A comment that almost went un-noticed~
"This story about "lesbian" Japanese monkeys is just another example of how the liberal media has bought into the lie that ladies can be homosexuals too. You see, the homosexual lobby wants us to believe this because it would make their lifestyle appear to be more normal.

I've never known a women who enjoys sex. It's just not in their nature. The homosexuals know this, so they spread this myth to dispel the notion that it's all just a bunch of super horny guys.

Being homosexual, they don't see the basic flaw in their propaganda. If they'd ever seen a woman naked, they'd know that ladies couldn't have sex with each other because they don't have "little soldiers!"

Heterosexually yours,

Gen. JC Christian, Patriot"

First of all, Bwahahahahahahaha! Most idiotic comment I've ever gotten!
Second, you didn't read the article.
Third, if you've never met a "women" who enjoys sex, you've never met a "women". Period.
Ask any female who visits this site if they don't enjoy sex.
Fourth, "Jesus' General", you apparently don't know as much about your CIC as you thought you did.
The Essenes teach that Jesus said it was okay for a woman to "lay down" with a woman as no seed is wasted.
Gospel of Saint Thomas, I believe.
They don't make a huge issue out of it, merely point out that Jesus didn't have hangups about it.
I suspect that he experimented with homosexuality at one point or other in his life as well. Probably during those years the bible conveniently omits.
Anyhow, thanks for the comment. You might realize by now that I don't suffer christians gladly.

Update: turns out he's just pulling our leg---either that of he really is Over The Edge........
Jesus' General Homepage
Colin Powell during his press conference in Tokyo~
"War is not neccessary. It is Saddam Hussein's pursuit of WOMD's that would put us into the position of a possible war. If he were to fully disarm, this would all be over with."

Um, what about the liberation of the Iraqis?
Pretty Cold~
The Boomerang Nebula
Pretty Fun~
Beat Congestion
Pretty Girl~

e-mail roadrussell@aol.com

America~ What's Not To Like?
It started out in the comments of MicheLe's Blog and evolved into a site of it's own.
I feel shiny because I got to reprezent Oregon.
Had I known it would become this big deal, I would have put a lot more thought into my comment.
Slashdot | Advice You Would Give to Your 12 Year-Old Self?
Those hurtful things your father says and does--he doesn't mean them. Let it go now--believe me, it WILL affect your future.
Soak up as much knowledge as you can-learn everything. Do this for the rest of your life.
Control your anger--channel it into creative ventures.
Otherwise it will consume you.
Don't pick up smoking.
Here are a few investment tips--get in early and don't tell anyone--from there build The Empire.
Don't forget to put alot of that to community programs.
When someone named Niq asks you to help her parents move into a house--do it.
You'll thank me later.
We Liberated 'Em Real Good!
Falling Back to Taliban Ways with Women
Afghanistan~Women Still Not "Liberated"
Don't mention the war in Afghanistan.
note; these and a buncha links below blatantly stolen from SE.
Zero Pollution Motors, Inc.
"The CityC.A.T.® uses compressed air as its energy source and requires no gasoline or batteries to drive the engine.

With a range of 120 miles or 10 hours in urban conditions, the CityC.A.T.® is a practical car for an in-town and around-town city lifestyle. It provides the most comprehensive solution to urban pollution."

Sounds shiny, but Americans won't buy them for one simple reason:

Pax Americana Alert
"An underlying policy in defense and foreign affairs runs parallel to the War on Terrorism, which it preceded. If the White House and Pentagon have their way, it shall continue to operate in tandem with the War on Terrorism for years to come. This strategy calls for a major expansion of US military power around the globe to secure the peace . . . for 'America'. Its goals are to eliminate current regional rivals, such as Iraq, Iran and North Korea, and to discourage the rise of new ones, even among our friends, thereby protecting our vital interests and security via a worldwide network of American protectorates. In the long run, American preeminence as the sole superpower is to be extended as far into the new century as possible."
>bt: Protesting the Protesters << Devil's Advocate
"Armed with the knowledge that war is not the answer, I went to the peace protest in search of answers."
Very interesting, and very telling.
Ever heard of it?
Nauru loses contact with the world
"Its isolation is so complete that no one is even sure who the country's president is any more.

