yum yum!
S: soft kitty cat fur, hojicha, spicy mustard
T: seaweed, of course, but also snow peas with baby onions, Mojito

(posted before it was discovered on Metafilter.)
This image is a fake. Click here to see the original.
homestar runner
On this day in:
1974 Richard Nixon resigned the presidency.
1973 the USSR launched the Mars 7.
1969 the Manson Family committed the Tate-LaBianca murders.
1965 Singapore gained independence from Malaysia.
1945 the US dropped the second atomic bomb on Japan, destroying Nagasaki and killing 74,000 people (today is Nagasaki Remembrance Day in Japan).
1942 the British arrested Mohandas K. Gandhi.
1930 cartoon bombshell Betty Boop made her debut appearance.
and in 480 Persia defeated Spartan king Leonidas at Thermopylae.

The moral of this spattering of random information: CARPE DIEM! You never know when someone's going to throw your country into turmoil, stick a knife in you or drop a nuclear bomb on you. Embrace today in case tomorrow never comes...
Found on TOOL : NEWS
Interesting article:Should There Be A Jewish State? Quote: "Of all the land that may be legally sold in Israel, 67% of it may not legally be sold to Arabs, while none of it is barred from being sold to Jews. Thus, while Palestinians may be citizens in Israel, they are second class citizens, which is precisely what it means to live in a 'Jewish state' when one is not Jewish. Yet another feature of Israel that makes it an apartheid state is that it aims to separate Jews and Arabs on a personal level. For example, a Jew and an Arab cannot legally marry each other in Israel; such marriages, if performed outside the country, are not recognized under Israeli law."

US puts its oil interests ahead of human rights.The Bush Administration has thrown its weight behind a global oil corporation in a court battle against human rights claims.
The State Department has asked a federal court to dismiss a human rights lawsuit by Indonesian villagers against Exxon Mobil.
It claims a trial could harm American economic and political interests in Asia, including the struggle against terrorism.
You know what's funny? I use those numbers on the left to "randomblog" on a regular basis, and I come across more anti-War bloggers than not. I just think that's interesting because, according to any given recent cable news poll, over 50% of Americans are in favor of attacking Iraq so we can control their oil I mean stop terrorism, then placing a friendly leader who will help us attack Saudi Arabia so we can pay them back for 9-11 I mean so we can control their oil I mean so we can stop terrorism.
Take that same poll to any country, you name it, and they are decidedly against it.
Bush is about to commit a crime in our name.


Did you know?
Natural Conservatives."George W. Bush was elected President of the United States of America because of the Muslim vote.
There are roughly six million Muslim-Americans. Hard data on their voting habits is surprisingly hard to come by, because national polling groups do not yet include "Muslim" as a full-fledged religious category (Protestant, Catholic, Jew, and "other'). But according to surveys by national Muslim groups, Bush won more than 70 percent of Muslims who voted. In Florida, that totaled 55,000 people, who, according to an exit poll by the Tampa Bay Islamic Center, favored Bush over Gore by 20 to 1.Ê According to this exit poll, Bush got 88 percent of the vote to Gore's four percent, with eight percent voting for Nadar. The margin of victory for Bush over Gore in the Muslim vote was 46,200, many times greater than his statewide margin of victory. The Muslim vote won Florida for Bush."
Ironic how he wants to kill them all now.
S: foot powder, lighter fluid, stale popcorn
T: summer squash or sweet potatoes, can't decide, also oversalted cashews

Do you eat any sort of "comfort" food whenever you're in a bad mood?
If I am in a particularly bad mood, I get a craving for beer, but I am trying to break that habit.
I like to make desserts, but I am not so good at it. I find that M&M's (any variety except plain chocolate) really helps. Also, spicy curly fries. With chili and cheese. Mmmm.

