Interesting promo site for the movie Spun.
Had this link in my blogroll several months ago~ I think they stopped posting for a long time or said they were going away, I can't remember why I dumped it~ but it looks like it never stopped going strong.
Emptybottle.org : A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants.
Back to the blogroll with you, whippersnapper!
Hmmmm......"If we attack Iraq and Iraq has none of the chemical or biological weapons the Bush claims he has,
then that would prove that the attack's raison d'etre was invalid.
But if the administration actually has the proof that Saddam does have such weapons and Saddam
uses those weapons against our soldiers, isn't Bush knowingly sending those soldiers to their deaths?
If the administration is lying, Iraq should be conquered in a matter of days, but the whole premise of
the attack will have been bogus. But if the administration is telling the truth, a lot of soldiers will be
marching into a horrifying death -- and Bush knows it!"

Senator Seeks FBI Probe of Iraq Documents
Rockefeller said U.S. worries about Iraqi nuclear weapons were not based primarily on the documents, but "there is a possibility that the fabrication of these documents may be part of a larger deception campaign aimed at manipulating public opinion and foreign policy regarding Iraq."

Yeah, but..........he's a Rockefeller.......anyway,nor so far-fetched, really. Gulf Of Tonkin Deception worked.......
I dedicate this post to Random-Abstract.com

Nader Scams College Kids
"Each time a college student registers for classes, he or she is automatically billed somewhere between three and eight dollars, all of which goes directly to the local PIRG chapter. There, it's funneled directly to the state chapter, where it's used to lobby state legislatures on issues like tougher emissions standards, campaign finance reform and a bevy of other environmental and anti-corporate causes. Very little if any of the money actually stays at the campus where it's generated."

I'm just going to put this here because I'm pretty sure I thought of it first~

"Make Me A Sammich, Not War."

Disney 101I Did Not Know This~
"Disney doesn't want to have to conduct it's business out in public with the Great Unwashed. So to solve this little problem, Disney got permission long ago to make itself it's own government. Even though it's a private corporation. Disney runs all utilities in the Lake Buena Vista and Bay Lake Communities, does all the planning and zoning, makes it's own building codes, has it's own building inspectors. They build their own schools, levy their own taxes. They even have permission to build their own nuclear power plant if they want, or an international airport, or cemeteries!
If something happens on Disney grounds, the [Disney] Security Minions are the first and possibly all you're going to see. If you get seriously hurt, it's the Disney emergency people who will come to your aid first and they will decide if any outside help will be called. And the kicker is when something goes wrong, and it does, Disney will refuse to cooperate or turn over witnesses, information or records because guess what?

They're a private government, and they don't have to turn over private records."

That, and much more you might not want to know about Disney.
Strangely, it doesn't cover the topic of DisneyCult.
Sometimes I really hate adulthood.
"I would like to talk about government lying. Calculated lies. The wilful deception of the public for political end, especially under the disguise of national security, and what an awful price we pay for such lies under any name: misinformation, disinformation, deceit, deception, or just plain dishonesty."

From a 1993 article:IRAQGATE
"It is becoming increasingly clear," said a grave Ted Koppel, "that George Bush, operating largely behind the scenes throughout the 1980s, initiated and supported much of the financing, intelligence, and military help that built Saddam's Iraq into the aggressive power that the United States ultimately had to destroy."

Much of what Saddam received from the West was not arms per se, but so-called dual-use technology -- ultra sophisticated computers, armored ambulances, helicopters, chemicals, and the like, with potential civilian uses as well as military applications. We've learned by now that a vast network of companies, based in the U.S. and abroad, eagerly fed the Iraqi war machine right up until August 1990, when Saddam invaded Kuwait.

Stuff I read over at Real History Archives.

Note To Self~
Crispin Glover-Craig Kilborn-Tues March 18


Who runs the country? High level CIA officials have said the CIA, and not the president or other elected officials, should run the country and world affairs.
Flashback to 1989
When Rumsfeld and Bush Sr. Refused to Back a UN Resolution to Investigate Saddam for Human Rights Abuses
"In 1989, the State Department released a report that described in gruesome detail Iraq's violation of human rights, specifically how Iraq's President Saddam Hussein tortured his own people for allegedly being disloyal.
But despite the atrocities outlined in the report, which President Bush now refers to when speaking about his desire to remove Hussein from power, the United States, under the first Bush Administration, refused to vote in favor of a United Nations resolution calling for an inquiry into Iraq's treatment of its population and possibly indicting Hussein for war crimes and human rights abuses.

