Listen to the ice cubes melting.

Fun Game, but too short: Knut.
Looks like a Good Resource:Conspiracy Currents.
This might be too, but the onsite stories are a little old:Weekly Universe.
Interesting story:Some think F-16s chased UFO over Washington.
This is a Great Story!Monkey troop rescue their orphan from police station.
This is rather humorous:Unsexual Positions. Check out other articles there, too.
Apparently, this blog is written entirely by a bot named GoonHal. Strange.........
I love this: May Pop. Wish I knew how to do Flash.
This one was created by those guys that made Clerks,Dogma.etc. One problem: Daredevil reading a mgazine. Maybe that's part of the joke.Heroes.
This is cool too:Random Babe @skiifier.
This too:Birth Of An Anime Girl. Last three found at The Blort.
When Come Back, Bring Pie.
Hehehe. What~Ever.GothBabies.
Still a Fun Game:Spider.
Niqkita sent me this in the mail today, stories from our home town:Portland Stories.
More on that Ghost Footage:Puckett's apparition: ghost or not?
Human Interest Dept:
Boob Licking Scam Busted.
Op Ed:Israeli Epitome. Quote "America constantly reminds the world that Israel is the only democracy in the middle east, while other world leaders scratch their heads, recalling that nearly every regime in the middle east has been installed by the United States, including Saddam's Iraq."

Oops! Sorry, ladies! Peru apologizes for sterilizing 200,000 natives.
Uh, Sorry guys:Men die young - even if old.
Another Conspiracy Resource:News From Reality.
Find out if your pet is gay.
Cute little 3-D Flash Game:Bonkey's Garden.
I tend to post this game site once or twice a month. I love his work.Orisinal.
And this one every couple of months:RustBoy.
And this one not often enough:Mark Ryden.
This is a fun little diversion:MechaSpyder which came from Plastically.
It's got a great beat:AlbinoBlackSheep.
WTF Dept:Man who had sex with underwear-clad dogs forced to flee. Turns out the guy isn't from Spain.

This is kind of fun, for a few moments:D-Face.

I kind of let the links pile up as I try to figure out how to implement the archives into the links frame. FOr some reason, I just can't get my mind around it. Also, there's an error on this page that I can't readily identify, which I think is slowing down the loading time considerably. I should probably read a manual on how to build a website someday, rather than just stumbling around, hammering things in and duct-taping things, hoping it works. Maybe I should dive into this.

Nothing but cute games today! Cat-Car.
Interesting:Bush Administration Links To Pre-9/11 Insider Trading.
But I don't wanna say I told you so! Foundations are in place for martial law in the US.
Huh? Evidence For The Israeli Connection To 9/11/
WHAT??Your Grocery List Could Spark a Terror Probe.
O~Kay:Civil Rights Commisioner says "forget about civil rights."
O~Kay Part II:The Virtues of Promiscuity. "Women everywhere have been selflessly engaging in trysts outside of matrimony. And they have been doing it for a good long time and for excellent reasons. Anthropologists say female promiscuity binds communities closer together and improves the gene pool."
Yeah, so now .Hot or Not is applied to Blogs. If my results in the original Hot Or Not taught me anything, it's best I don't submit. Meanwhile, here are the Top 500 Websites according to Alexa Websearch. I've never heard of them before, but they are listed at #10 and generously give themselves 4 1/2 stars, slightly above Google. Yet, I'm strangley not interested in finding out why.
Okay, That's All.
(Later that evening......) okay, I found the reason why the page was loading so slowly....the archive code I was puttering around with. Once removed, the page loaded right away. Now. That page error is in the links frame somewhere.Not a priority right now. As long as everything works..........


plghost.gif I watched this several times. Amazing. Mostly because it's kind of nice to want to believe.
Is It A Ghost? "If you don't believe in ghosts, here is something that may change your mind. A woman saw something strange while working at an Oklahoma car impound lot earlier this month. She saw a figure circling around, and it was caught on a surveillance tape. The woman told another worker to check it out, but that person found nobody there. Three vehicles on the lot that night where involved in fatal accidents."
There's a theory about what this is that I happen to agree with to some extent. Discuss?
Update: Friday July 26. They took down the direct WMF and replaced it with the news segment. Wish I would have saved the video now. It was the original feed from the security camera, from 4 different angles. Too bad.


From The Inbox:The Last Defender of the American Republic?An interview with Gore Vidal...Thanks Olivia!
Chicago Sun TImes: Ann Coulter, it's time to meet the truth police. In between Botox injection appointments, of course.
I don't read WND, dont' care for it. But this is interesting:Bush's Terrorist Buddy.Photo on left:Laura and George W. Bush (3rd and 4th from left) with Islamic Jihad frontman Sami Al-Arian (third from right) and family (son, Abdullah "Big Dude" Al-Arian, is on far left).
This is pretty funny:TIPS Automated Voice Response System.
As is this:Operation TIPS-TIPS; Report TIPS Informants. Wait, that's actually a rather good idea..........
This is hilarious, because I can relate. Pretty sure mindvirus posed in front of a brick wall at least once, but thankfully, we are not in there. Rock&Roll Confidential.
This is pretty fun. Make a little flash movie at Digital Films.
To Coolio & The Gang: I know you guys are visiting! Drop a hello in comments, wouldja?
Interesting little Diversion:The Blaine Game.
Here's how dim I am. I went to this site, waitallday, and almost waited all day.