Slannder! American Right Lies About Liberal Lies About the American Right. It's mostly about Ann Coulter so.....
S: rotting meat, not because of the site but because of Ann "Botox" Coulter.Hate that bitch.
T: truth

Courtesy of Triptych Cryptic.
S: Amaretto, home-baked bread, maybe even bagels, jasmine
T: macadamia nuts, or mandarin oranges with cream, or caramel apple
Chimps are cultured creatures

"Chimpanzees have been shown for the first time to have a culture as rich as humans. The BBC's Sue Nelson: Chimps in Africa display a rich cultural tradition The discovery shows that our closest animal cousins are even more like us than we thought. A major study, involving seven chimpanzee sites across equatorial Africa and an international team of researchers, pooled a total of 151 years of chimpanzee observations. It revealed remarkable differences in the behaviour of the chimpanzees in different groups."

.......and they will probably end up attacking each other for having differences of religious belief.

The Itty Bitty Backyard Project
Brent on Pedistall_GIF
S: burnt hair, sulfur, tepid beer
T: black bean and corn salsa
Why Humans Suck Dept:Manhattan Man Gets 25 Years To Life For Starving Daughter To Death.Nadine was found dead under a pile of dirty clothes in the family's Bronx apartment. The little girl weighed only 15 pounds at the time of her death. Prosecutors said Nadine spent most of her life confined to a crib in an apartment infested with rats

Caution! Haunted Hotel Room
Nothing is ever as it seems.
"Crying Indian" a Fake, Reports Say.
Iron Eyes Codym dubbed the "Crying Indian" for those ubiquitous "Keep America Beautiful" anti-pollution spots in the 1970s, didn't have a trace of Native American blood in him, according to a report in Indian Country Today. Instead, the actor, who claimed to be part Cherokee and part Cree and appeared in upwards of 80 films in American Indian roles--often playing characters identified only as "Indian," "Indian Chief" or "Indian Joe"--was really an Italian-American from Louisiana. His real name: Oscar DeCorti.

I found these in the NOF newsgroup, they are for when you've got one of those ridiculously long URLs to deal with, I can't think of any right now to test it with, but it looks handy...
Globe of Blogs
S: earthy
T:fresh smoked salmon

S:Blueberry Magic Marker
T:Honeydow melon and grapes
1. Do you have a car? If so, what kind of car is it?
I don't own a car, never have in my (**) years, but Niqkita owns a pretty silver Alice.
2. Do you drive very often?
No. Plain and simple. I can drive just fine, but prefer not to if I don't have an urgent need to.
3. What's your dream car?
Can I tell you something? I really don't know much about cars, and I really don't care to. But if you are really curious, here's a vehicle I wouldn't mind owning.
Have you ever received a ticket?
Yes, and then some.
5. Have you ever been in an accident?
Close many times, but no. Damn. Why'd my first Friday Five have to be about cars?
memes can be fun. personal exploration kinda stuff.
smells like: Cheerio's, patent leather shoes
tastes like: reheated lasagna

"do you allow others to think what they want of you, or do you like to set the record straight? do you lie when asked personal questions?"
Yes, I like to let others make up their own minds about me, but I do attempt to manipulate the asessment by being intentionally mysterious. The down side to that, I sometimes don't know what I'm really all about. I will lie about personal questions, sometimes to make the answer more interesting, and again, sometimes to appear mysterious. I am uncomfortable with people getting too close to form a definite opinion of me, even me.
This is a BlogMeme I'm Liking:gigglechick.com~BlogSniffing. It does things on so many levels. When you first see a site, what do you smell? Hers smells like fresh linen with a hint of fabric softener, margarita mix,(or is that diluted rubbing alcohol?), rosemary, and tastes (oo has anyone done that yet???) like a Wintermint Lifesaver.


Entertaining and Very Informative:Bush Family Quiz
Hermit For Hire. "The successful applicant will be expected to live in a cave on the grounds of the estate and abandon human contact, except for scaring visitors - and will probably have to give up shaving and bathing as well. Artist Anna Douglas, who came up with the idea to highlight National Heritage Week, told the paper that it had been very fashionable in the 18th century to have a hermit living in a remote corner of an estate. Hermits were always men and were paid handsomely in return for being tied to a five-year contract."

