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Time Travel Research Center
Museum Of Un~Natural History
The Crank Menagerie:"The pages collected here showcase the wide variety of strange beliefs on the web. I assembled this list to highlight areas where I think some skeptical thinking is sorely needed. That's just what I think, but you can certainly have a look and decide for yourself!"
McDaniel Report
Weird But True
Weird Mysteries


Tough Lemmings-type game:Re-Covered.
FHM magazine's Top 100 Online Games.
Research results from this morning's LINKDUMP:
Interesting article on US Concentration Camps.
Equally interesting:The Overthrow Of The American Republic and lots more.
Aleister Crowley Biography and lots of internal links to similar areas of interest.
InfoWars has a massive Prior Knowledge Database as well as a ton of other news and information from around the world.
Another repository for tons of information:The Power Hour.
Everything you (never) wanted to know about the Bilderberg Group.
Great article on Our Living Universe.
"Modern science and diverse spiritual traditions inform an ancient idea: Our cosmos is not a lifeless
machine, but instead a unified and living organism."
More Online oracles (the other ones are way back in the archives):Odyssey Of Life, cast coins in the Visionary I-Ching, and a unique divination tool, The Damanhur Synchronic Book.
A wealth of information on the propogation and perservation of "happiness" found here:Neo-Tech.
Another treasure trove of tittilating topics:Educate Yourself.
More at Center For an Informed America.
More at Phenomenon.
More at Rae West.
Official Zacharia Sitchin website.
nomorefakenews.com run by John Rappaport.
Many interesting things(alternative articles intermixed with sexy pictures!) to be found at J. Orlin Grabbe.
Another Jack Parsons reference site.
Scientists discuss UFO's and other topics at UFOskeptic.org.
Online Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.
Get your Spell On at Abraxion.
Submit your picture, and be transformed into a Klingon Warrior.
"Contained herein are some of the strangest images found in the world. from 8-legged lambs to 2-headed tortoises and more, we collect and display the oddest of the odd."
More later, as time permits.

I have been playing Dinky Bomb on Gamer TV all day....what fun! Players try to destroy each others team using strategy and good aim, which I don't possess.....very addicting.
Anyway,William Henry is on AB tonight, very fascinating stuff on Planet X, wormholes, mythology...... Interesting PDF on Saddam Hussain and the return of Nibiru to this solar system.


Perfect for around the bed~Black Lace Trimming, 4 Yards

Lillian Gish


Play Crab-Ball.
More fun games at SpikyThing.
Even more at GamerTV.
Or learn some Stupid Penis Tricks.
Yummy. Banana Split.
I Love You~in 100+ languages.
I took FreezerBox out of the alt news rotation because they rarely update. Well, they updated: FreezerBox.
So people post half-baked ideas and other people comment on them at HalfBakery.
Started out as a user-submitted encyclopedia, evolved into a communtiy covering a wide variety of topics: Everything2. Here's an example: Don't Have Sex With Horses.
Something similar going on here, TakeOver, here, ThinkAttack, here, MemePool, and here: Plastic. It's good to have alternatives to Fark.
This is a nice diversion: Movie Mistakes. Apparently, Spider-Man is racking up the continuity errors faster than any other movie. Don't care, still want to see it. Still haven't seen LOTR yet, and this site notes many of the errors in it. Related, Clones gets a thumbs-down from Fox News.
and some more options to consider...extension fiendz: hair collection
Hmmmm, an option for shorter hair~Raggedy Anime
If Aberrant News recommends it~Heisenberg's Fun House | UncertaintyPark.com


So all of these scientists that have been involved in some way or other with biological weapons/terrorism are being killed off. Could be they know where the Anthrax attack originated; the Pentagon. The owner of this site thinks it's the Chinese, the Russians and our own Government. I agree with him. It's all an elaborate scheme to thin down the population. These scientists know too much about the government's agenda.The mainstream media is completely silent, of course, since they are all owned by the government.Steve Quayle News Alerts:14 dead scientists and counting. Lots of other interesting topics covered there as well, among them: 13 year old girl dies from mosquito bite, 3 on Maui die from flesh-eating bacteria, U.S. Says China, Russia, Cuba, Syria, Libya Abet Terrorism, FBI Warned of Training Before 11th, CIA Warns of Chinese Plans for Cyber-Attacks on U.S., Mind-boggling Phenomena Reported by Russian Scientists, and oh so many more. This site goes in my main links frame.Of course, many of theses stories can be found at other alternative news sites, but it's nice to have them all under one roof. One day, this site might acheive that.
Goth & Faerie paper dolls you can play dress up with without printing~Playing with Dolls
Tell me they've got nothing to hide:Inquiry of Intelligence Failures Hits Obstacles
Praise the lord, and pass the ammunition.
From my hometown newspaper: Documents link Enron to California energy crisis.
Another 9/11-related article:Operation Northwoods and the Reichstag fire.
This is an interesting article:Forbidden History-Covered up again!
I despise the AFL-CIO.Venezualan Coup.
More from Rense:US GVT can't account for billions of spent tax dollars.
Joe Rogan finally posts an entry on his website, and it's nice and long.
The Lesbian Pulp Fiction Collection.
Vagina Dentata.
I like the art:Guedel.
Remember this? One of my first links here, updated, re-posted, still very funny. Japanese Engrish.
Interesting flash site with recipes:REMEDY.
Cute little garden motif. Play "Crowd Control", be like Buddy Lee.Illustr8or.
Things Other People Accomplished When They Were Your Age.
Is it really Alive? I don't know. I might have too many windows active.
This one didn't work either. Will check it out later. Yoda.
Now you can have your very own Lord of Dreams paper doll...Morpheus
I've been spending too much time trolling religious threads on Fark and trying to jump-start the HP site. Looks like there is very little interest in it, even though it's much more interactive and fun than yahoo groups. Most people don't like change, it seems. Or they don't like me, which I don't find all that suprising really. A couple of people joined, a few made fun of the idea, and the rest just flat-out ignored it, which is typical as these same people ignored me back in the day. I guess I shouldn't have been so optimistic about them having any interest in my attempt to make a better hangout.
I'm getting pretty close to removing myself from that group anyway.
Links are forthcoming this evening, I promise. I added the tagboard for the purpose of visitors adding links for submission to this site. Please do use it, but if it's to remark on my lack of intelligence, keep in mind that I never claimed to possess any.
Song stuck in my head:(INXS)"They want to break you........suicide bomb........."


Interesting: again, there are probably a great many mysteries awaiting us just under the surface anywhere on Earth.Evidence Suggests Advanced Civilization 120 Million Years Ago

(Note: Richard Hoagland disputes the age, suggesting it's probably around 13,000 years old or a little older, but definitely not 120 million years old. He said that it will probably be revealed that it hadn't been properly investigated before this story was published, just as The Biting Faery had said about it in Fark. My apologies to her for not listening to Reason on that one!)
Synthetic Humanoid Assembled for Warfare and Nullification

Good resource for blogger tools and such.Blog About Blogs == all your blogging needs. Got a swift little app there that frees me from having to go to Blogger to do all the work.Love it!


This was discovered just a few kilometers from the Cheops pyramid-who knows what else lies hidden in the sand:New pyramid found in Egypt [05may02]
The Hawaii Punks site is up. Should be interesting to see if anybody joins.
I kinda like her artwork:>>>>>Yong's Gallery<<<<<<
Very nice photography and multimedia:Dissapointed Virginity
This link may not work, but will throw it out anyway, it's "rad".Agent Girl.