In case you missed it or can't remember how it went, here's the American Idol recap complete with insults that could've been extracted from their message board.
Another canine link:Secrets Your Dog Wants You to Know.
Another great game:Wrath II.
A few links and more rants
HOUND OF LOVEDog News:"Weird, wonderful, and educational dog news for the post 9-11 world." I don't know why they felt it neccessary to put that last bit in there, but it's a pretty good site anyway.
Fun game:Ultimate Soccer Showdown.
W-T-F??Bud Dwyer Fan Club??
Is the media unbiased? During an interview with Michael Newdow, the California parent (or, as The Washington Post called him, "the Sacramento atheist") who brought the case of the Pledge to the 9th Circuit Court, "rather than delve into the meaty legal issues of the case -- Is the pledge an endorsement of God? Is asking a child to say the pledge actually a request that the kid affirm monotheism? -- Chung inquired of Newdow, "Are you proud to be American?" And, "Are you prepared ... [to be] the most hated man in America?" Newdow argued that he was fighting for the Constitution. To which Chung replied, "The whole Pledge of Allegiance has to do with being patriotic and supporting America and supporting the flag."
My respect for Chung just slithered down the plughole.Pledging Allegiance To Fundamentalism.
The Propaganda Analysispage is a nice little lesson in fine tuning your media crap detector.
CHIMP PLAYS WITH FIREI sent a letter to EtherZone today, inquiring as to whether it is an actual news site, or a collection of news stories gathered by a religious individual or group. I've found a couple of interesting stories there over the last year, not much. But today I go there and right on the front page is a petition to the Supreme Court to uphold the Pledge that was altered in '54. This, to me, smacks of religious bias, and if it proves to be true, the link will be immediately removed. I have no problem with people's personal opinions about the Pledge or religion in general, as in op-ed pieces or submitted opinions, but I cannot in good conscience link to a news site that has a religious agenda. I've already removed several such news sites. Not only that, but they have a banner at the bottom of the page for Ann Coulter!Case in Point: I link to JunkYard Blog, which is decidedly a biased right-wing xtian site. His opinions and links are interesting enough to warrant the occasional perusal,(ex.Winds That Speak, a Native American's weblog) but I definitely disagree with almost all of his points.(ex. He thinks prayer works.)But it's clear that this is his opinion site and not a news site per se. I may remove him too, because he never writes me back, never addresses my arguements, never visits my site,and is so sickeningly Xtian I can barely make it through some of his posts.Anyway, I just think EtherZone should be clear as to what they actually represent over there. I think it may turn out that it is just a right-wing xtian fundie news portal. I think I'll just remove them anyway; I've got enough news sources as it is. But it will be interesting to read their response, which I will post here. As someone at Hypocrites so eloquently put:"People shouldn't blame the judge; they should blame the Christian zealots who whenever they see America weak, try to impose their beliefs on everyone else.The "Under God" was added in 1954, during the McCarthy era and when everyone was scared of the communists. I guess Bush and Taleban Johnny are not the only to have successfully played the fear card.This is what President Dwight D. Eisenhower said when he signed the act: 'From this day forward, the millions of our school children will daily proclaim in every city and town, every village and rural schoolhouse, the dedication of our Nation and our people to the Almighty.'" There's a hypocrite for ya.
Seperation of Church and State? My skinny white hindquarters.