The two people most vocal about refusing to go along with the U.N. investigation are now lobbying for a U.N. resolution authorizing an invasion of Iraq and are highly critical of the countries that refuse to back a U.S. led coalition to use military force to remove Hussein from power. Those men are Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage."

Scientists Say Other Universes Physically Real and Inhabited
"Scientist now say we are definitely not alone, that our universe contains an infinite number of other universes, much like our own, called O-regions, and that we may someday be able to contact them.

Whenever a thought crosses your mind that a terrible calamity might have happened, you can be assured that it has happened in some of the other O-regions. Furthermore, since some O-regions have histories nearly identical to our own, if you nearly escaped an accident here, then you were not so lucky in some of the O-regions with the same prior history."
via incuBLOGula.
So Much For "Liberation"
Democracy in Iraq doubtful, State Dept. report says
"A classified State Department report expresses deep skepticism that installing a new regime in Iraq will foster the spread of democracy in the Middle East, a claim President Bush has made in trying to build support for a war, according to intelligence officials familiar with the document."
Escape From Clown-Catraz
Something both funny and scary about screaming clowns........
Twice As Big As Earth
The Great Dark Spot
For more than a century astronomers thought that the Great Red Spot was the biggest thing on Jupiter. Not anymore. Images from NASA's Cassini spacecraft have revealed something at least as large.
via followmehere.
Saw this game over at Wastrel's Place a few days ago, but forgot to blog it. Chasm
Better have some free time on your hands......
"Is it possible for someone who has been completely brainwashed to simply rebound hours later? The family said Elizabeth shared hugs and jokes with her parents and siblings just hours after being separated from Mitchell and Barzee. Elizabeth even gave an impromptu harp concert. 'She's like totally talking, totally casual,' said Elizabeth's cousin, Sierra, 22. 'She got all new clothes. She gave a fashion show.' One case insider asked: 'Just when did the deprogramming occur here?'"

It's interesting to note that Elizabeth said "you think I am the girl who ran away rather than "you think I am the girl who was kidnapped".
RandomBlogging~ Great Name!
Gratuitous Sax and Senseless Violins.
Evil Name Generator
Shadowblack~ also the name of an album of one of my favorite musical outfits ClickClick
"What a world
where no one has a chance to live
and peace on earth is just a myth"
Male Perspiration Brightens Women's Moods
"Biologists at the University of Pennsylvania said they found male perspiration had a surprisingly beneficial effect on women's moods. It helps reduce stress, induces relaxation and even affects the menstrual cycle."

Good thing I stink this week! 8)
Questions for God with some answers generously provided by 4th graders readers.
This site just cracks me up!
Bush/Cheney in 2004!
Good To Know~
Do you know enough to justify going to war with Iraq?
Q: How many people did Saddam Hussein kill using gas in the Kurdish town of Halabja in 1988?

A: 5,000 - But, according to a recent CIA report, the autopsy records indicate the particular gas that killed the Kurds was in the possession of the Iranian military, a gas the Iraqis did not have in their arsenal.

Q: How many western countries condemned this action at the time?

A: 0

Q: How many civilian deaths has the Pentagon predicted in the event of an attack on Iraq in 2002/3?

10,000 - other estimates 500,000 -Iraqi civilians deaths. This is based on the US military offensive plan that will commence with three days of round the clock "carpet bombing" using the world's most sophisticated weaponry.

Q: What percentage of these will be children?

A:Over 50% -50% of the Iraqi population is under 15 years old.

Q: How many UN resolutions did Israel violate by 1992?

A: Over 65

Q: How many UN resolutions on Israel did America veto between 1972 and 1990?

A: 30+

43. Q: How much does the U.S. fund Israel a year?

A: $5 billion

More inside.


