Font heaven...
the BIG BOOK of 5,000 fonts
(and where to get them). It's great to view fonts in a book rather than online, then you can go to the websites that have them. Two nice sites:
ITC fonts lets you test the fonts with colors & sizes. Synfonts uses flash to display the fonts in various sizes and colors, this is by far the coolest feature I've seen in a font site!
Too bad they aren't free fonts though!
Yeah, so I made a major Leap, and deleted my yaccs comments app. It was sloooow as mollassas and remotely hosted. 1053 total comments, since Feb 02 when I started this blog, purged.
So now I've got this new comments app, and I can't get it working. The code is all in it's proper place, no clue what I'm doing wrong here.
I hope I won't regret this..............
update~ I think I know what the problem is. Even though I've deleted the comments box from yaccs and removed all it's code, it's still trying to remain on the blog, somehow beating out the new code.
I hope the klink box eventually wins............no, I know that's not how it works, but yaccs doesn't have an option for closing the account altogether.
Rusty. Very very Rusty.
Update~ I guess I need to learn patience. There, now it's working.
Had to remove the base target code though, so must remember to target links in new windows........
Update~ dammit, now it's not working again! It's a Blogger issue, I just know it.
So frustrated I want to delete the entire blog and start over!

I think it looks pretty good~
It's A Moo Point.
This is my first time building a website for someone else. Quite fun and I really think the recipient deserves it.


List Of Pro-War Celebrities.
I don't care for the majority of these people as far as talent goes anyway.
Dennis Hopper, David Lynch, Gary Oldman, that's pretty much it.
Big surprise with all those country singers, hm??
Remember when I asked why this guy isn't at work?
Full Metal Jeer
"The military newspaper Stars and Stripes reported on March 17 that 'many Marines from Gracin's unit, the 1st Force Service Group, have been deployed to Kuwait' ? which contradicts a claim by Camp Pendleton officials back on January 27 that Gracin's unit was scheduled to remain stateside.
They're saying nothing even though six Marines, stationed like Gracin at Camp Pendleton but who went to war unlike Gracin, died in the opening phases of Operation Iraqi Freedom ? four killed in a CH-46E Sea Knight helicopter crash on March 20 south of the Iraqi border in Kuwait; two killed in action March 21 in southern Iraq.
They're saying nothing even though Camp Pendleton held a memorial service for the dead soldiers in the morning Tuesday while that night Gracin appeared live on Fox as one of the 10 remaining finalists competing for fame, fortune and a fat recording contract."

Now, I don't neccessarily want the guy to go die in Iraq as his fellow soldiers are, I'm just thinking he's on the show for more reasons than just his talent. Yeah, he's an okay singer, but IMO, I think he's gotten as far as he has because of his military status, such as it is.
Rusty or Shiny, it is a form of propaganda.

Pardon my language, but Fuck Yeah!
Former Pentagon official Richard Perle resigns as key Rumsfeld adviser
"Former Pentagon official Richard Perle resigned Thursday as chairman of a group that advises Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld on policy issues, saying he did not want a controversy over his business dealings to distract from Rumsfeld's management of the war in Iraq."

One Down!
Now, to get Cheney to step down as vice president.......
Special Forces Soldier Hangs Himself
"An Army Special Forces soldier charged with killing his wife after returning from Afghanistan nine months ago hanged himself in a jail cell Sunday, officials said.

Master Sgt. William Wright was one of four soldiers at Fort Bragg suspected of killing their spouses in a six-week stretch last summer. The deadly spree forced the Army to re-evaluate how it provided support for soldiers with strained marriages and those readjusting after combat service."

Tatu say they have sex three times a day
"It doesn't bother us if it's a man or a woman. But it is not as much fun with men. Maybe we've had four or fivesomes, it's our secret. After gigs we like taking a couple of sexy girls to our hotel room."

How old are these girls again??
Also, remember when they said "we don't know why everyone thinks we're lesbians"?
via Aberrant News.
Dear Sean Hannity~
Don't insult our fair city in your local radio plug, then expect anyone to listen to you.
In fact, I dare you to visit and see just how welcome you are here.
Also, expect few here to buy your "harsh light of logic and fact" garbage, you Hypocritical Fundie you.
You know, guys can be Fetishized too....