Nauru, an isolated speck in the southwest Pacific with a population of 12,000, is in a 'critical situation', according to the last message received by the outside world."

It gets even wierder~
"Late last year, Australian immigration officials admitted that the asylum seekers, mainly Iraqis, had been running their own detention centre since officials abandoned the site following a riot."

I don't know--this sounds like a Star Trek episode...
So is it a spoof? Does Nauru exist?
CIA Factbook on Nauru.
Interesting to note~ it is the world's smallest independent republic, a population of 12,329, and has a Constitution.
Israel doesn't have a Constitution.
If you are further intrigued as I was, here's Lonely Planet, UN Seahorse and some pictures.
Girls like to kiss.
Everyone is clothed, so I'd say it's safe for work.
via RA


Oh My Fucking God.
Get it at A Small Victory: friday night music
Fast for George W. Bush
"If you are willing to fast at least one day a month primarily for George W. Bush's holiness........"

Hey, why stop at one day a month?
Go ahead and give up sustenance altogether, for the sake of the nation!
Saudi Arabia's proposal for a post-Saddam Iraq~More Of The Same.
"The Saudis are proposing that after Saddam Hussein's fall, Saudi Arabia should lead a coalition of Islamic nations to occupy Iraq while a transitional Iraqi government is established."
tttttrrrrrrrruuuuuusssssssstttttttt uuuuusssssssss.

All I can say is This Better Not Happen.
RollingStone.com: News: Johnny Cash Makes 'Em Hurt~Video leaves Reznor, viewers speechless

"We were in the studio, getting ready to work -- and I popped it in," Reznor says. "By the end I was really on the verge of tears. I'm working with Zach de la Rocha, and I told him to take a look. At the end of it, there was just dead silence. There was, like, this moist clearing of our throats and then, 'Uh, OK, let's get some coffee.'"

It had that effect on me too when I first saw it, mostly because Cash is so much like my father.
More Blair-Mafia Links Alleged
"Today Blair visits Italian PM Berlusconi, his key ally in Europe and head of a coalition which includes neofascists and the racist devolutionists of the Northern League. Berlusconi was the first premier in Europe to back the Perle/Sharon War against Islam project in the wake of 911, at a time when Blair was claiming to carry a copy of the Koran on every foreign trip."
Proving it's possible to be "Evil" and a democracy at the same time........
Now a dillemma; how does one topple an Evil Democracy?
All Should Follow Suit~
Bookseller Purges Files to Avoid Searches
"Some booksellers are troubled by a post-Sept. 11 federal law that gives the government broad powers to seize the records of bookstores and libraries to find out what people have been reading.
Bear Pond Books in Montpelier will purge purchase records for customers if they ask, and it has already dumped the names of books bought by its readers' club."

US plan for new nuclear arsenal
"It is impossible to overstate the challenge these plans pose to the comprehensive test ban treaty, the existing nuclear test moratorium, and US compliance with article six of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty."

"How can we possibly go to the international community or to these countries and say 'How dare you develop these weapons', when it's exactly what we're doing?"
I accidentally deleted the post about the Great White concert tragedy.
My original post said "80's Hair Band Great White kills 95 people in nightclub fire."
I stand by that statement. I hold them entirely responsible for those deaths.
As a musician, I cannot fathom having to live with the guilt of such ridiculously poor judgement, but I don't feel sorry for the band. They almost lit another nightclub afire the very same way just last week.
I predict Jack Russell will not be able to live with what he's done.
The faces of all those people he stood right in front of just seconds before they died..........
Oh Yeah!
The Cascadian Flag"The Republic of Cascadia is not yet officially recognized by Canada, the United States of America, or the United Nations. Not that it is any of their business."
Vote To Impeach Bush
Click here for the Articles Of Impeachment.
Written by Ramsey Clark, Former US Attorney General
Ashcroft's America.
Canadian in passport fiasco
"A Toronto woman coming home from India says she was pulled aside at Chicago's O'Hare Airport, accused of using a fake Canadian passport, denied consular assistance and threatened with jail.

