Geez, it's all about games the last few days!Saydesign Arcade~ well-done itty bitty flash games.
I like the clean design of the site that carries this article: Man that lived 280 million years ago.
Gonna have to Roll that one....
Oh, the game mentioned below came fromRocketArcade. More fun games therein.
Frenzied Fast HappyFun BubbleBall.
GUM ~ somewhat of a Pac-Man clone, good times.
What A Difference A Mention Makes!
This is the result of being mentioned on A Small Victory today.
My tracker is the free version, so I could only count up to 73 visits from there.....but WoW! Even Blog Hot Or Not or URL Spotter didn't bring in this many visitors at one time! Thank you MicheLe! If you ever need anything.....
There is one similarity between our mention at ASV and our submission to other sites....the majority don't stick around longer than a minute or less. Three pages of varied content, and I still can't keep anyone's attention for very long.........but I'm not going to beat myself up about it; I do the best I can, and I do have a few Lovely and Faithful readers, and for that I am Very Grateful............anyway The Chapel hit record numbers because of that mention, allowing me to witness what happens with the bandwidth. Seems okay, except for that glitch bitch Blogger loading someone else's blog in my i-frame.
HELLO FRIENDS OF MICHELE! My comments work........should there be any problems viewing this page, do let me know! Also, maybe a brief note on why you'd rather not visit here or why you'd rather move on swiftly would be very helpful to me....is it that too many other blogs are doing something similar? Are the posted links not interesting enough? Does my writing offend? I gotta know!
Anyway, thanks for visiting, and if you have a moment before you leave, please check out the Sexy Comfy Socks site...everyone deserves Warmest Toes!!
In the BlogSnob~Marley's WebLog
Intelligent woman, good writer. I want to see more than just a weekly post from you, Young Lady! 8)
Something very strange just happened. After reading a very lovely e-mail from MicheLe at A Small Victory (she graciously posted a link to The Chapel today!), I checked the main page and a blog unknown to me showed up in the i-frame...several refreshes and it was still there. Seems okay now, but I fear anyone coming here from ASV have been reading someone else's blog.
That's very odd. Why would it load a blog with a completely different URL?
Anyway, many thanks to MicheLe for linking me today! I love that blog. I find it so highly ironic that she won some award called Most Bloodthirsty Blog or the like. If it were true, it would be her kindness that kills..........
Dream Domain
Dream Domain An interactive flash chat environment where people can leave video messages and there are many strange rooms to explore that lead to other interesting sites. I spent a good hour just buzzing around looking at the little videos.


A fellow author once made a wager with L Ron Hubbard that he couldn't start his own religion-one that would be successful enough to attract attention~ Hubbard took him up on the bet and the rest is history.The Roots of Scientology.
This image is in error; Crowley was not a Satanist. He did, however, perform at least one elaborate occult ritual with Hubbard and Jack Parsons, founder of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

"We reject the false doctrine that the church could have permission to hand over the form
of its message and of its order to whatever it itself might wish or to the vicissitudes of the
prevailing ideological and political convictions of the day."
You are Karl Barth!
You like your freedom, and are pretty stubborn against authority! You don't
care much for other people's opinions either. You can come up with your own fun, and
often enough you have too much fun. You are pretty popular because you let people have their
way, even when you have things figured out better than them.

What theologian are you?
via The Presurfer.
The classic airplane fighter game Midway
These ladies have excellent taste in flowers AND socks!
bastian*skoog urban flower studio
Climate Study Corroborates Sumer’s Nuclear Fate

"At the end of the third millennium B.C. the great Sumerian civilization came to an abrupt end. Its sudden demise was bewailed in numerous lamentation texts that have been discovered by archeologists. The texts ascribed the calamity to an Evil Wind that came blowing from the west (from the direction of the Mediterranean Sea) -- a deathly cloud that caused excruciating death to all living beings, people and animals alike, that withered plants and poisoned the waters."
via DRT
Here's a fun, difficult game~Mini Mini Golf
Mirror matter mystery
"Two Australian scientists believe they have found evidence of a parallel universe of strange matter within our own Solar System.
Dr Robert Foot and Dr Saibal Mitra, of the University of Melbourne, report that close-up observations of the asteroid Eros by the Near-Shoemaker probe indicate it has been splattered by so-called 'mirror matter'.
Mirror matter is not anti-matter, it is altogether weirder. It is somehow a 'reflection' of normal matter, a sort of parallel series of particles required to restore the balance of the Universe."

I am inclined to believe a man named Dr. Foot.

Nice Case Mod.


The wonderful and gracious Olivia, who runs the delicious and dreamy yummy wakame, has invited me to be a guest contributor while they enjoy a 3 day weekend. She didn't mention where they were going, but I hope they have as much fun and/or relaxation as is humanly possible. Go pay their blog a visit, those dear friends of mine from South Africa. I'll be throwing a few choicer, happier links over there in their absence. There are the regular Wakamites Kitty Kat and some guy named "Dan" who will be steering the vessel, I'll just be adding manpower to the oars here and there. Thanks, Livvy, it's an honor!
God's Favorite Ways To Kill
"We all know God has historically killed or tortured those who rub Him the wrong way. What you may not realize is that God’s methods of maiming are as varied as his reasons for smiting people. A Biblical scholar/True Christian should have no difficulty determining God’s favorite way of torturing and/or killing less desirable folks in each of the following circumstances."
Shepard Smith bloops royally while "reporting" about Jennifer Lopez.......
(it's an understandble Freudian, even though Smith's a screwdriver in a Power Drill world.)
Hmmm. I might want to bookmark this site.
Why did I blog it? Guess.


