Interesting~ my next birthday is coming up.......Tues, Mar 25, on Mercury. I will be 155 years old.
Your Age On Other Worlds
Times Online IRAQI conscripts shot their own officers in the chest yesterday to avoid a fruitless fight over the oil terminals at al-Faw. British soldiers from 40 Commando’s Charlie Company found a bunker full of the dead officers, with spent shells from an AK47 rifle around them.
Stuck between the US Seals and the Royal Marines, whom they did not want to fight, and a regime that would kill them if they refused, it was the conscripts’ only way out.
frontline: the war behind closed doors: chronology - the evolution of the bush doctrine | PBS
A war with Iraq to oust Saddam Hussein would be the first test case in the Bush administration's larger strategy for projecting U.S. power and influence in the post-Cold War world. Here's an overview of the people, the events, the major statements, and the policy battles behind what's become known as the Bush Doctrine.
Planning for martial law?
Civil libertarians say the Bush administration may give the military scary new police powers in its secret planning for a bunker-based, post-disaster shadow government.
Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Mutant gene 'sparked art and culture'
A tiny mutation in a gene common to mammals may have changed the destiny of humanity. The gene, foxp2 - identified by British researchers two years ago - could have been the switch that lit up art, culture and social behaviour in Homo sapiens 50,000 years ago.

So it wasn't a superior race of aliens after all.........
Support These Troops?
Yesyes, with mischievous grins.
Photoshop Contest~
What If The US Loses? Culture if the USA loses to Iraq, which of course it won't.
ajc.com | Opinion | Bush's real goal in Iraq
"This war is intended to mark the official emergence of the United States as a full-fledged global empire, seizing sole responsibility and authority as planetary policeman. It would be the culmination of a plan 10 years or more in the making, carried out by those who believe the United States must seize the opportunity for global domination, even if it means becoming the 'American imperialists' that our enemies always claimed we were.
Once that is understood, other mysteries solve themselves. For example, why does the administration seem unconcerned about an exit strategy from Iraq once Saddam is toppled?

Because we won't be leaving. Having conquered Iraq, the United States will create permanent military bases in that country from which to dominate the Middle East, including neighboring Iran.

Among the architects of this would-be American Empire are a group of brilliant and powerful people who now hold key positions in the Bush administration: They envision the creation and enforcement of what they call a worldwide 'Pax Americana,' or American peace. But so far, the American people have not appreciated the true extent of that ambition."

I watched a documentary the other night on what has brought to this point in history, and though the above is a biased opinion, it is essentially true. The blueprintdoes indeed exist and says nothing about liberating any oppressed peoples.
Fox News Reports~
General Tommy Franks: "Saddam could have remained in power had he disarmed peacefully......."
thereby proving this is not about liberating Iraqis.
Bear with it-it's funny.
An open letter to President Bush from Jesus
"Yes my child, I have heard you. Many times I have spoken to you in return but your heart is hardened to my voice. Through the years you have asked me to grant you your wishes. I am not a genie. Why would you have me be a low spirit who would perform tricks at your request? I am Truth. Though I love you I can grant you nothing, not even the wisdom you plead for. Some are born with wisdom, some gain it through hard experience, but it cannot be bestowed."

Nor can Respect.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that Jesus didn't really say this. But if he existed, he might..
Networks Vow War Won't Disrupt Reality The major U.S. television networks are reassuring concerned viewers that a protracted war with Iraq will not interfere with regularly scheduled reality programming.

It better not pre-empt Friends neither.
And It Begins.....US to round up all Muslim and Arab asylum-seekers
"The United States has ordered the detention of all political asylum-seekers from a long list of Arab and Muslim countries, infuriating immigrant advocates who say it violates international human rights law.

The Department of Homeland Security announced the policy shift as part of its tightening of security in anticipation of a war with Iraq, codenamed Operation Liberty Shield. 'Asylum applications from nations where al-Qa'ida, al-Qa'ida sympathisers and other terrorist groups are known to have operated will be detained for the duration of their processing period,' the department said on Monday night. It described the initiative as temporary, 'reasonable and prudent'."

Except of course Saudi Arabia.

"The measure was denounced by human rights groups as discriminatory and counter-productive. They argued that anyone who wished harm against the United States would not voluntarily expose themselves by applying for asylum. "

Good point.

WTF is this??
Sans1ble Er4ktion
Am I in trouble for looking at this site?
First they capture him.......

Then they kill him.

(via Random Abstract)

I remember when another symbol of capitolism was killed. So maybe the anti-war are for the terrorists after all? Or is it because Ronald knowingly and covertly made over 50% of the US morbidly obese?
Mob Rule muthafukas.

Remember when Clinton was pResident?