Hairy Sticks In Comfy Socks
We just got in a whole bunch of toe socks...I immediately salivated over these babies, the "Charcoal Melange" and got to wear them for the whole day after initial product shots were taken.
These are above and beyond the most comfortable socks I've ever worn. Toes are normally used to being in intimate contact with each other, but after a day of seperation, they now insist on their individual privacy.
Next, I'll get to try the purple fuzzy toes socks.
Guys can be Fetishized! There are quite a few socks we carry that are Unisex......
the Boot Socks which would be the second most comfortable socks I've worn~ wearing the red ones today~
the Long Socks (also longer, longest, and crazy long) which come in at a close third and in a variety of colors~
the "kilt" socks, similar to long socks, just as comfy and warm,
the hemp socks are quite nice, and I've even worn a wide variety of the stripeys.
Even though I am biased, I can safely say that once Fetishized, there is no desire to go back to average socks.
Supporting The War: What Can You Do?
"At a time when many Americans across the country are demonstrating against the war, it may be difficult for someone who happens to support the invasion of Iraq to come up with ideas on how to express their sentiments. Luckily, the Enduring Vision has compiled a list of ways to effectively and intelligently make your opinion known."

Another Gulf War, another al-Qaeda
"It is a fact of history that the US decision to prosecute the Gulf War in 1991 spawned al-Qaeda. From the very beginning, Osama bin Laden's refrain has been that Western forces on Arab soil have compromised Arab sovereignty and polluted Islam's holy lands. Al-Qaeda played on these grievances to recruit radical young Arabs to its cause. By pointing out the pro-Israel bias in US foreign policy, bin Laden gave his message a grassroots appeal on the Arab street."
Quote found at onegoodmove~
"We tend to overlook a basic rule: that people prefer bad rule by their own kind to good rule by somebody else"
? Boston University historian David Fromkin

Consider this scenerio~ because of the current world war and concerns of terrorist repercussions, Bush declares martial law and suspends the constitution, becoming indefinite "president".
What if some other country wanted to "liberate" us from the Bush Regime? What if they invaded our country on the pretense of helping us out? How would we react? Would we attack in civilian clothes? Would we resort to terrorism in order to fight back the insurgents?
Ever see Red Dawn?
Granted, it's not really equivalent to Hussein's Regime, but this is how we are viewed by many in Iraq, possibly of ignorance, possibly of experience. We are viewed as invaders in the guise of peacekeepers.

By the way, that orange sky in Iraq does look a tad Apocalyptic.............
H. RES. 153
"Whereas dangers and threats to our Nation persist and, in this time of peril, it is appropriate that the people of the United States, leaders and citizens alike, seek guidance, strength, and resolve through prayer and fasting: Now, therefore, be it
Resolved, That it is the sense of the House of Representatives that the President should issue a proclamation--

(1) designating a day for humility, prayer, and fasting for all people of the United States; and

(2) calling on all people of the United States--

(A) to observe the day as a time of prayer and fasting;

(B) to seek guidance from God to achieve a greater understanding of our own failings and to learn how we can do better in our everyday activities; and

(C) to gain resolve in meeting the challenges that confront our Nation."

No no no.
The chumps who wrote this resolution actually believe god has an intimate involvement in human affairs, and let's not even get into the messy issue of seperation of church and state.

This close to compulsory prayer.
I don't want ANY religion forced on me, even under the name of "any religion".
Bloodiest day of war
500 civilians among 650 Iraqis killed.
We really need to rethink the title "Operation Iraqi Freedom".

Iraqis are gonna die in this war~ that name is not fooling anyone nor is it helping the US look better. Indeed, with civilian death numbers like these, it's actually hurting the image the Administration is trying to project.
I gave up piercings long ago~
Brain abscess case linked to tongue piercing
Micro-drone aerial spies preparing for takeoff
"The future of surveillance aircraft will take off next Saturday from a small hayfield in northern Florida, but observers will have to look hard to see it. The next generation of spy planes will be small--perhaps less than 6 inches in diameter--and agile as a hummingbird."


Five times more water on Moon?
Yeah, but we already know the dark side of the moon has lakes, flora and fauna. It's just a matter of when "they" intend to tell us.
Oh, Bloody Hell.
China readies for future U.S. fight - Mar. 25, 2003
This won't be the last country to consider options in dealing with "the perceived threat of U.S. neo-imperialism."
Pandora's Box sping to mind.......
Or just a Big Fat Messy Barrel of Worms.

