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"I love the pictures you take - so elegant! There is a photo manupilation artist here that does absolutely
breathtaking work, truly a gift. Here is a link: Studio 11:11: The Art & Photography of Thea Rapp
Triumph The Insult Dog Official Site.
Great Gallery at Dream Anatomy.


If you are a big Simpson's fan, you will find this handy~Map of Springfield.
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It's one of those links you see all over other blogs but ignore it for lack of interest. This time I visited, and thought you might want to as well. Scary.
Photographic History Of Michael Jackson's Face. But, which one to be next Halloween?
I feel a need to share this, but be warned--VERY graphic! Eaten alive.
I don't know what animal did it, or where and when it happened.


Ratty wrote me today, she must like my socks.
I like her blog, I found that oh-so-cool photo collage site there...
don't be an iguana rat bastard
This is amazing! you can see the old image, the new one, or blend them for the collage effect with pictures from around Portland.
Archaeological Collage Interactive
I have no idea why my other two blogger pages aren't showing up. I tried everything I know to repair it, but they are just gone for the time being. It's Blogger's fault, and I am sick of constant problems. I keep thinking about upgrading to Pro, but I hear just as many complaints about that as with the free service. Moveable Type is just too complicated for this aging brain. I can't get it around the Apache thing. Every other blogging service I've tried is just not as good, except for the new one I tried, but that only offers one page. I can't even access the Chapel archives right now.....freakn frustratn
Scientists Planning to Make New Form of Life
"Scientists in Rockville are to announce this morning that they plan to create a new form of life in a laboratory dish, a project that raises ethical and safety issues but also promises to illuminate the fundamental mechanics of living organisms.

Their intent is to create a single-celled, partially man-made organism with the minimum number of genes necessary to sustain life. If the experiment works, the microscopic man-made cell will begin feeding and dividing to create a population of cells unlike any previously known to exist.

To ensure safety, Smith and Venter said the cell will be deliberately hobbled to render it incapable of infecting people; it also will be strictly confined, and designed to die if it does manage to escape into the environment."

Ribbed For Her Chapel Perilous
We'll Leave The Chapel Perilous On For You.
You'll Wonder Where the Yellow Went, When You Brush Your Teeth with Chapel Perilous.
You've Got Questions. We've Got Chapel Perilous.
Endless fun via The Yumminess.


How it knows, I have no idea!
Great Personality Test
Yep, it's font hunting time again...
time for me to painstakingly look through zillions of fonts for that one special one...
that also happens to be free...
and includes lower case as well as punctuation...
this site has some nice stuff, some I've never seen before even...Fantastic Fonts & Runes
Have you met Mary Forrest?
I found her whilst forraging for fonts, she also has a blog without a comments option, she seems to like to take pictures of herself as much as I do & she takes really cool shots of other stuff too...
Meet Mary Forrest


It Finally Happened
The Best UFO Videos Ever Taken
"The videos shown here are some of the very best to come to the public knowledge for many years. They are, for the most part, considered authentic UFOs. They are many other good video clips of UFOs that are unavailable to the general public."
Random Chat.
Hehehehe. I knew it from the first image.
It's very long, but quite interesting.Ted's Caving Page, with the story of his discovery in a local cave.
One thing bothers me: 5/19/01 is the last update.
If you have read through the majority of the story to the end, you'll know what I mean. But don't skip to the end; it is written in such a way that you'd miss the intrigue. Also, if you don't read the story, you are not allowed to click here for a possible solution. I'll know if you cheated, so you better not!
Seriously, would you hit it?
In the first photo, I thought we were looking at a very small but normally-proportioned woman.....
Lest ye be next... "All these events (and more) were motivated by belief in the supernatural and the idea that death is not the end. They all believed that they were doing God's Will. One would be hard-pressed to find proof in their (or any) so-called holy books of the actual existence of a supreme being, but they believed none the less. They believed without question. These atrocities were committed in the name of God by people who thought they were going to a greater place. Now they are six feet under.
The supposed 'Holy Books' of these people are filled with horrific examples of genocide, rape and other despicable crimes against man sanctioned by a supreme being and are still perpetuated by our religious and political leaders today!
So if these people were so terrible, which religion is right then? The answer is simple: NONE OF THEM. Religion is a terrible fraud perpetrated by man upon man and used to control people, generate money, justify murder, and any number of less-than-holy things. Religion is a fraud, pure and simple."

I agree with the premise, but not that death is the end of life.But I don't believe in christian heaven, or any kind of heaven, unless you equate one of the innumerable dimensions as such.
"It was something new to Bill, this business of Nocturnal Emissions....."
Many funny WMV's Herein. (some NSFW)
The International Survivalist Society
Disseminating the scientific case for survival after death on a global level.
kuro5hin.org || Why Religion Doesn't Matter
"The latest issue of Wired magazine featured a cluster of articles on the subject of science and religion. I read them with interest, then alarm, since the message was the same old harmful myths that have been circulating for ages. Science doesn't have all the answers; science is against lame without religion; only religion leads to morality and an appreciation of beauty in the world. Here, in the context of examining Huston Smith's Why Religion Matters, I argue that these notions are not only wrong but dangerous."
What does "science is against lame" mean I wonder?
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Hey Look! savefarkus.com expects us to pay off his student loans, yet provides zero content on his site! Not even a freakin picture!
Farkus, if you want any kind of donation from me, I must insist you first castrate yourself. Online.
Panhandler blogs are bad enough. What fuckin sucks is he might actually pull it off.
Celebrity Gender Benders
Some of these are actually really good.


Flash Player Games/ UN Weapons Inspector
"Spreading the message of non-violence--through violence."
Isn't that the American Way?
Revisit Modern Living~ so very worth it. Very clever flash animations.
All my backgrounds~gone.Sometimes I really hate Blogger.
Amusing animated short~ Kunstbar.
What are they saying - Mary Gives Good Blog; Rolled it.


They are building this giant pendulum on the pavement island at 10th & Burnside across from Powell's green room...
Pete Beeman
More online games at zylom, BallsAndWalls is pretty fun for a breakout clone.
Skeptical? Me too.Apollo Moon Conversations and Pictures Show NASA Cover-up

So is this why NASA considered putting out a book proving we went to the moon? Why would such a book be neccessary? There should be no question at all that we went to the moon.......right? Even though we are very active in space but have not returned to the moon since?
Wish List Item~7 days until my B-Day!
Shockwave experiments at t h e s q u a r e r o o t o f - 1 plus you can see how dusty your monitor is.
I remember this drink from my Dark Days in Denver some 15 years ago.... Flaming Dr Pepper.
Caution~flammable! Always Be Prepared when preparing this cocktail!
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