This looks pretty decent~Animatrix Preview Trailer
Toboggan Jump (it's a game.)
Knowledge You May Never Need~but provided anyway.......What Kind of Asian Are You?
"Most people dream at night, but your overactive imagination takes you to places few people have ever seen, even in the deepest of sleeps.
Your mind is constantly buzzing with ideas blurring fantasy and reality.
You're either on your way to becoming incredibly famous or locked in a padded room.
You can get away with wearing just about anything and still look amazing."
A question of will.
The issue of free will has perplexed theologians and philosophers for centuries - now neuroscience enters the age-old debate
Kinda Kreepy
Moller's Skycar.
"You've always known it was just a matter of time before the world demanded some kind of flying machine which would replace the automobile. Of course, this machine would have to be capable of VTOL, be easy to maintain, cost effective and reliable. Well, we at Moller International believe we have come up with the solution. That solution is the volantor named M400 Skycar."

This is my third hint. By now you should be fully aware that I want this for my birthday, which is only 36 days away. If I don't get it, I shall throw a tantrum that would make Veruca Salt jealous.
Instant imaging device gives GPs safe new window into the body
A camera that can see through clothes, skin and even walls without X-rays has been developed in what is being called one of the first great technological breakthroughs of the 21st century.


Maybe you liked that thong post below? Here Ya Go--The Daily Thong.
Thing a Thong
Thing it Loud
Thing it Thtrong!
Thing of Happy Not Thad
Thing of Good Things, Not Bad!
(Thylvethter, Looney Tuneth)
click the images to enlarge them, I haven't seen it done this way before, but be warned, there are a few pop ups, though they weren't too bad...
How Much Did Child Workers Earn?
Check out the thongs featured at American Evil.
Imagination is so last century.
No, not work safe.
This was amusing- THE EMO VIDEO GAME (online video game about EMO music.)
You tend to be headstrong and deliberate in your actions. Basically you don't give a fuck about anyone. Most people hate you but you couldn't care less. You're the type of person who would masturbate at a wedding.
Personality Test

Not true. I don't find weddings at all appealing.
It's a computer mouse that can be used to scrape ice off of windscreens, requires a sample of DNA and has an on-board dictionary.
The Prior-Art-O-Matic
(note: there are occult corrollations for the above randomly generated product that you don't know about but make perfect sense to me.)
About a century and some loose change ago, I used to read FAZED.
Kinda got bored, but they changed their layout; now they are Farkish. Added to blogroll for daily links.
Strange Cosmos
Added to the blogroll, mainly for Heathen Holidays and the Iraq Kevin Report.Wasted Network.


High School was rough........kids can be so cruel.

"We also found ladies underwear, but mainly it was shoes and socks." Police Sniff Out Shoe Fetish in Man's Attic
He Came, He Saw, He Logged Out.


Today's Lovely

I started this blog on Febuary 25th of this year. Eight months later, I feel as though it's been here for longer than that. At any rate, after each post I had an entry called Today's Lovely. I phased it out because I didn't always find a lovely every day and didn't have a reliable image host. Now that I do, I think I might bring it back, at least once in awhile. I mention this because my friend Vinny has begun a feature called Today's Cutie, and I don't want him to think I am copying him.(I kind of am though, aren't I??) I think it's a great addition to an already great blog, so yeah, I want to return to that too. Lovelies and Cuties should be shared by all, correct? I prefer images with feet in them, but so here's a Lovely named Natalia Oreiro to get us started.
(ps. There never has been, nor ever will be a Lovely so Lovely as the Loving SockGoddess To Me.)

A Roosevelt yourself, you married your fifth cousin Franklin; despite the obvious incestuous overtones, your six kids were happy and healthy.
When Franklin got elected, you became perhaps the most controversial first lady ever - you spoke out for the rights of women; for the rights of the poor; for world peace. You were even a member of a union while your husband was in office - and when he died, you were the head of the UN Commission on Human Rights.
All of which is pretty kick ass, but to top things off you had a hot and steamy relationship with the lesbian journalist Lorena Hickok, who was so madly in love with you that she halted her career for you. Unfortunately, you couldn't give up your public life that easily - leaving her heartbroken.