She was photographed, fingerprinted, barred from re-entering the U.S. for five years and immediately 'removed.'

Not to Toronto, but to India.
BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | US troops 'to fight' in Philippines
Important to remember~
"The issue is sensitive in the Philippines, whose constitution bans foreign troops from fighting on its soil."
via charging the canvas.

Iraq To Become 51st US State.
Col John Warden: "Our only concern is getting rid of their WOMD's and severing their links to terrorist organizations.. Whether a democracy is installed is not really an issue."

What about liberating the Iraqis?
The bottom line on Iraq: It's the bottom line
Lest We Forget~
"Dick Cheney chose to do business with Saddam after the rape of Kuwait. After Scuds had been fired at Tel Aviv and Riyadh. After American soldiers had been sent home from Desert Storm in body bags.

And in 2000, just months before pocketing his $34 million Halliburton retirement package and joining the GOP ticket, Cheney was lobbying for an end to U.N. sanctions against Saddam."

Yeah, I know alot of people don't like Huffington, but facts are facts.

Freakin' Hilarious.
You kinda hafta keep resetting it to get it in synch, but once done-Shiny Genius.
They do make a handsome couple.......
Derren Brown: Mind Control
Scary but hypnotic, psychological illusionist Derren Brown is back for a new six-part series. From the Oxford Union to St Pancras Station, and from Margate to the Tate, he picks pockets, reads minds – and always knows who's lying.
Central London webcams go dark for anti-war demo
"Conspiracy theories, anyone? Yesterday at least a million people took to London's streets to mount the UK's biggest ever anti-war protest. And yesterday, webcams along the marchers' route were down "for operational reasons."
Oh, Hell Yes.
click for more movie info
I don't even care if the film is pure crap. It's Crispin. Hellion. Glover.
This was obviously made for him, since he wrote Studies In The Art Of Rat Catching.
I have all of his books.

When I first saw Charlie's Angels, I didn't know he was in it and peed a little when he came on screen.
Some don't know he was in 30 movies besides Back To The Future, like Friday The 13th-The Final Chapter where he gets a corkscrew rammed into his hand before the butcher knife hits.
His Andy Warhol impression in The Doors rivals David Bowie's in Basquiat.
I loves me some Crispin.
You know the End is Near when the Freemasons start looking for applicants.


A few links of interest~ first, some Good News
New hope after transplant mix-up
"17-year-old girl who received lungs and a heart that didn’t match her blood type on Thursday received a new set of organs, this time with a correct match."

Mercury News | 02/19/2003 | Bill of Rights under a new assault
Female Air Force Academy cadets reprimanded for reporting rapes.
A game~ Merlin's Revenge.
On Michael Jackson's The Footage You Were Never Meant To See~
My personal belief is that this is one big publicity stunt created by Jackson to have the limelight recast on him. Damage control for all the bad press he got while visiting Germany.
Set it up with the Bad, (Bashir) knock it down with the Good.(Povich?? Bwahahaha!)
Bait And Switch type of thing.
It's a tactic that works--an example is Colin Powell first being a dove, and later becoming a hawk.
It was successful because when you have a dove in the White House that other doves and peaceniks like and respect go hawk-like, you'd tend to believe him more than if he had been hawk-like from the start..
It also helps the media to have a dove-hawk in the White House, they never have to go far to get "the other side of the coin".
I think that's a pretty clever tactic, actually.
Anyway, so you've got Bashir painting Jackson as a Monster and Povich repainting the portrait to Saint--all of which was planned ahead of time. Povich as host was simply a bad choice, as he lends Zero integrity to the project.
Ong's Hat: The Beginning - Egg Physics
"have been thinking about how one might really go about building a tantric egg to travel to other universes. Unlike quantum tantra where we are seeking to maximally entangle ourselves with the things and beings of THIS world while for egg travel what you want to do is DISCONNECT from this world and float free."