There's a church in our neighborhood that has one those Light-Bright-Type billboards out front. Last night they had the entire Pledge flashing, and the words UNDER GOD were disproportionately huge, a blatant "SO THERE!" by these supposed pillars of society. My first thought was to throw rocks at those lights, but I'm no vandal. My second thought was to petition the church, but I'm no activist, nor am I an atheist in the strict definition. Since I'm no patriot either, I don't say the Pledge, so it doesn't matter to me whether the word god is included or not. What does bother me is how christians are trampling all over the Constitution in order to force-feed their belief in a bipolar, untrustworthy deity on the rest of Murka. Junkyard Blog makes the point that the phrase "under god" is not secular, and can be interpreted to include all religious beliefs, completely missing the point that it should include no religious beliefs whatsoever.Put simply, government documents should contain NO REFERENCE TO ANY RELIGIOUS BELIEF, for if it does, it automatically excludes those who have no religious belief. Money should not contain the phrase "In God We Trust". Swearing to god in court should be discontinued, although if I were to go to court and swear to tell the truth so help me god I could still lie because I already know god will neither help no hinder my actions. It makes me sick to my stomach that xtians actually believe that their god cares about one group of people over another( as in "I pray to God we defeat our enemies")and are making such a fuckin noise about this, but then I remember that the Church is really only damaging it's reputation more, basically facilitating it's own demise, as does the Bush Admin for endorsing their viewpoint, thus further blurring the line between church and state.. Let them scream like lunatics about their superhero god that makes false promises and is vastly inneffectual. The bigger noise they make, the more ridiculous they look.After the first bombing of the WTC in 93, people prayed to this god for the protection of Murka against further terrorism. Apparently, their god thought it would be more interesting if It just let the drama play out rather than protect It's slaves. Or perhaps Allah rolled a 20, negating God's meager 11. Whatever the case, it should be pretty obvious to even the mentally impaired that prayer doesn't work. And that religion is a laughable pursuit and a Huge Waste Of Time.
Maybe I should start a blogroll for weblogs that are "Disgusting, Stupid, and Shameful". Re:The Pledge."This is just another example of the government of this country bowing to semantic-hounds and it's absolutely pitiful. What's next? In God We Trust coming off all of our money?"
Yes. Yes, that should definitely be next.

"With regards to our identity as a nation, this is the beginning of the end. Endorsing the arguments of a group of people obsessed with removing the word God from every single aspect of our lives only grants them legitimacy and ecourages them to pursue these ludicrous actions further."
I think you are going overboard. The guy who brought the case isn't obsessed, nor is he attempting to remove the word "god" from every single aspect of your life. Even if he was, it would be ridiculous to think he could succeed. Besides, you, like JunkYard Blog, do not go into any detail why "these actions are ludicrous" other than the implication that you are a christian fundie. If we need FAIRY TALES to define our national identity, then we truly are living in Fantasy Nation and are already screwed. I didn't even care how people invoke their favorite superhero until christians started screaming No Fair. I'll say it again, the obvious solution is to amend the Pledge to say "One Nation, Under Various Belief Systems." Then everybody could be "comfortable."

"I refuse to change the pledge of allegiance of my country for anyone, and will say it that way until the day I die."
I guess that means he's all for putting it back the way it was before 1954?

This one's so full of crap I actually laughed out loud:The Trommetter Times~"A Christian Journal of Politics, Religion and Opinion." Pure, Unadulterated Drivel.

If you have a big dog & fear they will get bloat don't raise their food bowl, this may be contrary to what we've heard before but the facts speak for themselves...
You shall live on a giant cow. Your job shall be to eat the severed limbs of extraordinarily hairy orangutans.geekykid.net is your enemy
I'll finish collecting these in the morning...

Ah. The Fellowship Of The Ring. Looked, sounded, felt, just like it did in my mind when I read the book at 13.
The characters, the landscape, the structures, the Evil, it was just as I imagined it. Genius.
Amazing bubble wands...
Handcrafted bubble blowers


Who's that cutie on "Scrubs" that kinda reminds me of Tori Amos?
Did you know she was the replacement Becky on "Roseanne"?
She's from Canada. She smokes too.In her leisure time, Chalke prefers cooking with friends (especially Thai and sushi), playing the guitar, hiking, skiing (she?s an instructor), snowboarding, kayaking and reading. In addition, she speaks French and German. She also volunteers at a hospice for terminally ill children and works for the Audrey Hepburn Children?s Fund. Her birthday is August 27.(1977)Scrubs is a great show. There's one scene in which Dr Dorian is fantasizing about Elliot and his new girlfriend waiting for him in bed and there's a long passionate kiss betwixt the two.....Sarah Chalke

