Joe Rogan Meets Elvis.Not Safe For Anything, especially Work.
Yummy Wakame offers this:The Official Psychokitty Memorial Site. Great photography in there.
Broken SaintsBack when I first started this weblog, I linked to a site called Broken Saints. At that time, it was not much more than a beautiful, creative flash intro, a teaser for things to come. That link got lost among the thousands I've collected since then. Now, thanks to Sensible Erection, I found the site again. And I find it has a history of 19 episodes full of lush anime-style artistry, a compelling storyline, and a mesmerizing soundtrack. There are games, mp3's, screensavers.....it's a wonderful site. One could easily spend hours at Broken Saints.
This is probably the coolest interactive website I've seen in a long while.......PianoGraphique turns your keyboard into a synthesizer.Each strike launches an animation.Must have the current version of ShockWave. Freakin Genius it is.


Here's an interesting fashion trend I've never heard of......Arm Socks. I guess it started with cyclists who use Arm Warmers. Those are generally plain and boring style-wise, judging from the google I did. A few notable results:
Mondo Trivia~Trends.
ADMCity Fashion.
Probably the strangest, what appears to be a christian/punk-rock clothing site,Nothing Shocking. (Further research indicates it is probably Mormon!)
Then there's some guy who calls himself The SockMan. He doesn't sell arm socks though, and a thorough google produced few returns, so I wouldn't really call it a "trend", although it just might already be one in Japan. Britney's doing it, so it will probably catch on in the US.

Silly test, really. I'll bet the creator doesn't even know how "Thoth" is pronounced.
This is an interesting diversion:Alter-Ego.
Did You Know?Elephants may be listening to and communicating with each other through their feet.
Just Because.....Digital Snarglephlap. Strange, yes.
Operation RATS - the Retrograde Activities and Treachery System - will be a nationwide program giving millions of American bigots, paranoiacs, nosy neighbors, snoops, snobs, and others a formal way to report innocent actions by others that offend them. Operation RATS, a project of the U.S. Department of Anachronisms, will begin as a pilot program in 10 cities that will be selected based on the number of statues they have erected to Senator Joseph McCarthy.

You must ask yourself why you started your blog? If you don't care that no one else is coming to your site then so be it. But seriously we all crave some sort of attention. Photojunkie always has some good ideas. Link to him and check him out often it will make you a well rounded blogger (Me:but not neccessarily better at proper sentence structure and punctuation.)
4 out of 4 "blogtests" failed. What a loser.

Buncha Games:The Idiot FIles.
But for a few moments of entertainment,Gimp Roulette.
From the creator of Soap Bubble, Drones. Cool little stickfighter game.

shadowness.gifTotal control, not self-defense, behind US plans to topple Saddam.Quote "United States itself has a long track record of violating international law. Washington's undermining of Iraq's water treatment and sanitation facilities in violation of the Geneva Convention is just one of many recent transgressions, including the bombing of Yugoslavia, Sudan, Afghanistan, and the continued bombing of Iraq. Never has the designation "rogue nation" been more deserved than in the case of the US."
"Meanwhile, Israel, a US ally in the region, is widely believed to have an arsenal of 200 nuclear weapons. A recent report claims Israel may have as many as 500 warheads. While in violation of countless U.N. Resolutions ordering its withdrawal from the Occupied Territories, Israel faces no sanctions and no order to disarm. Amnesty International, which has warned that Israel's crackdown on the latest Palestinian uprising, or Intifada, borders on war crimes, condemned Tel Aviv for its "utter disregard for human life in the Occupied Territories" and for its violations of international law. And yet even calls for intervention as mild as placing international observers in the Occupied Territories have been rebuffed."
See also Fascism: It Has Happened Here.
IDF major held in probe of Jewish settlers accused of selling arms to Palestinians."Particularly startling in the case is that two of the suspects come from Adora, a Judea community in which four people were killed in a terrorist infiltration in April."
Julia Butterfly in Ecuador jail after oil protest:Pipeline would cut through reserve."California's well-known tree sitter and environmental activist has been jailed in Ecuador for protesting a proposed oil pipeline that would penetrate a virgin Andean "cloud forest" that teems with rare birds. Hill, 28, was arrested Tuesday with seven other demonstrators in Quito outside the offices of Occidental Petroleum, a U.S. oil company. "
While researching Julia and her various environmental causes, I came upon this site:Xenophelia. Great section called "The Reasonable Person's Guide to Strange Ideas." See also 9/11: 517 Unanswered Questions.
In a somewhat related, and fascinating story:Nigerian Women seize more oil plants. "National police spokesperson Haz Iwendi said between 200 and 300 women from the Ijaw-speaking community took over pumping stations owned by US oil giant ChevronTexaco last week. The women are demanding that Chevron invest in and provide jobs for impoverished village communities lying near its oil facilities."