Feds Withhold Crucial WTC Evidence. "Evidence debunking the official explanation for the collapse of the World Trade Center is being kept secret by the U.S. Dept. of Justice on a flimsy pretext.
The U.S. Dept of Justice has ordered secrecy measures to keep the contents of a 'lost tape' of firefighters' voices at the World Trade Center from being made public. The reason for the secrecy surrounding the 78-minute audiotape is because it evidently debunks the accepted explanation that intense jet fuel fires melted the towersí steel beams and caused the collapses.
'If FEMA's temperature estimates are correct, the interiors of the towers were furnaces capable of casting aluminum and glazing pottery,' Eric Hufschmid, author of the book 'Time for Painful Questions' writes. Yet the voices on the tape prove that several firefighters were able to work 'without fear' for an extended period at the point of the crash, and that the fires they encountered there were neither intense nor large."
It's funny because it's true:Why we should invade Iraq-- right now!

Related:Guardian Unlimited | Ministers attack US war chaos. "Senior British ministers are privately admitting to growing exasperation across government at the lack of a clear and coherent US policy towards Iraq.It is said no coherent military or political strategy to oust Saddam Hussein has been presented to Downing Street, even though Britain is supposedly the closest ally of George Bush, the US president. Anxiety in No 10 has been fuelled by the results of private polling commissioned by Tony Blair which it is understood confirms Mr Bush's spectacular unpopularity among British voters."
Found this quote on another blog: "It seems that, in Japan, President Bush is viewed as a war monger, a bad man, a villian, by a majority of Japanese. They think America is caught up in bloodlust and beyond reasoning with. They won't support a war with Iraq".
I Love Japan.
Who served in the military?
What I find interesting about this is that "prominent republicans" who are at present decidedly pro-war were, in their past, decidedly against serving in the military themselves, or found convenient excuses to avoid serving/cut their service short.
Chickenhawks. What great role-models for the coming conflict with Iraq and any other Arab country the US doesn't like.
New meaning to the word "birdbrain": Creative crow's feat amazes researchersBetty has astonished scientists by deliberately bending a straight wire into a hook and using it to extract food from a container.

She's at least a little angrier than I am, but I want the History tee...
one angry girl designs
I'm melting.............

Obsession: Not just a cologne, but a way of governing. I like this quote:"Is Saddam a bad guy? You bet he is. So are a lot of the world's leaders, including some we cozy up to, like his neighbors in Saudi Arabia, where most of the 9/11 hijackers hailed from. Is he developing those dreaded "weapons of mass destruction"? Probably. But so are a lot of countries. So, in fact, are we - big time. When it comes to WMDs, you can be sure the United States is way ahead of the rest of the world combined.
But we can't invade ourselves. So let's go invade Iraq. Maybe Americans will forget about the economy going south or an attorney general who's trying to whittle away our rights in front of our eyes.And just when it looks like the bloodbath in the Middle East couldn't get any more intractable, a U.S. invasion of Iraq would exacerbate the existing mess, add to the loss of life and turn the Islamic world even more against us than it already is. Also, what would we do with Iraq after Saddam is gone?
Government by obsession."


Hmm.Secret US Based Forces plan to ignite Nuclear Bomb in New Yorkas pretext for global power grab.Quote "A thorough scientific analysis of the swirl of events, people, nations, motivations, propaganda, personalities and histories involved in this current moment in history, leads to only one conclusion - That clandestine forces aligned with George Bush Sr. are planning to attack the US population, blame it on Islamic terrorists and use the attacks as a pretext for a total clamp-down on dissent, basic civil liberties, normal democratic processes and In the confusion that will follow they will wage unchecked war and aggression against Iraq, and other nations, Islamic and otherwise, who have natural resources and particularly oil reserves that this shadowy group of petrochemical and arms industrialists are thirsting for. Their ultimate goal? The conquest of Eurasia."
The New Britany(2k image)I'm going to have to take a closer look at this site. Here's another doozy:Bush and Atta Visit Same Resort in the Hours Leading to 9-11. Then there's this:Fame (The Next Britney) Vox interview by Winona Ryder. All of the above come from a site called VOXNYC-Piercing The Thin Veil Of Lies, a weblog (looks new, no archives that I could find to peruse) by a writer for IndyMedia by the name of Voxfux.The font color is not reader-friendly, but the writing is something I can really sink my teeth into. His links are quite similar to my own news archives, though I have a few more.
Yes, I think I'll keep an eye on this site by way of the Blogrolling.
Thanks to Unknown News for the tip. (psst. I know you guys are looking in on me every once in awhile. Wouldn't hurt to say hello!)

