel turns a year old next month, even though it started as Spectral Net early in sept 01 and became a blog five months later.
''What shall be our legacy?"
"Richard Grimmet of the Congressional Research Committee reported that in fiscal year 2001, of the $26.4 billion in registered sales of international military weapons, the United States exported $12.2 billion, or roughly 46 percent of the total. This represents 2.5 times more than the amount sold by the second (UK) and third (Russia) largest exporters, 9.7 times greater than the level exported by France, and 19 times more than that of China.
The Center for International Policy estimates that about 80 percent of U.S. arms exports go to non-democratic regimes notorious for gross human rights abuses against not only their own citizenry but people of other countries as well. In 1999, of the forty-two conflicts in the world, thirty-nine of them made use of U.S. military equipment or technology, a whopping 92 percent rate of indirect U.S. participation in, but direct support of, war and violence. The U.S. also trains foreign military in the art of murder and torture in more than 70 countries and has troops currently stationed in nearly three out of every four countries in the world."

University chimp amazes scientists with own 'words'
The findings have astonished ape experts, who believe Kanzi has come the closest yet to mastering a simple form of speech.

This is a very Shiny Flash Site~ mouse over the head and it kinda looks like me.......
wonderful art in there.::KilFish::
EIFF :: Boxman 2002 :: Reality Sucks
The ending is pretty funny............
Professor says Mayan calendar does not portend Earth’s doom
“The world won’t end in 2012," laughed Gomez, who teaches in UA’s astronomy and physics department. “I can assure you of that."

“It’s kind of hard to say exactly what they meant," he said. “We do not know exactly what person came up with the calendar and the significance of certain dates."

So....how can he assure anyone if he doesn't know exactly what the dates mean? And why does he laugh at the possibility if he doesn't know for sure?


I tried and tried, but could not stump The Terminator.
Apparently, everyone appeared in "Collateral Damage".
U.S. Financial Aid to Israel
"Total U.S. aid to Israel is approximately one-third of the American foreign- aid budget, even though Israel comprises just .001 percent of the world's population and already has one of the world's higher per capita incomes."

It's time to cut the umbilical chord.
OK, Let’s Get this Axis of Evil Straight
"Clinton is obviously the bad guy here, since he signed the agreement, but who sold Kim Il Sung the equipment he needed to make his bomb? Donald Rumsfeld.

And what was President George W. Bush’s part in this? He exempted the North Koreans from inspection requirements."

Writers of The Lone Gunmen could imagine it, even without warnings from all around the globe, but the US Gov could not, even with all the warnings and the CIA running a simulation of a plane crashing into a building
on that tragic day?
TV Show Previews WTC Attack 19 Months Before 911
Yeah, well, Washington knew too. Knew they would ultimately benefit from it as well.
North Korea promoted to Axis of Acceptable Evil.
It would appear that our Cowboy has weak knees when it comes to certain issues.
Whenever I see it, I must Blog it~
On Those Crazy Raelians~
Cloning a Previous Hoax? (washingtonpost.com)
"It took three months in 1978 for scientists to pick apart the science behind that purported achievement, and three years before a court definitively declared the claim to be fraudulent."
Why I Am a Republican in 2003
"I am pro-life, as long as it's in the womb. I could care less about it the second it's out of the womb, which is also why I'm pro-death penalty, and anti-welfare."
He could care less. That means he cares, but something might occur to make him care less.

"I support the Second Amendment. I need armor-piercing rounds in the event that I need to defend myself against some of those pesky armor-wearing law enforcement types."
And that's when I realized the author is being sarcastic.
I like bloggers that are colorfully descriptive.
"There is a movie out there that is actually called Soft Toilet Seats. It is . . . oh, it's the best movie title in the universe. I don't know what will happen if I try to watch it. I might collapse into a tiny, vomiting singularity."
What an indignant infant might thnk~
"That'd show the big blurry food machines. A nice Biblicalicious mind-fuck. C'mon palms, c'mon palms, c'mon palms . . . EEEeeeeuuugghh!"
And I'd never heard anyone describe a band's music as "autoclaved". That's genius.
Izzle! Izzle pfaff! gets the nod as Funniest Newfound Blog of 2003.
Via a local blog I randomed across called frytopia. It has a live Portland WeatherCam right there on the front page, and something called American Atheist Flashline, news from a Godless POV. It's a cool blog, Best RandomFound Blog of 2003.