This one's tough:Commonwealth Swimming Challenge.
This looks really fun. Now if I can only figure out how to play it......Triglav.Update: Oh. Well, it helps to read the system requirements first. Windows 2000/XE only.
Also some fun games at SuperStarPimpin.
goth & fetish barbies...
barbie remakes
hanna.gif Well. now I know who Kathleen Hanna is.



I could not find much on the net regarding techniques of invisibility, except for many martial arts references, which deal more with stealth than actual invisibility. I did find The Psi Palatium:Invisibility And Shadowing.
The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali contains the technique, but is hidden in the esoteric text. There are also many sites describing herbs that aid in becoming unseen, but the technique for using the herbs properly are not clearly outlined. The "cloud" technique itself is not readily found. And of course, the inevitable millions of RPG sites.....so I will have to dig out a couple of books I have on the subject and reprint the techniques here. Patience on that, though.
The fact that it isn't readily available to the public just might be a good thing, I think.
neptune.gifThis is soo cool. You have to download the proper viewer app, but it's worth it. Fun to chase all the planets around. Virtual Solar System
I thought I'd never consider setting foot in Hollywood again, but...
Maynard has a restaurant?!?

From The Inbox:


This Just In:Space rock 'on collision course'An asteroid discovered just weeks ago has become the most threatening object yet detected in space. A preliminary orbit suggests that 2002 NT7 is on an impact course with Earth and could strike the planet on 1 February, 2019 - although the uncertainties are large.Astronomers have given the object a rating on the so-called Palermo technical scale of threat of 0.06, making NT7 the first object to be given a positive value. From its brightness, astronomers estimate it is about two kilometres wide, large enough to cause continent-wide devastation on Earth
Contacted by Zip It Sox today...
looking forward to sampling them!

Before the US goes to war with Iraq, it might be a good idea to consider The Seven Big Lies About Iraq.
Times Online:How bin Laden's huge convoy gave American forces the slip.We don?t understand how they weren?t all killed the night before because they came in a convoy of at least 1,000 cars and trucks,? (a local) said. ?It was a very dark night, but it must have been easy for the American pilots to see the headlights.? Fascinating, isn't it?
With all the US' satellite surveillance, night vision technology etc these guys just drove away. Makes one wonder if they were allowed to. What I also find fascinating is that the 9/11 plot was initiated in Malaysia and finalized in Spain, not Afghanistan.
Xymorphia:Tons of 9/11-related material. An exerpt:"I think the deep reason the U. S. government doesn't want to admit that it shot down Flight 93 is that it would raise questions in people's minds about why the other planes weren't intercepted. While there may have been more time to shoot down Flight 93 than the other planes, there should have been sufficient time to intercept all of them, and especially Flight 77 (the one that is supposed to have hit the Pentagon, a story I still don't buy)."
Boston Globe Online: Bush's role in corporate fraud

Weekly World News:Aliens Capture Top-Secret NASA Moon Base! Now, before you laugh at the source, there are other, actual credible sources that claim there are bases on the Moon, a joint US-Russian effort begun in the late 50's. I don't want to go into details, because then I'd also have to explain the Cold War Hoax Theory. If there turns out to be an interest, I'll go ahead and dig out the relevant links.
Bad Astronomy: The Planet X Saga, a logical scientific refutation.

Cubetech: Good version of an old favorite, Moon Lander.
Confound.com: Another well-done remake~Offender.
I used to play POL back when it was on NewGrounds, before that site became Pop-Up Hell. Wrote to the guy and said the pop-ups were diminishing my desire to visit, he basically said Fuck You, we get a million visitors, we don't need you. Anyway, no pop-ups here, and the screen size is much larger, a bonus.
And last, a good article from Fortean Times:War Of The Words."Sceptics hate debunkers hate true believers hate sceptics hate... PETER BROOKESMITH dissects the great and unbridgable divide between wilful believers and stubborn sceptics."
American Idol in :25. Oh, c'mon. It's entertaining.
From The Inbox: Two miniclip games, Park-A-Lot and Stress-Relief Paintball.
BBC NEWS: Israel blows up 15 Palestinians to kill one guy. I guess this action served two purposes: killing the Hamas leader as well as 9 future homicide bombers. Israel has apparently never heard the phrase "two wrongs don't make a right." Can't wait to hear the excuses and justifications on this one.
Probably along the lines of "Palestine has no concern for innocent lives, why should Israel?" In my mind, both gangs are vicious animals that need to be caged.
Here's one fundamentalist christian's post about it: "Great News
Palestinian officials said two Islamic Jihad militants were killed overnight in a clash with Israeli troops.
Say hello to Allah for me boys.
GAZA (Reuters) -An Israeli air strike early on Tuesday killed at least 10 Palestinians including the head
of the military wing of the fundamentalist Islamic group Hamas, a senior Hamas official said.

