In response to an article that RWN wrote, called Does Ashcroft's "Camp Plan" Actually Exist?, I did some research and wrote an article of my own.
(Does it exist? Yes it does, but Ashcroft didn't create it.)
Open Letter To World Trade Center Investigators.
"The evidence is now compelling - the twin towers were BLOWN off their feet. The plane crashes and fires were but secondary distractions to the main event. The towers were literally "blasted" off their footings at the beginning, and during the first phase, of their respective collapses.
The fact that the towers were seen "jumping" immediately before the collapse is documented on film by a helicopter camera that witnessed that event. Massive explosions deep in the basements of the WTC towers clearly lifted - and dropped - the massive structures from their bases 70 feet below the surface.
The basement explosions that detached the central support columns from the bed rock, and dropped the towers, left extremely hot pools of molten steel (1535+ degrees Celsius), which persisted for days in the lowest basements (-7 level), and clear seismic tracks - that have yet to be explained.
However, the seismic evidence is quite clear: There were massive (and unexplained) releases of energy causing 2.1 and 2.3 magnitude earthquakes before ANY debris even hit the ground."

Replace The Face. Find out how band names originated. An example: BEASTIE BOYS
'Beastie' is an acronym for 'Boys Entering Anarchistic States Toward Internal Excellence'.
I wonder, however, what inspired the title of the song "Cookie Puss".
And another: CHEAP TRICK
They asked a Ouiji board what they should call their band.
Found at Ends Of The Earth.

Fascinating:Swedish Scientists Find Schizophrenia Clue. The scientists have found a tiny, mysterious particle in the spinal marrow fluid which may be a new form of life and which could help explain the cause of schizophrenia.
Found at the CrackBaby.
Ah, The Lexicon Of Spawn. "Some of the words defined as 'child' or 'baby' can be used interchangeably. Others cannot. A shreikling might be either a baby or a toddler, for instance, but an anklebiter is most likely a toddler and a crib lizard a baby.The definition here indicates the most common usage, but let context be your guide."

Via Catch.
Busy3 makes a good point (actually, 2 good points) in an entry called Distinguished in the field of evil, regarding an article in the New Republic, in which it is said "What is it, then, about the villain in Baghdad that should provoke the United States to rid the world of him? One spectacular thing: He is the only leader in the world with weapons of mass destruction who has used them. He used them against Iranian troops and against Kurdish civilians. This is what makes Saddam Hussein so distinguished in the field of evil."

Busy3 says this about himself: "There are two kinds of people in the world, those who divide people into two kinds and those who don't. I don't." Great Statement, Great Site. In the comments, I found another informative site called VanitySite.net whose author appears to be from Oregon. There, I found a well-written article called Who is Ann Coulter? And Why? and much much more. But where's your Blog Proper, Zizka? I would Roll it....

Scientists agree world faces mass extinction.The complex web of life on Earth, what scientists call "biodiversity," is in serious trouble. Most scientists agree that human activity is causing rapid deterioration in biodiversity. Expanding human settlements, logging,(Butch wants remove logging restrictions in US forests to "prevent forest fires") mining, agriculture and pollution are destroying ecosystems, upsetting nature's balance and driving many species to extinction.
I have high friends in places
What a Great Idea!
Found at SE.


Interesting site that explores apocalyptic scenerios from the present to the distant future: Exit Mundi.
coulterann2002febfixed.jpg"My only regret with Timothy McVeigh is he did not go to the New York Times Building." Ann "Botox-On-The-Brain" Coulter
Yes, she really did say that. And you'll notice, of course, that she said "ONLY regret."
Battleground God. I did well until the final few questions...it told me to seriously reconsider my thoughts about God.......
Here's an image that took me by surprise......slight sensitivity warning.
White America
Mathers is somewhat humorous sometimes, but I don't really care for that genre of "music". This "song", however, is actually pretty good, in that he only minimally boasts about himself, a significant divergence from his usual "style". There is an actual message, though he wimps out at the end, showing that he indeed does fear criticism from the general public, ala George Michael. The video's animation is entertaining.
Via LinkFilter.
Salon.com News | Too hot to handle. "Behind the brave face of selfless heroic deeds, now almost uniform agreement has emerged within the fire-service community that the FDNY's rescue effort on Sept. 11 was seriously flawed and that perhaps dozens, if not hundreds, of firefighters died unnecessarily when the twin towers collapsed."
The Pitch | Feminine High Jinks. A Raymore man says women are all aquiver for his cramp-quelling tampon.
Note To Self: Send this to RWN. Daily Summit.net"
Nice blog from Johannesburg.
A little late, but gonna send this to Sheyn