Okay, so Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld had plans for Iraq long before 9/11, even sent a letter to Clinton urging him to use military force~ The 1998 Origins of the Bush Iraq War Drive
"We believe the U.S. has the authority under existing UN resolutions to take the necessary steps, including military steps, to protect our vital interests in the Gulf."

....and just what are those "vital interests"?
"the safety of American troops in the region, of our friends and allies like Israel and the moderate Arab states, and a significant portion of the world's supply of oil will all be put at hazard."

First one-good reason, not vital. Second one-bah. They are only "friends and allies" for the moment. Everybody knows allies like these are fickle and highly undependable. Third one- Rummy himself says it's (partly) about oil. And that would really be okay if BushCo would only back up those uncharactaristic words about alternative energy sources. Time will tell on that, but I am not holding my breath. OilyOilmen are the largest, richest group of lobbyists in Washington. Everybody in the Administration is tied to it in one form or other. Hamid Karzai was an OilMan. Without Oil, war machines cannot function. It's not about how much the US consumes as a nation, but also as a military force. He who controls the oil controls the world, really. We cannot, of course, let Hussein control any of it, so perhaps it IS best in the hands of the American Oilies. But it cannot rightly be said that this conflict isn't about oil (if only in part).
Leopold ends with this~
"The existence of the Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz 'war' letters is just another reason to question the Bush Administration's desire to go to war with Iraq now instead of dealing with other pressing issues such as Al-Qaeda. Because the letters were written in 1998 it proves that this war was planned well before 9-11 and casts further doubt on the claims that Saddam Hussein was involved in the 9-11 terrorist attacks."

Actually, it doesn't. Just because the war was planned before Clinton packed his bags doesn't mean Hussein wasn't involved in the attacks. Maybe he was, maybe he wasn't. Who cares? If he wasn't, does that mean he's a nice guy that should be left to his own devices?
Conclusion--I don't really see any "vital interests" in the Gulf. Hussein should have been dealt with when Pops had the chance, but alas, that gelatinous spine of his. So correct that error and get it over with already.
Grandmother hurt in Israeli violence
"Anne Gwynne, 65, from Aberystwyth, was hit in the leg by shrapnel while carrying a stretcher through the old quarter of the besieged town of Nablus.
She said two soldiers opened fire on her and a colleague after they failed to hear an order for them to halt as they were trying to reach a heavily pregnant Palestinian woman.
'We were being chased by three soldiers.
We didn't hear them, in the first place, and they were speaking in Hebrew, not English.
They didn't repeat it, they simply shot at us.'"

Space plane, NasaNasa plans shuttle successor
"Nasa has revealed its first set of mission criteria for the Orbital Space Plane (OSP) - the series of space vehicle expected to replace the space shuttle from 2012."
"Big Dude"

Bush's Terrorist Buddy, Sami Al-Arian, was finally arrested today. No O'Reilly for me, I don't want to hear him gloat about it. I wonder though if he'll show this pic.
Behind the Iraq Dossier Hoax: Intelligence Was Cooked in Israel
"The entire cooked intelligence picture was Made in Israel. It was cooked up at a right-wing think-tank complex notorious as a hotbed of radical Likudnik propaganda, and with links to the Office of Vice President Dick Cheney, via his Chief of Staff Lewis Libby and his former client, Marc Rich."
via charging the canvas.
U.S. 2002 Deficit Hit Record $435.2B
"The United States recorded a $435.2 billion trade deficit for 2002, the largest imbalance in history.
He will be remembered for
-standing on a pile of rubble with a megaphone.
-reviving a conflict his father should have finished.
-racking up the largest US trade deficit in history.