This is a relaxing and suprisingly fun game:Soap Bubble.
Coolio is right, GutterBall is the best bowling game yet.
But for a few seconds of entertainment,Twang-A-Thong.
Found this image at BlogHop, hilarious!

I tested this out yesterday & mocha was not changed, going to or coming from my yahoo e-mail. Several other questionable words got through as well...
Yahoo! News - Yahoo Admits Changing E-Mail Text to Block Hackers
If you run with the bulls this may be the last thing you ever see
Fighting Bull
Here are the six current proposals for rebuilding. It's fun because you can see it from various perspectives...
LMDC, Lower Manhattan Development Corporation
There are sure to be more variations soon as it seems these weren't well received, they look too much like existing buildings (the Sears tower for one).
Now this is what I call justice!
Killer, Rapist to Be Thrown Off Cliff in Sack.
However, I don't agree with their list of punishable crimes at the end of the article.
Ann Coulter was just on The Daily Show. No matter what you might think of her, one thing is true. She is baboon-ass ugly!
What's up with those veins in her neck? Ooh! Careful Ann! Your Botox Tumors are beginning to show!
Jom Stewart managed to be very polite and roast her carcass at the same time... "Libralism vs. Conservatism is a dinosaur,nobody gives a shit about that anymore, it's a matter of Extremist vs. Moderate." Not verbatim, but it did manage to snap shut that gaping flytrap of hers, if just for a moment!
Right after she had insulted the entire audience, of course.
Update: Another chance to laugh at this wacko tonight, on another wacko's show, Donahue.


sigil.gifDeconstructing The Blog. Let's see if we
comply with the 8 Rules For a Succuessful Blog:
1) Nope, I never make it clear.
2) Usually 2 or 3, well under the required 5, so Nope.
3) Nope for the most part, yes on blogging daily, so mostly Nope.
4) I generally don't use expletives unless it's really called for, so Nope.
5) Nope, nope, nope, nope.
6) Of course I have a list of favorite bloggers, but generally Nope. If someone doesn't like me, What-Ever.
7) Nope. Not cute or humorous, but is taken from a phrase in a book, so Nope.
8) Nope on all counts.
Dammit! That's 3 blog tests I've failed.................so I guess this Blog is neither left nor right wing, and has no chance of being successful........maybe this would hemp.I mean help.

Now THIS is an impressive weblog!
I guess it was too early in the morning for Courtney.
Add it to the frame~DayPop. Yeah, I know. I'm new to the internet, okay?
The above was entered late last night, as it is known I batch my internet finds into one long entry.
Let's focus on today.
All I can say is that at this point in time, I no longer empathize with or support the Palestinian position.
The entire non-Arab world has stated, under no uncertain terms,that blowing yourself up only further undermines Palestinian credibility. So anyone who blows himself up or supports such an atrocitiy is an ENEMY of Palestine, and are working toward it's inevitable desctrution. So Be It. Right now, I am of the mind that Palestinians don't deserve their own state. I don't throw full support over to Israel either,(see International Investigation Committee on Ariel Sharon?s crimes against humanity) but in this case, enough is really enough. How stupid does one have to be to blow oneself up, knowing it only hurts their cause? That's all about that.

