I come across alot of arabic blogs when RandomBlogging. This will be a handy tool indeed.Tarjim Translator.
Sand Art, Relaxing.
Um, I don't know....maybe it's useful?
The Encyclopedia of Lesbian Movie Scenes
Remember the Menendez Brothers? Ah, those were the days.

Twin teenage brothers told police in March that they planned with their 21-year-old brother to kill their mother by strangling her after she complained about not getting a Wendy?s bacon cheeseburger.
See the Menedez brothers killed their parents because of sexual abuse...........oh, never mind.


How to build your own anti-gravity Lifter.
Some balsa wood, aluminum foil, and an HV power source.....


"Ladies And Gentlemen, America stands committed to deceitful dictators above all.
The United States without conflict would be wickedness on a massive scale. Further destruction and suffering will be shared by all. The world must never again know peace."
Make Your Own Bush Speech.
81.25 %

My weblog owns 81.25 % of me.
Does your weblog own you?


Second Portlander in a row while RandomBlogging:empty pictures
Hamster on supply search!

When I am RandomBlogging and I come across a site that is either in spanish, french, german or russian, sometimes I'll run a post through the PROMT-Reverso.
Often the results are quite amusing.
"Am Donnerstag wurde mir mein linker Backenzahn gezogen. So manche tuscheln, daß dies mein Keppelzahn gewesen wäre. Ja ja! Echt lustig!
Seitdem laufe ich wie ein Hamster durch die Gegend, der für den Winter Nüsse sammelt.:-(
Warum passiert immer ausgerechnet mir so was?
Warum immer auf die kleinen Dicken?
Irgendwie tu ich mir jetzt schon ein bissal leid!:-)"

"On Thursday my left moral tooth was pulled to me. So some whisper that this had been my Keppelzahn. Yes! Really funnily! Since then I run like a hamster by the region, which for the winter nuts sammelt.:-(Why passed always just to me so what? Why always on the small thick(fat)? Now somehow I already do to me bissal sorry ones!:-) "

Imagine what the translators of the bible had to go through.................
If one looks hard enough, I'll bet there's a Mystic Message in this piece as well.


Remember a week or so ago when I asked if you could quess who this guy is?

Yeah.Adam Ant. Looks like Dad.
Made me feel pretty old.
Pretty, Young, and Fearless; that's the Scorpio...........
Ah, well.

So, can you guess who this guy is??

.......and now I feel downright ancient.
"Oh the wheel is turning spinning round and round
And the house is crumbling but the stairways stand"
this link came after mine when I ran a "long sock" search on google.
Part way down this page...
Sock Talk is a nice Fetishize Me mention by one of their visitors!
I'll definitely be adding them to the foot links page this evening.


Google Search Query: Go To Hell.
Interesting what makes the top of the list.

Making Faces.
Upload a picture of yourself, and this site will render it in 3D, eyes blink, mouth opens, enter text and you will talk to you.
Quite entertaining, and just a little bit Creepy.
I see a Potential Screenplay

The Crowley Case
``The above mentioned Edward Alexander Crowley,(aka Aleister) born at Leamington on 12 October 1875, lives in a villa situated about three kilometers from the town since April 1920. He regularly pays rent to the owners, the which only lament a certain mania of Crowley of painting frescoes on the walls with representations which do not conform with decency; but said owners have had no means of seeing the villa, ever since they allowed Crowley to rent it, and only from rumors current in town do they know of the Englishman's madness. Rumors fed by the fact that Crowley is cohabiting with at least five women, relatively young and well preserved (besides three children, one of which is negro or mulatto), on whom the fantasy of a country such as this breaks loose and indulges its whims in such a manner that it is difficult to distinguish, in all the stories told, the true from the false. "

The story would revolve around the women and the townspeople; the Beast Himself would only be the Premise. But who to play him? And can I fit Whitesides in there somewhere? Johnny Depp would be a good Parsons I think. Heck,with my extensive Crowley collection I think I could punch out a good two hour fantasy.
I find it hard to believe it hasn't been thought of already.
Celebrity Deam Feet
Antarctic telescope sees Big Bang echo.
Map of primordial microwave radiation from NASA's Cosmic Background Explorer satellite
Or "God Flushes The Toilet"


Handy Map of Known Fetishes:
Sadly, sock fetishes are only extended to leg warmers and full-body stockings. Inadequate and Incomplete, IMO.
All you could want to know...
Marihemp: Politics: The First 12,000 Years
Didn't like it at first, then I was drawn in:Makai Media Spear Toss
Glorious fractal art at ChaosDancer.
Harvest Moon
and yes, what a wonderful Harvest!

Unrelated random thoughts-
Push Nevada kicks Ass.
Reminiscent of Twin Peaks, but quite original. The writing is crisp, the characters appropriately creepy.
The cheesy spaghetti (mmmmm) western references actually make this show endearing. Fight scenes are most excellent. Zoe-the "soldier" is probably my favorite character thus far; line delivery is natural and believable.

Thankfully, the writing suddenly got far better, as well as the acting. But that's par for Star Trek spinoffs; they usually start out of the gate stiff and over-rehearsed.
Sadly, the title song remains.

John Doe-
Good fantasy, nice diversion, little more. I'd watch it, but can anticipate it becoming formulaic and predicatable.

B3ta's got the drop on the Pshop.
Must be Fark Graduates..
While I'm here, Useless Thoughts is actually pretty funny. Thanks to Insignificant Thoughts.
The GIF Pronunciation Page.
Not as dull as it sounds, actually.
"I must say that your page on the correct pronunciation of .GIF is the most complete, well-researched, and convincing document I have ever seen on the subject.
Now could someone please tell me which of the three pronunciations of LINUX is correct?"

I'm sticking with the hard G.
The Insanity Test.
My results are in the comments. Take the test first so that my prognosis doesn't influence yours.