Can We See the Near Future - 2025?
There's a few Big Names in the forum I recognize--Fred Alan Wolf, David Brin, Alan Silverman.....fascinating read.
Wired News: Year in Privacy: Citizens Lose
"In the good old days of the iron curtain, we condemned other countries for such actions, calling them human rights violations. Now some of those same nations are our partners of convenience in the war on terror, and our own government has enthusiastically embraced our former adversaries' old tactics."
Doing a little research on something, found this unrelated yet intriguing article~
The Lies of Laura Bush
"George W. Bush didn’t have any difficulty with the Taliban’s well-publicized, 5-year-old policy of the brutal treatment of women, when he gave them 43 million dollars last March, in return for a promise that they would discourage the growing of poppies in Afghanistan (or when the Taliban leadership took tours of the Houston Zoo and NASA, while he was governor there). The Bush Administration didn’t raise any objections at all to the fundamentalist regime’s oppression of women, or children, while they were engaged in negotiations with the Taliban, before September 11th, to build an oil pipeline across Afghanistan. And George’s daddy, who sent American boys to liberate Kuwait’s oil fields, never bothered to concern himself with the fact that, in Kuwait, women still cannot vote or divorce, only men can.
Laura forgot to mention all of these salient facts in her little address. She also neglected to disclose that her father-in-law, George Sr., who still, to-this-day, routinely visits the Saudi royal family as an honored guest, to carve out billion-dollar deals for a DC-based business group, does so, in spite of the fact that, in Saudi Arabia, women are beaten by police if they emerge from their long black abayas, which cover everything but their eyes. Saudi women also have to put up with the cruelty of polygamy, use separate banks and schools, must ride only in the back seats of cars, and have a man’s permission to travel, or even go to a hospital. None of this is evidently a problem though, because Laura Bush, in her speech, didn’t allude to it in any way, whatsoever.

The dutiful Mrs. George W. Bush also forgot to detail a few other little inconvenient facts as well: The Northern Alliance, which now has control of Kabul and most of the northern part of Afghanistan, has a particularly heinous record of savagely abusing women. There have been far more documented cases of women raped by the Northern Alliance, than by the Taliban."
xymphora on Kean's appointment to the 9/11 Investigation:
"The reason the issue has become politicized - the reason why Bush was forced by public pressure by the families of the victims of September 11 to establish such a commission - is that there remains a lingering suspicion that the Bush Administration was somehow at fault for not stopping the terrorism. There are three levels of suspicion:
1.The idea that the Bush Administration was behind the terrorist attacks, or at least that part of the U. S. military or intelligence apparatus close to the military industrial complex and members of the Bush Administration planned the terrorism to satisfy various goals. This makes a lot of sense, but is too conspiratorial for most Americans.
2.The idea that the Bush Administration ignored the massive amounts of specific warnings of the attacks and arranged for the remarkably slow NORAD response in order to allow the terrorism to occur, again to satisfy various goals. This makes even more sense, and given the unbelievable sluggishness of NORAD seems to me to be practically a certainty, but is still too conspiratorial for most Americans.
3.The idea that business ties of various members of the Bush Administration, particularly to the Bush family itself, led to improper restrictions in the investigations being conducted by U. S. counterterrorism agencies on Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda, restrictions which allowed the terrorism to occur. This in my mind is an absolute certainty, and is so suspicious that it appears to lie behind the concerns of the families of the victims."

Let's say--oh, All Three.
A Trifecta~!

Galerie Sublimatio
Love this art.