She's alive!
gasping for her first breaths, she is little more than the mental dna of her parents.
But in time she will grow, taking on more of their characteristics and developing her own personality just like her big sister did...
Indigo Shadows
OccultAtoms~ Direct Observation of Atoms through Clairvoyance

While RandomBlogging~
The G Spot. ShinyShiny.
While I'm here-
"I bought a talking parrot, but it didn't know how to say 'I'm hungry', so it died."
Referrer Logs~
Reverend James
"I am going to give you all a list of people I think should kill themselves, take one for the team if you will, by lip locking the business end of a shotgun. First, and foremost, on the list would have to be Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson.
Secondly is that weasely little prick Ari Fleischer. Yes, I know he's 'just the messenger' but he seems to have no morals, remorse or guilty conscience for continuously lying to the face of America.
My next suggestion for suicide would have to be Sean Hannity.
Why don't you go as far to the right as you can, jump off the edge and plummet to your death?"

Hehehehe. He's already that close.
There are other suggestions, but I don't want to appear on any sort of "watchlist".
Don Johnson denies money rap "I don't know that I will ever be able to clear my reputation and regain my credibility," he said.
I wouldn't worry too much about that, since neither are especially Shiny anyway.........
Wierd little game~
The Memory Hole > Bush Flatly Declares No Connection Between Saddam and al Qaeda
[Adam Boulton, Sky News (London):] One question for you both. Do you believe that there is a link between Saddam Hussein, a direct link, and the men who attacked on September the 11th?

THE PRESIDENT: I can't make that claim.

THE PRIME MINISTER: That answers your question.

via DRT.
ABCNEWS.com : Right Joins Left to Criticize Patriot Act
It seems everyone agrees Ashcroft is a Wacko.
"Right-leaning groups such as the American Conservative Union, the Eagle Forum and Gun Owners of America say they are concerned that American citizens could also be victimized by what they say are unconstitutional law enforcement powers allowed by the Patriot and the potential enhancement act."

Who appointed the religious madman?
Another religious madman.
NYC Council Opposes War
The state hit hardest by a terrorist attack opposes war.........gives one pause, I think.
Found on Kumi's site...
(you'll find kumi in the post below this one)
Mogul Images
Very nice photography!!!
perhaps you shouldn't view it from work.
She's not safe for work (well, maybe not safe for your work)
She's unique (we all know how I love that!)
She's half Kim Chee & half Whisky (her own words)
She's petit & in her mid 30s (like me)
She loves krispy kremes & latex (my kinda girl)
She's a very accomplished fetish model (we're not worthy)
She's bald
& sexy as hell!
This game made me all twitchy and angry~
I forgot to mention I got that last article from The World Wide Rant whom I love, and who dismantles an already weak arguement swimmingly~
"Totalitarian states persecute religions because they recognize that religion competes for the loyalties of citizens. In our republic, by contrast, the claims of the state are made under God, who guarantees our rights."
"He does? I've never seen his guarantee on my rights - do I get my money back if not completely satisfied? How exactly does he guarantee them? Does he guarantee them for people in Iraq? Is there some reason he hasn't bothered showing up to protect those rights?"
Long, but very interesting read~
I've always hated Charlie Daniels; moreso now that I know he writes his e-mails all in CAPS and with erratic punctuation...looks like O'l Charlie's toking the gummint green now!
The Psychic Compass~ Flash Toy.
Association says war will cost airline industry 70,000 more jobs
Aren't we into the millions of jobs lost since the Supreme Court decision of 2000? What's a few more?
Oh Yeah Baby!
Church crumbles as faithful rally to girl, 9, who had abortion
"The Catholic Church has responded to a rebellion of 26,000 people worldwide demanding to be excommunicated by withdrawing its threat to punish the parents of a nine-year-old Nicaraguan girl who had an abortion after being raped."

They should follow through with the rebellion just for the catholic church saying it would punish these people in the first place. Don't take "Ooops-our bad" for an answer--shut the cult down already!
Where In The World Is Iraq? "A National Geographic survey of nearly 3,000 young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 finds that 87 percent of them can't find Iraq on a map."
Not counting, of course, the young adults who are already in the area.