Ashcroft's Amerika~
Something Suspicious Is in the Air (washingtonpost.com)
Frightening, really.
Check out The Onion's Prediction for BushCo dated January 18, 2001.
Read the comments to A Small Victory: Q and A
There's a whole lot of the usual name-calling from the Right in response to some of the answers, and one even threatens violence:
"Excellent questions, now if only they were graded ie a test with a cluebat to whap the peaceniks over the head if they fail."

I have only one response to the questions.
The liberation of Iraqis is in name only.
It's a PR ploy, probably masterminded by Powell, to make this effort seem humanitarian. It's a neccessary effort IMO, but isn't really about liberating anyone.
One reader points out that an equally tyrannical ruler will be put in Saddam's place, one friendlier to US interests.
Another points out that if it were about liberation, we'll have a helluvalotta wars on our hands.
A response to that? All those other countries can be effectively "contained". Don't know what that has to do with "liberation".

Huh?? Opposition leader claims Hussein died of cancer in '99
Oh, wait...it's from World Net Daily.
Bloody Mess the world is in~
I found this pleasing to the eye.
Comic Illustrations etc....Shiny, wondrous 3D rendering. Also, when I am feeling particularly stressed, I go here.
Shadows - Oren O (link fixed)
I believe the proper name for this game is "cheating motherbitch".
Arcade Vault - Cave Hunter Game
Okay today was the day Planet X was supposed to be seen with the naked eye.
But now, we find out it will be visible in early April.Pole Shift Preparation home page
"You may have noticed the removal of the 'PX naked eye visibility' counter from the front page of this web site, as it has ticked down now until the final day. Planet X, however, is not visible to the naked eye. I must emphasise that the 26th March 2003 was given as the earliest date expected for daytime naked eye visibility on the basis that it's 49 days - 7 weeks - prior to the provisional date of the pole shift on 15th May 2003. I still anticipate it will be visible anytime from now until early April. By early April, I am referring to the period up until 10th April 2003. I shall post an update immediately of course when Planet X is visible to the naked eye during this crucial phase."


So evem if I wanted to~
kuro5hin.org || Attend a Protest, Go to Jail
In the United States, Senator John Minnis has proposed a bill in the Oregon Legislature that would imprison for life those convicted of "terrorism." A minimum of 25 years would be served without the possibility of parole. The definition of terrorism in Senate Bill 742 could include people attending protests where others are disruptive.

Freedom is an illusion. Or at least will be, if we let it.


Ashcroft's Amerika
U.S. Steps Up Secret Surveillance (washingtonpost.com)
FBI, Justice Dept. Increase Use of Wiretaps, Records Searches
28 baby girls found in suitcases on Chinese bus
"Police in southwestern China discovered 28 baby girls hidden in suitcases on a long-distance bus and apparently destined to be sold, police and a state-run newspaper said."

Humans. Sometimes I really frelling hate them.
Recommended by a sock slave...
Sock Obsession
yeah, it's a paysite, but be sure to check out the video thumbnails and the link at the bottom that says no thanks.
While helping MooGirl out with Blogger, she found what seems to be a Far Shinier comments system.
I'm going to replace yaccs with it sometime today, so.....all previous comments will disappear.......
UPDATE~ looks like I won't be switching to that system until I can figure out how to bypass a java problem.
Can't use my base target code with this app.
So, by all means, comment if you want, it will be here for awhile longer.
A very Kind And Wise Visitor as informed me that our background image isn't tiling shiny. He actually repaired it for me!
Now, go check out his Talent~Resume' examples of James Franssen~ Gorgeous Work.
Thank You for the assist!
No, don't go there, I deleted it.
Go to It's A Moo Point instead.
Stupid Evil Bastard:

A note to the war-protesters: You’re not doing your cause any good when you resort to violence, vandalism and other acts that are just plain stupid (like blocking traffic). Study the history of non-violent protest and you’ll see that the tactics you’re using will end up breeding resentment instead of sympathy. Your goal is to build support for your views, not convince people you’re a bunch of loonies who forgot to take their medication this morning.