Aschcroft Vs. Americans.OPERATION TIPS - the Terrorism Information and Prevention System - is a scheme that Joseph Stalin would have appreciated. Plans for its pilot phase, to start in August, have Operation TIPS recruiting a million letter carriers, meter readers, cable technicians, and other workers with access to private homes as informants to report to the Justice Department any activities they think suspicious.
BUT THERE IS GOOD NEWS:Postal Service declines to take part in terrorist tip program.
Found at The Blort: a follow up to a comment I made on Aberrant News regarding this TIPS nonsense.There are over 100 primary and secondary concentration camps across the US." Each houses about 20,000 prisoners. Currently the largest of these facilities is the just outside of Fairbanks, Alaska. The Alaskan facility is a gigantic mental health facility and can hold approximately 2 million people. The majority of these facilities have no prisoners but are currently staffed by military personal. The camps all have have railroad facilities, as well as roads, coming and going out of them, to get there. Also quite a few are closed down military bases and are adjacent to airport facilities."
These camps will be maintained by FEMA in conjunction with the US military. According to William Cooper, these camps will be immediately operational after martial law is declared, the Constitution suspended, and president's tenure is made indefinite. All it will take for this to happen is one more terrorist attack.
PopCap comes out with a new game:Noah's Ark. Still not as addicting as Alchemy. I just can't get past ninth level.

Here's another game~ FoosBall.
I can think of far better applications of this technology but, for now, Next Dimension in Baby Watching."Expectant mothers should soon be able to get a sneak preview of their unborn baby with an ultrasound exam that comes with an added feature -- it can screen the fetus in four dimensions.
The fourth dimension -- as outlined by General Electric Medical Systems, the creator of the system -- is the element of time. "
It's not that I don't like babies. I don't really, but it's more that I don't think most people should be allowed to breed.
WTF??Air Force fighter accidentally drops training munitions in rural areas."MONAHANS, Texas - An Air Force stealth fighter accidentally dropped three dummy bombs into rural areas near the Texas-New Mexico border, including one that may have struck a home, officials said. No injuries were reported."
Did You Know"Investment Espionage And The White House:Bush Administration Links To Pre-9/11 Insider Trading/"There is growing evidence that the FBI and other government intelligence entities are more closely linked to the documented accumulation of pre-9/11 insider trading profits than was originally thought. But thus far the Joint Congressional Intelligence Committee has not publicly referred to prior knowledge of the attacks as it relates to stock transaction profits, while also failing after nine months to publicize the critical Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) ?control list? report tracing what in effect were stock trading profits of death."
Did You Know? Homeland Security Began Before 9/11.
Did you Know?Bush Family Fascism:70 Years in the Making.
All I am saying is stay the fuck out of my business.
Seriously. I am not a violent person, but if I catch ONE person snooping.................

Oh well. This is a nice interactive site:SIDO.
Stupid Site Of The Week:ChristianAnswers.net.
I don't mean "stoopid", I mean STUPID.
I don't think there is anything wrong with torture, as far as perpetrators of hideous crimes are concerned.
That sleazy motherfucker who raped and killed the 5 year old girl, for example. Prison is to cushy. Death is too easy. He needs to be tortured with as much visciousness as he tortured his victim, for years and years. Don't let him die, let him recover, and torture him again.Continually, even into his senior years. Then hook him up to life support and continue the torture forever. Kill him, and he is released from his crime. Those sick assholes(not just the guy who did it, but the crowd that cheered him on) that threw a kitten into a barbeque and laughed while the poor thing burned...each and every one of them should be lit on fire, doused, and lit on fire again. Each one of them, not just the fuck who lit the zippo.
I am against the death penalty because it is a very easy release for the criminal.I don't believe in hell, and since it can't be empirically proven to exist, neither should you. Don't hold on to that empty promise, create hell right here, right now. Bring back torture, make it a variety show. Watch the crime rates fall to almost nil wihin a month.
Tool's drummer's new site is under construction, but what is there is worth seeing, make sure you have the sound up!
look at the cute sleeping toes towards the bottom...
our feet
Two late (and strange) entries: Freaky Tallcat and BarbJump.