Normally I'm not partial to blondes, but she's a plumsnuggler!!
Into the Gaping Maw where Cap'n Cornhole's mouth-generated meaning units originate.
This is what a pooper-polyp looks like.Hehe. Bush has Colin Powell...I mean Colon Polyps in his ass. But this concerns me- Cheney is a scary mofo, what if he tells the anesthesiologist to replace the usual juice with carbon monoxide or zombie powder?? Wait, that last one might actually help. Anyway, I'd rather have a chimp in office than a gorilla, frankly. And this is what the fuckin media is going to talk about All Day. I get to have an image of a thin black tube rammed up the Chimp Crusader's most influential poop-chute All Day.Makes me want to evacuate my bowels just thinking about it. No. Cartoons are better.
The next time you watch a Roadruner cartoon (pref Chuck Jones), consider this. RoadRunner and Coyote aren't actually individual dogs and birds. No,they are numerous, countless even. The desert is crawling with 'em. So each time Coyote falls off an impossibly high cliff, a tiny puff of dust verifying his demise, they cut to a different part of the desert where another wildlife drama unfolds.
Out trots a new Coyote with new devious schemes to chase a new Roadrunner. I say new bird because I think the coyotes catch 'em just as much as they lose them and also die horribly, but they don't show you those clips. I wonder what Looney Tunes had against dogs. Hanna-Barbera understood the heroism of canines, but LT only had that one mean bulldog.Anyway, my theory is based on the fact that Wile E always buys his toys at Acme, and since the product always fails, logically he wouldn't continue to patronize that particular mail-order scam-shack. He can read the directions on how to construct a rocket pack or giant slingshot, he can damn well remember how Acme screwed him the last time. After closer scrutiny, I realized that you have probably already considered this and I am rambling on about a cartoon. /ramble
All my usual haunts are pinching heavily from Fark today. I won't go there, or why Peat insists on quoting EG White. Yesterday we discussed Noam Chomsky's theory about how the media only covers stories the government allows them to. Today we find that The Commerce Department Hides Records on Arms to Foreign Buyers and Rumsfeld Merges Nuclear and Space Commands, two stories overshadowed by a missing white mormon girl and a hoo-ha over a couple of UNCONSTITUTIONAL words in the Pledge.
Judges are elected, which means they bow to public opinion and thus cannot be unbiased about high-profile litigations. Case in point: Judge's spine melts like butter in the summer sun,stays Pledge decision pending appeals. "The 1954 insertion of the "under God" phrase, the panel said, was made "to recognize a Supreme Being" and advance religion at a time "when the government was publicly inveighing against atheistic communism." I feel sick to my stomach. It's no wonder other countries laugh at Murka.Think I'll go back to watching cartoons.

this is the little creep that keeps pirating my browser, is this happening to anyone else? it's never happened to me before today, I go to a page and instead of a popup I'm redirected to this...
Introducing the Going Platinum Community
I pledge allegiance to the cross
of the United States of Jesus Christ
and to the polticians who tell me what to believe
one theocracy, under God, indivisible,
with liberty and justice for all Judeo-Christians.

~XD found among hundreds at Fark
My first update with the new upgrade. in a week I'll have learned how to use some of the nifty new features too...
what's next?


oh yeah! gonna be checking this out. I hope it's as good as the name implies! Retail-Sucks
this awesome little digcam will soon be mine!
auction has ended - Olympus D-40 4.0 Megapixel Deluxe Package
How scared am I about spending nearly $600 on something off Ebay?
...just a little.
But hey, my life as a photographer is about to take on a whole new dimension, just like having a polaroid did when I was 10...
only better. Plus, it's a tax deduction!!!
in the meantime I've downloaded my upgrade for Fusion 7 to entertain my busy little mind.
~ Evil Summer is here, and that means, with this hair, a sweaty neck. So I feel compelled to ask again:
Is My Hair Too Long?

View the results
Hosted by WebEnalysis

It won't be aired on Planet's Funniest Animals:Giraffe jumps to death after killing priest."You can never get into the mind of a giraffe." Apparently, this giraffe stomped an American priest to death. This is so sad. I really like giraffes.