"Making Fun of Faith"

Introduction to the Bible and Biblical Problems
Learning is fun!
"Many biblical authors are unknown. Where an author has been named, that name has sometimes been selected by pious believers rather than given by the author himself. The four Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, are examples of books which did not carry the names of their actual authors. The present names were assigned long after these four books were written. In spite of what the Gospel authors say, biblical scholars are now almost unanimously agreed that none of the Gospel authors was either a disciple of Jesus or an eyewitness to his ministry. Although some books of the Bible are traditionally attributed to a single author, many are actually the work of multiple authors. Genesis and John are two examples of multiple authorship.
Many biblical books have the earmarks of fiction. For example, private conversations are often related when no reporter was present. Conversations between God and various individuals are recorded. Prehistoric events are given in great detail. When a story is told by more than one author, there are usually significant differences. Many stories--stories which in their original context are considered even by Christians to be fictional--were borrowed by the biblical authors, adapted for their own purposes, given a historical setting, and then declared to be fact.
The Flood story is an example of this kind of adaptation. Its migration from the earliest known occurrence in Sumeria, around 1600 B.C., from place to place and eventually to the Bible, can be traced historically. Each time the story was used again, it was altered to speak of local gods and heroes.
If the Bible were really the work of a perfect and loving God, it would be obviously superlative in every respect to anything that could be conceived by human intellect alone. It would be accurate, clear, concise, and consistent throughout.
The evidence which follows, taken from the Bible itself, is but a small portion of that which exists. This evidence demonstrates that the Bible cannot be the literal, complete, inerrant and perfect work of a perfect and loving God. It also demonstrates that the Bible is not especially useful even as a guidebook. In addition, because the Bible reflects every important belief of traditional Christianity--the foundation of Christianity itself rests on shaky ground."

Interesting conversation over at MetaFilter about this article:
Rumsfeld 'offered help to Saddam' "Declassified papers leave the White House hawk exposed over his role during the Iran-Iraq war."
Before I address some of the better comments, I think it's a Good Thing that this is circulating widely--perhaps it will force Rumsfeld to admit to what he did.
jammer: "The argument is simple. We must hold the current administration responsible for actions of past administrations, while at the same time forbidding any action to be taken which might in any way allay some of the problems previously caused.
Why? Doesn't that seem a bit unfair?
Oh, er, um..... America Sucks! No blood for OILLLLLLL!"
LimePi: "Uh, jammer, you're missing the point entirely. Rummy started out in one administration with 'yay for Iraq using chemical weapons,' and now he's in a new administration going 'Goddamn Iraqis with those chemical weapons which are a threat to America.' It's complete hypocrisy, especially because he hasn't even come close to admitting any sort of wrongdoing, no 'Oops, I messed up.'
There's a difference between volunteering for charity upon one's own volition and doing community service to get felony charges reduced to a misdemeanor, y'know?"

It should also be noted that Iraq had never been hostile to the US until Kuwait--an issue Bush Sr. privately condoned but publicly condemned. Even after this trust that Reagan and Rumsfeld worked so hard for was broken.

Kevs: "Lime...there's also the difference between Iraq before their actions in the late 80's/early 90's and Iraq after. They did attack four nations, ranging from firing missiles (israel, saudi arabia, bahrain) to full-out invading Kuwait in the interim."

It could be argued that those attacks were justified. But I won't do it, as I am not in favor of Saddam Hussein remaining in power.

"The U.S. policy *now* is to not work with governments of the type that Saddam used to run and is currently running."
vidiot: "As of when? Last Tuesday? The US government is perfectly happy to work with dictators as long as they suit our interests. (Or what the US government sees as "our interests.") Attempted coups in Venezuela, anyone?"
LimePi: "The U.S. has no problems working with the Saudis, and had no problem giving millions of dollars to the Taliban for wiping out opium production. I'd say that both governments are of the type that Saddam used to run."
4midori: "Agreed. Besides having no respect for the Bush administration because they've hired a felon, Poindexter, to search our personal information, I don't respect them because there's no indication they will end our policy of working with horrible dictators to further the economic interests of big business."
fried: "HAD. They HAD been giving millions under the previous administration and that policy extended into the current administration. But, the current administration wiped out the Taliban. So what's your point?"