Mystics Say Hidden Vault Contains Secret to World Peace
Believers, who are convinced the vault's location is revealed by codes in various places, say its contents have the power to bring a new and peaceful world order. They also say the vault and its contents were known to America's founding fathers, including Thomas Jefferson.
via post atomic.


Shock and Awe Begins--We Explain its Occult Meaning
"According to leading mythologist William Henry, Shock and Awe relates to the ancient Hebrew phrase Shak-In-Ah, meaning glory. Among ancient mystics, Shak-In-Ah was known as the power of the Ark of the Covenant."

Big Surprise there, huh??
No wonder news anchors keep repeating it over and over and over...........
Sprayed fields and home demolitions in 2002: A partial listing
"Bedouin who have cultivated their lands for generations find themselves under attack by the state - and their crops destroyed by herbicides."

While full-scale war is being waged against Iraq, I think it's important to keep a close eye on all the activities of the state that committed this act.
I don't trust them and I don't think I ever will.
Gary Hart: Code Red is coming
And what will happen with a Code Red?
Martial Law, that's what.
Suspension of the Constitution.
A permanent pResident.
There are two ways to look at life, I think~
Expect Nothing And Never Be Dissapointed.
Hope For The Best, Expect The Worst.
Stock up now my shiny friends.
Question~what happens when you threaten a Senator's life?
"Howard faces one felony count of threatening a constitutional officer, which carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $5,000 fine. Also, he is charged with misdemeanor counts of making a threatening phone call and of disorderly conduct.

Spearfish police informed the FBI, Secret Service and the Capitol Police of Howard's alleged threat. However, federal prosecutors are declining to prosecute Howard at this time, Supervisory Assistant U.S Attorney Bob Mandel of the U.S. Attorney's Office in Rapid City said."

I huess they are secretly hoping the next guy won't open his big mouth and get the job done before being caught.
WTF is UP with Mel Gibson's family?
"The actor's father, Hutton Gibson, told The New York Times he flatly rejected that the terrorist group led by Usama bin Laden had any role in the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon Sept. 11.
He and the actor's mother, Joye Gibson, also told The Times that the Holocaust was a fabrication manufactured to hide an arrangement between Adolf Hitler and 'financiers' to move Jews out of Germany to the Middle East to fight Arabs."

While I tend to agree with Mel's version of events in his new movie The Passion, his parents are.......waaaaaaaaay out there.
via Aberrant News.
Hair And Makeup are vital when you are about to announce war.
I hear the WH is pissed that this came out.
Why? Does it make our Cowboy look prissy?
Busy, Busy, Busy
"Despite George W. Bush's physical possession of the presidency, few believe that this loutish and obtuse pretender is actually calling many of the shots in his administration. So who's the real boss? Is it Rove? Cheney? A shifting coalition of convenience?
Who's in command?
We can now identify at least one of Bush's superiors, based on information recently revealed in this NY Times article:
During a White House planning session with his top military advisers late last month, President Bush turned to Gen. Richard B. Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, with a pressing question: How long would war with Iraq last?
But before General Myers could respond, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld put a hand on his arm and said, "Now, Dick, you don't want to answer that."

Is there any question of who's in charge here?
A man who can tell the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to ignore the (ostensible) Commander in Chief's direct request for information is a man in control. To him Bush is an inferior, whose order can be countermanded. Which means that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, described by no less an expert than Henry Kissinger as 'the most ruthless man I ever met', is the real President of the United States.

Or at least one of his bosses."

Potential new name for the soon-to-be conquered desert:

I must admit that as a business owner I'm apprehensive about expressing my opinions, whatever they may be, and at times I'm at least a little concerned that postings here could adversely affect our future & our future livelihood.
That being said I must now share what My precious sister in Canada sent me last night:
Mike's message, with it was a link to indymedia
I am very tired and only made it through M on my blogroll~I'll end this broadcasting day by saying that it seems Tony Blair is the only person even attempting honesty these days-that worries me.
Did you know about this?
GOP plan trims vets' benefits to fund tax cut
"With hundreds of thousands of American troops poised for combat in Iraq, veterans groups are criticizing a budget plan expected on the House floor this week that would slash Veterans Affairs money by $15 billion in the next decade to help make room for President Bush's proposed tax cuts."

Wonder how the troops in Iraq feel about this.
I suck at this, too~
The Lander
JunkYard Blog has what I would call a Moment Of Shininess......
"Obviously, there will be heightened public sensitivity to representations of war, soldiers, bombing, destruction of buildings and public unrest at home. The ITC Programme Code requires us not to broadcast material which offends against good taste or is offensive to public feeling. We therefore recommend that videos featuring the following are not shown at the moment:

war planes
riots and social unrest
other obviously sensitive material

Examples include:
System of a Down "Boom!" - anti-war video containing facts and figures about, amongst other things, the projected casualties in the war in Iraq.
Now is not the time for "facts"!
Aerosmith "Don't want to miss a thing" - contains footage from the film "Armageddon".
Now is not the time for fictional footage of meteors!

