A joke I found at The Presurfer -
George W. Bush was curious whether he was still popular with the American youngsters and therefore he visited a school. He gave a short speech and asked the children if they had any questions. Bob raised his hand and said: 'I have 3 questions for you.'

1). How did you manage to win the elections with less votes than your opponent?
2). Why do you want to attack Iraq without the support of the UN?
3). Do you agree with me that the bombing of Hiroshima was the greatest act of terror from the last century?

At that same moment the school bell rang and all children left the room.
After 15 minutes they returned and Bush again asked the children if they had any questions. This time Joey raised his hand and said: 'I have 5 questions for you.'

1). How did you manage to win the elections with less votes than your opponent?
2). Why do you want to attack Iraq without the support of the UN?
3). Do you agree with me that the bombing of Hiroshima was the greatest act of terror from the last century?
4). Why did the school bell rang 30 minutes early?
5). Where's Bob?
This is a great idea~
::War Debate::
I have registered.
No protests, no Blog-Black-Out, I'm feeling rather Sheepish.
DMT, Moses, and the Quest for Transcendence
"DMT in the pineal glands of Biblical prophets gave God to humanity and let ordinary humans perceive parallel universes."
I'm really digging Reality Carnival.
Welcome to a New Reality
"People afflicted with Charles Bonnet Syndrome see beings from another world. Many scientists would call these beings hallucinations. Others call this syndrome a portal to a parallel reality."
see post below.
Note- it looks the same there as it does here, but with more megs AND image hosting! And after lots of tooling, we won't have cross-hosting problems
I might switch over to this service.
Thing is, it doesn't support Bloggar yet. I love that tool.
For Pleasure Only~
Campo Alegre Resort
Bruce Campbell Online should win an award for Most Unassuming Celebrity Site.
Le French have an axe to grind~
uzinagaz naturel biologique et chimique
(hint-click on GW Bush. You'll know what to do. Haux haux haux.)


While this actually has been done by humans to babies (yes, it has, I just read it in a book about freak shows), this site is obviousely for entertainment purposes only!
Bonsai Kitten
Let's try a little Politics again, this time we'll batch them so they can be easily skipped if they aren't of interest to you.
Afghanistan omitted from US aid budget
ABC News-Terror Alert Partly Based on Fabricated Information
Colin Powell has lied before -- do you believe him now?
From onegoodmove
My Enemy's Enemy re:ousting Saddam will benefit al-Qaeda
A powerful reason to doubt Powell
G.E., Halliburton, ConocoPhillips pressed to cut ties with 'terror states'
(one has to wonder why they need "pressing" on this issue........)
Exposing Bush and His "Techniques of Deceit"
Your attempt to access unpatriotic material has been reported to the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, CIA, Attorney General, Secretary of Defense, and the Pentagon's Total Information Awareness Office, pursuant to the Patriot Act of 2001 and Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003.
Big Rush Limbaugh fan, are ya?
Good Shit.
***Nude Weblog Awards***
Vote for Coolio.
Found a few other blogs for the Roll as well.


Cliff Pickover recommends RealityCarnival~
Looks good.
We Yummy Wakame : daily brain goo
It's Livvy's Birfday!!!!
Damn You Wickywoo!
HorN revisited...
why, because I got a "someone wants to meet you" that didn't make me laugh and I thought, hey, I've got hundreds of really important things to do today, why not poke around here & see if someone will give me the gift of laughter...
Umm i like to swim and sun bathe at the beach i love to dance i love techno music im also bisexual
she's also a very young looking asian with huge boobs, Umm, i smell a fake.
Oh, this one is definitely a fake, I think someone is mad at this poor girl...
if you like catering to she self-centered, girls; I'm the one for you!
If you've visited here for awhile, you might have noticed the recent absence of political posts.
Since Temple Furnace didn't really work out, I'm going to hang around :: The HIVE :: for awhile and begin posting political articels I find there. Seems to be a solid community that I can relate to.
Thanks to John at DRT for direction.
I never stopped caring, I was discouraged by others not caring.