Via Presurfer.
Now this is interesting! Remember when the Bush Admin said they had no way of knowing that terrorists would fly planes into buildings?
Agency Was to Crash Plane on 9/11."In what the government describes as a bizarre coincidence, one U.S. intelligence agency was planning an exercise last Sept. 11 in which an errant aircraft would crash into one of its buildings. But the cause wasn't terrorism ? it was to be a simulated accident."
Okay, so it wasn't to be a simulated terrorist attack, but I look at it this way: on 9/11, the military was taken completely by surprise, scrambling jets after it was far too late. So I don't blame the CIA and FBI so much as I blame our own military for not being prepared. These people are trained and paid to protect this country, and with such a thing called "military intelligence", they couldn't contemplate and provide for this scenerio, even though there was a precedent of terrorists attempting to highjack planes for the sole purpose of crashing them into buildings?? Even if the planes were just plain highjacked on 9/11, their lack of expedience was abysmal, proving they weren't even prepared for THAT contingency. I imagine that if the terrorists had planned it out just a little better, much more damage would have been inflicted on this country.
The true horror of 9/11 is that the military was negligent in protecting the US. And this is why right-wingers want blood. Humiliation is a hard pill to swallow.

I want to make something perfectly clear. I am not against the ouster of Hussein, nor am I against the toppling of the Saudi Kingdom. Both must go. Especially Saudi Arabia for it's complicity in the events of 9/11. But the Bush Admin was good buddies with the Sauds just last week, until the lawsuit against them was filed by survivors of the victims. There are reasons why other countries aren't backing the US in a pre-emptive attack, and we should listen to those reasons before dismissing them out of hand for the sake of Pride. Personally, but for the tremendous loss of innocent lives in Iraq, I am all for bringing both regimes down. I just do not trust Bush or his administration. I believe it's a matter of Control rather than a percieved defensive strategy. It's the RIght Idea, but for the Wrong Reasons, and this is what the rest of the world is saying.
Dammit, I wanted to steer clear of political posts today!
Interesting article I found on Fark, of all places: If life is just a game, who's the programmer? "Civilisation will one day simulate consciousness - if it hasn't already - and then go on to simulate universes for artificial consciousness to inhabit. 'If the last possibility is true, then it could already have happened and we are almost certainly living in a simulation,' Dr Bostrom said, estimating the probability at 'about 20-25 per cent'."
I also learned from this article that there is another sequel to The Matrix besides Reloaded, called Revolutions, both filmed back to back.


Mondays and I share an interest in the Art of Invisiblity, so this is especially for him; however I would like to hear if it works for you.

Hold up left index finger with nail facing you.
Grasp it with right hand.
Pinch the index nail with right hand thumb nail.
Breathe in 4 times.. then 2.. then 2.. poof you are invisible..
I heard about it on the AB, and so far I've been unsuccessful, which is too bad because the method I normally use takes longer. Perhaps more practice...........
This is cool. Build your own city.
City Builder

Found at The Chump.
Bush Unveils Plan to Fight Wildfires~ by making it easier for timber companies to get approval to cut down more trees in national forests. Seriously.
I don't even know why it's called a "fire season"- almost all of the fires this year were started by negligent or vengeful humans.
From The Inbox, which I think is an excellent response to this: Truckin' With The President."Those of you who aren't from Texas or a similarly manly state may not appreciate this story in its fullness, but in Bush you have a genuine guy. Not some lip-biting, pain-feeling liberal, not some mamby-pamby we-coulda-got-Usama-but-he-wasn't-home idiot, not some aw shucks peanut farming buffoon, but a real live guy running the show. And thank God for it."