Okay, it might not really be censorship, since they are only "recommending" these program changes. I'd recommend avoiding Aerosmith under any circumstances, but never SOAD or RadioHead.....No!
But all B-52's videos? That's just silly.
Noticeably absent-Rage Against The Machine.
Maybe that one just goes without saying.
via STARE.
See what boycotting stupid things does to our own economy?
Worried U.S. potato growers promote 'American fries'

FYI: Food that is cut into strips is said to be "Frenched." Since French fries are strips of potato that have been fried, they became known as French fried potatoes, or "French fries."
The act of "frenching" fries probably originated in Belgium.
Last I heard, they also oppose war with Iraq, but I don't see anyone boycotting them.
And why isn't anyone boycotting exports from China?
Anyway, there is a distinct difference in taste between regular green beans and "french cut" green beans, and I will never eat the former unless I absolutely have to, nor will I call them "Freedom Cut" green beans.The cans we do have are reserved in our "apocalypse bin".
Have you ever had a friend who constantly asks to borrow money? Even when he knows you are having a rough spell as well? And even though he's never paid back the last several loans?
I could go on with a million "even though he"s.
"We did not complain to anyone about our situation. What do the Americans want from us?"
Iraqis don't buy US vow to target only army
"What is the point of shutting down," Zeid said. "I live in an area full of military installations that are going to be hit. I might as well come to work."
Oh, the mental image............
Fla. Woman Killed In Wood Chipper
A tree service worker died when she accidentally became caught in a wood chipper, police said. Her entire body passed through the machine.
I enjoted these games for a few minutes~JUNIOR | SENIOR


Heads Up!
55 days until the pole shift
6 days until Planet X is visible to the naked eye.....

Pole Shift Preparation home page
Okay, I suck at this~
Loop Racers
This may just be the best Gorey site yet!
In case anyone is interested in an Iraqi POV~
Where is Raed ?
Society For Barefoot Living
Ready for the Peace?
"Do most Americans understand that even as we are launching one of the most devastating air assaults in the history of warfare, private companies are lining up to reap the riches of rebuilding the very structures we're in the process of destroying?
Companies like Halliburton, Schlumberger and the Bechtel Group understand this conflict a heck of a lot better than most of the men and women who will fight and die in it, or the armchair patriots who'll be watching on CNN and cheering them on.
It's not unpatriotic to say that there are billions of dollars to be made in Iraq and that the gold rush is already under way. It's simply a matter of fact."
please update bookmarks and BlogRolls to http://www.indigoshadows.com/chapelperilous.html

This is the new Host. Better, Faster, Home.
I will be dumping my Brinkster account soon, so you might want to change it before that occurs.

Dear Oh-Livia~
WSWS: "Pentagon planners have projected the civilian death toll reaching the tens of thousands."
Brookings Institution:
"Scaling from previous conflicts, Iraqi troop losses might be expected to be as many as 50,000, though in the event of a quick defeat they might number far less. And Iraqi civilian deaths could number in the tens of thousands as well. Even careful bombing by the United States would produce large numbers of civilian casualties, given Saddam's likely decision to hole up in cities, using civilian populations as shields for his military forces."

CBS News:
"There will not be a safe place in Baghdad," said one Pentagon official.

"Reported intelligence estimates range from 10,000 to 100,000 Iraqi battlefield deaths, with civilian casualties put at 1,000 to 2,000."

That's pretty much all I found after a Google. The Pentagon doesn't really want to give an estimate of civilian casualties, least that's what I understand.

Olivia Ohlivia, there's nothin' I wouldn't give-a ya.......

From The Inbox
"What is it with you and this misunderstanding of the liberation of Kuwait?
Under a UN resolution, UN forces liberated Kuwait from Iraqi forces. You don?t like the word liberated? You think maybe we should have liberated Kuwaiti citizens from their own government? What is your point?"

This is, I assume, directed at the statememt I made earlier~ Shepard Smith said the 1991 campaign was to free the people of Kuwait~ I say no such thing occurred. The people of Kuwait are not free. Whether I think they should have been "liberated" is beside the point. It is an incorrect statement.
Kuwait, as a Gulf State, was liberated of invading Iraqi forces. The Kuwaitis themselves were not liberated, unless we are only counting the Family that owns Kuwait.
So I guess I'd prefer the statement to be literal and accurate.
I understand that we must appease some dictators in order to topple others, but that doesn't make the act any less distasteful, in my opinion.

"No Vampagan, the primary goal of this military campaign is not to liberate Iraqis ? NO ONE HAS SAID THAT."