A note to the war-supporters: We all realize that a lot of people have fought and died in wars of the past so that Americans can enjoy the freedom they currently have including the freedom to protest a war they don’t agree with. Try to recognize the hypocrisy involved in pointing that out to the protesters and then telling them to shut the hell up. Consider that the wars of the past to secure those freedoms are not the same as this war being protested now. Consider also the possibility that not everyone who is against this war is necessarily pro-Saddam Hussein. It is possible to be opposed to a method to reach a goal without being opposed to the goal itself. The ends do not always justify the means.

via World Wide Rant.
Rack Jite liberal opinion and humor
"I can understand the selfish callous disregard of conservatives, it's their pride in it that passes me by"
Instructions on How to Surrender
Safe Conduct
Your career in politics does not have to end. You will be safe if you cease resistance. You must follow these steps strictly:
1. Remove all thought of debate from your mind
2. When called upon to vote, say "Aye"
3. Put your hands in your pockets, lower your head and sit quietly
4. Keep these instructions on your person at all times, for future reference
If you do this you will survive. You will be treated well and return someday to face your constituency.
Oh, I think there's gonna be a draft soon~
CBC News: North Korea readies for war: UN envoy
Vinny will explain it. I'm a tad too angry to.
insignificant thoughts - People are stupid
Tough Little Game~ SnakeJump
Something Random-Abstract points out~
Yellow Times was suspended by their hosts for posting these images of war.

I think maybe freedom is an illusion.


Two more freakin months~ Radiohead Album
Scientists sift evidence for a 'God gene'
"They conclude that because larger societies tend to have more conflicts, they are more likely to have a belief in God, to provide 'moral glue' and social cohesiveness. When there are recurring threats, moral rules should be imposed with authority. They conclude: 'How better than by a moralizing god?'"
SCIFI.COM: Sci Fi Happens
"My friend and I taped this thing on Lake Champlain, which is near where we live. We were just fooling around near the shore when Brad spotted it. I turned on my camera and got the last part of it. We think it's Champ."
Four Seasons Positions
"We do not accept any liability for any injuries or problems caused while trying any of the sexual positions on this web site. Anyone attempting any of the sexual positions on this web site should do so strictly at their own risk."
US missile hits bus
"A US missile hit a passenger bus carrying Syrian civilians fleeing the war in Iraq, killing five and injuring 10, Syria's official news agency reported."

From what I have read on other sites, this missile was 100 miles "off-target".
Not quite Precision~but remember, Operation Syrian Freedom must also be in the works.....
Dear Bill O'Reilly~
It's called "The War On Terrorism", not "The War On Terror."
Also, terror is pronounced terr-Or, not terr-A.
I hear you pronounce all your other R's just fine.
Say it right, or start calling your show "The Facta."
Saudis tell Bush: take a breather, give UN another try
"Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister, Prince Saud al Faisal, has urged the United States to 'have a breather' in its invasion of Iraq and give the United Nations another chance to disarm the country peacefully."

We can't do that, Prince. Our government tells us that this is about liberating Iraqis.
Besides, if all goes well, you are next.
At least you'd better be next.
Why doesn't this bother anyone?
Halliburton faces row on Iran link
"Halliburton also did business in Iraq during Mr Cheney's tenure as chief executive, signing contracts worth $73m to sell oil production equipment and spare parts. When questioned in July 2000 Mr Cheney said he wasn't aware of the subsidiaries that traded with Baghdad."
Hm. A CEO unaware of what his own corporation is doing. Uh huh.

House of Saud's war nightmare
"There are hundreds, if not thousands, of young Saudis who are armed and angry. They will act with or without the approval of the religious scholars. If this war is not mercifully quick, if al-Jazeera carries the raw images of Iraqi women and children killed by American and British bombs, the mujaheddin will strike."

Why does Bush call Saudi Arabia an ally again?

Test aims to link holy visions with brain disorder
"Does the biological structure of our brains program us to believe in God? Advances in 'neurotheology' have prompted some researchers to claim they can induce the kind of holy visions prophets may have experienced — even in those who are not religious believers."

I had believed such things to be an aberration of the brain even before I discovered the practice of Neurotheology. I called it "mind virus".
I was just thinking of incorporating a thought into the next post~when does Operation Iranian/Egyptian/Sudanese/Saudi Arabian/Kuwaiti/North Korean/Libyan/Cuban/Chinese/Jordanian/Syrian/Pakistani Freedom begin?~
The I went to
"I like this war. I want more of it. I want Iraqi Freedom now, and I want it without pickles or mustard, you minimum-wage retard. I want Iranian Freedom too, with some Freedom Fries on the side, and then I want some goddamned Korean Freedom, served up sizzlin' hot, with kimchi-fart afterburners switched on as the walls fall down around me. Free the world, George!"
The Great God Contest
"The rules are simple. Any religious organization in the world is invited to enter their god. The various gods will be given three challenges to fulfill. These challenges have been chosen because they represent typical accomplishments of most of the present day gods, as well as historical ones. In light of the various literary records, these challenges should be very easy for any god to accomplish."
Chris Ninja Pirate hates Jam.
Sounded great at first, until Powell, that smarty-pants, pointed out the acronym~
Yesterday, we are told this will be a CakeWalk.
Today, we are told it most definitely not be a CakeWalk.