While I'm here~
GOP threats halted GAO Cheney suit
"Threats by Republicans to cut the General Accounting Office (GAO) budget influenced its decision to abandon a lawsuit against Vice President Dick Cheney, The Hill has learned."
Also, this on what the lawsuit is and why BushCo wants it kept secret.
The 500 Coolest Chicks Ever via Attu.
I guess if you must list 500, alot of them will be cartoon characters.....but it's a good stong start with Sarah Silverman.
Oh and to get to 21-30, enter it in the URL.Seems to stop there...........
Okay, anchorless.net is good.
Luv ya, Kitty, now how about This For That? We've been waiting patiently.....
Urban Legends Reference Pages: Questionable Quotes (Hermann Goering)
Claim: Hermann Goering proclaimed that although "the people don't want war," they "can always be brought to the bidding of their leaders."
Status: True.

"Of course the people don't want war. But after all, it's the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it's always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it's a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country to greater danger."
-- Herman Goering at the Nuremberg trials


Flash Mind Reader.
Well, how is it done?
Large shrimp thriving in Ala Wai Canal muck
"Health experts are not sure what is causing Mantis Shrimp found in the muck of the Ala Wai Canal to grow larger than their normal size, but one thing is clear, they say: You shouldn't eat anything out of the canal."

I spent the better part of my teenage years drinking on the banks of this canal. I've seen some very strange things floating in it, especially after floods from the mountains. I've seen locals fish for--and eat--talapia from that canal.
Never did see Mantis Shrimp, however.The largest weighed in at 1.35 pounds and 15 inches.

Penguins get lonely too.......
Lesbian Japanese monkeys challenge Darwin's assumptions
"The promiscuous sex life of lesbian Japanese monkeys is challenging one of the central tenets of Charles Darwin. He argued that females are coy, mate rarely and choose mates to ensure the best genetic inheritance for their offspring, while males are promiscuous and fight among themselves for female partners.

But after studying Japanese macaques in the wild, Dr Paul Vasey, of the University of Lethbridge, Canada, begs to differ. He found that bisexuality is common in females and that they often compete with males for sexual partners."

Finally, after four years of searching the internet for sock sites I have found what I consider to be an outstanding site with an amazing product. I wrote them my praises already and while I doubt they would want to sell to me at wholesale I sure wouldn't mind working out a deal with them on the bedsocks...
Almost Unwearoutable Sock co
Ha,Ha.Fox News Caught Stealing CNN Feed.
"It's a perfectly acceptable position for networks to take video from each other in times of national emergencies," CNN spokeswoman Christa Robinson said, "but it's rare that networks would go to such extremes to cover it up rather than give proper credit."

Next will be the claim that Shepard Smith delivers Fair And Balanced News without interjecting his own opinion, and Hannity isn't really a Creature Shop creation made to repeat the same sentences over and over--pull the string and hear him say "Amen Colonel North" Now with Crazy Eyebrows!!
Fox News is basically Entertainment Tonight on Patriotic Overdrive.
Not Fark~ LinkSwarm
It's normal in a family for there to be a child or two that has a run-in with the law. For George W Bush and his brother Jeb, the rate is 100%. From sexual misconduct to prescription forgery, here's Bush Kids Gone Wild!
Oops, missied this article~
The Real Reasons for the Upcoming War in Iraq: A Macroeconomic and Geostrategic Analysis of the Unspoken Truth
"Although completely suppressed in the U.S. media, the answer to the Iraq enigma is simple yet shocking -- it is an oil currency war. The real reason for this upcoming war is this administration's goal of preventing further Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) momentum towards the euro as an oil transaction currency standard. However, in order to pre-empt OPEC, they need to gain geo-strategic control of Iraq along with its 2nd largest proven oil reserves. This lengthy essay will discuss the macroeconomics of the `petro-dollar' and the unpublicized but real threat to U.S. economic hegemony from the euro as an alternative oil transaction currency."

Ah. I'll bet you didn't read it, because it screams oooooooiiiiiiiilllll.
But if you do read it and think about it, it makes sense and is really not that bad of a reason.

Lotsa good ones~

Power corrupts and
absolute power is kinda neat.

Always give 100% at work:
12% Monday
23% Tuesday
40% Wednesday
20% Thursday
5% Friday

How come we have to choose
from just 2 persons for president,
and 50 for Miss America?

If you think there is good in everybody,
you haven't met everybody.