This particular camgaign is called "Operation Iraqi Freedom".
I think that pretty much says it right there.

"As a result of the current war American forces will disarm Saddam AND liberate the Iraqi people who nearly everyone agrees (even cynical liberals) is a very, very bad man."

Agreed. That's why I have said over and over and over again~
Liberation will be Incidental.
It will be nice, sure. But I contend that it is mentioned only to project an image of compassion and, as you say, is not the primary goal of this incursion, nor the secondary goal, nor even really a goal.
Case in point: after 9/11/01 we went in to Afghanistan not to liberate Afghanis but to crush the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Had the events of that day never occurred, we'd still be doing business with the Taliban and there would be no liberation.
It was incidental, and many would argue hasn't yet occurred.

I understand it's unrealistic to expect the government to not put a spin on things to project an image of compassion and sympathy and humanitarianism, but when this was all planned in 2000 by the GOP "think tank", there was no mention of the Iraqi plight, nor of any desire to liberate them.
At the very least, it is a 'blueprint for maintaining global US pre-eminence, precluding the rise of a great power rival, and shaping the international security order in line with American principles and interests'.

So call it like it is~
"Operation Protect US Interests".
"Operation Maintain US Pre-Eminence".
or even
"Operation Enforce 1441".

Remember, I support this action.
I just don't trust BushCo., I don't think their motives are as altruistic as they would have us believe.
But in this particular case, I would say the end justifies the means, as dubious as they may be.
MicheLe points to Acerbia
Nice layout
Funny comic strip.
"Surrendering Iraqi squad dead ahead!"
"Prepare to liberate the living shit out them!"

Ah, a little levity is good for the soul.
This just in from "God"~
Leave Me Out of It!
"I don't bless one human over another, regardless of your silly little conflicts, You are all the same under the skin, and you are all part of Me. So please stop asking me to bless you while hoping I curse your enemy. I merely watch the Drama, I don't judge the performances.
I have left that up to you. I bless all humans,without condition. It is YOU who curse yourselves and others."
EDIT~(disclaimer: my own opinion, not actually "God".)
God doesn't bless America any more or less than It blesses Iraq. It merely observes, and laughs at the fact that we think It will actually intervene.
(That's just an opinion, too. Sorry if it offends you, but it's my blog,my opinions.)
Look at this picture at A Small Victory.
Tell me Iraq was involved in any of the instances of terrorism listed on that ship. You'll have to have proof, of course.
I'm for taking Saddam down, but let's not be ridiculously over-dramatic about it.
Please note that MicheLe merely points it out.
A commenter says
"The emphasis is not on whether Iraq had any involvement in the attacks listed in that photo. It's the idea of preventing any more attacks like those from taking place; and Iraq is a long-term threat when it comes to such.

And besides, Iraq has directly supported terrorists in killing Americans in Israel; the $35 million paid to suicide bombers' families is the equivalent of paying a gangster for a mob-hit."

I remember billions we give Israel annually and think the same thing.
Noticeably absent from that list is the notion of liberating Iraqis, or even why they are really there, to disarm Iraq.
The name for this conflict is called "Operation Iraqi Freedom" all the while at least 60,000 casualties, or "liberations" have been projected by the Pentagon.

This war must happen.
But I'm not willingly going to suffer this type of propaganda without saying something about it.
It's propaganda in that it is meant to instigate an emotion--one of revenge. This isn't about revenge, it's about de-fanging a brutal man. I personally hope 60,000 don't have to die just to catch one man.

We need to keep things in perspective, and not get over-emotional with thoughts of revenge for past atrocities that have thus far not been tied to Iraq.

What the caption should say~
To Disarm
To protect US Interests
To Show Strength by Example
Those are the only reasons we are in Iraq right now.

One more thing~ wouldn't "Operation Protect Multinational Corporation Interests" be a more realistic name for this war?
pirated-sites.com - Nice design. Haven't I seen it before?
If you have RealOne Arcade, which is a free download, you can play classic Sega games for free.


Is Iran Next? This Senate Resolution, Suggests It May Be.
K. We Gotta Lotta Work to do.
First Iraq, then Iran, then Saudi Arabia, then Syria, then Jordan, then Egypt, then Kuwait, then Sudan, then Pakistan, then all the little Stans, then Palestine, then Israel, then North Korea, then Liberia, then Libya, then Cuba, Ethiopia, Rhodesia, South Africa, Zaire, Morroco, Indonesia, Haiti, Argentina, Chile, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala,........whew.
The list goes on and on and on. I hope we're prepared for all this..........
Kind of a humorous read, actually~
Warmonger Explains War With Iraq To Peacenik
Aren't you supposed to be at work??
I do not support GW Bush, but I do support the troops he is sending into Iraq, therefore I intend to keep anti-Bush posts to the very minimum~only when really, really appropriate.
I still believe that this conflict wasn't/isn't/will never be about "liberating Iraqis". It's about protecting the US and it's interests in the region (Saudi Arabia and all the other dictatorships surrounding Iraq, and the commodity therein), enforcing UselessUN resolutions, finishing what was started a decade and some change ago, and a show of strength--that's it.
"Liberation", as I've said over and over, will only be incidental, and might not even occur at all.