Big Problem Does Not Equal Solution. Solution=Let It Be.
Blogger is,again, having publishing problems with, again, no explanation why and again, no status update from the Admin. Someone mentioned Cafelog might be a good, free blog service.Now, before you start thinking it's just me, the blogger forum is currently overflowing with the same complaint. So sometimes it's a good thing to just Move On.
I'm not going to post political links today, though I do have a couple of related comments. I'm pretty sick of politics right now, and I don't think anyone is reading those articles I post. So what else is there? Games!
molly.gif.gifFrom The Inbox:Samurai Warrior. Amusing, but there are no Samurai involved.
This is a fun diversion:Infinite Wheel. My favorite is Little Axe.Check out the Archives for more. Metal Baby is fun too.
I don't know about this one, check it out, I guess.Aza.
Or, you could play Sumo.
Found that at the New And Improved Coolio's. You know what else is cool about Coolio? He linked me. He put me in his Favorites....there are only five others in his Favorites....I might weep.No, that's not sarcasm. It's funny though....I've noticed a few people linking to this site lately, and they use either Vampagan or Get To The Verb as the link title. Interesting. Anyway, go to Coolio's and check out the turtle videos he's got. Funny!!
So....earlier I wrote that I don't think anyone is reading my political posts. I was wrong! Vinny likes me! (That doesn't count as a political link.) It was a rocky start for us, wasn't it, Vinny? I'm so glad we are friends now.
I was so offbase in my initial assessment of you and your site. I read it every day, too. "Fair And Balanced", literally.
I wonder why JunkYard doesn't post stories like those. Probably because he is more concerned about exposing websites like the following: History of the Jewish Assault on the World. Pretty long, haven't read it yet, probably doesn't contain much in the way of facts..Found it at this truly fucked-up site, which, by linking, is no way an endorsement of the opinions therein. I have somewhat of a dilemma with Junkyard at the moment, not really sure what to do there. I have mentioned that I will not link to religious fundamentalist sites. But he is not overtly religious in his content........he seems very intelligent and the articles are always interesting..I may have to amend that policy to read "no links to Overtly Fundamentalist Sites", like The Ville.I don't want to toss Bryan in the virtual junkyard, as it were. There is alot to learn there, so yeah, let's keep it in the links.
Update: I think I am too harsh on JYB. He does post more than just anti-semetic/anti-American sites. I need to learn about stuff before commenting on it. Bryan is cool, no more picking on him, okay?? Seriously.
While I'm thinking about THIS.............. you know what? I don't care if you ARE a government volunteer peeping-tom, I see your head pop over my fence, my slingshot is primed and ready.Some people call it a giant rubber band, I call it a slingshot.
I've got nothing to hide, that's not the point.You've got no right to look.
Hehehe.....Jim Traficant is just plain fuckin nuts! Who voted for this guy anyway? I actually watched him on c-span last night, he's that entertaining.
Hey, what's up with Nachman the Hut on MSNBC? Can't watch it. Shepard Smith is barely tolerable, but at least Laurie Dhue gets a few moments of air time during the "G" block. Still haven't figured out what "G" block means.....
Okay, this is funny, because they actually made the site look legit. I was fished in for a moment! President Urges True Patriots To Sign Petition To Revoke Tom Cruise's US Citizenship..
(That doesn't really count as a political link.)
Hm? Oh, right. Games! The Game Of Life.
There is also A Tale In The Desert.
We truly live in Interesting Times:The Doors Replace Jim Morrison With Ian Astbury. That's the singer from The Cult."The choice to use Astbury is an obvious one ? not only did he pull off a convincing, if not hilarious, version of "Touch Me" on the recent Doors tribute album, Stoned Immaculate, but he looks good in leather, already has a big hat with a skull pendant on it and can howl lines like "Wolf child! Smokin'! Baby, yeahhh! Yow! Oww! Fire dog!" while keeping a straight face." I checked here to verify that this isn't an attempt at parody...it's true. All I can say is..Interesting.Speaking of interesting...Blind Robot.
Bah. That's all for now. I want to research the enigmatic genius, Crispin Hellion Glover, see if I can find his cover of "These Boots Are Made For Walkin".