In other news, I am officially Fed Up with T.A.T.U.
Get a room already.

Oh yeah.....best joke I heard today;
"I tried to walk into a Target supermarket, but I missed."
Critical Reflections
"The whole Iraq debate provides yet another tragic illustration of the inadequacy of our cognitive equipment (comprised of both our minds and our external tools) relative to what is needed for rational deliberation over complex real-world issues.
That said, even without fundamental change to our thinking equipment, thinking could be improved. Here are some of the most basic mistakes people are making all the time:

1. Black and white thinking. E.g., invading Iraq is either terribly wrong or a moral imperative. The idea that it is a moral "close call" due to multiple conflicting considerations pointing in different directions is rarely considered. B&W thinking crops up in myriad different forms. It is a kind of flight from complexity and shades of grey.

2. Gut-driven thinking. People's minds are made up for them in advance by their "gut" or intuition. All the rest is post hoc rationalization.

3. Tunnel vision. It is almost impossible to comprehend and synthesize all the relevant considerations. Most people don't even try; they focus on those which support their position (see 2) and ignore the rest.

4. Know nothing? No problem. Most people feel entitled to an opinion with very little background knowledge and without doing even the most minimal research. Spot quiz: how many people are executed each month by Saddam's regime?"

Found at onegoodmove.


"Armed Us troops stormed the peace camp at RAF Fairford and ripped protesters' banners off the fence.
'They told us that if we were in their country then we would be thrown in jail for what we were doing.'
Very Shiny animated series~
: Chi-Chian
Liberate is a French word, but please note the cheese is Swiss.
Taking lessons from the US~ Hartepool Scotland elects monkey mayor.
Make it to governer, H'Angus, and you are well on your way.
A game~
Today's Lesson~ never hire a drifter who thinks he's Jesus to do "odd jobs" for you.
this is a handy resource...
FBI most wanted
I want to write a letter to Congress and inform them that if they are going to change "french fries" and "french toast", they must also change or eliminate all these words, since they are of French origin~

ambulance arson au gratin ballet biscuit blonde brunette bon voyage café camouflage cartoon chauffeur corduroy chauvinism corsage critique cuisine (also blanch, sauté, fondue, purée, flambée...etc) cul-de-sac
coupon courier crayon crochet debris denim dentist detour diplomat déjà vu encore espionage etiquette
faux pas fiancé finesse genre gourmet grape hors d'oeuvre lieutenant macabre margarine marinade maroon
mascot mayonnaise memoir menu mortgage mutiny nasal niece nomad omelette parachute petite picnic
pioneer plaque portrait promenade publicity raffle rectangle regal regime relay renaissance rendezvous
reprimand reservoir resign revenue ricochet risk roast roulette route routine royal RSVP sabotage salvage
sauce saucer séance sirloin somersault soufflé soup souvenir spiral splendid suède sport syndicate
tampon tangerine tapestry torture traffic tranquil trophy unique umpire velocity version visa wardrobe
zany zest zigzag
It was in the referrer~
Stoke gothic
Name That Regime!
"They have the largest prison population in the world, with more than two million people behind bars. According to Amnesty International, they have the fourth-highest execution rate in the world, trailing only China, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. Two thirds of the all the known executions of child offenders in the past decade were carried out there, and in 2002, they were the only country in the world to execute anyone younger than 18. An unknown number of those executed are innocent of the crimes with which they were charged."

The Voynich Manuscript is considered to be 'The Most Mysterious Manuscript in the World'. To this day this medieval artifact resists all efforts at translation.
It is either an ingenious hoax or an unbreakable cipher.
Some Games~
PlooP and PoP and PopHim and check out the terrain at Dune Buggy~ After start I immediately got lost and ended up trying to find out where the railroad tracks led.......
All via Wastel Division.
This is Interesting~
PayPal Closes Website Account
"As you know, the PayPal User Agreement states that PayPal, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to close an account at any time for any reason. We write to inform you that, after a review of your site, and in accordance with the User Agreement, your account has been closed. Your funds will be held for 180 days from the date of the last transaction on the account. After 180 days have expired, we will refund your funds by mailing a check to the address linked to your account."