The latest ploy to drive the Taliban and Al Queda out of the mountains of Afghanistan is to send in a team of Texas Special Forces.

Billy Bob, Bubba, Boo, Scooter, and Cooter are being sent in with the following information about the Taliban:

1. There is no limit.
2. The season opened last weekend.
3. They taste just like chicken.
4. They don't like beer, pickup trucks, country music, or Jesus.
5. Some are queer.
6. They don't like barbeque.
7. They were responsible for Dale Earnhardt's death.

Should be over in just about a week don't you think?


Saudi Arabia: The Sarajevo of the 21st Century."Why was Saudi Arabia not a focus of U.S. action and serious media attention in the immediate aftermath of Sept. 11 even though there were so many obvious connections?"
"Osama Bin Laden is a Saudi. Fifteen of the 9-11 hijackers were Saudi. There has been an obvious and clear financial trail showing Saudi support for the Al Qaeda. In fact, as has recently been noted by French author and former intelligence officer Jean Charles Brisard in his book, "The Forbidden Truth," the financial support network of Al Qaeda is a virtual cut-and-paste reincarnation of BCCI, a Pakistani bank known for terrorist, drug, and CIA connections in the 1980s.After months of strenuous and repeated assertions by the Bush Administration that Saudi Arabia was a key ally in the war on terror, that they were loyal and trusted partners in U.S.-led efforts, someone has suddenly turned on the tap for anti-Saudi propaganda and the mainstream media are eating it up. "
WishList Item?Create-A-Mate.
Link Via The Yummy Wakamers.
helium.gifThis is funny. I do this with with my action figures. I have over one hundred of them, probably more, I've never bothered to count them all. I should take a webcam pic to prove it.In fact, after I'm done looking through my links, maybe while Idol is on, I will set up as many as I can and take a picture for you. Would you like that? But I am NOT going to take out the ones in the box.
Link Via E~Blort.
Stripperella "'Stripperella,' based on Pamela Anderson and voiced by the actress, will be part of TNN's new lineup of mature-audience cartoons, beginning next April.In addition to uncanny limberness, the buxom heroine will have a host of special crime-fighting abilities. Her 'hair-a-chute' is a 'do that allows her to float to safety from great heights. And her patented move, known as 'scissor-ella,' involves squeezing someone's head with her thighs until he's unconscious.The show's creators have also given her some handy 'gadgets,' like a lie-detecting chest (put your hands on it and she knows if you're telling the truth) and an under-the-tongue scanner (she can lick anything to send a digitally captured image back to the computer). We're not making this stuff up. Honest."
They forgot the Power Of STD.
Link found at several weblogs, but I preferred Jimmy's Post. "(Who am I kidding? I'll be watching this crap...I'm shallow.)" I'm with you, Jimmy. Pamela as a cartoon can only be an improvement.
Working on perfecting my Christopher Walken impression. Link Via Coolio.

Christianity In ChocolateFunny thing about this, it ISN'T a parody site.
Mmm. Communion Boy Lollypop.
See? Depravity isn't reserved only for catholics.
Link via CrackBaby.
Blogatelle reports that No Doubt has a group weblog. I'll refrain from criticizing the site design however, for obvious reasons.(as in the CP layout kinda sucks.)
Animus Morbus
Astonished Head posts a great article about the demise of Abu Nidal and coins the appropriate phrase "Monkey Mind" to describe the violent actions of humans. It reminded me of a post I had read on another weblog about Jane Goodall's discovery of chimp troops attacking another community of chimps in a fashion that eerily resembled human behavior; walking silently in a straight line, careful not to step on branches that would betray their intentions, attacking quickly and brutally as a team.
Or how one chimp learned from another how to beat a female chimp with a stick for no good reason.
It would appear that the Elohim were not capable of ablegating those particular genes from their Experiment.
bonoboRelated:Chimps Are Cultured Creatures.
Also Violent Chimps. "Wrangham's theory is that human civilization would be more civilized if women seized more political power through elections and used it to counterbalance the male instinct to constantly define enemies and attack them. To make this advance, however, women must first abandon a tendency they share with female chimpanzees: to reward and select aggressive males as their mates........they crept silently into the territory of a neighboring group and hid until they saw a lone chimp. Screaming with excitement, they would ambush the victim, hold him immobile and beat him to death, sometimes twisting the victim's leg until the muscles ripped, or tearing off flaps of skin while he was still alive. In one well-documented case in Tanzania, a group of male chimpanzees used such ambushes to eliminate a whole band of neighbors."