Update~in keeping with my conviction not to post anything anti-Bush (at least for awhile), I will not address the many lies he just uttered in his brief speech to the nation.
I would like to note, however, that Sheperd Smith claims we went into Iraq in 1991 to liberate the people of Kuwait. We did no such thing-- the people of Kuwait were by no means liberated, only the desert they live on.
Here's the Crispin Glover cover of These Boots Are Made For Walking... to kick off WWIII at Zero Hour.
Interesting perspective~
Emperor Dubya Made the Case for US Regime Change
"If the charges the President made against Saddam Hussein in his speech to the nation last night are true, and such acts justify a forced regime change in Iraq, then George W. Bush's regime stands just as guilty on all counts, and ought to be changed as well.

Let's consider the President's charges against Hussein one by one."

Bush anything but moronic
"Bush is not an imbecile. He's not a puppet. I think that Bush is a sociopathic personality. I think he's incapable of empathy. He has an inordinate sense of his own entitlement, and he's a very skilled manipulator. And in all the snickering about his alleged idiocy, this is what a lot of people miss.

I call him the feel bad president, because he's all about punishment and death.
It would be a grave mistake to just play him for laughs."
Terror Alert Level

Which program will boast the most viewers tonight?
American Idol Elimination Round or Gulf War II?

A United States defence official has said moves to ban depleted uranium ammunition are just an attempt by America's enemies to blunt its military might. If war starts, tonnes of depleted uranium (DU) weapons are to be used by British and American tanks and by ground attack aircraft.

Colonel James Naughton of US Army Materiel Command said at a Pentagon briefing: "They want it to go away because we kicked the crap out of them,".

Depleted uranium, a by-product of uranium enrichment for nuclear weapons or nuclear reactors, is very dense, about 1.7 times heavier than lead, and not only very hard but unlike other materials is self-sharpening when it penetrates armour. Depleted uranium is mildly radioactive but the main health concern is that it is a heavy metal, potentially poisonous. The likelihood of absorbing it is increased significantly if a weapon has struck a target and exploded because the DU vaporises into a fine dust and can be inhaled.

The Iraqi authorities claim that DU is responsible for a marked increase in cancers from ammunition used in the Gulf War 12 years ago, and other conflicts. Some Gulf War veterans believe DU might have contributed to health problems they have suffered. And it has been blamed for a number of leukaemia cases among former Balkans peacekeepers.
Galleries of Stupid Animals
This would have been a pretty shiny cartoon if Nickelodeon hadn't pussed out~Constant Payne
In the tradition of Ren & Stimpy and Itchy & Scratchy, it's the Happy Tree Friends.
Watching them all right now. Hilarious.
I'll probably never be a drag queen, but if I were, a good name might be "Daffodil Pickle".
Turkey Shoot - How Bush made enemies of our allies
"Certainly, members of the Turkish parliament who voted against their own government in defiance of Washington have said that they did so in part as a reaction to the brusque demands of some members of the Bush team, especially Vice President Dick Cheney."
Proud ta B a Murkan
Anger against France leads to vandalism towards local woman
When Thomas took out the garbage Saturday morning, she saw red letters spray-painted on the garage door of her townhouse.
"Scum go back to France," it read.

Oh, and you'll never guess where!
"Scientists are furious that China hid a mysterious illness that raged there for months, preventing them from getting an early jump on the pneumonia-like disease that has affected hundreds."
Searching for life in outer space
"Using 4 million computers worldwide, scientists based at the University of California, Berkeley said that they have identified about 150 sources of possible signals from intelligent civilizations."


Moogirl asks a question way down on the page regarding Crispin Glover~
"pleeeease enlighten me on the affection for this guy? He's always struck me as sorta icky...what am I missing?"

And you've struck upon the answer~because he is sorta icky!
He's a Creepy Genius!
Go listen to his version of "Ben" and "These Boots Are Made For Walking".
Oh I lovelovelovelovelovelove that version!!!!
I'm not supposed to link directly to the file.
Go here to the bottom of the page, left hand side and download it from there.
I can think of four reasons to want to see Charlie's Angels~Full Throttle.
Video of a Skull and Bones Ritual
You know, the Bush Family Cult...........
Cheney and Perle To Go Down Like Ollie North?
And what? Squeak out of a federal prison term and get a TV show?
Since insignificant thoughts is #1 on Google for the phrase "I hate Tom Daschle", I want to be #1 on Google for this phrase~

I Hate Sean Hannity.