I'm pasting as I read, so I hope someone makes the point that Bush gave the Taliban 43 million prior to 9/11, and had no intentions of dismantling them had the tragedy of 9/11 never happened.
Nope, point not made--it goes on with a back-and-forth rantfest about lefties and righties.But it's Metafilter at 56 current comments--I'm sure someone will eventually mention it, if they stop the infighting and get back to the debate.
Steve Sailer: "Why Lesbians Aren't Gay"
A comparison between homosexual males and females.
A blatant case of my being in direct opposition to a dem's opinion~CNN.com - Rangel calls for mandatory military service
And his reason is stupid as dirt:such legislation could make members of Congress more reluctant to authorize military action because they might have to send their own children to die.
Jason Leopold: Bush's Bizarro Year in Review
"President Bush put a positive spin on the sagging economy in his last weekly radio address of the year Saturday, going as far as to say that so-called measures his administration has adopted this year has actually resulted in economic growth that continues to show signs of improvement and will only get better in the new year. But nothing could be further from the truth."
Stock markets down third year in row
Welfare Cases Rising In Most States
Bankruptcies Smash Record Once Again
Foreclosures closing in on cash-strapped families
Concerns Over Economy Halt Bush Approval Rating Gains
Since Bush has been president, unemployment has risen from 3.9% to 6.0%, The number of Americans living in poverty rose for first time in eight years, overall economic growth is at 1 percent, the lowest for any administration in 50 years, a projected budget surplus of $5.6 trillion converted into a deficit of $400 billion, etc etc.

Also of some interest~
Agreement On US 3.2 Billion Gas Pipeline Project Signed
"Pakistan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan on Friday signed here a framework agreement for a US $ 3.2 billion gas pipeline project passing through the three countries."

Which had been the true goal for conquest of Afghanistan in the first place. If the Taliban had played ball with Bush when he gave them $43 million prior to 9/11, they'd still be in power. Refute it!
Blogger is down again........
A few articles found at DRT~
Internment Camps and Authoritarian US Fast Becoming Reality

New Chairman of 9/11 Commission had business ties with Osama's Brother in Law

Bush Policy's Newest Critics - Conservatives
"It's not the left that is sounding some of the harshest criticism against the president's tactics in fighting the war on terrorism, it's many of the nation's most solid Republican conservatives."

Now, before anyone starts throwing around accusations about my being leftist again, here's all one needs to know about my political stance--I Disapprove Of The Bush Administration.
And I don't limit my criticism to the "war on terror".
That does not mean I disapprove of all republicans, nor does it make me a leftie liberal.
If I ever become a card-carrying member of either side of the see-saw, I'll make sure everyone is made aware. Until then, please do me a favor and keep those narrow political definitions to yourself while visiting The Chapel. I'd really appreciate it..

Okay. Blogger is still down.
Area 51: Bush Exempts Secret Base From Environmental Laws
"Bush judged that 'it is in the paramount interest of the United States' to prevent disclosure of information about Groom Lake."
This is, if effect, an offical admission that Big Shit goes on at Groom Lake. Yeah, everyone knew, but no politician has ever publicly admitted it.

Oil and the inevitability of a US war on Iraq.
The article makes a vague point here and there, nothing tangible, all easily debateable, until towards the end:
"So let's talk oil. Bush was an oil man. Dick Cheney, his deputy, was an oil man. Condoleezza Rice was an oil woman. And we owe it to the New York Times's most right-wing columnist, William Safire - well connected to the Bush administration and, personally, to Sharon - to learn what all this means. In a recent article he gave the game away.
'The government of New Iraq,' he wrote, 'would reimburse the US and Britain for much of their costs in the war and transitional government out of future oil revenues and contracts.'

Clear and to the point. No shame whatsoever; it is a spoil of war. And it even avoids the slippery question of whether the war is motivated by aquisition of that oil. Problem is, if the US takes alot of lives in Iraq then takes the oil, there's gonna be alotta 'splainin' to do from BushCo.
The author of the article neglects to mention all of the oily bushmen in the current Admin. No mention of Karzai either, which I would have thought appropriate.
Safire goes on to mention "the heavy investment made by US and British that will sharply increase the drilling and refining capacity of the only nation whose oil reserves rival those of Russia, Saudi Arabia and Mexico".