I almost want to go over there to experience it firsthand.
Luckily, I can watch the Drama unfold on televison and the internet while I am constanty reminded by Ollie North (of all people) that this about liberating Iraqis.
Like being given relationship advice from OJ Simpson.

Some really good tunes came from the late 40's.
Wouldn't it be swell if that happened again?
Simpsons creator bashes Fox network, plots feature film debut

Two more things while I'm here~
I am Uber Pissed that Farscape ended the way it did. That was downright mean of the Sci-Fi channel. But I am looking forward to the new Battlestar Galactica.

I find it highly ironic that Fox News would speculate about Iraq's propaganda techniques.
Rusty or Shiny, FNC IS American Propaganda.
The "New Normal".
A bit off-season, but the net's a vast expanse.
I hate cults.
This makes little to no sense at all.
If God is Everywhere, what good does transmitting a radio signal to the oldest part of the universe do? By the time it reaches it's destination, it will have already been far far too late for prayer.

(pssst. the universe IS God. It Resides In You as much as You Reside in It. pass it on.
And I say "it" because God cannot be assigned a gender.)
More cult stuff~Adult Christianity: Interview with Pastor Avon Carlson
Tomorrow's News~
Bush cancels 2004 Presidential election
"President Bush today announced that, due to 'reasons of national security', the 2004 presidential elections would be postponed indefinitely.
See also Sharon demands US apology before accepting $10 billion aid package.
Actually, see also all of the Fractured News.

The Ultimate Insult gets talked about and linked to alot because, apparently he/she/they update all the time with lots of interesting links. I think it was even up for an anti-bloggie for Most Updated Blog.
Okay, it's a pretty shiny site.
But I think I update just a tad more.
Iraq occupation a legal minefield
"When the U.S. military reaches Baghdad and hostilities cease, it will become an occupying force, required to follow a system of international law and treaties, some of which could be applied for the first time in history."
via onegoodmove


Holy Arioch! We've been linked atThe Home Page of J. Orlin Grabbe!
Guess I'd better start giving him credit for the links I pinch from there...........
such as the one below.........
The Official Version Of 9/11 Is A Hoax
"The attacks of 9/11 COULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED without the willful failure of the American defense system. In Washington, Air Force pilots demanded to fly but were ordered to stand down. Yet instead of prosecuting the president and military leaders for this unprecedented dereliction of duty, military leaders were promoted and the president was praised for presiding over a defense system that suspiciously failed the most crucial test in its history. None of the deaths would have happened without the deliberate unplugging of America's air defenses."
Big Fish Eat The Little One.... Flash Player Games/Interactive - ! Fishy !
For the Morbidly Curious~Al-Jazeera TV Live Feed.
What it sounds like~
"Hallahillahollallamahalla uh, haahalla wallawalla milla holla."
Why I don't read The New York Times
"Perhaps 50 strikes came in a 10-minute volley of almost biblical power that followed the opening blast."
Hope that works. If not, go to Weird Links and scroll down to the cat/ceiling fan video.

Special Ops Game.
ABC News: Doubts And Questions
"They were unforgettable images: Residents of this southern Iraqi town openly welcoming coalition forces. They danced in the streets as a picture of Saddam Hussein was torn down.

That was yesterday.
Traveling unescorted into Safwan today, I got a far different picture. Rather than affection and appreciation, I saw a lot of hostility toward the coalition forces, the United States and President Bush.

Some were even directed towards the media. (It was the first time I heard somebody refer to me as a 'Satan'.)

To be sure, conversations with people on the street here begin relatively calmly. But the more they talked, the angrier they got.

In part, much of their discontent stems from the unknown. In speaking with them, the newly-liberated Iraqis ask the same questions that seem to nag many outside Iraq.

Why are you here in this country? Are you trying to take over? Are you going to take our country forever? Are the Israelis coming next? Are you here to steal our oil? When are you going to get out?