History News Network
"W has told more lies in just a little over two years than most two-term presidents. He lies about everything: the economy, the budget, and foreign policy. I'm trying to decide at this point if there's anything he does tell the truth about. Even W's supporters know he lies all the time. Or they certainly ought to by now."
“We don’t do body counts”
General Tommy Franks, US Central Command
Iraq Body Count is a Human Security project to establish an independent and comprehensive public database of civilian deaths in Iraq resulting directly from military actions by the USA and its allies in 2003. Results and totals are continually updated and made immediately available on this page and on various IBC counters which may be freely displayed on any website, where they will be automatically updated without further intervention."

There it is over in the links frame.
Ashcroft's America~
AP Protests FBI's Seizure of Package
"Government agencies opened a package mailed between two Associated Press reporters last September and seized a copy of an eight-year-old unclassified FBI lab report without obtaining a warrant or notifying the news agency."
CNN.com - Fake Iraq documents 'embarrassing' for U.S
Intelligence documents that U.S. and British governments said were strong evidence that Iraq was developing nuclear weapons have been dismissed as forgeries by U.N. weapons inspectors.

"It was the information that we had. We provided it. If that information is inaccurate, fine," Powell said on NBC's "Meet the Press" last Sunday.

Fine??? Hello? Forged documents as a case for war are "fine"??
Steve Martin.com
George Carlin.com
Joe Rogan.net
All three very humorous in their own way.
What an odd Gallery Collection I found at Attu's.
Message To Colonel Oliver North in Baghdad~
You just go ahead and stay right there, Big Guy.
Keep pretending you are a "journalist" (since you've shown your ability to lie, I guess that's qualification enough for Fox).
Probably a sno-cone's chance in christian hell that Hannity would want to join you........
Asylum for Bush
"Your troops await your order to attack. Special forces have been preparing the way for weeks. Devastating sanctions have been weakening Iraq for years.
But your plan to bring the world along on your pre-emptive attack has largely failed. The world knows it is not Saddam Hussein but the Iraqi people who will suffer and die in this war. Yet you've given your word that you'll follow through.
Recognizing the corner you have backed yourself into, we the undersigned graciously offer you a way out.
Just walk away and come to Canada.
There is no more painless way to accomplish the regime change the world is pulling for. To that end, we offer not only you but your entire family and all of your closest advisors asylum in Canada.
As your northern neighbour and famously loyal ally, we feel it our duty to assist you to the best of our ability in this matter. Of course, given your record, we cannot allow you to hold public office or seek employment in our oil industries or military during your exile. We hope you understand. But consider this: after meeting certain residency requirements, you and yours will be beneficiaries of our universal health care system and other aspects of our social safety net, should they be required."
Apology from Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks "As a concerned American citizen, I apologize to President Bush because my remark was disrespectful. I now realize that whoever holds that office should be treated with the utmost respect."

Respect is earned, not compulsory.
Bush is not qualified to be president of the USA.
And, despite my feeling that Saddam must go, Bush has yet to earn my respect.
NY Daily News - front - 27M to bag terrorist A captured Egyptian radical ratted out terror kingpin Khalid Shaikh Mohammed - but only after squeezing $27 million in reward money from American investigators, it was reported yesterday.

On other news, I really, really hate Everclear.
I should know, I've opened for them.
Just saying.
Wired News: Media Watchdogs Caught Napping "Given how timid most U.S. news organizations have been in challenging the White House position on Iraq, I'm not surprised if Americans are turning to foreign news services for a perspective on the conflict that goes beyond freedom fries."

American media is timid and right-wing at the same time.
I watch Fox because it is chock full of right-wing opinions.
"We Report Our Side". or something like that.
It is the truth that American media is more concerned with power and wealth than seeking the Truth.
Wow. Tell us how you really feel, Jim.
jimgoad.com /// nuclear moron~he can't even pronounce it right.
"All that George Jr.'s presidency has proven thus far is that you can be dumb as a tree stump and do mountains of cocaine, and you can STILL become president if you're rich as fuck and willing to tell lies while smiling."
Jim Goad's of Portland.
Obviously Oil
"What commodity accounts for 83 percent of total exports from the Persian Gulf?
What is the U.S. protecting with our permanent deployment of about 25,000 military personnel, 6 fighter squadrons, 6 bomber squadrons, 13 air control and reconnaissance squadrons, one aircraft carrier battle group, and one amphibious ready group based at 11 military installations in the countries of the Persian Gulf? (Note, the disproportionate troop deployments in the Middle East aren't there to protect the people, who constitute only 2 percent of the world population.)