What if the Hokey Pokey
really is what it's all about?

It may be your sole purpose in life
to simply serve as a warning to others.

Yes, that last one "spoke" to me......
Not defending the guy, but...Urban Legends Reference Pages: Rumors of War (Dead on the Tracks)
No, you must have read it all before leaving a comment.
Look how many times Saudi Arabia has been nothing but a nuisance. Look also at how people accused him of targeting bin Laden as a diversional tactic.
Consider that he had his reasons for not wanting to deal with Sudan, which is on the State Dept's list of terrorist states.
From the Department of Podiatry~
The History of Footwear - The Sexy Foot
Level 2: Low intensity fetishism
A strong preference exists to certain kinds of sexual partners, sexual stimuli or sexual activity. Normal sexual relationships continue but may incorporate the object of attraction in foreplay.

"Oh your feets too big
Don't want you cause your feet's too big
Mad at you cause your feet's too big
I hate you cause your feet's too big
Oh your pedal extremities are colossal"
Fats Waller

found at Random Abstract, ever living up to it's name.


Dammit,¤ c i r c l e m a k e r s ¤
Just Stop It Already.
So if the soundtrack production idea doesn't pan out, I'll need something to fall back on~
Ventrilo-Quick techniques of the professionals.
I like to collect McFarlane Figures, so yeah I'd really like this one please~
Ummm......GirlScent -sexy smell of woman's vagina scent, bottled!
"GirlScent was created by studying the sex pheromones and other aroma chemicals found in samples of vaginal secretions gathered from dozens of healthy young women."

Does it come as a breath-freshener too??

One more, one more~
Saudis worry Iraq war could create oil rival / If attack succeeds, Baghdad's output could top kingdom's
This alone would be enough reason for me to back military action in Iraq.
Hopeful-but-highly-skeptical outcome---an actual democracy in Iraq, thereby bringing down the House Of Saud, encouraging regime change in Iran, etc.
But what to do about Israel?
Seriously, enough for today.
Next time you get one of those "Nigerian Scam" letters, send this long-winded reply back--it even generates the name and deets of the culprit in question~
flooble:: Business Reply
And I would always simply reply with
"this letter will be forwarded to the proper US authorities.Perhaps they can be of help to you".
To offset those damned political posts below~
[quant-ph/0104033] The Structure of the Multiverse
Thouroughly Fascinating, at least to me.
Keeping in mind that I am not against the removal of Saddam~
Truth About War
"Do our politicians ever lie to justify war?
It's true that Hussein is a brutal dictator, but that isn't why Bush wants to remove him. The whole truth is that our politicians have encouraged Hussein's brutality, thus showing that they have no quarrel with his behavior in principle. Read the evidence for this claim by clicking here.

It's true that Hussein has violated UN resolutions, but that isn't why Bush wants to remove him. The whole truth is that our own politicians have no real respect for international law, and have encouraged Hussein to violate these laws in the past. Read the evidence for this claim by clicking here.(If violations of international law justified war then we might have to invade Israel.)"

It's true that the Iraqis suffer under a brutal, oppressive regime, but that isn't why Bush wants to remove him.
If the Iraqis want liberation, they should be willing to fight--and die--for it.
Not hearing much about that though, even from Iraqi-Americans. Saddam may be Evil, but there's no way he could stop 20+ million from storming his palaces............even with bio-weapons.
And of course that would surely seal his Doom by polarizing the planet against him. Except maybe France. Now would be the perfect time for the Iraqis to stand up for themselves while the world has Iraq under the microscope.......
Perhaps they aren't willing because last time we said we'd back them up and instead abandoned them.
And we all know what happened next.

Update~ I just found this:Iraqi defence minister 'under house arrest'
"Saddam Hussein was last night reported to have placed his defence minister and close relative under house arrest in an extraordinary move apparently designed to prevent a coup.
Iraqi opposition newspapers, citing sources in Baghdad, yesterday claimed that the head of the Iraqi military, Lieutenant-General Sultan Hashim Ahmad al-Jabburi Tai, was now effectively a prisoner in his home in the capital."