Then there's this: Powell: US will develop Iraqi oil
"THE US said yesterday that it plans to secure Iraqi oilfields if it invades the country and it is looking at the possibility of using oil production to pay for post-war reconstruction."

It's time to admit that it's just a little bit about Oil.

Here's a long one~
War on Iraq is BECAUSE of Israel.
Keep in mind I post things that intrigue me. I don't neccessarily agree with all of the content.
It can be educational.
"In 1973, Egpyt started a war against Israel to get back the Sinai Peninsula which Israel took in it's preemptive war in 1967.Israel, it is well-known and documented, started the both 1948 war and the 1967 war against its neighbors. Indeed, Israel has been at war with its neighbors ever since day one of its immoral creation in 1948 when the UN, completely dominated by European countries at that time, gave away Arab land that really was NOT the UN's land to give away in the first place."

I have read some history about Isreal's creation and subsequent activites; so much is true.

"The US never had an enemy in the Arab world UNTIL the creation of Zionist Israel, who has always acted aggressively towards its neighboring Arab Muslim countries, and even Lebanon, which has a large Christian population. Since the US has solidly supported the Zionist Israel with money and weapons used against the indigenous Muslims, the US and Israel has become as one, synomonous with each other.."

I'm sorry to do this, but Blogger is still down. Must keep batching. I understand it will be difficult to comment on any individual article.

10 Reasons to Get Your Crypto Working Now
"Need a New Year's Resolution worth keeping? How about 'This is the year I start encrypting everything'? Your e-mail, your hard disk contents, your boot sector, your web browsing, your porn. Encrypt it all. Here are 10 reasons why you need to start encrypting everything you do."
via Post-Atomic.

Memo raises politics of 9/11
"An internal White House document outlining President Bush's reelection agenda starts with 'War on terrorism (Con't)' and homeland security. It's the latest sign, critics say, that presidential advisers are seeking political gain from the Sept. 11 attacks."
via Random Abstract.
...and I hear Bush say "the Murkan people need to understand that we are committed to peace."
WhAaAa? First of all, patronizing! Second, I thought we were committed to the war on terror and deposing leaders we no longer like.

Anyway, there's some Lovelies in Here.
And this is shiny: New Tolkien book discovered
"The 2000 handwritten pages include Tolkien's translation and appraisal of Beowulf, the epic 8th century Anglo-Saxon poem of bravery, friendship and monster-slaying that is thought to have inspired The Lord of the Rings."
And this is interesting: Christianity Meme Web Site
"Christianity Meme is an organization of people who wish to expose Christianity for what it really is--a mind virus that controls human behavior to facilitate its own survival. As such, it is a living, but unconscious player in human affairs. Warning: This site is unabashedly against the Christianity Meme."
That would logically lead to The Skeptic's Annotated Bible .

This is faaaaaaar shinier than I expected~
Fly Guy. So Relaxing!
I want to look at these too~ King's Quest I and II.
Now have I seen it all?
I doubt it, but I definitely hadn't seen these before...

Vulva puppets
If we still had tarsus up I would post this there, but we don't so I'll put it here for all to see...
I offer it because they ordered socks for a photo shoot...