Found at Everlasting Blort~911 Things To Hate About America. And this. And this. And this.
Adbusters posted this:F-U Nation."I am not for US, I am against US."
Fark let it out of the bag today, so I might as well, too. I did it last year. Become an Ordained Minister free and legal. For lucky best wash, use Mr. Sparkle.
whatever!Hey, I haven't posted a game in awhile...here's a fun one, Hurtle The Turtle. Our pet turtle Sunny is gonna be all hopped up on caffeinated slugs soon!
Hey!Supermodels Are Lonelier Than You Think! ( and other striking news about beautiful women. )
Interesting: World's Oldest Photo Analyzed.Scientists are trying to understand how it was taken.
Slightly interesting: Kelly Osbourne-Role Model Or Bad Influence? I vote for both, and say Brilliant!
Just plain fuckin funny, and another reason why I don't want to be "under god":Sunday school teacher sentenced for actions with teen. Quote: "Warren, a nuclear pharmacist, befriended the boy at church and briefly hired him as an employee, according to court papers. Last September, Warren took the boy to a park and asked him personal and sexual questions about masturbation and homosexuality. He invited the boy to his office and said writing "What would Jesus do?" on his penis would prevent sexual temptation. Warren also asked for daily e-mail updates about the boy's sexual thoughts."
Oops. This is getting too long, isn't it?? I just can't help myself. I guess it is difficult to break old habits.

George-A Clown-Hater who resembles oneGeorge Noory, the guy who freely admits to a paralyzing fear of clowns, has been filling in for a vacationing Art Bell. Last night he went on a tirade about the federal appeals court decision that a couple of words in the Pledge are unconstitutional. His basic arguement against it was that the courts should be concentrating on more important cases. Guess he doesn't understand how the judicial system works."C'mon people! We are at War! The Bad Guys are trying to murder us! This is a time of Patriotism, of holding hands and uniting, not a time for questioning our most revered documents!" That's pretty close to verbatim. He would not let counter-arguements get airtime, and continued to spout god-stuff until, for the first time ever, I turned off Art Bell. I'm going to tattle. I'm going to write to Art and tell him his show was highjacked by a christian fundie while he was away.
SexY Professor!
Okay, I did turn the show back on, but only because Bart Kosko was the guest.
Anyway, I bring it up because I found this:The Strange Origin of the Pledge of Allegiance posted by the ACLU.
In other news, I dreamt last night that I was taking a pee and my penis fell off into the toilet. The entire package, actually, stem to stern. But don't worry! I grew another, stronger, more virile penis just as an octopus grows back a lost tentacle.
The old guy looked wistfully at me as he spiralled down the whirlpool. I think this dream was inspired by the above guest, as last night he described the possiblities of replacing old, defective body parts with genetically-engineered new ones. I think my subconscious is trying to tell me something.........
Okay, well, Richard Hoagland is on tonight ( hosted by George, unfortunately ), and he's supposed to have an exciting announcement re: all that water on Mars. 10pm PST.
While I'm thinking of it, last night I watched a fascinating documentary on Noam Chomsky on FSTV. In one part he discussed the media at length, and the act of "concision", which is basically fitting the news or interviews in between commercials. He explained he is never invited to be interviewed because his explanations take longer than the 8 minute allotment.He argues that the media establishes and defends the agenda of the dominant privileged groups in society. "The media serve this purpose in many ways: through selection of topics, distribution of concerns, framing of issues, filtering of information, emphasis and tone, and by keeping debate within the bounds of acceptable premises.
The reason that governments manipulate the media and lie to their publics is because of their fear of what the public may do with knowledge about what is really going on around them." He says that with East Timor, the US and Australian governments have tried to keep secret the truth of events there, which I found especially interesting and disturbing because I had never heard of it before this show. Simply put, the US was complicit in the massacre of East Timorese by providing Indonesia with 90% of the arms, jets, helicopters, et al. More on that here and here.Why was the US involved? You guessed it. Abundant oil and other worthy resources. It's interesting to discover that the US media did not cover this criminal tragedy at all while it was occuring.
Even more disturbing is that the entire world just did not care, with countries like Canada and UK( and of course the US) voting against UN investigations into human rights violations there.
(Interestingly, East Timor was recently made a member of the UN, along with Switzerland. I smell fish.)
The world hasn't changed since 9/11. The only thing that's changed is that now Americans suddenly seem to care about what's going on in the rest of the world, since we got that Big Wake-Up Call. Barring another terrorist action, I'll wager it doesn't last long. The US needs it's beauty sleep, after all.
BTW, here is an interesting interview with Mr. Chomsky on 9/11, and a telling review of his book ("9-11") from Counterpunch. A well-done Salon interview here.