So perhaps there's a quiet rebellion in the works. If so, I truly hope it works, and I hope the US backs up the opposition this time round.
Okay, that's enough of that for today.......
George W. Bush on sacrifice:
"I've been to war. I've raised twins. If I had a choice, I'd rather go to war."
Funny, the timeline doesn't show W ever actively participating in a war............the quote is telling nonetheless.....a Lie and a Truth in one sentence.

And please....GW Bush just now said "I don't want war, but my responsibility is the protection of the American people."
Again, this implies that if Saddam disarmed Right Now, we would not go to war.
Which means this has absolutely Nothing to do with liberating Iraqis. Senator McCain said it too~
"If Saddam disarmed tomorrow, he could stay in Baghdad, watch all the torture films and take all the Viagra he wants for as long as he wants."
It's never been about liberating anyone. It sounds good when tacked to the pro-war arguement, but isn't based on actual motives.
Another fun Moon Lander Type game~
Starship Eleven found at FunJunkie.
Shiny Blog~ I like the "Hello Applet".
Purple Octopus
Something to ponder as you rest your eyes in the evening...........Do You Know What Lives In Your Eyelashes? .......
Thinking of a career change....something rattling around in my brain is writing soundtracks for commercials and cartoons. The music of Samurai Jack is what inspired this possiblity. SO these links are mostly Just For Me~
Pinnacle Project Studio: Recording Soundtracks with DOPro
Break Into Soundtracks and Jingles in Four Easy Steps
How to Make Money Scoring Soundtracks and Jingles
Doesn't that sound like a fun occupation? Maybe I'll dust off my old EPS and start practicing.
Bush brushes off global protests
Bush said that the size of protests against a possible U.S.-led war against Iraq was irrelevant to his policy decisions. “The role of a leader is to decide policy based upon the security — in this case, security of the people."

Haha. I could have told ya it would make no difference.
The impending war with Iraq was all planned out before his daddy paid off the Supreme Court appointed him to office.
But the Orange Alert was a nice attempt at a deterrent anyhow.
Something to keep in mind about this so-called "leader" of the most powerful country in the world--his criminal record would prevent him from applying to be a New York cop, yet he is the president of an entire nation--it boggles the mind.
A look at his business track record--further boggling.
Hope he doesn't do to this nation what he did with those businesses.........
Hehehe. This is something I would do~
"So, the story goes that co-worker A got sick of co-worker B's constant profanity whilst playing Counter Strike. Co-worker A then hid a microphone next to co-worker B's desk, and captured this stream of rantings. Then, as co-worker A was a member of an electronic music-making concern, he endeavored to edit it all together. The end result was this ...
Found at ZFilter.
Thoughts on Joe Millionaire....
"..a surprising twist that will blow your mind,"
We both knew Zora would win. Wasn't sure she'd say yes to continuing, but pretty sure nothing much came of it thereafter.
And the million at the end? Knew that too. I guess the big surprise was that it was only 1 mil, but they'll triple that in the first week of the talk-show circuit.
You could almost see the disappointment.....ONE million? I'll make that doing an Oprah and a Regis.
Then there's celebrity Fear Factor and a row of nauseous campy sponser ads and MAD TV appearances...a cameo on The Parkers and World According To Jim....
Still waiting for Fox to drop the load that it was all staged and we were the ones lied to..........
Also, if Joe is only making 19thou as a construction worker he must be pretty lousy at it.
Well, at least it distracted me from Worldy Worries for a time. Which I think was the whole point anyway.
Drugster-Over The Counter Hero
Not so easy to control the dose!
Damn You, Blob Lander!
(and damn you Wastrel Division who always finds the damndest links!)
Here's a thought- what if Saddam completely disarmed tomorrow? What if he fully complied with UN inspections and resolutions?
Would we still go to war?
I'd appreciate your thoughts on this, as I do have a point. If the overwhelming answer is "no", I have another question.
Meanwhile, an always odd edition of Weebl and Bob


Of course it's not all about oil, but the article is interesting anyway~
CorpWatch--The New Oil Order
"The Bush administrations ties to the oil and gas industry are beyond extensive; they are pervasive. They flow, so to speak, from the top, with a chief executive who grew up steeped in the culture of Texas oil exploration and tried his hand at it himself; and a second-in-command who came to office with a multi-million dollar retirement package in hand from his post of CEO of Halliburton Oil. Once in office, the vice president developed an energy policy under the primary guidance of a cast of oil company executives whose identities he has gone to great lengths to withhold from public view.