What was Iraq's number one export when the U.S. made an alliance with Saddam Hussein, sold him biological and chemical weapons agents, and then did not object when he gassed his own people?

For what major Iraqi resource has Saddam Hussein denied contracts with the largest U.S. and U.K. multinational companies? (Note, those companies are the #2 (ExxonMobil), #4 (BP-Amoco), #8 (Shell) and #14 (ChevronTexaco) largest companies in the world, and the Bush Administration has been known to listen when large energy corporations speak.)

For what Iraqi resource did French and Russian multinational companies receive lucrative contracts from Saddam Hussein? What valuable commodity does one reprehensible, megalomaniacal tyrant (Saddam Hussein) control that another reprehensible, megalomaniacal tyrant (Kim Chong-il) does not?

How do the White House and State Department plan to pay for a post-Saddam occupation and reconstruction?"

Monkey Hot or Not?
Just like Original Hot Or Not, but with better-looking monkeys.
Janeane Garofalo, Concerned American Citizen and Patriot
"I think there's a lot of skepticism worldwide about the motives of this incursion into Iraq. I don't think people are buying the fact that it's for human rights and it's for democracy, because the American government is traditionally very inconsistent on who it chooses to cite for violations of human rights."

I just like Janeane, okay??
onegoodmove: I thought these things might be clues
"Do Americans who act as human shields, in places like the West Bank and Gaza and Iraq, believe their lives are so significant that Israeli bulldozers won't rumble over them and that American cruise missiles won't vaporize them?
If they do, they might be forgiven for thinking their lives are special. Millions of non-Americans die needlessly, countless foreigners die violently, and their deaths are hardly noticed. But 3,000 Americans died on Sept. 11, 2001 and Americans tell themselves the event has changed history, as if their deaths mean more than anyone else's."

I noticed that too.
Kinda like an octopus, so it's fun~swarm6
The Blog To Watch~
Back to Iraq 2.0 He's apparently blogging from Iraq.
“The day of your liberation is here.” Well, not so fast, Tex. In 15 minutes of earnest, non-sedated verbiage, not once did Bush utter the word “democracy.” Oh, he feinted at it, with near-misses like “liberty,” “freedom” and “self-governing,” Self-governing means nothing; almost every nation-state is self-governing. Liberty and Freedom, while nice, mean quite different things in different parts of the world. Chinese patriots are free to buy what they choose, but criticizing the government is asking for trouble. Are they free? Are they liberated? Not by Western standards. But most important was “peaceful,” often stressed, indicating a pacified Iraqi nation was more important than a democratic one.

I’m not saying Iraq won’t be better off without Saddam. It very well might, as long as it doesn’t collapse into civil war and thuggery the moment the U.S. gets distracted by something else shiny.

But while liberation has not yet begun, the fallout already has. Moscow has hinted it might retaliate against the United States by not ratifying the arms reduction treaty recently signed. You know, the one that would reduce the number of nuclear weapons in the world?

Oh, this goes in the Blogroll.
Girls like to kiss.
There is absolutely nothing wrong or un-natural about it.
War Inc.
American corporations with close ties to the White House are poised to cash in on Saddam's defeat. French companies need not apply.
STRATIAwire by Jon Rappoport
“…immediately after the battle [at Halabja] the United States Defense Information Agency investigated and produced a classified report, which it circulated within the intelligence community on a need-to-know basis. That study asserted that it was Iranian gas that killed the Kurds, not Iraqi gas.”
“The condition of the dead Kurds’ bodies, however, indicated that they had been killed with a blood agent---that is, a cyanide-based gas---which Iran was known to have. The Iraqis, who are thought to have used mustard gas in the battle, are not known to have possessed blood agents at the time.”

"If Bush were simply saying that Saddam deserves to die because he used mustard gas, then Bush might want to mention, as well, that the US employed tons and tons of Agent Orange in Vietnam."

Don't forget...


"Why waste your time arguing with your neighbour or some jerk at work when you could be mind colliding with the world?"
I was looking in the lunar forums for more information about add-on sites & sub-domains, the girl who helped me the most with setting up indigo shadows had Mind Collisions in her signature and I think I know someone who might enjoy such a site...
I don't know why Blogger arbitrarily chooses to display the background sometimes and not-or why it won't recognize that I've changed the background color from black to the color outside the frame in case the Sentinel BG doesn't show up.......
I find if I refresh the page, the background comes back.
FEMA Detention Camps: Re-inventing the Mousetrap
"We know that the admitted procedure in case of a chemical, biological, or radiological attack is to declare a national state of emergency and implement martial law, which gives dictatorial power to the president.
Let us not forget Executive Order 11000 which provides for the seizure of all American people for work forces under Federal supervision."