From The Webmaster~
"Now, as an experiment, type the words 'PayPal' and 'Porno' into any search engine. I used Google and got a list of hundreds of pornography web sites that PayPal does not seem to have any qualms about doing business with!

Note also that PayPal is going to hold onto the funds YOU have already donated for almost 6 months before turning them over to us. "

Pornography sells, controversial political opinions do quite the reverse.
I smell Ashcroft all over this one.

Check out these songs from a so-called "peace-loving" religion~
God Hates America


Niqkita's LiveJournal
Go say hi....bookiemarkie.......it's gonna be shiny.
The Pentagon has threatened to fire on the satellite uplink positions of independent journalists in Iraq.
Questioned about the consequences of such potentially fatal actions, a senior Pentagon officer had said: "Who cares.. ..They've been warned."
Just Skip it! (you know who you are!)
Is G.W. Bush born again?
"Since George W. Bush has made a concentrated effort to convince Christians he is truly born again, we have to examine all the facts. We have severe doubts, plus we have been warned by Jesus Christ that THE Hallmark Characteristic sign of the End of the Age is unparalleled deception."
Interesting Read~
Political Strategy Top 31 Bush - Iraq Lies
French fries get new name in congress
"Show the flag and pass the ketchup was the order of the day in House cafeterias Tuesday. Lawmakers struck a lunchtime blow against the French and put 'freedom fries' on the menu.

I call them "fries", not "french fries" and I will never call them "freedom fries".
Just Plain Stupid.
If all our Worldy Worries weren't enough, two things to note about this~
64 Days until the next pole shift
15 Days until "Planet X" is visible to the naked eye.
Pole Shift Prep
According to NWD, the game developer claims "It's clear that some hits are coming from American government departments including intelligence agencies."
The things I find searching for sock garter information...
Subject: Those wacky Presidents...
"When George daddy Bush became veep in '81, he got 34 pairs of elastic sock
garters as gifts. Another thing that rarely comes up in conversation - he's
distantly related to Benedict Arnold."
When the Herbert Hoovers did not want to be overheard, they spoke in Chinese.
A Small Victory: this is getting old and so are you
"I'm tired.
I'm tired of writing about the war that I thought would have happened already.
I'm tired of picking on protesters, making fun of France and caring about celebrities.
I'm tired of berating Blix and pointing out the uselessness of the U.N.
I'm tired of the catfights in the comments.
I'm tired of listening to talk radio and hearing Hannity say the same things every single day - mainly because there is nothing else to day.
I'm tired of Mark Morford and Ted Rall and Jimmy Carter bashing.
It gets exhausting not just listening to it and reading it and talking about it, but writing about it every single day.
So I am going to do a lot less of it."

I hear you, MicheLe.
Read my lips: Bush and Blair - this brought a tear to my eye. Like it and wanna keep it? Click here to download the Quicktime version.
Somewhere down there I compare Ari Fleischer to a Reptoid, after reading an unrelated comment by a visitor who informs me that the whore of Babylon is actually Rome, then I come across this~
Or is someone trying to tell me something?


Just Skip It!
Demon Choronzon And Christians Have Something In Common
"When a World Prayer Team network recently sent out a call for a world moment of Christian prayer in support of President Bush and the planned war against Iraq, I was shocked at the time set for this event.
The prayer was set for 3 p.m. on March 3, 2003.
The Christians chose to pray at 3-3-03.
My surprise was centered on my knowledge of esoteric matters. I recognized the number 333 as an occult symbol for Choronzon, a dreaded demon of chaos.
Also known as Lord of Hallucinations, Choronzon is probably among the most feared of the demonic spirits. It is a spirit of dissolution. Everything it comes in contact with falls into decay. Living beings age and sicken. The demon is said to create confusion of thought and turn people insane."

