Sometimes the smallest changes bring the biggest difference...
now I only have to update this page with the change of the season instead of the first of every month~
My God! It's full of stars!

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I stumbled across a gold mine of science/metaphysics-related links that ought to keep me busy for a long while. As deep as any ocean, as sweet as any harmony.
National Institute for Discovery Science.
The Official String Theory Website.
From Space.com:Are we the galaxy's dumbest civilization?
From UniSci:Unseen Dimensions Could Explain Weakness Of Gravity.
From Nova:Time Travel by Clifford Pickover.
Another Time Travel article from Nova.
Time Travel and Modern Physics.
Time Travel related:WIngmakers.
The Nature of Space and TIme:Two relativists present their distinctive views on the universe, its evolution and the impact of quantum theory
Stephen Hawking, The Big Bang, and God.
The Archives of scientists' transcendent experiences.
Temporal Anomalies in Time Travel Movies unravels Problems in Time."Time travel has been a staple in Science Fiction since H.G. Wells. Unfortunately, much of what passes for intelligence in this area is poorly considered."
From PhysicsWeb:What is Quintessence?
Shadow Worlds:Our universe, a physicist says, is but one of many.
Transdimensional Transfer Techniques.
What is the Anthropic Principle?
Design and the Anthropic Principle by Hugh Ross.
The Amy Project attempts by physics experiments alone (no reference to mental phenomena) to discover whether this world is a dream or not.
The End of TIme: A talk with Julian Barbour.
By Steven Weinberg: A Designer Universe?
Why there is no such thing as color.
Simulation, Consciousness, Extistence by Hans Moravec.
Everything Forever: Learning to see and model all possible Universes.
An Introduction to Reality Shifts.
The Reluctant Messenger:Many Worlds Theory of Infinite Parallel Universes
Research into the Return of Planet X.
Four pages of Alternative Science Links.
Links to 4D-related sites.
The Nature of Reality: 3 Positions.
30 most essential Sacred Texts
Excellent Egyptology site:The Omega Files.
Useful Gnosis Archive.
AnAlternative history site.
Fascinating and strange: The Tarragon Catastrophe:A True Story of Aliens by Abductee 43.
Lots of Mandalas.
Magic Squares, Magic Stars & Other Patterns.
What was God doing before the Big Bang?
Did God cause the Big Bang?
Where is God?
The Shortcomings of God.
Arguements against the existence of God.
Is there a meaning behind existence?
Top 10 Good/Top 10 Evil.
Religions, faith groups, ethical systems,etc.Religious Tolerance.org.
Biblical Problems.
A Pointer to a New Hallucinogen of Insect Origin.
Marijuana: The first 12,000 years.
Cool:Responsive Robotic Face.
Weird:Zen Pattern.
Oooh. The Alchemind Society.
Aaah. The Vaults of Erowid.
Whee! The Chapel Of Sacred Mirrors.
Very well. Raymond Kurzweil's essay on the confluence of exponential trends known as the Law of Accelerating Returns.
An alternative news site, RebFile.com looks pretty good.
The Edge."To arrive at the edge of the world's knowledge.
Also, The Expansionary Institute.
The Alien Tiles puzzle game.
Some interesting paradoxes.
The Fourth Dimension by Cliff Pickover.
From New Scientist:Supernova set to go off near Earth.
The Personality Disorder Test.
Paranoid:Very High
Schizoid:Very High

-- Click Here To Take The Test --

Funny! Get your war on.
Orisinal presents a new game, Bauns.
Here's another cool navigation system:TongsVille.(In case you missed TaoBot, there it is again, and also Zanpo.)
O Various Gods, that's alottalinks!
"Entertaining, yes..." but was it informative??
Mmm.D E A D S Y. Tastes kinda like Gary Numan.
I sure do appreciate comments, even the angry ones.....do me a favor though, and include your website URL if you have one, so I can visit you, too. I promise to be nice, even if you are mad about some stupid thing I've rambled on about. Also, I am more than willing to post any recommended links here.
So I actually did find a few things of interest............
I like this site, it's Absurd!
This is kind of amusing:Nuts!
It's peanut butter and jelly time!
Another site of culinary interest:Out Of The Frying Pan!
Nice weblog design:I'm jealous.Consumed!
From Conan O'Brien:Triumph at the opening of STAOTC!
So, how mad am I at the HPs? (kidding! Otherwise I sure wouldn't post the evidence here!)
Okay, I admit to a grudge against christianity, but Jesus!
I'm somewhat indifferent about squirrels but c'mon!
(Shh. I pinched a few of these links from here.)
Oh yeah, sorry about saying the weird babies were funny.
No, I would not find it very funny if I had a baby who was deformed. Let's just pretend I meant funny/strange, not funny/haha.
Forgive me? No? Maybe if you read about the fucked up stuff the rich, famous, and public service peeps do at The Outrage, you'll forget all about my flippancy.
Hmmm.How about something that actually IS kind of funny:Manties?
Okay, perhaps Strange Signs?
Need more funny strange: Okay, but what does the "T" stand for?
Right. The computer wants to sleep now, and so do I.........................


