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who plays chess?
"Below is a quiz written by Einstein last century. It's been translated and updated since then, but the
logic is still the same. He said 98% of the people in the world can't solve the quiz. Are you among the other 2%?"

Wasn't that the plan all along?? Anderson and Lee win tape damages
Only In America Pics
I might have posted that before.......


Interesting site found in comments~outwar.com - The land of Monsters, Gangsters, and Pop Stars!
It's an interactive online game that I don't have time to look into at the moment, or my double-choco cookies might burn.
Looks fun though.
Moon Lander remade! * monkey lander


I am so sorry I recommended the MY WAY toolbar....it sneaks in a program called "Xupiter" that adds another toolbar that launches pop-ups and hijacks your home page. If this has happened to you,here's how to remove it.


MDN: Wai Wai - The Largest Collection Of Irrerevant And Controversial News From Japanese Weekly Tabloids.

Lesbian Lolitas: High-School Girls Want to Be Gay-ish

"While many New York girls may act like lesbians to both mock and attract young men, there is a definite group of young women who are finding something in a sexualized female bond that they don?t get from the attentions of the average high-school boy. While 'L.U.G.?s' (lesbians until graduation) became a term of derision in the 1990?s?applied to college women who slept with women on campus but would immediately link up with socially appropriate males once they left college?the trend seems to have worked its way into a younger crowd. (At least among girls. Boys interested in publicly experimenting with other boys would find themselves in a far less 'glamorous' subgroup.)"

Another place I want to take a "business trip" to...
I have Angora leg warmers & wrist warmers coming from one of the northerlymost isles of the Orkney Islands...
Find Yourself in Orkney



I really don't care for this time of year.
It's too cold, and everywhere the green-red color combination makes me nauseous.
Spelling nauseus makes me nauseous
I hate christmas carols--they all suck, but that doesn't prevent them from getting stuck in your head.
It always makes me sad to see all those murdered trees, tinsel and gaudy ornaments thrown on them to add to their humiliation--I don't care if they were grown specifically to be killed on one day of the year then thrown out the back door to rot--it's still wasteful.
That reminds me.
Jesus wasn't born in December--everyone knows that.
Well, Jesus was a popular name back then- maybe Jesus Nelson...assuming the Jesus in question even existed at all. I prefer when he used to be called Horus. Better yet, Enlil.Earlier fantastic myths were so much more vibrant and interesting. Though one thing that Jesus said is cool- it's okay for females to lay down with females because there is no waste of Seed. Quite logical, really.
No, it's true. I heard about it on cable access. The Essene Guy.
Anyway, 15 more days until this crap ends, and I can start dreading the next religious observance.
If it's what you're into, by all means enjoy it!

Keeping him on the roof is easier than getting him to the drink!
Sober Santa
What the hell is this all about?? Necrocam
Addicting Games.com - Flash and Java games
They had to add the entire Orisinal Collection as they are all damn addicting.
Should be a shocker~This? Or That?
1. Real or artificial tree? Real, still in the ground, naked as she was born.
2. Real or artificial wreath? Neither.
3. Open gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day (or do you do another holiday such as Hannukkah)? We give gifts on the whim. We don't need a "holiday".
4. "It's A Wonderful Life" or "Miracle on 34th Street"? Life, always life. Stewart's best work.
5. Outdoor decorations, or just indoors? Neither.
6. "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" or "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer"? Please don't.
7. Miniature lights or the larger ones? mini, year-round.
8. Store-bought or hand-made ornaments? Neither.
9. TV Specials: The Grinch or Charlie Brown? No contest. Chuck Jones and Boris Karloff, please.
10. Will you be staying at home for the holiday, or going visiting? Tough one. Stay home, that's when the gummint rounds up families for the FEMA camps. But it's really cold out, so maybe they'll skip our house again this year.

I'm cleaning my mailbox & checking old links, have you seen this?
Morphizm.com - PopCult. Politics. LitCrit. Whatever.
righting the wrongs & misconceptions, he even explains why we won't be seeing planet X this year...
Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy
Arse or Elbow?
2 Wrong.


Blogroll it~Wastrel Division


More intersting artwork~KEMOGALLERY
Type you name and press GO!
Tanya's (the tasty viola player) website....
Ambassador Bill from OKC, she even has a page dedicated to politics
Strange and Lovely~Ryohei Hase gallery