Spectator magazine online


Oh now this is shiny! A Dutch Scientist/Artist made these really cool "creatures" that walk when a gust of wind hits them. They're pretty big, too.
strandbeest (Quicktime movies)
There's an article about them here.
I have alot of Tarot Decks, but not this one~
The Peanuts Arcana Tarot Deck
Still Not A Leftie~
After 9/11, a Torrent of Money, and Anger
"Many [9/11] victims, elected officials, business executives and others are both confused and angry about why, more than a year after the most serious terrorist attack on American soil, less than a quarter of the federal government's promise of financial assistance has been realized, why hundreds of millions of dollars that are in the hands of New York officials have gone unclaimed, and why firm decisions have yet to be made on how additional billions of dollars will actually be spent."
I wonder if I need to put up a permanent disclaimer or one with each related post~"I Am Not A Left/Dem/Lib".
This is an op-ed that I didn't write, but nevertheless agree with, regardless of whether the author considers himself left or right or whether he is labeled as such:
Using Tax Dollars for Churches
"resident Bush punched a dangerous hole in the wall between church and state earlier this month by signing an executive order that eases the way for religious groups to receive federal funds to run social services programs. The president's unilateral order, which wrongly cut Congress out of the loop, lets faith-based organizations use tax dollars to win converts and gives them a green light to discriminate in employment. It should be struck down by the courts."
Interesting Local Story~
Willamette Week Online | Cover Story | RUBBISH! Portland's top brass said it was OK to swipe your garbage--so we grabbed theirs.
"Police officers throughout Oregon have been rummaging through people's trash for more than three decades. After much debate, we resolved to turn the tables on three of our esteemed public officials. We embarked on an unauthorized sightseeing tour of their garbage, to make a point about how invasive a 'garbage pull' really is--and to highlight the government's ongoing erosion of people's privacy."
Known But Bears Repeating Dept:
U.S. Had Key Role in Iraq Buildup (washingtonpost.com)
Trade in Chemical Arms Allowed Despite Their Use on Iranians, Kurds
"The story of U.S. involvement with Saddam Hussein in the years before his 1990 attack on Kuwait -- which included large-scale intelligence sharing, supply of cluster bombs through a Chilean front company, and facilitating Iraq's acquisition of chemical and biological precursors -- is a topical example of the underside of U.S. foreign policy. It is a world in which deals can be struck with dictators, human rights violations sometimes overlooked, and accommodations made with arms proliferators, all on the principle that the "enemy of my enemy is my friend."'

Something I obviously feel should never be forgotten.

Ahhhhh, my own warm tootsies are featured on Socks Of The Day! Pops would be so proud..........
Blogger is down again, so I have batch as I go, I guess......
Things I wish I'd Thought Of Dept:
I thought you might need some money in your money clip?

Great post from World Wide Rant Re:Raelians~
"Question: Who is crazier? The person who posits a known science (genetic engineering) with a statistically possible entity (aliens) as the origin of life - or the one who posits an unknown angry sky god on the basis of a 2000 year old book?"

Shiny 3D Java Game~ JUMP.


A couple of items posted on the Furnace before it was knocked over by bullies~
Martial Law Memo
Presidential Powers To Use the U.S. Armed Forces To Control Potential Civilian Disturbances

I had no idea there was such a thing!
International AntiChristian-Christians

That's all. Now, leave the Chapel alone. This is a peaceful place, we aren't hurting anyone. Break this, and I'll just take my handful of faithful readers to another blog where we won't have to worry about attempts to zip the lips.
I don't even know why someone would go to the trouble to ruin the Furnace anyway--so few visited.
And only a few knew it's true purpose--all others dismissed it as liberal-leftie laundry lint, never bothered to argue or debate the posts at all, so it was a waste of energy for me. Sure, some mentioned the posts made them think--about what I have no idea, as they were rarely contested, and only one person ever linked to them. I did try to keep the fire burning, and it threatened to consume me, so in a way I'm glad it's reduced to rubble. It was beginning to suck any optimism I had left about the future of this country.Indeed, the planet.
But I'll not give in completely--just going to balance it out with other interests.
Silencing the Furnace only served to prove a point I made several times--the refusal of most self-proclaimed RightSiders to see, hear, or speak any evil as regards the current administration, so thanks for that I guess.
Oh, and I dumped 140+ blogrolled links along with the debris, and feel 100 pounds lighter for it.
This is pretty fun~adrian's battle bots
via Wastrel Division.
Hm. Shiny~ loads of info in there. The Hermetic Library
It's important to understand why King George refuses to acknowledge SA as a terrorist-friendly regime, I suppose.
The Bush-Saudi Connection.
Interesting Times~ Bush's Approval Come Down To Earth.
From Time Magazine: Do you think Bush is a leader you can trust, or do you have doubts and reservations?
Apparently, people find Cheney just a tad more trustworthy.
via DRT.
White House hushed up asbestos peril affecting millions
"Last spring, the Environmental Protection Agency was on the verge of warning millions of Americans that their attics and walls might contain insulation that was contaminated with asbestos.
But at the last minute, the White House intervened. The warning has never been issued."

Such a frustrating game~!
Some Kinda Maze Thingie