Repost~ but these are worth it.
Saw the link on alot of other sites, but skipped it until incuBLOGula convinced me to check it out~
Tokyo Plastic.
Very Shiny.
Anyone ever seen socks this long?

I'll bet not!
50 inches.
And if you think that's crazy, we'll soon be getting 100 inches!
Will it ever stop?
Update--I'm looking around to see if there really is a longer sock out there, and came across a guy who wrote to The Bureau Of Missing Socks.
inquiring about aquiring the World's Longest Sock.
I directed him to our Sock Palace.........and the search continues................
From The Smoking Gun Archive, the court document that first raised allegations that the singer was involved in inappropriate behavior with a young boy.
Whenever I see it, I blog it~
Nice photography~
B a b e Z o n e
"100% Pure Pixelated Beauty."
S.F. man's astounding photo
Mysterious purple streak is shown hitting Columbia 7 minutes before it disintegrated.Top investigators of the Columbia space shuttle disaster are analyzing a startling photograph -- snapped by an amateur astronomer from a San Francisco hillside -- that appears to show a purplish electrical bolt striking the craft as it streaked across the California sky.

Unfortunately, the photo isn't provided.
What You Are
You Are A Monsterous Man-Whore Who Loves To Worship Toes.
Seriously. that's what it said.
Shiny interactive thing~
The Tibet Game
via Wastrel Division.
Scarlet Letters: Visual Art
...because visual art is so hard to come by these days.
Always clever~ new installment at Mark Fiore's Animation is called Execution Can Still Work For You.
Billions more here.


While watching the Michael Jackson interview on 20/20 tonight, I noticed a lie, besides the denial of plastic surgery, that seems to have gone un-noticed by 20/20, PrimeTime, and the reporter himself.
Bashir asks Jackson if he had had a relationship with "Blanket's" mother, to which he said yes, they had a relationship, but she didn't want to be thrown into the limelight, and they had a contractual agreement that her identity would never be revealed.
Towards the end of the documentary, Jackson is asked if the mothers of his children are a part of their lives. Jackson then says he did not know the mother of "Blanket",had never met her, that she was merely a surrogate.
Bashir seems not to have caught it and quickly moves on.
Anyway, every time Jacko was asked a question, he did more damage to his already ultra-creepy reputation by answering than if he had remained silent.
There, I Blogged it.
"Nipple Scarves"
Scientists develop darkest substance on earth
"the substance is 25 times blacker than conventional black paint, the blackest surface commercially available."
Let's paint the bedroom in it.

via coolio.
Bet they aren't wearing the lead aprons for this x-ray.
On the up-side Ha.
His swimming horses have been put to pasture in the process.
An mpg of that new camoflauge outfit~incredible.
This is the sort of thing that re-affirms an old mantra of mine~
I want to live long enough to see what happens next.

I am terrifyingly evil!
Hard to explain~
Somewhere in there is a fun game called "Keepy Uppy" but I found alot of other weird things while I was looking for it.


Okay,Wow. I want one of those~
Since I lost a friend due to political differences, I'm currently quite sick and done with the whole thing~
I will say this though.
Since SecOfState Colin Powell is pretty much the only person in the current admin with an ounce of integrity (IMO), I believe him when he says the neccessity for US action in Iraq is at least equal to the desire.
Get your Emergency Kits ready~ we might be in for a Dark and Bumpy Ride.
Lots of warm socks--Essential.
This is cute~

"Socks Are My Greatest "
okay, here's a dirty little secret about us...
we've been watching that show about that guy who's a terrible liar & some women who want desperately to believe him, and ultimately, be loved by him (okay, I'll admit it, it was my idea to watch as I just love a good mind phukk, especially when it's happening to others, on camera). This little article reviews some of the better moments of the last episode such as Evan asking Zora ''Where did you buy your breasts?''
Oh, Geez.
I can't unread this.
Thanks alot, Brittney!
But How Stupid Is You?!
Warning-nudity and fluid emission.


One of those things you start uploading while going off to do other things for awhile~but worth it if you like this sort of thing
Animated Matrix Part I.
A product I should probably use, as it seems to work for so many~
Ortho Media
via Coolio's
Space Shuttle Safety Moratorium
"The space shuttle without crew escape modules is unsafe for human transportation. There has never been a launch vehicle that has not had multiple catastrophic failures. This requested moratorium is an instrument seeking to correct this grave situation."
--Retired NASA Aerospace Engineer, August 25, 2002

"I do not think that it is appropriate for the President to issue a moratorium on Space Shuttle launches at this time"
--BushCo, Dec. 4 2002.
Interesting perspective~
Flower Of LifeFemale Sexual Characteristics in Christ and Christianity
...though the explanation of the "fish symbol" is, at best, incomplete.
"[It] consists of two facing crescent moons, representing the waxing and waning of the moon. While the sun generally represented the god, the moon is traditionally a goddess symbol. Additionally it mimics the shape of the vulva, or 'mons veneris.'"
Found at Aberrant News.
Deschutes' brewers were challenged to create a beer that would follow Jubelale in January 2003. What would the brewers craft for this newest seasonal? Cinder Cone Red is a medium-bodied amber ale, with a rich malt flavor and red color derived from four kinds of caramel malt with a hint of dark roasted barley. East Kent Goldings and Tettnang hops balance the toffee sweetness, creating a refreshing full hop flavor...
We'll have to try one soon! One of these weekends we should drive to Bend & take the tour too, I'd love to check out the panoramic view of the Cascades from the Mountain Room!