Anti-American? Or anti-Blind Patriotism?
Found at Aberrant News:WHITE HOUSE ASKS CONGRESS TO SHIELD ADMINISTRATION OFFICIALS FROM PENALTIES FOR BREACH OF TRUST AND DOCUMENT DESTRUCTION. Quote: "In stark contrast to President Bush's urgent call for 'corporate responsibility,' and to stop the scandals rocking Wall Street, The White House along with Secretary of the Interior and the Attorney General are seeking legislation to obstruct the ability of the United States District Court in the landmark Indian trust lawsuit, Cobell v. Norton, to uncover the full scope of malfeasance in the government's mismanagement of billions of dollars of assets held in trust for 500,000 individual Indian trust beneficiaries."

From The Guardian:Bush squirms in sleaze scandal.Oil shares deal launched his political career. "Although the SEC elected not to prosecute, an internal memo advised that the halt of the investigation 'must in no way be construed as indicating that the party has been exonerated or that no action may ultimately result.'"
Who Is Dick Cheney?
Cheney's 2000 income from Halliburton: $36,086,635
Increase in government contracts while Cheney led Halliburton: 91%
Minimum size of "accounting irregularity" that occurred while Cheney was CEO: $100,000,000 (One hundred MILLION dollars)
Number of the seven official US "State Sponsors of Terror" that Halliburton contracted with: 2 out of 7
Pages of Energy Plan documents Cheney refused to give congressional investigators: 13,500
Amount energy companies gave the Bush/Cheney presidential campaign: $1,800,000
Did You Know?U.S. Government Is Top Book-Cooker. "Lost in all the outrage over the corporate accounting scandals is one fact politicians do not like to acknowledge: The auditing problems at American companies cannot rival the bookkeeping shambles of the world's largest enterprise ? the U.S. government.
Exaggerated earnings, disguised liabilities, off-budget shenanigans ? they are all there in the government's ledgers on a scale even the biggest companies could not dream of matching."

Callicebus bernhardiFrom Animal Planet:New Monkeys Discovered in Brazil.Two kitten-sized monkey species have been discovered in Brazil's Amazon rainforest, Conservation International reported in a press release. Aw. Kitten-sized!
Hehehe.Turtle Porn.(SFW)
I'm getting a toothache:Thank Heaven For Little Girls.
WTF Dept:He Who May Not Be Shown.
StrongBad e-mail is always pretty funny, but I have never posted one. This one is worth posting.
You know you want to know the history of eating utensils.
Know what sucks? Pat Buchanan on all the cable news channels all day all the time always. Jerry Falwell and Al Sharpton getting repeated daily air time is bad enough.Phil Donahue is coming off like a complete nutcase, too. I like the guy, but geez, Phil, your rantings are a bit over the top. Good news is, now there is an alternative to Bill O'Reilly.
If one more person says "if you don't like God, move out of the USA" I will snap, I promise.I have a slingblade and a whet stone. Some call it a kaiser blade, I call it a slingbade.Projectile weapons are for cowards.Except maybe blowguns. Keep your belief in crazy ancient fairy tales to yourself.
You know, just because I question what our "leaders" are up to, doesn't mean I hate America. On the contrary, I question because I love. I would argue that those who don't question are guilty of apathy.
If you are blindly following orders without questioing the validity or neccessity of those orders, then you aren't really American in the strict sense of the term. You are part of the herd, well-fed and prepared for slaughter.
Bush and CO. committed crimes, but the real responsibility falls upon the Americans who voted these people into office. "I voted for him because he seems honest, like an average guy. Oops. Who cares if he has a dubious past? Who cares if he and his family have stolen billions? He believes in God and is a Repugnican't, so that's good enough for me".

From the Inbox:Rare Earth Debate Part 1: The Hostile Universe."When the book "Rare Earth" was published two years ago, it raised a great deal of controversy among astrobiologists. Written by Peter Ward and Donald Brownlee, the book's hypothesis suggests complex life is rare in the universe, and may even be unique to Earth. If life does occur elsewhere, the authors contend, it will only be in the form of single-celled microbial life such as bacteria"