Then there's this interesting bit at the closing of the article: "Although bonobo males are occasionally aggressive, they are usually discouraged from killing or raping by tight-knit bands of females that gang up on and attack aggressive males. The glue for these closely bonded groups of females is regular female-to-female, missionary-position sex, Wrangham writes. Such female-to-female sexual bonding is thought to be unique in the nonhuman animal world."

I found this (Genesis 6 Giants) at AbN,which had also been tucked away in my Spirit Links, but I haven't been there in awhile. The main page is mostly a book-plug, but I did rediscover this A~Z research section that has fascinating articles:Steve Quayle. The first entry that caught my eye: "Scientists in India are turning to an ancient book to find what they believe could be the key to more effective stealth warfare. It offers tips on how to become invisible, methods to induce madness in the enemy and contains a special prescription that purports to endow soldiers with night vision. According to a report in Pragati newspaper, it says soldiers fed with a single meal of herbs and clarified butter can stay hungry for an entire month without feeling tired."

Female Desperation
NSFW. Someone once said "Life Is But A Dream." This can have many interpretations, one of which is "If it can be imagined, it will invariably be fantasized about." Feel free to tell us about your particular fetish in the comments......
Link Via Sensible Erection *also NSFW*
Giant Robot Insects
DARPA-Funded ProjectSome news sites and blogs are talking about this: India calls in X-Files agents to unmask face-scratching alien. "A mysterious flying object said to attack sleeping villagers has sparked mass hysteria and rioting across the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Police shot dead one man and injured 12 others when a mob of hundreds stormed the police station in Barabanki, demanding protection against what they believe is an alien assailant terrorising villages.
The MicroFlyThe object, described as a flying sphere emitting red and blue light, is said to strike in the middle of the night, leaving victims with burns or scratches on their faces and limbs, and earning it the name the muhnochwa (face-scratcher)."

But I wonder if any of them have come across this? Indian Official Says 'Muhnochwa' Is Tech Developed Insect."A top police official has said that the mysterious creature, which has terrorized some areas of Uttar Pradesh, is a 'technologically developed special insect spread by 'anti-national elements', a top police official said on August 18. They had recently claimed that such an insect, which emits red light from its eyes and blue from its rear, was killed at Barabanki, and that it was in fact 'Muhnochwa'."

Meanwhile, scientists claim to have solved the mystery, saying "'It is a three-and-a-half-inch-long winged insect that leaves rashes and superficial wounds" and "ball-lightning caused by dry conditions in the drought-hit state."
More wondering, is there any connection toGiant grasshoppers ravaging Central Florida?"Monstrous grasshoppers -- too nasty-tempered and toxic to be eaten by natural predators and too big to be bothered by conventional pesticides -- are on the rampage in Central Florida this summer."
Sure, it's a known species, but don't forget, Vanderbilt University Engineers Develop Robotic Insects "which will have applications for military and intelligence-gathering missions." The Brits did it too, which have a number of applications, "such as looking for real insects, inspection of pipes, espionage and environmental checks."

robotbugInteresting side note, I came upon all that while reading a fascinating time-travel story regarding Rudolph Fentz, a man who appeared suddenly on the streets of New York City in 1950, bearing the property and identity of a man who had vanished in 1876. What has this to do with Giant Robot Insects? If you figure it out, please tell me.