Since taking office, the president and vice president have assembled a government peopled heavily with representatives from the oil culture they came from. These include Secretary of the Army Thomas White, a former vice president of Enron, and Secretary of Commerce Don Evans, former president of the oil exploration company Tom Brown, Inc., whose major stake in the company was worth $13 million by the time he took office."

Orisinal cranks out another Original game~ Hungry Spiders
Wow. Check out this airplane getting hit by lightning just after takeoff.....
One US rule for Israel, another for Saddam
"To raise this at any time, but especially now, will inevitably be considered to be anti-American and anti-Israeli, possibly even anti-Semitic. But it is none of these things. There is long-term legal and political inconsistency between the treatment of Israel and other countries in the region, and the greatest weakness in America's case on Iraq is that it shows no signs of acknowledging its history of favouritism.
Compliance in Israel is just as much a requirement as it is in Iraq."
Birth of a new Stonehenge theory
"It's a mystery that has puzzled historians for generations. But now perhaps the most extraordinary explanation of all has been put forward for the mysterious stone-circles of Stonehenge - that they bear an uncanny resemblance to the female sexual organs."

Long but good article~
Where Did The Moon Come From?
found at DRT.
Scorpy: You are Scorpius. No one can say you're not
determined, and some may say you're obsessive-
but you're simply goal-oriented. You're bad to
the bone and proud of your evilness. You prefer
to be in command, and could really use a

Who the FRELL are you? A Farscape Personality Quiz.
holy crap, I AM Scropius!
Capitol Hill Blue
White House Source-"Right now, the worst thing that could occur for the Bush Administration's credibility is that nothing happens this weekend. I know that sounds terrible but we've got a lot riding on this."
The second occurance of an erroneous "terror alert".
There's a theory floating around that sounds reasonable- the "terror alert" was elevated to orange in anticipation of anti-war protests; an attempt to keep people home. Now that the protests are over, Ridge says the alert will be lowered sometime this week.
See also Fake Terror Alert Archive.
I don't participate in protests, BTW.
Good Article~
Debunking conspiracy theorists

"It doesn't help to have people spreading silly conspiracy theories about Sept 11."
Para-normal.com - There is a Second Face on Mars
And it looks like..........Nebuchadnezzar!
No, wait....Gilgamesh!
Or maybe Lemmie.........
Convert an image to binary text~kinda fun....Text-Image
The BBC article below, which claimed that the latest US budget omitted Afghanistan, is false~
Heretical Ideas points it out.


Ever played Good Night Mr. Snoozleberg? Kinda like that~
Escape From Alcabrass.
via Wastrel Division.
While I'm here.........
Google Buys Blogger.
It mattered more after I read this~
Google deserves your nomination for Big Brother of the Year
"Matt Cutts, a key Google engineer, used to work for the National Security Agency. Google wants to hire more people with security clearances, so that they can peddle their corporate assets to the spooks in Washington. "

I Google everything, and this site uses Blogger.
In an ironic twist, I couldn't find the original Google Big Brother article, so I Googled it.
In another ironic twist, I've tried to post this article twice, but Blogger is down,so let's Batch.

Well, I liked the socks.
And this made me a little dizzy and nauseous....
Sure, you are angry with France. Here, you can take out your frustrations on them with the Baff-O-Tron.
Maybe Blogger's working now, so let's end this batch with a Batch Of Bush Lies. That site is not in the BlogRoll, nor should it be.
All kinds of problems with Blogger today...looks like the switch to BlogStudio is inevitable.