Don't care much for football, but have to admit this was fun~
Pro Quarterback

Hurts when someone you respect, admire, and thought was a friend de-links you.
Some prefer the company of those who will always agree with them, I guess.
Take care, Vincent.
Finally stumbled across this article~
Pre-elephant could be source of Cyclops myth
A pronounced difference: Bush's 'nucular' weapon
"Why does Bush, leader of the free world (?????) and a product of Yale and Harvard, consistently mangle this vital and often-used word?
While the White House did not return telephone calls on the subject, Nunberg says there isn't much chance that the president's twisted diction is an innocent mistake. After all, the linguist says, it's not as if Bush never heard 'nuclear' pronounced the right way."

Do it by mistake-ignorant.
Do it on purpose-dishonest.
Not sure which is worse.........
Something for the BookMonkeys on Burnside~
Business 2.0 - Magazine Article - Why Spy?
"Technology that monitors employees' Web usage sounds like a smart way to keep them focused on work. Wrong. Let 'em surf."
As time goes by, you remember the days when you said you didn't care about anything, even though you did.
You just didn't know what to make of it yet.
Soon enough, you do start to discover what to make of it, but the parameters change too quickly to adapt.
You say you don't care, and people believe you,
but you do.
As you get older, you witness many things, and wonder about the worth of humanity. You still don't care? You always did, but hopelessness is a formidable neurosis.
It told you not to care- it formed a callous on your soul.
But in the end you discover that you always did care-about everything.
Now, they are rooms in your mind that you visit more frequently-each one haunted by ghosts who wished you would have shown you cared.
We are all born to a world of hurt
We know it going in, and try to look for the shiny moments
create them
that's the adventure of life
How many moments now rust
corroded by fear, distrust

I hope not to wake up wishing I had showed I cared.

Why do SUVs suck?
"There is now a growing chorus of rebellious voices against the SUV, mostly based on the SUV's hostility towards green issues and other road users. Many however, are unaware of how technically inferior SUV's are, strictly from an engineering point of view. This would be far less outrageous if not for their high asking prices and huge profit margins. My motivation for writing this article is to reveal the truth of what people are actually getting for the large sums of money they are paying for a SUV. I would like to see good products succeed in the marketplace and bad ones fail, not the other way around."
Sooo much to see and do at Playing With Time.
"You will see time sped up and slowed down, and behold the beauty of change. Time will be in your hands to witness, replay, and even create."

O Shiny.
Diclaimer--not for those who suffer from DollFear (aka pediophobia).
Chomick & Meder


3Bruces directs attention to the Miller Lite Catfight commercial that caused such controversy. This is the uncensored version that should have been kept intact--better ending.
He takes fatal OD as Internet pals watch
Found at New World Disorder who also provides the actual IRC chat logs.
Why do cats purr?
This much I learned from on-hands experience as a Vet Tek~

"Cats often purr while under duress, such as during a visit to the veterinarian or when recovering from injury. Thus, not all purring cats appear to be content or pleased with their current circumstances. This riddle has lead researchers to investigate how cats purr, which is also still under debate."

This was an....interesting read~
THE MOON: A Propaganda Hoax
"It's normal in a family for there to be a child or two that has a run-in with the law. For George W Bush and his brother Jeb, the rate is 100%. From sexual misconduct to prescription forgery, here's Bush Kids Gone Wild!

(should have been Bush Family Gone Wild, as there has never been a Bush that hasn't been in trouble, but for the sake of the joke....Jenna's kinda hot, in a Kelly O kinda way..... tubby, rebelious....)
Put A Sock On It!
No hyperlink, so if you read through a bit, you will find that Sinnocence links us.......
"There is something about cozy, fluffy, NEW socks that is on the same level as bath bombs from Lush and make-up from MAC and facial cremes and shit like that from Lamer and.. and.. and... oils from the Body Shop... and.. and... ok you get the point. I love socks.
I have to have the loose socks, they are cute and purrrrrrrr, warm, yum looking. And for fuck's sake, boot socks of any kind rule as well as any socks that go over the knee. I am also a sucker for anklets with lace and bows and stuff."

She purrrrrred.
O, for the love of Tarsus, someone please give her Warm Toes!