Anyway,most media pundits are arguing that the words "under god" are more ceremonial(read-ritualistic) than theistic in nature. This is better WHY? Just because it's a mass-hypnotic habit, that makes it okay? Americans.Most diverse country in the world, Most Fearful Of Change.George's basic premise:"We grew up with it, so why change it?" Because, as last september should blatantly show, the phrase is irrelevant. This country is only "under god" inasmuchas so many Americans have been tricked by religion into an ambiguous deal: Be Good, Go To Heaven. Be Bad, Go To Hell. No, we can't prove that either exist, just take our word for it. We could be right, though, so why take chances?" Bush says "it's a confirmation that God gave us these rights." Seperation of Church and State? Not when it comes to the presidency, apparently. Religion is a tool of Control, a Shady Character in the shadows whispering Good Deal, buy or die, while It's spokespeople break their own imposed commandments with relish and regularity. God can't be trusted, the Church can't be trusted, basically nobody can be trusted. The End.
ps. Blog You! wrote me this:
Thought I'd let you know that we're really not updating Blog You
anymore. We neither have the time nor the inclination. Would suggest that you submit your site to Weblog Review.
All the best, Ed
I don't wanna. Weblog Review takes months to get to a site, and I don't particularly like their reviews.Too trite. Too superfluous. Thanks anyway.

This just might be it...
the digital camera of my dreams at a price I can almost afford, plus all the goodies I'll want for it later already included. I've been reading the reviews on ZDnet and this is one of two in my [credit card's] price range that will suit my needs for resolution, ease of use & low light settings.

Olympus C-3040 80mb NIMH & 5YR Warranty

Or, maybe this one...
Olympus D-40 4.0 Megapixel Deluxe package
it's a full 4 pixels and will fit in a pocket!!!
An alternative to getting them drunk~Scientific American: Caffeine Keeps Garden Pests at Bay
From Yummy Wakame(MmMmMmM!), Animal Logic the digital production company behind Matrix and LOTR, which we are finally going to see this weekend. The site is bursting at the seams with content.
Speaking of WY, Olivia brings up a good point. She writes "I wish it was possible to reply specifically to certain articles sometimes. It might encourage some heated debates." I wholly agree, which inspired the idea behind the message board below, but I realize that might be rather inconvenient for some when it's easier just to leave comments after the post. I batch my entries because there are so many per day that I felt some really good stuff would slide into the Archives before being properly appreciated. But I am going to attempt to break my routine and post-on-the-fly, while expanding the page to carry entries for a longer period of time. We'll see how it goes...........


I'm sloow. I just now stumbled on this,Blog You! wherein they review Blogs using the "Sutherland Rating System". I came across it while looking at another Blog's links. I saw it in all it's humble glory, and I conquered the submission form. I don't imagine I'll be reviewed for months, and by then the layout would have changed several times over. I get bored easily.
Hi. Is this the internet? I just got this computer yesterday. BlogWhore:The Game.
Just a few days ago I was musing that I needed a different, more entertaining source for content. There is was, right across the street......BlogRolling Top Links.
Hey, what's this?
This is Good News, as I will probably get cancer:Cure For Cancer? Medical Breakthrough Cures 200 Lab Mice.


