No music today, in or out. The Billie Holliday mp3 was causing page faults and I got sick of restarting.
I am working on Wandering Star while I watch Spawn. Great effects, but not as cool as the comic or the animated series. I collect the Action Figures. I wish McFarland would make Gen13 action figures. Roxy is one fine mutant, IMO.Her legs would look yummy in these stockings and boots! Speaking of action figures,Buy Me The Barefoot Ash Damn You.

Now there's a cool show on the Discovery Channel about the strange and beautiful creatures in the ocean's Abyss. I especially admire the bio-luminescent ones.

Battlestar Galactica may come back as a new series. This could be good news, as long as they stay away from Dirk Benedict and what's-his-face that played Apollo. No Lorne Greene, unfortunately. Visit the site and sign the petition to give new life to a childhood favorite. Cylons!

Project Horus updated:THP | V3.0 | LIFE
The story on that meddling christian:Salon.com Life | Bush administration confronts Oregon on assisted suicide
I've got alot of bad memories of Denver, but at least she's following Portland's example....Denver Bows Out Of 'Patriot Act' And 'War On Terror'
Something is terribly wrong with people these days-Kansas City Star | 03/22/2002 | Principal, two teachers put on leave during investigation of alleged strip search
Some pretty cool UFO Images.
From Abberant News, a great interactive flash page:F L O W
Kind of funny article:AlterNet -- Memo to Britney: Shut Up or Put Out!
This is a truly great way to promote a movie:Smoochy Must Die.
Finally, Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D. will be on Art Bell tonight with fluff host Barbera Simpson. As a primer read an article from Moment Point Press - Author's Bulletin Board - Fred Alan Wolf and a conversation With Fred Alan Wolf.

I got this Virtual Model program from Asian Bastard. That's supposed to be me, but the hair is too short and the skin is too dark, the nips are too large and the bulge is not nearly large enough. Still, the face comes pretty close.(a few minutes later....) That's closer, in fact, it's kinda spooky....it looks alot like me......and to think I could have been a generic model....ah, well. I also got this
funny flash cartoon from AB. He, too, seems to have multiple frustrations with Blogger, and is switching over to Moveable Type. I hear good things about that site (no link handy yet, find it yerself!), I'll have to keep close watch and see how it goes. He's a funny guy, one of the better Bloggers out there.

TechTV | Blogging Hits Its Stride "And the choices are immediate. Self-publishing tools from companies such as blogger.com are free to users. Once your weblog is set up, you can update, add, and delete as much or as little as you want.
'The reason that blogging has been so powerful is because it doesn't need someone who's experienced with computers,' said Jason Shellen, director of business development at Pyra Labs, which provides the technology behind Blogger software. 'It can be a brand-new computer user blogging, sharing their thoughts and information.'"
Yeah. He neglects to mention that Blogger is frequently down, sometimes completely unavailable (like today), and has many ticks and quirks that can be very frustrating. I initially tried this service to promote business too, maybe upgrade to Blogger Pro if all works out, but all is not working out. I think I would be more loyal if this service were more consistant, of Ev cared about Basic Blogger as much as he does Blogger Pro. Look at "statusblogger." The only upgrades and maintenance mentioned is for Blogger Pro. Think I'll check out MT today.
Addendum: Blogger, I still love you. I just get so mad when you don't do what I ask, or let me back in the house, especially when I bring presents for you. I must be patient with you. I still think you are beautiful, despite your faults.
My new science frame is up, and many links were added to all the frames. I must have over 300 links available now. Will have to count them later. Now I must go prepare Massaman chicken curry,rice, and assorted veggies. Mm.
By the way, Easter is cancelled.



Not much in the way of news at the moment, as I've spent the day extracting links from my other site, which will be shut down in favor of this one, and adding them to the tables. And I spent the better part of last night hunting down the Billie Holliday song you are hearing. Diamanda Galas' version is next.

Finally got to see Celebrity boxing. I don't care for the "sport", but I did enjoy watching Willis pummel Vanilla Ice.
Extra points if you know why I didn't crop Today's Lovely Jessica Alba to a smaller size.
I'm pretty tired and looking forward to eating cheesecake and watching "Enterprise".
I'll throw you a few bones for now, and add more to this entry later, if I find anything interesting.

Today's in-house muscial selection is ATTRITION, yet another 80's weird gothindustrial band, almost as good as Swans.
Check out Sebastian Parish's artwork.There seems to be many reasons to like this guy, besides his art. He's got a quote from Marvel on his front page, and a link to a great sock site, as well as cool occult links, all things that automatically gets him a mention here.
Interesting artwork in flash format HERE.
Nice vector movie HERE.
Repost of the rarely-updated TickleFight HERE.
........and he could have given the $500 to charity..............
Wanna see a "talking" cat?
I finally tracked down this funny Daily Show article, about how the people they interview don't know they are being made fun of.....
'You're not scared of me, are you?' Christopher Walken interview.
Something else to put on my "must try" list: new legal hallucinogen.
Reference for checking things off on my "must try" list: Strange Sex Laws Around the World.