From The Inbox: A letter from my old High School in Hawaii.
"When I was a student here, I didn't realize there was a McKinely code. Recently there was an issue whether the word 'God', which is in the code, should be changed/deleted due to separation of church and state. Any comments?"
Yes, there was one, so far.
"I think that you should get a life! The word "God" is not derogatory or used in a bad way. "God" means
many different things to many people, it could also mean a higher being in whatever form it may be. Obviously it was in the code before you got there and has been there after you left. I am sure that since you
found out that it was in a code it has drastically changed your life in some way.This word has been a in a part of every ones life for a long time,why is it so important that you have to speak up about it now. If it
is so important to you to boycott or rid this evil word from your life,then start by throwing all your money away, move to a different country,and get a real life, and stop bothering everybody else with your stupid
ideas on how you can change the world."
Guess what? I responded, too.
"First of all, your response to the query is quite reactionary,the typical knee-jerk response of a religious fundamentalist. Your opening line is derogatory and the content is an unwarranted accusation.
It is clear from the original letter that the person who authored it was not asking for or demanding the removal of the word in question, merely requesting comments for the purpose of debate.
Second, fundamentalists are so fond these days of pointing out that the majority of the American population believes in a higher being.This fact is irrelevant to the arguement. Regardless of how many people believe in invisible heroes, any reference to religion in any government document is unconstitutional, if merely for the fact that it excludes a portion of the US population, no matter how small that portion might be. Any reference to God is a religious reference, regardless of how the word is interpreted. But is the code in question a government document? Since McKinley is a public school, it is not officially affiliated with any particular religious belief structure or organization, as private schools generally are.But it is a school operated by the state of Hawaii, therefore if the code was written/endorsed by the state, then it is an
unconstitutional document. If it was created by McKinley HS independent of the state, it is not neccessarily unconstitutional, but it IS exclusionary.The word itself is not offensive or derogatory, even to atheists, but it DOES imply preference when included in any document pertaining to a group of people. It advances a personal opinion, again, regardless of the number that adhere to that opinion.The fact that your response was reactionary to the question further validates that exclusionary preference.
The crux of the problem is that the document is an endorsement of religion. I personally have no problem with that, since I was never aware of the code while attending the school, and even if I had been, I would only have been peripherally concerned. If it had been manditory to recite the code, I would either refuse, or omit the word in question.I'm not concerned about it's inclusion so much as I am that those of faith generally feel it neccessary that ALL of society believe as they do, no matter which faith that might be. Freedom Of Religion
means Freedom From Religion as well.
I am tired of the "throw away your money" rebuttal. The inclusion of ANY religious belief, regardless of how general the statement, on ANY government document is unconstitutional, and that includes money. Again, it's effect is subtle and exclusionary.
Consider these two phrases:
"In Earth We Trust."
This statement can be considered acceptable, as no one, regardless of religious belief, would question that the earth exists, or at the very least, "trust" that the earth exists. It has been scientifically verified that the earth does exist. This is acceptable even from a religious/philosophical standpoint.
"In God We Trust."
This statement assumes that ALL U.S. citizens adhere to the belief in an unprovable (and quite illogical) theory, while at the same time investing trust in a theory that has never provided a basis for trust, other than from religious texts. It has thus far not been scientifically verified that a creator exists. Surely, one can see how the statement is exclusionary. But since currency is an accepted societal illusion,transitional,and has no real value other than the paper it's printed on, I would accept inclusion of the word if merely for the inherent irony.
I personally do not find the word offensive as long as I am not forced to utter it.
The phrase "get a life" IS offensive, presumptuous,and an unncessary reaction to an innocuous query. The phrase "move to a different country" is HIGHLY offensive and VERY insulting.It implies that one MUST believe in god in order to reside in the United States.
In my opinion, belief in god is a personal issue, not a public one. It is obvious that the author of the responding letter takes it VERY personally, and allows this personal belief to hinder rational discourse. I find this MUCH more offensive than an individual/group belief in invisible protagonists of ancient fairy tales. In fact, I would wager my biased green paper that my response will instigate even more offensive and reactionary responses.
Bottom Line: If it harms none, do what you will. The word "god" harms none, even non-believers. Compulsory faith is both harmful and destructive, and open debate about it should be encouraged.
I feel sorry for the person who responded to this query with insults, as it is clear that person cannot see beyond his/her own belief structure to respond rationally and constructively."

Can't wait to read all the angry responses.