Know what I hate about the Ninth Circuit Court Ruling about the Pledge? Masses of whiny xtians rambling on and on about Murka's "need" for a fictional superhero to place our unwarranted trust in. The phrase in question violates the seperation of church and state.The authors DID NOT include that phrase in the original Pledge. It was ADDED in 1953. It serves no purpose, then or now.The end.
If you are going to place your trust in God, consider this: What has God ever done to render It "trustworthy"?
Examples, anyone? We were supposedly "under God" last september. Wha' happen?? And don't quote examples from the bible; that doesn't count. Give examples that apply to THIS century. Once again, I ask nicely:KEEP YOUR GOD TO YOURSELF,PLEASE
God Bless America Day:Bad Idea.Quote:"A new holiday remembering all victims of terrorism
All victims? Then why call it god bless AMERICA day? Many victims of the World Trade Center disaster were not Americans. They came from Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, just to name a few. Are you memorializing the victims of a tragedy, or the fact that this tragedy happened in your country?
But September 11th was not the first act of terrorism. Don't forget Oklahoma City.
Oklahoma City, an act of terrorism perpetrated by an American on Americans. So when we ask god to bless America, does that include the American people who commit acts of terrorism?
And we will ask God to protect us from future acts of terrorism, too.
Personally, I don't think this will work. I'm sure that after the first World Trade Center bombing, and after Oklahoma City, there were thousands of people asking god to protect the country from future acts of terrorism. We see how that turned out. And are you asking god to just protect America from future acts of terrorism, or the world at large?"
Ah, a writer after my own heart. It's all good, read it.
Meanwhile, heard about this?Unlimited Forced Drugging OK'd By Court.Defendants can be forcibly drugged even though they haven?t been convicted of any charges and pose no danger to themselves or others.
Now here's a blog I can sink my teeth into:2012 News Blog of Survive2012.
Found at Diversionz~ Fermi's Paradox:Zookeepers, Alien Visitors, Or Simple Life; How Can We Explain Our Isolation?
1.)We have the Galaxy to ourselves, the obvious conclusion from the apparent lack of aliens in the neighborhood.
2.)The aliens have done cost-benefit analyses that show interstellar travel to be too costly or too dangerous to warrant ambitious colonization efforts.
3.)The Galaxy is urbanized, and we're in a dullsville suburb.
4.)We've been singled out for special treatment: we are an exhibit for alien tourists or sociologists.
Hm.....I would have to say 3 Regis. Final Answer.
Peat....dude......what's up with the EG White quotes?? Hm. Okay Then.
Related:"During the last few years a large number of aliens have visited the Earth. Some have even taken residence on this quaint little planet. Galactic Order HB42k requires all aliens to maintain anonymity, but there is still the need to communicate, inform and advertise.
The ALIEN MESSAGE BOARD attempts to fill this niche."
You'll need Arabic text support for this:The Al-Qa'idah group had nothing to do with the 11 September attacks.(That's the headline, not my opinion.)
Watched conservative nutcake Ann Coulter on Habah(Hardball to non-Chris Matthews fans). Her face was animated, but her forehead remained frozen, obviously injected with a toxic chemical to give her a "more youthful appearance." Now she's an even bigger Freak O' Nature.Ann Coulter-Conservative Wacko/BOTOX USER
For JunkYard Blog:ARTICLES ABOUT ISRAEL (as it relates to terrorism.)Quote:"Israel runs the largest spy ring ever uncovered in the United States. As a nation, they have gained the most from the WTC attacks on 9-11."
Also~9/11 Timeline, Expanded and Revised.
And Bush's Speech - An Interim Insult. Quote:"How can one nation claim to support Democracy when it demands another nation vote its own leaders out of office?" ...........WELL???
Re:FEMA.You think it's just an emergency relief organization. Incorrect. Read it! Anatomy Of A Clampdown.
Devil Nay Nay
Dear Summer..... by Sweat Flavored Gummi, currently my favorite humor-blogger. Seriously girl, your site is going to catch on, so watch that bandwidth!
Always Honorable Repost:Hoogerbrugge. Damn, that's fine vector work!
Reprezentn:Analysis of a modern rap song.
Storm. Yeah, I know I posted it yesterday. It's cool.
If we are gonna talk about sex, we'd better know some definitions.

Hm? Oh, sorry. I was distracted. I'm trying to find a streaming industrial music station to integrate into this site. For now, if you want, there's a station down in the left hand corner that plays some pretty good songs.
That's all now now..............


From Aberrant News:"Doubt of the real facts, as I must reveal them, is inevitable; yet if I suppressed what will seem extravagant and incredible there would be nothing left." ~HP LOVECRAFT
Summer is a good time to experience the moon illusion because the full moon never gets very far above the horizon.The illusion looks something like this.
More moon-related stuff at Selenographia and a moon-birth theory at National Geographic.
Related: another site with info on Planet X.
Interesting article:Seeking Meaning Beyond.Can People Send Signals After They Die? Psychologist Claims Science Has the Answer.
Here's something from Consortium News for JunkYardBlog to refute:Bush's Grim Vision.
Or how about this:
Head of Sept. 11 Probe Allegedly Obstructed Danforth's Waco Inquiry.

Good article:Now is not the time to question those who ask questions. "The failures of our current Congress are legion. They have provided a usurper with a rubber stamp to blot out the Bill of Rights, and there are very few in Washington who have stood up early and often to be counted for freedom. Even one of Congress' most well known progressives, Paul Wellstone, has voted on critical issues to allow Bush and Ashcroft their secrecy and to ride roughshod over the Constitution. The pink tutus heaped on the Democrats by BartCop are well deserved. High poll numbers or not, Congress fails the people if they refuse to provide oversight of the executive branch."

