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I had nightmares after watching the Pearl execution video, which is strange because I've witnessed worse. Perhaps my empathy got the better of me in his case.

If you are worried about India and Pakistan loosing nuclear weapons on each other, which looks pretty certain, keep this in mind. The US has the tek to detect if Pak arms any WOMD, and destroy them on the launch pad. A nuclear exchange will not be allowed to occur, and India will be supported by default, because they were there first, and most other civilized countries realize that. There will probably be a ground war, but nukes just won't be tolerated. Some may slip by, but for the most part, Big ol' Cap'n America will not abide any use of the Big Toys.

More on Mars...ESA Takes The Lead In Prospecting For Water On Mars. Yesterday, NASA was supposed to hold a press conference about the recent findings, but mysteriously cancelled the event and removed all evidence of such from their website. When asked why they cancelled, a spokeperson said that since the press had already reported on it, there was nothing more to add. Bullshit. There are a million questions that need to be publicly addressed by NASA, and as a publicly funded institution, they should not be exempt from revealing what they know. The ESA (European Space Agency) and the RAA(Russian Aerospace Agency are very excited about the prospect and are openly sharing information with anyone who cares to hear it. But since "the world is very different since 9/11", the US is climbing into a xenophobic state where they are far too cautious about reporting any important news. It is a truth that the US mainstream media cannot be relied upon for accurate news since the government controls the content. If not for the internet, important news and issues would remain largely unknown to the Average American. Last night, CNN showed a teaser of thier coverage of the Mars story. I waited through fluff pieces about relationships,cooking tips, and other non-essentials. They didn't even talk about Asscroft's New Laws regarding the FBI and the inevitable suspension of the Constitution.(I predict the FBI will eventually replace US marshals and merge with local police forces.) I waited for over an hour before drifting into sleep, never to see the story. If I had, I imagine it would have been less than 2.5 minutes and treated like a fluffpiece itself, with the obligatory Little Green Man jokes.Both CNN and NASA are in the pocket fo the gummint, so what does one expect? As far as NASA's government-imposed secrecy; in a discussion on Fark yesterday, I suggested the notion that the Apollo Moon landing was hoaxed.
If you came here by way of Fark, here are some sources from Aulis Online. I have much more from a variety of sources, but this should suffice.If not, let me know and I will post more.
What happened on the Moon? Related articles follow from there.
Curious. HOMELAND INSECURITY:Armed pilots banned (by BUSH) 2 months before 9-11.FAA rescinded rule allowing guns in cockpits just before terror attacks."A 40-year-old Federal Aviation Administration rule that allowed commercial airline pilots to be armed was inexplicably rescinded two months before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, leading aviation security experts to lay at least some of the blame for the tragedy at the feet of airlines, none of which took advantage of the privilege while it was in effect." Bush knew, and yes, it's all about oil. And what does Rumsfeld have to say about it?"those who ask questions could face government charges."But the Lie Won't Stand forever.
Related:What did the government know?
Okay, I'll remove my tinfoil hat for the moment and change the subject.
Testing the Theory of Relativity in Space:"Experiments with time using ultra-precise clocks in space may challenge Albert Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity, and could dramatically change understanding of the universe."
New study shows that bacteria can communicate through the air."It is well documented that bacteria can exchange messages by releasing substances into a surrounding liquid culture medium, but this new study is the first to demonstrate signalling between physically separated bacterial cells."
A Time Travel article from Wired. Another from Unknown Country, with a reminder here to listen to the author on UC tomorrow night 6-10pm PST. Since I don't have sattelite radio, I will have to wait for it to be posted here.
Challenging game:Blast Billiards.


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You are a dreamer. Constantly filling your mind with fantasies, you withdraw inside yourself in order to experience these more clearly. You dislike people and the distractions they cause. You are eccentric and lack a firm grasp on reality. You experience a wide range of emotions, and can often times be dangerous to yourself and others. You need to focus more on the real world.
Your song is: Solitary Shell.