Venus ProjectI quoted a paragraph from here, that included this sentence:"Never mind that earth-friendly technology already exists to once and for all end dependence on oil, coal and nuclear energy from huge, out-of-control utilities and corporations."
That was all that was said in the entire article that alluded to alternative energy, yet a CP guest asks this:
" where is all this "earth-friendly" technology you seemed convinced is kept under wraps? i trust you still travel by horse and buggy... enjoy a good book by candle light in the evening... hmmm? i thought not, sobeit"
For fun, I looked through my archives to find any entry where I claimed "earth-friendly technology is under wraps. Of this, I am convinced." I make alot of other wild claims, not not that particular one, so I can only assume "Jabo" didn't read the article. Fair enough; I'm used to knee-jerk reactions from the uninformed, but I DID mention in my reply that there's a link in my archives for a site devoted to just that,implemented into an entire proposed civilization, but was too laz...busy to look for it. Well, I Found It.
"In the future, as refinements in conversion technologies increase its feasibility, geothermal energy will come to take on a more prominent role. Readily available in various geographical regions throughout the world, both on land and under the sea, this energy source alone could provide enough clean energy for the next thousand years."
Look around, then come back and tell me you wouldn't rather live there...


Saudis withdraw billions of dollars from US."Disgruntled Saudis have pulled tens of billions of dollars out of the US, signalling a deep alienation from America.
One analyst said the total funds withdrawn by individual investors amount to $200bn. Other bankers put the figure nearer to $100bn.
The US-Saudi alliance was put under severe strain after September 11, when 15 of the aeroplanes' 19 hijackers were Saudi nationals."
And.......is this bad news?
Via The WWR.
Vinny at Insignificant Thoughts (which are ironically very significant indeed) suggests we visit Astonished Head. I did, and It Was Good. I especially liked this entry, titled "Return Of The Gods." AH is now in the BlogRoll; thanks Vinny.
Terrorism and democracy: Do they go together? "The United States, in fact, is so good at conducting terrorism that we have a school to teach others how to do it. And after we train terrorist regimes, we arm them to abet the crimes they engage in. Many nations on our current terrorist list were once client states of the School of the Americas and bonanza markets for U.S. arms merchants.
Mass punishment, indiscriminate strafing from helicopter gunships, shelling villages with tanks, rocket attacks and assassinations are but some of the examples of terrorist acts committed by those trained and armed by the U.S. When this is done by regimes we no longer favor, it's called despotic terrorism. When our friends do it, especially Israel, we rationalize it as self-defense."

Strange Silence Surrounds Amazing Crop Formation Discovered August 15th
"Yes it would be much more comfortable to discard it as a hoax, a clever promotional scam by a Hollywood studio. Yes it would be much easier not to investigate further so as not to be confronted by the possibly disturbing facts.
However, even if this formation were hoaxed, the sheer beauty, complexity and scale of this artwork certainly deserve world recognition as one of the most amazing and original masterpieces ever created.
Then how can we explain the very unusual silence in the media? Why is there no mention of these outstanding patterns- even if relegated to the art section? And whom does the cover-up benefit?
Those who silenced Galileo and burned Jordano Bruno at the stake for publicly claiming the existence of extra-terrestrial life would be delighted to discover how the media, political and religious powers operate today."
Lots more pictures here.

They Let It Happen On Purpose! 9/11 The final Dots - Top 20 LIHOP Suspects. "In these articles, you come across a great many similar reports about the same 20 people, all of whom seem to be connected in some way with both of the attacks. Even if they were not directly involved, these coincidences look very strange to you. Some among these people are also connected with each other, as well as having ties to both of the attacks and to cities and places which are also tied to both attacks."

I have run across this article at Unknown News at least twice, but for some reason I didn't bother to read it, probably because it's quite long, and as an American, my attention span doesn't allow for more than a few paragraphs. But I found it again at Peat's (C'Mon Peat, pick a title and stick with it!) and this time decided to read it. I recommend you do as well. As an aside, Bush isn't in the top 20 suspects.