J Orlin Grabbe features alternative news and barely dressed females and secret coded messages to al-Qaeda on his site.
Don't wait for the next ambiguous terror warning! Create Your Own!
This is a cool applet:TerraFly gives you a bird's eye view of your local surroundings.
National Inquirer "reports":Christina Ricci Gives Her Career A Boost with a smaller bust.
Did I post this before?How Stuff Works.From automotive to weapons and everything in between.
More on China/ET investigation:Mysterious Pipes Left by 'ET' Reported from Qinghai."Some experts believe that these might be relics left behind by extraterrestrial beings (ET), for the site, with its high altitude and thin, crisp air, has long been held as an ideal place to practice astronomy."
Guess what? Earth Can't Meet Human Demand for Resources. (You already knew that, didn't you?) "Scientists said humanity's demand for resources had soared during the past 40 years to a level where it would take the planet 1.2 years to regenerate what people remove each year."
Great Idea Dept:"Link to any article, and it will link back to you." Oh yeah? Then I'll just link the whole damn site:Disenchanted. Go there, and Chapel Perilous will automatically show up as a link, I guess. Looks like good site, anyway.

This game is amusing:Big Brother Pinball.

SearchGuru says this about Southwest Airlines "2 seats for the Large" policy:"Southwest Airlines announced today that overweight people will now be asked to buy 2 seats!! The spokesman claimed that if you needed a seatbelt extender, then you had to pay for 2 seats. When I called the airline to make sure I heard it correctly, I was told that if you have to raise the seat arm to be comfortable, then you had to pay, but nothing about seat belt extenders.The stupidity of this is that while my husband fits in the seat and needs a belt extender, my hips are wide enough that I often raise the arm.BOYCOTT SOUTHWEST!!! This is blatant discrimination!"
Couple of points to ponder, Anita. First, this policy has been in place for a good number of years, they are just beginning to enforce it more aggressively because they need the extra $$$. Here's a scenerio: You are flying alone and get seated next to me, a person of "average" weight. You have to raise the arm because of your hips. This means that, essentially, your hips are spilling into my seat. This makes me uncomfortable. Not because you are a plus-size, but because I don't like physical contact with strangers. So who's comfort is more important? It's equal of course, but your hips are impinging on my comfort. You are unwilling to pay the discounted cost of an extra seat, which tells me you don't give a flying firetruck about my comfort. I think the best solution to this is for the airlines to fit the planes with bigger seats in the back for our rotund citizens.
Just a couple on each side, for balance. Or perhaps special flights to accomodate the heavy, which comprise a majority of Murka's population. I don't think it's unreasonable or discriminatory to want to ensure the comfort and safety of all passengers. Couple more things, Anita, if you happen by here. Consider putting the comments tag on your page, and/or your e-mail address. I like your site just fine, but there's no way to interact with you.
While it burns:Prehistoric villages found in Arizona.
Artifacts 2,500 years old and 4,000 years old unearthed near Tucson.
New Theory To Me Dept:Crop circles created by military."In other words, the cropcircles have been produced by microwave laser technology."
See also Eye Witness To Crop Circle Formations.
Some interesting statistics I found somewhere:
97.6% all adults think they have above average intelligence
68.8% of all adults belong to one or more cults
81.4% of all Americans have lead induced brain damage
31.3% of all hambergers sold in America contain real meat
94% of all white people believe that God is white
96% of all peoples of color believe that God is white
54.7% of all televangelists worship Satan
73.9% of all NFL football players are queer
60% of all federal judges belong to the KKK
53.1% of all suburban housewives receive credit cards in exchange for sex
44% of all fast food restaurants are run by illegal aliens from outer space
93% of all phone calls are monitered by the government
86% of all IRS agents beat up their families
89% of all accountants are anal retentive
24.6% of all adults can read
93% of all husbands cheat on their wives
96% of all wives cheat on their boyfriends
8.3% of all lawyers are honest
69.9% of all dentists are HIV positive
80% of all restaurant workers have hepatitis
3.2% of all voters believe the government does an excellent job
1.9% of all non-voters believe the government is doing an excellent job
16.9% of all adults work for the CIA
81% of all surgeons have bogus degrees
61.7% of all journalists sniff glue more than once a week
16.2% of all telephone bills are correct
23.6% of all white people are vampires
90% of all women are sexually harassed every day
6.9% of all American cars are designed to last over 4 years
92% of all cocaine is supplied by the military
18% of all animals are aliens
98% of all teenagers are contemplating suicide
99.2% of all Americans are victims
37% of all vegetarians secretly eat raw meat
86.9% of all marijuana smokers regularly kill Christians for kicks
79.9% of all income is confiscated by the government
87.3% of all commercially grown produce is coated with poison
13.2% of all meat sold in America is fresh
64.3% of all TV news anchors are zombies
Trouble is, I can't verify if these stats are real........
From Whatever-Dude:Strange Sex Laws.
Random GoogleFind:PseudoRoom.
Nice art at In-Depth Digital Art.
A very cool Storm Applet.
A FontSite.