Loads Of Flash Animations, both safe and un for work.
"Only In America"

The site plays a midi. Who does that anymore?
Did you binge? Then you might wanna purge.
It takes a very steady hand to properly navigate the Mouse Trails.
via Ends Of The Earth
Panik In Chocoland
Another fun game, minimal resource eater. This and the game below via The Chump.
Betty Bad
Very Cool Shooter Game, but is a Wild Tangent devourer of resources; caution on that.
Total Garbage
Very Addictive Puzzle Game. I finally stopped at "censorship".Cyber Mice Party.
(small file, no d/l)


Nifty 3-D game~Candystand Tennis.
Serving is a bitch for me, just like real life.
~Jim and Shannon's Photos~
It's sweet and heartwarming,then it's discovered they are stillborn twins!
The Effects Of LSD on British Troopsvia coolio's
Quicktime clip~quite funny.
Gruesomely sweet site, Tim Burton meets Edward Gorey then goes mad reading Poe...
Spookyland is the official Roman Dirge site (creator of Xenophobe magazine & a Children's book for Disturbed Children, I wasn't able to substantiate the existance of such a book but I love the title too much not to include it!) and features Lenore the cute little dead girl.


A FAQ from Jesus

"Being a god is great and all, but we've (man, you wouldn't believe how many of us there are) all got to deal with the message distortion. Take me for example: My last name isn't 'Christ', never has been, never will be. It's just 'Jesus', you know, like 'Prince' or 'Iman', one word, nice and simple. I mean, my catch phrase always used to be 'Jesus.... one word' and still they screwed it up. Saul of Tarsus or 'saint' Paul, was the main fuckup in my story. When he found out that 1) my birth father, Joseph, was African 2) my birth mother was Palestinian 3) I 'm a vegetarian and 4) I'm gay, well, he decided that that package was just too over the top and so he started making changes (starting with my name!) in order to 'sell' his version of my message to a wider audience. The New testament? Shit, I'm hardly in there! Paul just sat there and cranked out a whole line of his own inventions and then told everybody that I'd secretly told him all of this shit! Mind you, I was fukkin' DEAD while all of this was going on! (Man, I had a thing or two to say to him at the Pearly Gates!) Those freakin' 'christians' make me crazy....If you want to follow me, call yourself a 'Jeezoid' or something like that and stop listening to those harebrained bigots who claim to be my representatives. (Shitheads!)

Two things~
I heard the other day that "Jesus" was actually a very common name in that era.
I wonder how many Jesuses (or is it Jesii?) were running around spreading a variety of "messages" that were contradictory to each other?
I don't believe in Satan-why is it when I hear the word "christ",not as an expletive but a direct reference, I want to laugh until I puke or puke until I laugh?

It's fun and also a little creepy~you gotta try outBud Light - Making Faces.
If you care about such things, Neale Donald Walsch is on Coast To Coast tonight.
Yeah, I know, the inline frame's scrollbar is kooky. I find that if you mouse over the page links above the bar will show properly. I also set the dimensions for a larger screen size, looks pretty good at full screen, I think. Also, notice a new page, Tarsus Net. I can pretty much guarantee that page will not always be safe for viewing at work, though it will never be too naughty. I'm not a breast-man, so if Lovelies show up with fleshbags a-hanging, it's purely coincidental. I want it to be primarily about pretty women with pretty stems and roots,and I'm thinking, send in your foot-shots folks, especially if you happen to be wearing Fetishize~Me merchandise! Boys, girls, both. I wear such items all the time with pride. I don't expect it to catch on right away, however, so will use that page to post pretty things that would be inappropriate for the Chapel Proper. So for now, any submission will do! Send me stuff you like by clicking on my name after a post.
This is the best turtle site I've ever seen!
Bill's American Box Turtles, it has a link to a turtle adoption site too, maybe we'll finally find a buddy for our little Suni.
The Girl Who Gave Birth To Rabbits
Mary Toft was a young woman with a peculiar passion -- and an ordinary life that was forever changed when she gave birth to something inhuman. From that moment onward, she was propelled into a world she never dreamed existed -- a dark, alien, medical subculture flourishing in the courts of the King. Mary careened out of control, a pawn in the hands of the powerful while she forced her contemporaries to question their most basic beliefs.
Oscillate The Eye of A.R.S.E.


Looplabs~really fun online mixer.....too bad only 7 tracks at a time.
Free Online E~Book The Golden Bough
Yahoo! News - Mars to Get Closer than Ever in Recorded History in 2003
"Mars recently emerged into the morning sky and has begun an orbital dance with Earth that will, over the next several months, lead to the best viewing opportunity since Neanderthals looked skyward.
We?re not kidding."
Colour the Grey
"Over the 2 days of november 14th and 15th, autonomous pagans, occultists, chaotes and other assorted magicians, wizards, witches and friends the world over will synchronise their magickal rituals with an attempt to Colour The Grey - a working which we hope will bring new colour, new hope and new fun to a generation of people that have been brought up with the fear of nuclear war, the fear of imminent environmental destruction and the false promise of wealth-in-the-future-brings-happiness."
via DRT.