More on t.A.T.u.~"The underage sex project" (???)
"Apparently this is a new fashion trend in Japan. Those are not transparent skirts. They are actually prints on the skirts to make it look as if the panties are visible."

Joe Rogan to host The Man Show
Shiny. Joe's a funny guy, a legitimate comedian, whereas I think Kimmel and Corrolla just got lucky.
Not sure if the show could survive the switch, but I stopped watching it quite awhile ago.
I've watched some of Kimmel's new talk show--he doesn't have interviewer chops IMO.
Corrolla does, but he's a chump.
BTW, maybe you weren't aware that Joe Rogan has a website.
When I found it, I spent a good chunk of a day reading the entire site. Funny shit.


the store locator says convenience stores throughout our state sell them, I wonder if Bob's has them...
PERSUASION: We Are Being Toyed With

"I was sent a photo of what was purported to be the electric charge that struck Columbia. After seeing the weird blue looped streak I was all prepared to say,

'Case closed. We know what damaged the craft's left wing and caused the crash seven minutes later.'
I was all ready to prepare a jpg of the streak and send it out. But then I noticed there were clouds, lots of them, above the supposed Columbia: at 212000 feet, a sky full of clouds. This picture was a hoax. That led me to the next step in logical thinking: this is all too easy. An electric discharge is photographed bolting into Columbus. Proof quickly arrives that electric storms occur in the high atmosphere. Mystery solved. Let's bury the astronauts and go home.
Such an approach is a good idea if you're covering up facts, considering more and more influential people want to know if the blue light was caused by a Star Wars Weapon."
via DRT.

after sooo many hours of sleep I lost count & some of the strangest dreams I've ever had I awoke for what had to be the fiftieth time this morning and turned on the tv (in case you didn't know, my wisom teeth were brutally removed from my head yesterday morning, so yeah, I'm a little drugged right now)...
anyways, I turned on the tv and there was this beautiful video on that channel that, despite it's name, rarely actually shows music (at least none worth listening to)...
I was stunned because as far as I could tell I was awake & thinking fairly rational thoughts & yet here was this video that looked & sounded great and, are those girls kissing? I'm not talking about that porn-like kind of kissing they've been displaying in rap videos lately, this was deliciousely sweet, real girl kissing, the kind you don't see between girls who are just doing it because somebody offered them money (and if you don't know the difference you have my condolences, wait, no, you don't).
next I grabbed my laptop and this is what I found...

"When I first heard this duo described as 'a pair of teenage Russian lesbians' I thought: 'Oh God, here we go, another of those annoying novelty pop packages. then I played the record and I thought: 'Blimey. If this is cynical, processed pop, give me some more!' because I'm ahamed to say, I think it's totally and utterly fantastic. Here is yet another teenybop act you'd love to loathe but can't because they're so damn talented. I know it's sacrilege to say so, but I think their cover The Smiths' 'How Soon is Now?' might even be better than the original.
Disclaimer~ if you are enjoying Joe Millionaire, don't read further as it might ruin the ending.
Reality TV and the Public Trust
"We are told this is all real. This, to me, looks to be a somewhat scripted hoax, along the exact promotional lines of The Blair Witch Project, with actors playing both ad-libbed and scripted roles in a false documentary. But you would never even suspect this by reading the daily papers. Only the Internet gives us a clue."

See also Joe Millionaire - Fox TV Network's New Million Dollar Secret!
"Sources have estimated at least 75% of the original pool of 20 women had worked in one form or another for the Adult Entertainment Industry. Among the ladies were everyone from topless waitresses and strippers to call girls and adult film stars."


Grover is Bitter.

Only muppet on that show with any freakin' talent, IMO.
Wow. Here's a happy-go-lucky artist~
Butcher Ludwig.


If you've ever been stuck in traffic, you'll drive yourself crazy solving the multiple levels of fun in this sadistically addictive game. Step into the shoes of an omnipotent god of traffic and help the clueless citizens navigate the pitfalls of rush hour.
The World According To The United States of America.
Sorry, it just creeps me out for some reason~
Presidential Prayer Team.