Those darned Germans!
Man Lived with Dead Father for a Year
I wonder what it is about their culture that causes this to happen so frequently there...


other fun words that end with ize
Dictionary.com/latinize or latinization
Also of interest~
Ro·man·ized, Ro·man·iz·ing, Ro·man·iz·es
To write or transliterate in the Latin alphabet.
you would romanize Japanese to write it in English
there are other uses also, but they involve romans & catholics
Giovani Ribisi-and no, I am not gayLooking For The Joke With A Microscope
Because "Repo Man" was on A&E. Interesting rewording of expletives..."you nerd!" "You are full of sheep dip!" But ahhhh, the memories. Funniest scene: Circle Jerks doing a lounge version of Shit Hits The Fan~which of course was slaughtered in editing.Scoobity Doo Wop Say What Yeah.
There was a very good made-for tv-movie on late last night, "The Other Sister".DeCaprio's got nothing on Ribisi's performance of a mentally-challenged young adult. Reminded me of my eldest brother. I think I evacuated some eye juice while watching this.Tonight, I will attempt to put aside my prejudices about David Hasslehoff in hopes The Sci-Fi Channel did Nick Fury justice. Better not suck like Dolf Lundgren's "Punisher". Anyway, On With Today's Finds.As usual, the fun stuff is at the end of the post.
Many a SlipSeen on Aberrant News:Foolish Virgins.Sacri-delicious!
Interesting Opinion:The Great Charade. As the West prepares for an assault on Iraq, John Pilger argues that 'war on terror' is a smokescreen created by the ultimate terrorist ... America itself .Quote "The fanatics who attacked America came from Saudi Arabia and Egypt. No bombs fell on these American protectorates. Instead, more than 5,000 civilians have been bombed to death in stricken Afghanistan, the latest a wedding party of 40 people, mostly women and children. Not a single al-Qaeda leader of importance has been caught."
Let's make this quick:Lack of Bush interview a mystery.SEC won't explain why it failed to question the president on the sale of Harken stock.The SEC has released some records on its insider trading probe of Bush, but has withheld others. The White House is DECLINING to authorize the SEC to release all documents. Pitt said he didn't think the release to the public of all the documents would quiet questions about the president's business dealings at Harken. "The reason is, first of all, I don't think the president's credibility needs to be increased," he said. "And second, this was thoroughly investigated a decade ago. It was meticulously done . . . so the issue at this juncture is political."
So why aren't we allowed to view ALL the documents? Must be a National Security thing.
And it just keeps getting worse:Bush Corporate Task Force Head Served Troubled Firm.The head of Resident Bush's new corporate-crime task force served as a director at a credit-card company that paid more than $400 million to settle allegations of unfair and deceptive business practices.
Here's an interesting article:Military Career of our Commander in Chief."Bush's DWI revelation at the end of the 2000 Presidential campaign may have been leaked to cover a much bigger scandal."
save the endangered tree octopusHow the hell did this guy get elected?? Oh yeah, that's right, he didn't.
Bush family's dirty little secret.President's oil companies funded by Bin Laden family and wealthy Saudis who financed Osama bin Laden. Quote "When (P)Resident Bush froze assets connected to Osama bin Laden, he didn't tell the American people that the terrorist mastermind's late brother was an investor in the president's former oil business in Texas. He also hasn't leveled with the American public about his financial connections to a host of shady Saudi characters involved in drug cartels, gun smuggling, and terrorist networks.
Doing business with the enemy is nothing new to the Bush family. Much of the Bush family wealth came from supplying needed raw materials and credit to Adolf Hitler's Third Reich. Several business operations managed by Prescott Bush ? the president's grandfather - were seized by the US government during World War II under the Trading with the Enemy Act."

Did You Know?Dick Cheney was one of only two US Congress members who voted against a resolution calling for the release of Nelson Mandela from prison.
Did You Know?The CIA Commits Over 100,000
Serious Crimes Per Year.

Hmmm:Sharon Threatens Global Nuclear War. Quote: "If there is one nation on this planet that deserves to be described and dealt with as a rogue state, armed with weapons of mass destruction and intent on using them, it is Israel, under the terror reign of war criminal Ariel Sharon. If this was a matter of assertion or conjecture in the past, statements coming out of top Israeli officials in the past days have eliminated any cause for hesitation."

