"Weird News, Truth, And Outright Lies"....Ratbit press
If you've got lots of time to waste, or can't afford a vaca~ Absurdistan
Colorful Asteroids Clone~ BELTER
Higher Ground presents "Tipper, Sound Off" Remix it by driving around collecting points.
Repost (from waaaay back)~Good Night Mr. Snoozleberg
Breath-taking, at least to me.......Jupiter, Io, and Shadow
Jolie goes for the throat
"Jolie is considering tackling the role of Linda Lovelace, the iconic '70s porn actress who starred in the infamous Deep Throat movie, reports Peoplenews.com."
via AbN.


"From the index below, click on an actress' name to see a list of movies in which she died, with a brief description of the death scene."
A still from the film as well.
Cool Idea~Breakout360


Pretty! ::Neon Lights::
(turn the sound up)
DAVID LYNCH.COM Dumbland~lives up to it's title.


Mother Teresa: god 'does not really exist'
Mother Teresa's Diary Reveals Her Crisis of Faith
this is Anne's site, she says it's a hobby, this artwork of her's~
Ai ~kitsuneko~ chan
Found this at Coolio's~ great portfolio, but I like that you can pick up the pedestrians and drop them!  Tongsville - the trip of a lifetime!
this is neat, it has a revolving stream of what they looked like over the years with many celebs to choose from...
InStyle.com: Transformations


While Blogger is down.....
Human Space Flight - NASA-TV
It's "live", but not raw footage, unfortunately. Still, the view is splendid!
Nice 3-D Game~Risky Whiskey, though I drove around like I had consumed the product....
And then there's this gameSteppenwolf~ Very nice design, but quite difficult so will have to come back to it later.
Meanwhile, an easier, winter game Mt. Runamuk.
This is rather hypnotic...
My authentic "Indian" name is Dudley Animatronic Goat. Wonder what my Authentic Native American name is...get your own.
Human Space Flight - NASA-TV
It's "live", but not raw footage, unfortunately. Still, the view is splendid!


My Toes And Toe Fun via Everlasting Blort.
(You'd think since I visit there every day for the past year and pinch links from them, they'd link me, but nOoOo.)


Great Wallpapers! Psychedelic Republicans--"The link between regular use of acid and becoming republican is apparently obvious."
TrishaStar.com The Future Of Hair.
Quick review~
Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones
People tend to be overcritical of SW movies, I think. I loved it! The background scenes, the sounds of the vehicles, the battles....so much eye-candy! Okay, so the love story was a little stiff and contrived. I think it's the best one of the series so far. Sub-plot points covered, and the Yoda scene was gorgeous, too bad it was so short.
Reign Of Fire.
Good story, good acting, not enough dragons. And they were not smarter than humans. The ending was anti-climactic. Tomorrow is Men In Black II.
There's some cool stuff in here~ Vintage Looks - Retro Clothes, Furniture and More!