WishList Item Part II
Repost~ submitted to The Chump, gonna be permanently placed in the links frame, as I play it alot while listening to Art Bell. As always, I am known as "Them!"
(I'd better submit it to MadVille before someone else does!)
Deconstructing Britney
note brain size

"Although this looks like a picture taken from a Hollywood movie, it is in fact a real photo, taken near the South African coast during a military exercise by the British Navy."

Welcome, MadVillagers!
madnesscombat.gifGames found at Milk&Cookies:
BoomBoom Volleyball.
Monkey Cliff Diving.
One I found on my own:Cancer Smash.
If you are a Madvillite and are visiting here for links to submit, drop a note in comments! My free stats don't give me enough info to return the favor, and I like to know who's visiting regularly. No need to remain anonymous, I don't bite unless you ask nicely!
More proof humans are just plain fucking insane:local6.com - Children Find Full-Term Baby In Freezer.
See also Woman lived with corpse for a month.It appears Myra Foreman was going on about her normal life with her husband's body lying in their bed.
Excellent Flash site describing mythologies from many cultures:THE BIG MYTH And of course, furthers the contention that christian mythos were plagiarized from earlier cultures, such as the Sumerians, Akkadians, Babylonians, etc.
The Bible is in no way an original text. All of the metaphorical stories and poems therein were taken from earlier sources, altered, diluted and distorted, but not enough to easily recognize where they originated.
"What did Bush know and when did he know it? A few months ago it was revealed that, while vacationing in Crawford, Texas on August 6, 2001, Bush had received an "analytical report" warning from National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice (news - web sites) that a terrorist attack was imminent. What was the exact nature of that warning? How detailed was it? Should Bush have cut short his vacation and headed back to Washington? The administration has stonewalled on this issue, but they can only allay suspicions of a September Surprise by coming clean now about the briefings he received before 9-11."

Excellent. A group weblog for sharing recipes: theredkitchen.net
The Law Party.home of the "conspiracy factualists".
bush.gifThanks for the heads-up on this, Bryan. It's a little out there, but since I consider Mike Ruppert somewhat of a friend, I'll check it out with an open mind.

I visited the JYB Science section. There's quite a bit of science, but it ain't comin' from the JunkYard.
I have a rule against linking to christian fundamentalist sites, especially when they report on world events. Being a "redneck"(his own admission) republican conservative was tolerable, but this news is more than I can abide. That's okay though, it's not like he linked to me or gave 2shits what I thought anyway.

I once saw a sign: "Church of Jesus Christ, Scientist." Probably the funniest contradiction I've ever seen.
It's a good bet that JC didn't know how to read or write, let alone study "science".
I've got nothing against Jesus, but let's be honest. He was a carpenter by trade and dabbled in illusions and slights-of-hand as a hobby,some of which require a rudimentary knowledge of basic scientific principles, but Einstein he was not. Anyway, see you around Bryan, perhaps by way of RandomBlogger.