From Coolio

See Also HyperJet.
Rumsfeld key player in Iraq policy shift. "The new information on the policy shift toward Iraq, and Rumsfeld?s role in it, comes as The New York Times reported Sunday that United States gave Iraq vital battle-planning help during its war with Iran as part of a secret program under President Reagan ? even though U.S. intelligence agencies knew the Iraqis would unleash chemical weapons."
I've been checking my favorite right-wing blogs. Strangely, this story is nowhere to be found on any of them.
See Also Technicolor.org
I was greatly saddened today to find out that one of the world's great photographers died last week. His photography has inspired me for many years although I always knew I could never ascend to his level. One of his passions was capturing "alpen glow", that peculiar magical colored light that happens around mountains at sunrise & sunset. I didn't even realize his wife was incredibley talented as well...
Mountain Light Photography (Galen and Barbara Rowell)


Oh, Come On. These questions are too easy! The Ten Million Dollar Test.
For ten million dollars, would you cutYES.
For ten million dollars, would you agree to test an experimental drugYES.
For ten million dollars, would you play a part in a porn movieYES.. This is 10mil, people.
For ten million dollars, you HAVE toALL THREE.
Okay, five is tougher. I would only choose one of the options.
For ten million dollars, would you get a sex change? Um. Sure. Life is short, I spent 30+ years as a man...
For ten million dollars, would you cut off your finger? I've got nine others.
For ten million dollars, would you have sex in a place of worship? I would do this for free.
For ten million dollars would you give false testimony...this is just a plain stupid question.
For ten million dollars, would you spend an entire day manning a kissing booth in a maximum security prison? This is a trick question,so yes.
Score 80-100. (How does one get 100??)
"Wow! You would do just about anything to get your hands on ten million dollars. You could put your integrity and self-respect aside(good thing I already sold those off), and maybe even hurt a few other people along the way, just to roll in the dough.(They would do it to me for less, and really, considering the questions, no one is getting hurt) You likely think that money would buy happiness, or at least make life so fabulous that it's worth risking your own skin to get.(Money may not buy happiness, but it DOES buy good food, comfortable housing,and cool toys. Skin? What with science today and good investments, I intend to buy New Skin.) Although these are all hypothetical situations and the odds are slim that you will ever be presented with such opportunities, you might want to reconsider your greedy nature. It's not very pretty."
Gotta read their blogs. Fuckin Hilarious. Seems like english at first.....
I want to know why Yahweh felt compelled to descend upon Babylon and confound. Really, is there a damn good reason for it? Did it make things better for humans, or worse? Before, everyone spoke the same language and got along fine.Yawn...... No. Let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech. And just for fun, Let's scatter them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth. See? Look how confused they are. Look how they fight because they can't understand each other. That's much more entertaining.
"The case against war on Iraq. The Bush administration's plan for preemptive war against Iraq so flagrantly violates both international law and common morality that we need a real national debate.
The discussion should begin with the recognition that an attack on Iraq would constitute an attack on the Charter of the United Nations, since the United States would then be in violation of several provisions, beginning with Article 1, Section 4, which states: 'All members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state... '''

It is obvious to me, from many chatroom discussions and from reading many pro-war blogs, that most Americans, most notably the Right, just don't care about the United Nations, or international law. There is a pervading sentiment of Revenge, along with an underlying feeling of being humiliated by A)being attacked on 9/11 unprepared and B) being largely ignorant to the goings-on outside of US borders. The war on "terror" does not satisfy the need for retribution as it doesn't provide immediate visual gratification the way the Gulf War did.
OBL is still at large, and Americans are getting frustrated and anxious to punish somebody, anybody. Not to mention that US citizens are force-fed a military ideology from birth, and though it's more subtle than countries they don't understand or have never heard of, they can still taste blood, and still feel the adrenaline rush, though vicariously, when so-called justice is served by way of extreme violence.