You already know what I'm going to say, but I'll say it anyway~
It makes perfect sense-- hallucinations, confusion of thought, insanity, decay..........
Check out the UFO video at COAST TO COAST (on the right).
Pretty interesting........
Public prayer fanatics borrow page from enemy's script
I didn't know Roger Ebert did anything besides rate movies.
Are SUVs too dangerous for the road?
Are people who drive SUV's supporting terrorism?
No, but they aren't not supporting it, either.
Bush Sr. Warned in 1996 that War on Iraq Would Enflame Entire Arab World
"Former President George Bush predicted in 1996 that if the United States were to engage in another war with Iraq, one aimed at overthrowing Saddam Hussein, the "entire Arab world would turn against us" and the U.S. would alienate its allies in the international community.

Moreover, Vice President Dick Cheney said at an energy conference six years ago that hundreds of thousands of United States soldiers and Iraqi civilians would die if a war in Iraq were ever fought on the streets of Baghdad.

Cheney said in 1997 that President Bush was not willing to sacrifice U.S. soldiers' lives by allowing combat to spread to Baghdad in an effort to locate Saddam Hussein, a situation which the current Bush Administration seems willing to do now."

So, is that Interesting?
via Diversionz.

The Daily Brew (which is by no means "daily")~
"Jacoby and Kaus want to talk about Kerry's grandpappy.
See, he was jewish.
Funny, their sudden affection for geneology doesn't extend to Dubya.
See, Dubya's grandpappy financed the Nazis.
Damn liberal media."
Conspiracy Planet - The Alternative News & History Network "
When he came on to the podium in the East Room,
there was so much makeup on his face that he looked
like Casper the Ghost. It was definitely too much
pancake. They were trying to hide the red blotchiness
in his upper cheekbones, which is a telltale sign,
which appears when he lies. But they put it on so
thick it made him look artificial and you could
actually see the ridges of it in his upper cheekbones.
And his demeanor - he was so calm, artificially calm,
and he kept moving his head around. He looked just
like my neighbor after he takes one of his Xanax
There were reporters there too, all Pro-Bush
reporters. And you could tell the questions were
rehearsed because Ari Fleischer, the press secretary,
was sitting in the front row. They should have had him
off camera. but there he was, holding onto a
clipboard. Every time one of the reporters asked a
question, Ari would look at the clipboard and use his
finger to follow what they were saying to make sure
they were using the approved question line."

One person I definitely do not trust under any circumstances is Ari Fleischer. One can tell just by looking at his face that he suffers no pangs of conscience whatsoever.
If there really are "alien reptoids" in the Administration, he is most assuredly one, as I feel certain he isn't quite "human".
"Dude, please get off this politico-religious BS...you've made your point. Point us to something INTERESTING. Please."
I had this same thought even before I read the comment.
I agree it's BS, that's why I post on it, and because it gets comments. Not many, but better than none, which is the norm for most of the other political posts.
I'd be more than happy to entertain your opinions on what I should post that's "interesting".
Something Bush has done that's positive and beneficial, perhaps? Point me to it, unless it's about Iraq, of course.

On Rome being the "whore of Babylon", personal opinion or biblical opinion? I do believe the whore described in that old book is Iraq, or at least the land that Iraq currently sits on. Is this incorrect?
Anyway, if another article about Bush's religious agenda gets posted (which is unlikely, unless there's something new to add to the many), you can always skip over it.
Most do.
I do thank you for visiting, though.
Back to the top with Tactics Core Demo as I am still having fun with it.
I discovered that if you can get your healer-chick to survive last, she gets all her hit points back and destroys enemies with one blow~ the computer rival discovered that I discovered it, and now goes after my healer ferociously.
I did, however manage to beat the enemy twice in a row without her, once with the two magickers, and once I had it's last warrior fleeing all over the boar to escape me. That was shiny.
Anyone know of any strategy games similar to this that I don't have to register for or buy anything?
13 Questions We Wish They'd Asked
"Why did the U.S. edit the 12,000 page Iraqi weapons report (as recently revealed) to the U.N. Security Council, removing all names of U.S. companies that sold weapons materials to the Iraqis in the past?"
Bush Sr warning over unilateral action

"The former President’s comments reflect unease among the Bush family and its entourage at the way that George W. Bush is ignoring international opinion and overriding the institutions that his father sought to uphold."
What is toast sweat?
This question can be found with plenty of other toasty bits at toaster.org


Who Is This Handsome Guy?
W's Personal Jesus
[Bush] "actually seems willing to claim that God facilitated his recovery from alcoholism. Fine and dandy! Did that same God sanction Prescott doing business with a wartime enemy? How about the CIA work W's father did? Or the well-documented affronts to democracy that took place during Bush 41's tenure?"