The footage of the Black Hawk chopper crashing on MT Hood was tragic and beautiful. MSNBC has it on continual loop at the moment.
I have a renewed interest in Mars since the lowly-publicized discovery of large amounts of water there. Speaking of which, were you aware that cats are from Mars?
I was watching a program on Discovery about the creatures that live on and around the "vents" at the bottom of the ocean, life that does not depend on sunlight to survive, and actually flourishes in beautiful and diverse ways. It occurred to me that life can and does exist under any conditions, no matter how harsh. I would venture to suppose that there is some form of life on every body in the Universe, including the sun and moon. I also entertain the notion that there are probably thousands of species above and below ground that we haven't discovered yet, including large bipedal hominids, dinosaurs that survived the last major planetary catastrophe,and subtle, lighter-than-air creatures that are invisible to the naked eye that swim ever around us. Scientists had discovered microbes and tiny insects that can live in the upper atmosphere indefinitely, without oxygen and impervious to solar radiation, so anything and everything really is possible. I also believe that there are probably many different species of sentient life here on earth that have yet to be discovered.(Note: after I typed all this, I went to see what Aberrant News has today, and found this;Bugs may control weather:"Scientists believe certain bug species may have evolved the ability to manipulate the weather in order to secure their own survival." I love Synchronicities! Also found there, a very interesting article on Faces from the Ice Age.)
See also:The Creator's Map (Itogi):"A map dating back to 120 million years ago may change our understanding of the history of mankind". More on that here and here.
First I've heard of this phenomenon:Strangelets from outer space attacking Earth. More on that here.
A few resources at Unexplained Links.com.
Proving Murphy's Law:"Probability Alteration via Retrocausal Metabolic Feedback Selection among the Many Worlds."
Interesting:Polyticks:"That field of knowledge which allows the haves to manipulate and embezzle the have nots. From the Greek poly meaning many and ticks meaning small blood sucking insects."
Yet another article on my pet interest, Time Travel. Theoretical Physicist Michio Kaku was on AB last night, that included a long and fascinating discussion on the possiblities of time travel, as well as intruiging speculations about the future of technology.
Dr. Kaku predicts that the internet will someday be able to learn from it's participants and become a living entity of sorts. The technology exists, he says, it's just a matter of Who will be the first to implement it and When.
Meanwhile,George Hammond
discovers the world's first scientific proof of God:.
"Theoretical Physicist investigating
psychometry structural model accidentally discovers a scientific proof of God". Haven't read it yet.....
The Limits of Knowledge:"You have to live to love life, and you have to love life to live. It's a vicious circle."
Terrence McKenna's Hyerborea.
I can't yet figure out what This is, but I feel certain it leads somewhere if it's done right.
There's also supposed to be a method to THIS madness, haven't figured it out yet either.
Or this one, which insists you "just wait". Then, Japanese sex slang.
Then, make it yourself.
I got it from Fark. So what? The Physics Of Hell.
This is cool:Rusted Faith.
This too:Glass Monkey.
Repost:The Incident.
ART!The construction of the artificial cloud.
WEIRD! r-a-n-d-o-m.
I love the design of CorpusGroup and the art and filmwork therein.
Limmy updates, and politely demands you upgrade your flash plug-in. Thanks, Limmy!
Porno-Graphics updates. This is not your usual porn, this is pixel-porn.
Meanwhile, Funnel or Tunnel? I got 13/16. Hint: the expression on their faces.
Games and multimedia projects with great 3D characters at Mediaramas.
Peter Chung (creator of Aeon Flux) apparently doesn't have a website, but you can peruse his great artwork here.
Also, Logan's Run is being remade.
I hate Something Awful, but Cliff Yablonski is somewhat humorous.
"If you aren't with US, you are with the TERRORISTS."

Found at Prohosters:
"As stated in the current news reports Prohosters.com was contacted by officials of the FBI to remove a video from one of our customers sites. While we reserve our comments on the moral issues of this video we feel this was a breach of the first amendment of our constitution. Many people have asked us about the content of this video. So we have decided to stand behind our customer Ogrish.com and release the video. Daniel Pearl as a news reporter would have fought for his first amendment rights as we are for our customer."


boat vs bridge, unrelated to last week's disaster. Now that's a well designed boat!
Well, the big news, of course, is that large amounts of water has been found on Mars. Funny how the US media is utterly silent about this. Why? Because the US media is mired in sensationalist politics and detective stories. NASA isn't making much noise about it, other than the press release, because they are waiting for the Head Chimp to give them the go-ahead to clap hands.Here is an image of what Mars really looks like.
Here is an image of a possible man-made water collection system. The good news is that where there is water, there is life. Also, it will be 100 times cheaper to send a manned mission to Mars, as the water can be converted to energy and oxygen.
From BBC news:Ice reservoirs found on Mars.
Also from BBC:Mars ice could flood planet.
From Discovery:NASA Finds Water, Water Everywhere on Mars.
From Space.com:Water Ice Discovery on Mars May Be 'Tip of an Iceberg'.
And of course, from Enterprise Mission:When We're Right, We're Right ...
Blogger is down for maintenence, so let's see what else I can find before it goes back up again.
Why post that, you ask? Because the guy invented this anti-gravity packpack.
Nifty little flash game:Feed The Cows.
No, really. You don't want to hear from the MAD COW.
Lots more games here.
Now, Flash your undies!
This is cool-"Interactive Garden.
This too~"illustr8or.
Buncha flash experiments with music here.
And here:Oculart.
And here:Love Motel.
And here:Flash-git.
A random sentence generator told me this:
measuring chains, constructing realities
putting into place forms
a matrix of illusion and disillusion
a strange attracting force
so that a seduced reality will be able to spontaneously feed on it
The vortex creates, the empire permeates. In the trans-gender hallucination, art objects are resurrections of the creations of the vortex -- a vortex that uses the empire as a parallax to enmesh ideas, patterns, and emotions. With the evolution of the electronic environment, the vortex is conceiving a point where it will be free from the empire to consume immersions into the ejaculations of the delphic hallucination.
So then, Cloning to revive extinct species."Conjuring images of Jurassic Park, Australian scientists say they are on the way to reviving a previously extinct species -- the Tasmanian Tiger -- using cloning technology."
And our Doomsday Clock goes up to 7 minutes.
Huh? Egg riding tricycle.
Okay, how about a poem by Woody Harrelson? Well, see, I got it from Woody's Website. Actually a nice piece of work, the poem and the site.
WEEN has a website, too.
Oh, Fark always appreciates when I give them links like this:Christians For Cannibis.
Because in Heaven, it's not who you know, it's what you wear.
And remember, Jesus is with you always!
I still get mini-clips in my e-mail:SuperFighter.
Nice art:Feng Zhu.
Hey, a zillion Frank Zappa Quotes.
Followed by Weird Band Names.

I'm telling you, this guy's a genius. You DID click the link of his I posted a few days ago right? Watch This Too.
There's some weird stuff in here.
Unexpected images: Camera fished from pond now takes surrealistic photos.
Ah, the Pin Up Files.
Ooh, Odd Pics.
Yet another article on Time Travel.
Now this is what I'm talkin' about:Philosophy Games.
Nice little animation here.
But are you Goth Or Not?
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this is a neat effect!~
OZONE: Lost v2.0
must check out later...
This site was created by a woman here in Portland and features erotic photography by women
www.FetishVixen.com Erotic Photography


Interesting little VR site:Avatar Palace
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