Alien Resistance.orgThis is an intruiging article (click the pic) on the history and mythology of the 1947 UFO crash in Roswell, NM. It presents a theory that connects the incident to Operation Paperclip ( a formerly classified Top Secret project in which the American government imported 126 German scientists after WWII ) , which was in full swing at the time. The evidence for this theory is compelling, and far more plausible than the popular (and profitable) extraterrestial theory. It essentially asserts that the US government orchestrated and perpetuated the "alien saucer" ideology from the get-go, because the truth was much more horrific. 'The general public would be outraged - especially in Post WWII America - that in a matter of months, we were bringing these scientists to the states. No amount of spin-doctoring could have made this situation acceptable to those who had lost sons fighting German soldiers.'
I've submitted this to several multi-user blogs, so far 2 have posted it.
Update: All have posted the link escept Fark. Figures.
Something else I want to take time reading, history and speculation of The Book of Enoch
AlienResistance.org Roswell 1947 UFO crash, Nazi UFOs & Operartion Paperclip,Progeria.... I post this because Michael Heiser is on the AB tonight, and has a fascinating theory about the Nazi scientists brought to America after WWII to work on secret projects and a connection to the Roswell UFO crash of 1947. He is also a scholar of ancient Hebrew and Semitic languages and civilizations (thus the Sitchin post below).
Heiser's best quote: "God is not a Vending Machine. You don't just utter phrases and expect the spirit world to deliver."


Placed to see the Fuss, so far, Yawns.The Bloggys
250 bucks to get into Burning Man?
Fuck That.

"You're afraid and uncertain. You don't know why America is so hated or how that hatred is likely to be manifested. You've heard lots of talk about biochemical threats, but you don't know the difference between anthrax and the measels. You know little about America's newest allies and even less about their leaders, like Russia's authoritarian, right-wing nutcase Vladimir Putin and whoever's in charge of China; after all, you never studied political science in school. You know the federal government is impotent, the CIA and FBI corrupt. The economy is a total mystery to you. You'd rather watch baseball and drink beer than keep up on politics. You feel lost.
Don't feel alone; I don't have a clue about any of this stuff, either. Go Yankees!
President George Bush, a fellow U.S. citizen"
Create Your Own Band
The Loyalties of George W. Bush."An examination of Mr. Bush's life story reveals clearly that he considers himself and his business cronies to be above law and ethics and morality, and his first priority is always to help himself and his friends make money. Little matters like building a financially sound business as a CEO or looking out for the people of Texas while he was governor were way down his list. Bush's first loyalties are not to the People, his state, his country, his religion, or his principles; his first loyalties are to his connections.
And some of those connections are named bin Laden."
Via The Maha Blog.

Officers Say U.S. Aided Iraq in War Despite Use of Gas. "WASHINGTON, Aug. 17 - A covert American program during the Reagan administration provided Iraq with critical battle planning assistance at a time when American intelligence agencies knew that Iraqi commanders would employ chemical weapons in waging the decisive battles of the Iran-Iraq war, according to senior military officers with direct knowledge of the program.The covert program was carried out at a time when President Reagan's top aides, including Secretary of State George P. Shultz, Defense Secretary Frank C. Carlucci and Gen. Colin L. Powell, then the national security adviser, were publicly condemning Iraq for its use of poison gas, especially after Iraq attacked Kurds in Halabja in March 1988."
Related;From Slate, 1998: "The Paris daily newspaper Le Figaro led Thursday with the revelation that both the United States and France had supplied Iraq with strains of the anthrax bacillus in the mid-1980s, just when Saddam Hussein was starting the production of biological weapons. It said that the American Type Culture Collection in Rockville, Md., and the Pasteur Institute in Paris had responded favorably to Iraqi requests for the bacillus for research purposes. Britain, which was also approached, had refused to help, it said."

From AbN, some fun shockwave and flash games. Good luck trying to read the directions, though. But the cool thing is, "if you don't like it, just leave...."