Well, let's see. Oliver North prayed that he wouldn't end up in federal prison, so perhaps they do have a direct connection to the "most high".
"He was always the quintessential outsider," said Floyd Ciruli, a local political consultant. "Gary's strength was that he was an independent Democrat; his weakness was that he was an independent Democrat. He was never close with party insiders."
"I'm not a career politician," Gary Hart said. "I don't need to be in office to satisfy my soul or fulfill my destiny. What I need to do is serve my country one way or another."
Will he or won't he?
Bush, the Bible, and Iraq As European nations become more secular, they're increasingly suspicious of a country with a born-again Christian President, whose political base includes the majority of non-Arab fundamentalists in the U.S.
British playwright Harold Pinter spotlighted this suspicion when he recently called Bush 'a hired Christian thug.'

Iraq plays into these concerns like no other issue. One reason is that fundamentalist Christian doctrine envisions a horrific conflict, the Biblical Armageddon, as the way to hasten the return of Jesus and the Millennium -- not the 21st century, but a thousand years of enlightenment that Jesus will return to preside over, according to the Good Book. And guess where Armageddon is supposed to take place."

I'm pretty suspicious of a "born-again" christian president myself.
That's why I continually say that I understand why Saddam needs to be dealt with, but don't neccessarily trust Bush's motives. I think (besides what's stated above) they figure Saddam is still pissed about us changing our tune suddenly about the fate of Kuwait. We've never been allies with North Korea, so no element of Betrayal there. Saddam feels betrayed by the US, naturally there would be a consuming desire for revenge. The immediate threat from Iraq is just that--he could at any time exact revenge for the knife in his back, as everybody knows how Saddam deals with those who betray him.
Not saying that's right or wrong--just Is.
"Senior White House officials said the President would only go to Strasbourg to talk about Iraq if he had a stage-managed welcome.
A source close to negotiations said last night:
"President Bush agreed to a speech but insisted he get a standing ovation like at the State of the Union address."
via Maru.

"Iraqi soldiers have crossed the Kuwait border and tried to surrender to British forces - because they thought the war had already started.
The motley band of a dozen troops waved the white flag as British paratroopers tested their weapons during a routine exercise.
The stunned Paras from 16 Air Assault Brigade were forced to tell the Iraqis they were not firing at them, and ordered them back to their home country telling them it was too early to surrender."

I laughed for a moment, before I remembered why we are threatening Iraq and "using diplomacy" with North Korea.
Iraqis are tired of fighting. North Koreans are itching for it. I think BushCo knows this--I think they think it will be just as easy as in the 90's, with Iraqi soldiers surrendering to reporters.
Truth is--we will go to war with Iraq because we can, and NK? . Can't. They'll fight back.
They are, in effect, saying "pick on someone your own size".

These guys have guts, I'll give 'em that~
Irate Vice President Cheney Issues a Punctilious, Legally Precise "Oh, Wise Guy, EH? Why I OUGHTA!" Letter to Nefarious "WHITEHOUSE.ORG" Interweb Terror Portal!!! -
"Either you take down that snotty biography of my wife, or I'll have my Bahamas-educated legal staff take a break from shredding Energy Task Force documents to use taxpayer-owned stationery and office equipment to fire off another toothless intimidation missive – in which a big spooky bundle of mis-cited, irrelevant legal precedents and a shockingly incompetent inability to differentiate between fake and real Presidential Seals are sandwiched between two pansy requests to let yours truly wipe my ass with the First Amendment!"

Oh, I laughed and laughed.....

An ally we’re better off without
"Turkey has no rights in any part of Iraq and least of all does it have any right to involve itself in the Kurdish areas, emancipated for a dozen years from Saddam’s rule, which adjoin its own borders. The Bush administration has been entirely too lenient with Ankara, not just on this point but on many related ones."