From Bartcop: interesting video of the Bush/bin Laden connection, and a video game Bush would enjoy.
You realize he's quietly fucking up our country while loudly spewing garbage about the "War On Terra".
His Nazi Atty General Asscroft is vigorously seeking to repeal the "Death With Dignity" law in my home state. Instead of concentrating on more serious matters, he's stomping and fuming about a law that makes real sense. Now these poor folk will have to end their lives in more painful ways, since they won't be able to aquire the "sleep drug" or get assistance from their doctors. I'm really beginning to hate what's happening to this once-great country. It's becoming one big cry-baby nation. I really lost respect for Speilberg, editing out the guns in police hands and replacing them with walkie-talkies. Completely ridiculous and unnecessary. But it goes to show that history CAN and WILL be re-written to suit conventional "wisdom". This is just the beginning of the end.

This is so obvious, I mean, uh, what was I gonna say? Oh yeah, I was gonna say that it's almost as obvious as THIS.

Guess it's about time for me to go "driving".



Today's in-house musical selection is Fiona Apple, for which I admit appreciation, though I really have to be in the right mood to listen to her. Reminds me of an icy winter when two souls met and melted each others' hearts. "Slow Like Honey" was our song. We helped each other remember that, without some sadness in our lives, we could not truly appreciate happiness. I really appreciate her showing me what true happiness is like.

Here's a great EBN-like video from Guerrilla News Network: S-11 Redux, a site I recently stumbled across that will be added to the news frame. Especially poignant is the "Deliverance" segment. Great editing of Prestendent(combo of pretend and president)Boosh."Murkans ur cmPASHnit." The whole thing is 10 minutes long, but it really is a must-see.

Scientists create A New Form of Matter, which lends credence to the speculation that God was actually just tinkering around in the lab for a Universchool science project when He created our reality.

I still feel sorry for that poor girl having an epileptic seizure in the Mitsubishi Eclipse '03 commercial.

Here's an article I lifted from Aberrant News about one of my heroes, Jack Parsons: King of the Rocket Men - FT 132 There's a great book out called "Love And Rockets" about Marvel and his associations with the occult that I highly recommend. I also have a rare copy "Freedom is a double-edged sword" by Whitesides himself.

Here's a cool Shockwave simulator of the Colossus Rollercoaster in the UK.

Reconstructive surgery I would actually consider:I'm having my wings done.

Expect more paranormal weird fish to show up on shores around the world, as we kill our oceans and the polar ice shelf melts. I was dissapointed that Art Bell cancelled his interview with Dr. Wolf last night, but it was neccessary in order to give full coverage to this new catastrophe.
The Farkers are making light of this story, but most of them have burned-out bulbs in their intellectual attic, so I'm not suprised.

Farkman(tm) Panel 5The only reason I post this is because Christopher Walken is featured in it. Mr Walken caught wind of it and was not amused.I don't think he's seen THIS ONE yet. Maybe I'll e~mail it to him. (I still don't know if this is actually Walken, or just some Farker.) I do find some interesting articles at Fark, though, like this one: The Effects Of Cannabis On A Web-Based Lifestyle

I posted THIS VIDEO a while back, but it's worth reposting because of it's utter spookiness. Even though it was taken from Sci-Fi.com, the video is real. Remember the other video that was shown on FOXNEWS during the attack on 9/11? Yeah, nobody talks about that much anymore.

And here's another take on the NASA UFO videos from Cosmiverse. Looks like I beat them to the story by a few days. It's really too bad that this site about "The Phoenix Lights Mystery" is so damn hard to navigate and read. When good flash us used very poorly......
This Flash Experiment is much easier on the eyes.

Tomorrow or the next day I will have a frame up for music links, thereafter possibly a miscellaneous frame. I do need to redo the tables soon so they are more navigable. I'm also looking forward to helping out an online friend with her site.

Just got off the phone with my son, Sheyn, whom I don't get to talk to or see as much as we'd both like. But spring break is coming up real soon, so we'll get to spend time with him then. The kid is so smart for his age (nine). It always suprises me how "adult" he sounds in our conversations. I can talk to him about anything, just as if he were my age, and he gets the majority of what I'm saying. We talked about UFO's and Bigfoot and the Bermuda Triangle, topics he pursued on his own at his school's library.
He finished LOTR, which I didn't even know about at that age. He says he's intellectually ready for the Elric series! He was in a school musical, and will be studying keyboard playing after spring break.
A little version of me, all without my direct influence........
Here's a a game for you.