of culinary interest...
I haven't found much in the way of content yet, so I think I'll rant some more.
I hate beer. Not on an individual basis, it's when they gather together in groups of six and implore me to drink them, then assist in my angrily spouting off about things that don't really matter. Like the hippie wilderness camp thing. Right now I can't remember why it pissed me off so much. Or quitting the HPG, which actually might have been the best thing to do, as they proceeded to rip all over me after I quit, not realizing that I would still get the daily digest. It's very probable that I have lost my sense of humor or have become too sensitive in my golden years, it could be that my anger and frustration about myself builds up with no ready method of venting, then explodes when I drink more than two beers. .But it IS a great reminder on why I don't drink anymore. I am an angry, sloppy drunk. Since I quit drinking on a daily basis, my tolerance for the stuff is waaay down. So indulging once in a great while is a good deterrent, actually. I kind of regret what I said in HPG, but in the end I got to find out how they really feel about me, so some tiny good came of it. I love the way beer tastes, but hate how it makes me feel, and I have no self- control as far as quantity. If it's there, I'll drink it. So...hope I didn't offend anybody...

We watched Steven Spielberg's "AI:Artificial Intelligence" last night. What a big, steaming pile that was. All the while I was wondering: So many creative people working on this, so much money spent on special effects, and during it's creation, these people are thinking " this film is genius! I see sequel potential!"
The dialog was horrible, the acting was deadpan and uninspired, even from William Hurt, the story was incoherent and pointless, it was way too long, and the special effects did little to enhance the entertainment. The best part was the end, with the weird aliens and the frozen-over NYC, complete with Twin Towers. All in all, a huge dissapointment from Spielberg. During one of the action sequences, my mind wandered into an area I hadn't considered before, unrelated to the movie, a question for Cat-Hole-Licks and Christ-Chains:
God was Lonely. He needed company, someone to talk to, boss around. Someone to Love Him. He had His choice of what to create to fill the void of His Lonely Existence. So He Created Adam for the sole purpose of Loving Him. He could have created Eve first, but chose Adam instead.
How gay is that??

Tonight is "Mulholland Drive", a David Lynch vehicle that is supposed to live up to his particular genius.
Will probably update tonight with fresh links...........
I must read more of this later, lots of information about the sexuality of feet
A fully goth foot fetish site, some free images, some naughty images...
Betty Monroe
Hehe.MSNBC's Abrams Report wrote and asked me to "sound off" live on their show, but I got the e-mail too late."please call us at ******* to sound off on the abrams report today
thank you Falguni"
I got this a day too late......
I am a hot-head....I often throw out angry e-mails when I hear something I disagree with.
Dan Abrams went on this long, tearful tirade about Flight 93, so I wrote him a letter:"Today on your show, you whimsically called the passengers of Flight 93 'heroes'.I am wondering if it has been proven beyond doubt that the passengers were in fact directly involved in preventing the aircraft from crashing
into a government building. I submit that, just because someone dies tragically, that person should
not automatically be considered a 'hero'. I further submit that the passengers had little to do with the results, that the airline was either shot down or remotely controlled into crashing in a less populated location.There is as much proof for this scenerio as there is with the passenger/hero scenerio."
Now, I would consider debating Mr Abrams on the air about this, but he only gives you 20 seconds to get your point across, and he wastes most of those 20 seconds arguing semantics or going off into a dfferent tangent. There is no point in arguing with government employees.I really would have enjoyed saying as much as they would let me get away with, but I am left with the satisfaction that they asked.
O yeah, and today I finally cut myself from the Yahoo HP nonsense. Goodbye to all that.