Attack, or threat of attack

Martial law implemented--"temporary complete control by military authorities imposed on a civilian population when civil unrest, economic crises, a major disaster, war, or other national emergencies threatens the public safety as determined by the Commander-in-Chief or the Secretary of Defense."

Constitution suspended--"Martial Law suspends all prior existing law, functions, systems and programs of civil government. By ‘all’ one means all courts, mails, garbage collection, fire fighting, agriculture, aviation control, schools, toll bridges – in a word, all."

"President" remains in power indefinitely

This came pretty close to happening in 1973 and again in 1981, neither instance because of any war. Could it happen under this "president"?
Not sure. Do know I don't trust a christian fundamentalist.
"I have high hopes of smashing my name into history so violently that it will take a legendary form."
"The Church of Scientology - which boasts Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Lisa Marie Presley, Hilary Swank, Juliette Lewis and Kirstie Alley among its members - was founded by science-fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard. According to an article by Paglia in Boston University's Arion journal, Hubbard got many of his ideas from infamous devil worshipper Alistair Crowley."

1) It is spelled Aleister.
2) He worshipped no devils.

"Drills used by Scientologists to cleanse and clarify the mind are evidently a reinterpretation of Crowley's singular fusion of Asian meditation and Satanic ritualism, which sharpens the all-conquering will . . . Guilt and remorse, in the Crowley way, are mere baggage to be jettisoned,"

Satan is a christian concept~ Crowley had nothing but contempt for all things christian.
This author obviously knows very little about the subject matter, other than what is already common knowledge. Oh, wait, this short article, all of nine truncated paragraphs, was written by 3 people!

Where's the info on the Babalon Working, in which Hubbard participated?

The Arrogant Empire
America’s unprecedented power scares the world, and the Bush administration has only made it worse.

"A war with Iraq, even if successful, might solve the Iraq problem. It doesn’t solve the America problem. What worries people around the world above all else is living in a world shaped and dominated by one country—the United States. And they have come to be deeply suspicious and fearful of us."

I find it curious that some "war-bloggers" are today voicing (or at the very least implying) a desire for distractions, ways to take their minds off the Impending and Inevitable. I would think it more appropriate to remain clear and focused--this is what they've wanted and posted about constantly for a year. Keep your eyes on the prize. Don't look away from what you've wished for~ greet it face-forward, and hopefully with some humility and compassion for those who would be Liberated from their Mortal Coil.
Before 9/11/01--that was the Era of Distraction from worldly affairs. Now is the time for Eyes Wide Open.
I don't know, some of these are....uh, artistic?Pure Yiff. NsFw.
The Shape of Life
I strange creatures.
Wild Mood Swings - Surf the web on a whim.
Some interesting links in there.


Not a reliable news source, but Could U.N. use military force on U.S.?
"Some anti-war groups are urging the world body to invoke a little-known convention that allows the General Assembly to step in when the Security Council is at an impasse in the face of a 'threat to the peace, breach of the peace or act of aggression.'"

Welcome to Hoot Island! Silly Naked People Everywhere (if you know where to look).
'Silent' Quake Gently Rolling Through Puget Sound Area Right Now
"You can't feel it, but at this moment, parts of Washington and British Columbia are having an earthquake. It is a slow-moving trembler that can't be felt and won't cause any injuries or damage. Still, by the end of the event, which already has lasted more than two weeks, it is likely to have released about as much energy as equivalent to a 6.7 quake – similar to that the Nisqually earthquake did in February 2001."

All-Day-Dune makes for slow posting..........
Knew all about Celebrity Soundboards~ didn't know people use them to make Prank Phone Calls.
Noticeably missing~ Christopher Walken, Bruce Campbell, and of course, Crispin Glover.
Word is made flesh as God reveals himself... as a fish
"An obscure Jewish cult sect in New York has been gripped in awe by what it believes to be a mystical visitation by a 20lb carp that was heard shouting in Hebrew, in what many Jews worldwide are hailing as a modern miracle."

Religion can be equally scary and hilarious, rather, "hilscarious".
Celebrity Rants all in little Flash snippets~quite humorous.
Blogger's A Bitch So A Batch
FBI spy planes patrol U.S.
The FBI has a fleet of aircraft, some equipped with night surveillance and eavesdropping equipment, flying America's skies to track and collect intelligence from suspected terrorists.
The FBI will not provide exact figures on the planes and helicopters, but more than 80 are in the skies.

One of the Three Bruces points out something interesting~ by the gallon, water is more expensive than gasoline.

I don't really understand it~ maybe you will.
The United States is still a British Colony.

Dammit! why didn't anyone tell me about Crispin Glover's version of Ben? Go see that! It is soooo shiny and worth it.
via Ultimate Insult.

MooGirl mentions she likes the stick figure action~
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