if you go here you can play with an awesome flash drumset
Have you seen these creatures?
Back in may, I posted a link to Roswell Rods, a strange, unknown species that have been called "Skyfish". They were first documented by filmmaker José Escamilla, who discovered them by accident. In 1994, Escamilla had videotaped a "conventional" UFO near Midway, New rod2.gifMexico. Fourteen days later, while seeking to photograph the UFO again, he instead captured a flying object that was not a vehicle of any kind. At first he thought it was
just an insect or bird. When he examined the film frame by frame, however, it became clear that what he had captured on film was something unknown. Later, more distinct images were captured while Escamilla was filming cliff jumpers at a deep cave in Mexico. When he developed the film, small flying things could be seen zipping around the divers at a high rate of speed - so fast that they weren't seen with the naked eye. The enhanced frames of film revealed that the flying thing appeared to be rod-shaped with two undulating wings or appendages along the length of the body and which gave it the appearance of swimming through the air. They are largely invisible to the naked eye due to their incredibly swift movements and the nature of their physiology. But they have been photographed and videotaped from all parts of the globe since they were first discovered. They can generally be seen using one's peripheral vision, but since they do move so quickly, if you are not specifically looking for them, chances are you won't see them. Jose's site above describes in detail how to look for with the naked eye and capture them on film. They are not insects or birds, as the site will attest with evidence.To date, no specimen has never been caught(other than in imaging) or found dead, nor have they been seriously investigated or studied by the science community. There are some spectacular photos of Rods taken by a junior biology student on Art Bell's site this evening, as well as a descriptive theory of what they are and how they function and interact in their environment. Here are more images of rods and quite a few Real and mpeg videos. Fascinating stuff.

Found at The Blort.
Sorcerer nabbed for chopping off dead girl's head.
I find it eerily coincidental that I came upon this article right after finishing a chapter of a book on invisibility, wherein a particular spell was discussed that required the severed head of a suicide. The girl died accidentally, but still...gave me momentary chills.
From The Inbox:Job seeker has his semen stolen.Police are investigating a bizarre case of indecent assault after a man looking for a job was abducted, beaten up and forced to ejaculate at a house in Kraaifontein, Cape Town.

From Cosmiverse:Ancient Microscopic Life On Mars Confirmed. None of the other space/science sites I frequent have confirmed this.

A wondrous and thought-provoking site about the nature of humanity and it's ultimate purpose in the cosmos.Bryan's Home Page. The image at the bottom of the page just about brought me to tears.
I just love humanity, don't you?


Stan Deyo at age 57 has held an above Top Secret Security Clearance and has worked undercover for the FBI. He has been a member of an exclusive 'black project' (headed by Dr Edward Teller), which specialized in the development of 'flying saucer technology'.
This guy is on Art Bell tonight, and boy did he come prepared!Welcome to Millennium-Ark
He prepared a page just for tonight's show.
Tons. Buckets. Truckloads of information.
Fascinating. Nice job Reno, Asscroft! Drug War Facts.
Related:Just Say No.Government?s War on Drugs Fails

More survival/sustenance tips:Edible Insects.
You know, I've never understood the attraction to other people's butts. We poop from there, how is that sexy?
I have no idea. On the other hand, this makes a little more sense, at least for women.
Saddam Hussein's Diary.
This site links to sites that it's not supposed to- on purpose.Don't Link To Us!
All of the above thanks to Unknown News, one of the very best blogs extant.
Rat & Mice Recipes For Hard Times."Mice aren't that bad. Especially not with chiles and tortillas! It's all how you look at them. When the big crash0 hits, you're going to drool for any extra mice running around your house."

Cute Diversion:Save The Goldfish!
This is hilarious!Lesbian Online Relationship Ends Terribly When Both Men Meet.
Both of the above found on Madville, which more than likely originated at Fark. If you do a comparison study, which I did, you will find that 95% of the submissions at Madville were first posted on Fark. My gripe here is that Madville users need to look at other sites for content once in awhile. Put the two side by side and there is very little difference, whereas I pinch from dozens of other sites. I even go so far as to avoid pinching from these and other blog/submit-type sites like Metafilter, because everybody visits at least one of them and has seen the submission. But to be fair to Madville users, it is easier to get your submission posted on MV than it is on Fark. For original content, I prefer Aberrant News or Coolio's or Catch or Hypocrites.
Curious side-note about Coolio's. I love those guys, but it appears some guy from Texas sent them some articles for submission, and one of them is a an article I posted a few days ago, quoted verbatim. I'm certain it's just an error, I know quite a few of my visitors come from Coolio's and I know the Big C(or reps therein) drops in on occasion too. so it's probably just a mix-up.
I should also mention that this blog is a purely selfish endeavor, I post what interests me. Junkyard Blog and similar sites, however, are more focused on educating people, providing a useful service about particular subjects. While I hope that people will find this site entertaining and educational, it's not my primary goal as it seems to be for JYB. I commend that effort, I only wish they would be less biased and report both sides of any story. So there is an agenda other than informing the public, which I find rather dissapointing, because the writing is superb IMO. If they focused on reporting everything rather than just their preferred side of the issue, that would be a truly magnificent resource.