Saw it on Prime Time Thursday.Freer wilderness therapy program for troubled teens This hippie brainwashing CULT needs to be stopped NOW.
They ABDUCT children with the PARENTS CONSENT and throw them into the wild, reconditioning them to act as their parent's wish, and ignoring the wishes of the child. THIS IS INCORRECT.
You DO NOT FORCE children to behave how you wish them to. A good parent LISTENS to their child,TALKS TO thier child, and does not give up the responsibility to some hippie CULT living in the woods to solve their problems.
Even if it means hunting them down in the wilderness where they practice their evil deeds, this must not be allowed to continue. You got a problem with your kid? TALK TO THEM. Don't throw them off to some loser hippies in the forest who are all too willing to tell them they are fucked up as long as said hippie losers are getting paid big bucks to do so.
I want to go hunt them down myself, it makes me that angry. I wrote a letter to the org stating such, will post the response here, assuming I get one.
Looks new, has potential: catch.com...(okay, after reviewing the archives, it's not so new, except to me.)
VERY cool navigation idea!TAOBOT.
Conclave Obscurum:bedazedly.
Another found flash game:Entegris.
Not sure if this actually works, but it's interesting:Mood Indicator.
Electo Air Hockey.
The future of fashion: TV on a T-shirt.
Quantum Wormholes could carry people.
Want to see life through the eyes of a child again? You need a hole in your head.
Somewhat fun:Cypress Hill Racing Game.

<---I suggest doing this before watching THIS.
kill some webcam gurls.
Gonna just put this here until she gets it together:DarkGypsy.

(Okay, I am assumig it's a she, but I really can't be sure, if the webcam doesn't lie.)
I am going through this little anxiety thing where I have to wonder of what I am attempting here is worth it.
Comments, please. Should I continue? All the counter tells me is that corporate spiders are monitoring me.
I'm working on gettin more exposure, and I go to other blogs all the time, read their stuff, ask them to read mine, but no one ever leaves comments, which makes me wonder if anyone visits at all. I know a few do....good friends they are. I want this to expand, to be big, to see lots of comments on the various things I and my partner post. I want others to post, I want real interaction here. I tried the tagboard, but no one ever used it. I see no real point in a guestbbook, though I could add it if it will increase response.
I see other blogs attempting the same thing I am, and I support them where I can. I think I just need to know if anyone is finding this site entertaining, useful, whatever.
Didn't feel much like posting today, or couldn't find much worth posting, either way........

This is weird, I can't figure out what the point is, though I didn't spend alot of time trying to figure it out......
This is kind of funny....virtual drinking buddy....
This is an okay bouncy ball game.....
Of course, this came from France....
sick, twisted, yet rather fun in a sick, twisted way..........
Still amused by this weird game....
and now for some Russian Roulette..........
I didn't set out to find games today, it just worked out that way............
Actual content tomorrow night possibly...............


Another fun game from the guy that made Mad Shark and Jet Game:capoeiragame.
we just may have to rent this when it comes out...
Jack's new movie


This game is hard! Shark Game.
Kinda hard, very fun: Jet Game.
Not too hard, kinda fun:Sheep Game.
Could be addicting: Acno.
Easy, mild fun:DodgeBall.
This is a strange one:anti-war game.
So many cool toys here:Future Horizons.
From the Onion:God diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.
Now I decided to speak with the silence.


Well, I did my best. It wasn't easy, being monday and all. But here's what I could find. Hope you appreciate it. Must go make lasagna now.
Time Travel For Beginners
Galactic Information Service.
Brain Candy Trivia.
For the Fark Forum:Scientology; UFO Cult Of Greed.
This one too: Atheists For Jesus.
and another: Thank you for Thinking.
Freaky Secrets Of The Presidency.
Asylum Eclectica
Trevor Brown Art Gallery
Adam Sandler's Website.
Bob Newhart's Website. Makes me kinda miss my dad, who was kinda like Bob.
Alternative English Dictionary
as well as Strange and Unusual Dictionaries.
See also the Disgusting Dictionary.
A site that looks too similar to Disinformation called Above Top Secret.
WTF??? TimeCube?
Bush's Secret War3
x-project Paranormal Magazine.
I posted this ages ago, here it is again:COincidence Design. Sooo wrong.
Also wrong, not because it's against religious dogmatic garbage, but that it is against nature.POP! First male pregnancy.
Oh, but ahhhhh. The Nori nasal passage cleaner!
This is pretty funny: Fucking Americans.
So is this, but I have a warped sense of humor: Weird Babies.
Equally humorous: The ErotiCat Gallery.
Could be useful, if even for a laugh: Ask-A-Witch.com
See also: How To Seduce A Goth Princess and 100 ways to confuse your room-mate.
Finally, the Top 10 Weirdest Things in Space.
The End.


Shhh. I got a great stock tip for ya.
Seriously. I must have one of those.