Cute Flash Cartoon:CLOUD.
Get What They Deserve Dept:Man chokes to death attempting to devour live octupus, cephalopod survives.
Reznor and Maynard teaming up?Tapeworm.
Did I post this game before? It's pretty funny:Breeder.

This is a fun game too:Survive! Evolve!
There are supposed to be games here too, but I couldn't find any. I think it's some kind of conspiracy. Nice site, anyway.
Game Repost:Hublo.
Cute little game of fetch at Mo-Shon.
This is cool:Becoming Human.Journey through the story of human evolution in a broadband documentary experience. Turns out humans have been around for millions of years rather than 6,000!
I found it at Anarchitect, a unique weblog site.
I enjoyed the art on this flash site:Entropy.
Another thing I enjoy is finding stuff while walking the Catahoula. Today I found a perfectly good planter shaped like an otter marked "free" alongside an ironing board and some Bill Cosby records. A few days ago, I found a perfectly good slingblade in the bushes. Some people call it a kaiser blade, I call it a slingblade. Had a sheath too, and is quite sharp. Caution Jehovah's Witnesses, it sits by the front door now. You know what? I'm kidding. Not a violent bone in my body, unless threatened.
The new site image is courtesy of a great artist and all around nice fella, Matt Hughes. I wrote and asked him if I could use the image, as it looks quite like me, hair, jacket, facial expression......he was very kind in his response and allowed me to use it, providing the link and copyright are included. I did both, as you might be able to tell by the "chip on the shoulder" which leads to his site. But is it enough? I hope so.It is a self-portait of Mr Hughes called "Avernus." Now, anyone who knows me well, and there aren't many, will see the bizarre coincidence in both image and title. The fact that this guy looks like me is unnerving enough, but to give it that title...I just had to use it. Please go visit Mr. Hughes. His artwork is excellent, something akin to what I would do if I were a better artist. I only work in pencils, pens, and crayons.
Finally, goodbye to someone I thought might be cool, but turned out to be a christian fundie freak. Sad really, because he seemed nice enough, but anyone who supports killing ob-gyn's(or anyone non-christian) and forcing their ideals on others--
It's okay to believe in Fairy Tales, but when someone advocatea the killing of non-christian leaders in other countries and converting it's populace to another radical and unreasonable religion, that's where I draw the line. Fundies are Fundies, Taliban or otherwise.I thought he cared, too, but turns out his mind marinates in as much
as much violence and hypocricy is those he condemns......so goodbye.
Hmmmm, big change in Blair's news postings this week, including lots more talk of the coming of Nibiru. I can't help but wonder if they aren't trying to generate some hype for their new tour. If so it's working, it's got me eager to see them again & I don't like going to concerts (humans in crowds= herd mentality among many)...
Hehehe. Anti-Ann Coulter Site. Actual Coulter Quote: "We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity. We weren't punctilious about locating and punishing only Hitler and his top officers. We carpet-bombed German cities; we killed civilians. That's war. And this is war."
Looks like the Botox injections really have poisoned her brain.
Interesting read:House GOP Already Failed on Corporate Responsibility. "On July 9, 2002, President Bush went to Wall Street to call for several specific reforms in response to the recent corporate responsibility scandals. However, many of his plans have already been proposed by Democrats in Congress - and shot down by Bush's fellow Republicans. The following is a list of reforms that the House Republicans have already rejected."

Also interesting, though lacks any proof....yet.
Desperate Measures: George W. Bush & Abortion.
Tell me why this is right and proper.U.N. Passes Deal on War Crimes Court The U.N. Security Council voted unanimously to exempt U.S. peacekeepers from war crimes prosecution for a year Friday, ending threats to U.N. peacekeeping operations.
And what if these "peacekeepers" commit war crimes? Fuck that, the US answers to no one.
Sick, Sad, and Typical of Humans:"When a man's best friend is his dog, that dog has a problem." -- Edward Abbey
The guy who did this deserves the same in punishment, if not worse.

Interesting article:We made Contact.With aliens that is - this time they responded.
Funny, Evil animations:Funny~AZ~Hell/