Oh I'm so sad!"
Nine children blown away, and this guy waxes sarcastic. He even thinks it's funny.
What I think is funny,and not funny ha-ha; fundie christians think abortion is murder, but when you bomb kids that live in a country you hate, it's justified. Eye for an Eye, that's the christian way, right?
(I linked to the site as a reference, I don't really recommend visiting it. But if you do, read the comments. It's the complete anithesis of what christianity is supposed to mean. Such hateful people. No compassion whatsoever. I only visit it to read what that ilk are saying about world events, and it is truly disturbing. The good news is that the majority of the rational world finds this action unconscionable, horrific, and highly excessive.)


sexy socks

It Begins:Alabama Activates Tank Unit.In a statement released Wednesday, Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman said the Ozark, Ala.-based 1st Battalion, 131st Armor "is equipped with modern battle tanks, the M1A1 Abrams" and "will serve in the homeland defense role within the United States."
I'm trying to figure out what possible scenerio would require tanks. Anyone want to speculate?
Good Article:Bush missteps make the world more perilous."The administration is working by the seat of its pants to advance very narrow short-term interests and ignoring the potential for a greater abyss of violence in unstable and unpredictable regions. Instead of finding ways to limit the strategic arsenals of the nuclear powers and to effectively destroy reserve nuclear forces, the administration has sanctioned greater uses for nuclear weapons and even the first-use of such weapons.These policies will lead to the greatest peacetime increases in defense spending since the Reagan administration, which led to record levels of deficit and domestic economic problems."
I always get a great belly-laugh when I read other bloggers drool on about what a genius Reagan was.

Well, since most of them aren't using the crosswalk, I guess they kind of deserve it.Pedestrian Killer.

From The Blort: This is Our Future.AntiPorn Guy." I believe in Singapore-style anti-terrorist legislation. I propose that anyone suspected of being a terrorist ought to be required, if necessary, to serve up to 5 years in prison without formal charges being brought forward. This will help stop the wave of terrorism sweeping America today." That is the tip of the iceberg with this creep.He hates everything, in the name of "god". He wants a national dress code.He want to make it illegal to wear jeans. He wants everyone who doesn't believe in "god" incarcerated or institutionalized. He wants to run for public office. He is 21 years old. He is one sick fuck. Check out his Fag Facts, and prepare to be outraged, but not about "fags". And for the love of all that's beautiful to the eye, DO NOT click on his photos unless you have a really strong stomach.
Actually, fuck that nonsense. Go here instead, also from the Blort.Pharmacy.
Study:Female Brain Wired for Emotion. Uh huh. I could have saved them alot of money on that study.
Ahhhhhh.Bush re-election support falls.Scandals, stocks drag down president?s popularity. Rub those sleepy eyes, America. 47% and dropping........
Hey, did you know that during this economic crisis, Congress just gave itself a pay raise??
Did you know that most Congress members have a criminal record??
Another great article, huge:The Decline and Fall of the American Empire.
An article from an actual conservative:How Bush Made His Millions.
Bush Gives Secret Tax Break to Corporations.
Did You Know? US recruited Islamic radicals in 1980s. Do You Even Care?
I am this side of not Giving A Fuck Anymore.
Do you have time for this? SkippyList.
Yeah, this post sucked.


It's the End Of The World. So play a game.Keyball : a flash soccer game
Astronomers see colorful gas clouds bubble out of Uranus.
When pseudoscience meets honest science:Welcome to edconrad.com
When Bush was (s)elected, and the events of 9/11 were allowed to happen, I and many others predicted that martial law would soon follow. And everything is going smoothly according to Plan:U.S. Mulls Military's Domestic Role. Quote:"President Bush has called on Congress to thoroughly review the law that bans the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines from participating in arrests, searches, seizure of evidence and other police-type activity on U.S. soil."
You might think this is a good idea, as regards the war on "terror", but if this law is repealed, the military will have the authority to fire on US citizens, search and seize property, and, unlike police, will be exempt from individual state laws. During a protest, the government can authorize military force. This is no longer even remotely funny. The United States, as we all knew it, is OVER. And not because of the tired sound-byte, "it's a different world since 9/11". It's only different in that Americans finally joined the rest of the world in being aware of current events beyond their own backyard.
FEMA's concentration camps await us all.
Shocking News:cnn.com
Quite the elaborate Conspiracy Theory~''The Pentagon's secret weapon''