Relaxing bit of Flash~ you control the dancers. Reminds me of some drawings and sculptures the Mistress Of Socks has done.........
I was using the newly discovered image search on Google to look for socks & happened upon this nice collection of sketches...
Haris Cizmic - HandDrawings


Do you like Anna Kournikova?
She's pretty, but personally, I think her eyes are a little too close together.
Meaning Of The Life Photo Gallery-
Quite Entertaining.
What's This All About?
Earth's New Center May Be The Seed Of Our Planet's Formation.

"An odd, previously unknown sphere, some 360 miles in diameter, has been found at the bottom of the Earth. It was detected by a Harvard professor and a graduate student who patiently examined records of hundreds of thousands of earthquake waves that passed through the center of the planet in the past 30 years.
'It may be the oldest fossil left from the formation of Earth," says Adam Dziewonski, Frank B. Baird Jr. Professor of Science. "Its origin remains unknown, but its presence could change our basic ideas about the origin and history of the planet.'"

Mantrid: "How.........Peculiar."

Fried twinkies are all the rage...
Planet Twinkie
Yet Another Use for Duct Tape: Wart Removal, Now I'm thinking there must be a site that lists all of these amazing uses in one place.


Yes, that's a gun in her hand and no, it's not a game for kids!
Show Us Your Bush

Thankfully, they inherited Laura's once-admirable looks. I would hypothesize that they were adopted, but there's that propensity for imbibing that runs in the family.........at any rate, they are better looking than Gore's brood.

Taking the role of a kid with a skull for a head, you get to literally rip apart an office building with your chainsaw and gun. Roam as you please, destroy all you see.
Saw this story all over the Blogosphere:
"An Israeli couple are preparing to divorce after the man summoned a prostitute to his hotel room only to discover she was his daughter.
As the prostitute entered the room, the full horror for him of discovering his daughter's occupation hit him. The father began feeling chest pains which may have been a mild heart attack."

It was mildy humorous, but, as I suspected, only an "urban legend".
"Hugh Ross, the founder of Reasons to Believe presents a rational Christian look at UFOs and extraterrestrials."

Hehehe. "Rational" and "christian" in the same sentence.


So I thought I'd change the layout to carry Temple Furnace, but I think it might be too busy.
I don't know if I like it yet.......let me know what you think when comments decide to return.
Interesting Idea:Globalgasm is a monthly digital orgy with the intent of healing the planet.
Imagine the entire world having sex at once!
To participate, simply have a orgasm at the designated time.

Thought For The Day:
Happiness is like peeing your pants.
Everyone can see it,but only you can feel it's warmth.
HalfBakery is an interesting website- people post ideas on all manner of topics, such as Serious Putty ("Silly Putty comes in a plastic egg. Serious Putty comes in a small vinyl Brooks Brothers suit.") and Godopoly ("if you sin...go to hell, go directly to hell. Do not pass God, do not collect $200.").
Very interactive.

Sagittarius Horoscope for week of October 10, 2002

Rob Brezny's FreeWill Astrology Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Sagittarian Janos Bolyai was born in Transylvania in 1802. By age 20 he was an accomplished violinist, mathematical prodigy, skilled linguist, and the best swordsman and dancer in the Austrian Imperial army. At that time, he wrote a 26-page paper that was tacked on as an appendix to a long mathematical textbook penned by his father. Janos' contribution turned out to be revolutionary. Long after his dad's tome was forgotten, his short treatise helped lay the foundations for a complete system of non-Euclidian geometry. I'd like to make him your patron saint for the next six weeks. I believe that you, too, are primed to spawn a pithy creation that will not at first receive due credit; you, too, will establish a landmark that'll turn out to be more influential than what seems important now.

Educational,but your employer might think otherwise.