I had a few more links, but forgot to back up before the computer decided to switch off, so. TTFN.
Gotta Go. Hoagland is on Art Bell, with guest host George Noory, who is deathly afraid of clowns, thinks ouija boards are the tool of the devil, and just said "can we terraFIRM mars?" Hahaha. Okay, well, fear of clowns(called "coulrophobia") is pretty funny.


This girl's got some nice artwork...
Audrey's Rat Farm
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In all my years online
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I've never spent [much] time in chatrooms or message boards. The only reason I've been poking around this one is that one of the contestants has generated some "sock talk" with her unusual attire (I've gotta get my 2 cents in whenever possible about where to buy socks you know)...
Anyway, this guy has some funny postings...
"oh for the love of crack babies"
had me LOL
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Ooops.More than 3 visitors today. There go my images! If it's not one thing, it's 4,276 things.........I am also having other computer problems, so there probably won't be another update tonight. Probably another new layout, though. This is a quick post to clarify about my comment on JunkyardBlog's use of US/Israeli flags on his site: I've gotten some angry e-mails accusing me of supporting terrorism because I mentioned I have my own biases. To elucidate, my bias is against gratuitous patriotism, not the countries in question, and it was probably an innapropriate remark, even though it's just my opinion. The guy seems to be a decent writer, and his site represents a particular opinion as well. I would venture to say that it might even be biased. He says he doesn't "buy into 99.99% of conspiracy theories. They're crap, pedalled by crapheads." But I have failed to find anything on the site explaining why he feels that way (other than, IMO," gratuitous patriotism"). In contrast, I feel I've been clear as to why I am willing to consider and research conspiracy theories about our gv'ts complicity in 9/11. I don't trust Bush or his Administration. I go into detail and provide links regarding this.Doesn't mean I don't love Murka or have something against Israel(that's an altogether different rant), means I am willing to scrutinize my own government, as is my right and responsibility. And I readily admit that I make and wear functional/attractive tinfoil hats. I said it was gratuitous patriotism because I have thus far found no explanations why our government should be blindly trusted on that site. Nothing personal against the author, I just disagree with his point of view on certain subjects. His site is well-done and informative just the same. So There. When I get time, I will dig further into his site to see if he refutes the conspiracy theories in detail.For the record, I don't buy into all the conspiracy theories either, but at the same time I don't merely dismiss them as "crap" without providing a reason. Also, see that thing underneath this post that says "comments"? Please post your opinions there for all to read. I would post the e-mails(3) but I deleted and purged them before it occured to me. Won't happen again.
Pure Evil Dept:Miami woman sentenced to 50 years for setting daughter on fire.Prosecutors argued that the mother burned her daughter in a jealous rage after she arranged a tryst between herself, her 25-year-old boyfriend and the teen."I would like to apologize," the woman said through an interpreter.
Said It Best Dept:Follow Me Here regarding Starbucks Yanking Ad Mocking 9/11; "Could we be overreading this? I think not, especially recalling.....that the Starbucks near the WTC site took it upon itself to charge relief workers for their water in the first days after the attack. These were window posters appearing at 3000 Starbucks storefronts (including the ones in lower Manhattan near the WTC), depicting twin towering cups of their iced fruit tea drinks being dive bombed by a dragon fly, with the legend "Collapse into Cool." The posters have been pulled after numerous consumer complaints
Found at Diversionz.
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