New Reports Detail The China Threat."...Chinese leaders believe that, 'despite overwhelming U.S. military and technological superiority, China can still defeat the United States by transforming its weakness into strength and exploiting U.S. vulnerabilities through asymmetric warfare, assassin's-mace weapons, deception, surprise and pre-emptive strikes.'"

Bush's Conspiracy to Riot."After the Miami 'Brooks Brothers Riot' , named after the protesters' preppie clothing , no government action was taken beyond the police rescuing several Democrats who were surrounded and roughed up by the rioters. While no legal charges were filed against the Republicans, newly released documents show that at least a half dozen of the publicly identified rioters were paid by Bush's recount committee.
The payments to the Republican activists are documented in hundreds of pages of Bush committee records , released grudgingly to the Internal Revenue Service last month, 19 months after the 36-day recount battle ended. Overall, the records provide a road map of how the Bush recount team brought its operatives across state lines to stop then-Vice President Al Gore's recount efforts.
The records show that the Bush committee spent a total of $13.8 million to frustrate the recount of Florida's votes and secure the state's crucial electoral votes for Bush. By contrast, the Gore recount operation spent $3.2 million, about one quarter of the Bush total. Bush spent more just on lawyers , $4.4 million , than Gore did on his entire effort."
Bush held up plan to hit Bin Laden. "The Bush administration sat on a Clinton-era plan to attack al-Qaida in Afghanistan for eight months because of political hostility to the outgoing president and competing priorities, it was reported yesterday. The plan, under which special forces troops would have been sent after Osama bin Laden, was drawn up in the last days of the Clinton administration but a decision was left to the incoming Bush team.
However, a top-level discussion of the proposals took place only on September 4, a week before the al-Qaida attacks on New York and Washington. In the months in between, the plan was shuffled through the bureaucracy by an administration distrustful of anything to do with Bill Clinton and which appeared fixated on national missile defence and the war on drugs, rather than the struggle against terrorism."

Good article:Oil Instead Of Blood. Quote " We Americans like to think of ourselves as the greatest nation on Earth, and there is some justification for that belief. We might also be the most warlike nation on Earth, or the most murderous nation on Earth. I can't keep track of all the nations we've bombed since the end of World War II, but a few years ago I saw a list that included more than 30.
Can you image that? We've dropped bombs and killed people in every corner of the world, and always for the same reason: 'To protect ourselves.' If we continue to use our might to destroy and intimidate others, the day will come when we'll pay a price. The events of Sept. 11 might be considered a down payment. We simply cannot beat up on others indefinitely and get away with it. The pendulum swings in both directions."

I finally did it, one of those wordy about us/me pages for my site. I sat here all morning typing, proof reading & retyping my first draft, all the while abstaining from my much needed second cup of coffee due to excruciating cramps. The muscle relaxers have finally kicked in so off I go for that beloved cup o' joe...
Fetishize Me's "about us" page aptly named "about me"
I only wish the list of actual reviews was more extensive...
Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics
trance logic
I was lookng through referrals: looks like Coolio's came out on top this month, followed by Aberrant News, then that HorN thing, then the various pages I've left comments on. I bring it up because I just realized that I can check for that. Hi, I'm new to the internet. Also because I found this, which I'd forgotten all about. What's odd about it is that it should be an old template in there. I use Brinkster as a host and only modify templates there; I like this URL better, but for the life of me don't know who's hosting it, and I can't check for that with this free counter.
Anyway, Henry Rollins did not post the pictures of his trip to the Thailand Zoo with the cabdriver/pedopimp.


Found at the SE.