Either Tripod repaired my file manager problem quietly after receiving my frustrated e-mail, or Universe has decided that I have paid enough karmic debt to allow my uploading of files (for now).
So today I bring you a beautiful ballad by Bjork, one of the 13 or so songs I found yesterday that I'd never heard before. And I call myself a Bjork fan.......
And at home I am listening to SMP, good friends of mine from Seattle. The great thing about these guys is that they are fiercely competetive as far as the music scene goes, yet humble and humorous at the same time. I'll never forget the show where Jason was pounding out the beats on a rusty old oil drum while wearing a kitchen sink on his head. That night was frought with problems for them too. Trying to get to Madrona Hill show, their van broke down in desolate Vancouver and the other Seattle band playing that night, KSK, must have seen it as an opportunity to replace them as headliner, for they offered no assistance. So SMP managed somehow to show up just in time to be the last band playing, and they blew every other band away, including us. Sure knocked the So. Cal bands down several pegs.
These guys deserve great success. Listen to them HERE.

Tomorrow night,Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, one of the most prolific theoretical physicists in the field, will be on Art Bell. I was introduced to his work by my good friend Ishmael, The Better Bass Player, when he gave me Dr, Wolf's book "Parallel Universes" for my birthday many moons ago. From there, I devoured everything on the subject I could find. I highly recommend listening to the show. There's live feed right from Art's website, and the night's show is usually rebroadcast the next night on KEX AM 1190 at 8pm PST. Tonight's guest is a guy who specializes in the healing properties of sound. Should be interesting. Also, check this video of an anti-gravity experiment. Flying cars soon to follow.

I think it's really cool that some of the intersesting links I post precede Art Bell, Fark, and other sites, sometimes by a few days.

UFO's Nasa tried, but failed to censor. These videos take a minute or two to load. The best one is at the bottom of the page. Nasa used to provide a live, direct feed of thier activities in space, until UFO's started showing up in the feed, causing much consternation and heated speculation from leading UFO researchers. Now, the feed is on a time delay, so they can edit sensitive material before it is presented for public consumption. The astronauts and ground control know they are out there, but they seem to be more of a nuisance than a curiosity, and NASA certainly doesn't want anybody else to know about them.

People ask me why I am so vehemently against christian cults. Well, it's because of shit like
The Gummint keeps telling us to be tolerant of other belief systems, but apparently this only applies to belief systems sanctioned by the Gummint. Last night's Futurama was a particularly hilarious episode in which God Itself pretty much admits to being unreliable. I think christians are getting tired of waiting around for the Rapture and are trying to take matters of destruction into their own hands. This group wants to clone Jesus. Downright hilarious. But what isn't so funny is that murders by cult followers are on the rise. A Jehova's Witness in my town recently killed his entire family because he was "disfellowshipped" by his church.
Don't forget: tonight Fear Factor is on (extended to 90 minutes!) followed by Colin Quinn. This show is so irreverent it cannot last long, so catch it while you can.
Tonight's dinner will be Creamed Tuna On Toast, followed by chocolate banana cream pie.
I leave you with this quote from "The Botany of Desire" by Michael Pollan:
"Witches and sorcerers cultivated plants with the power to "cast spells"- in our vocabulary, "Psychoactive" plants. Their potion recipes called for such things as datura, opium poppies, belladonna, hashish, fly-agaric mushrooms, and the skins of toads (which can contain DMT, a powerful hallucinogen). These ingredients would be combined in hempseed-oil-based "flying ointment" that the witches would then administer vaginally using a special dildo. This is the "broomstick" by which these women were said to travel."
{late addition}Did you know that scientists are still baffled as to how and why cats purr?
Shift - WHY IT SUCKS TO BE COOL "It was cool that Wil Wheaton started a weblog, but now his weblog -- and Wil himself -- is apparently a big waste of time and energy. On the topic of weblogs, those have been the shit for some time now. But how much longer can it be considered sick to run or visit a weblog, particularly now that the mainstream media is discovering them?"
Technology is still conspiring against me. The VCR decided it didn't want to record Fear Factor.
If it's not one thing it's 3,792 other things.............

(Before I wanted to put a fist through the monitor)
Joke from Some Guy at Fark: Jesus walks into a hotel, puts a handful of nails down on the counter and says "put me up for the night".
Two commercials that make you wonder what, if anything, goes on in ad exec's minds:
Mitusibishi Eclipse'03; a girl in a funky hat having some kind of epileptic seizure while the driver looks on and smiles. Disturbing.
Bailey's Irish Cream: Girl playing pool with 3 guys. One guy steals her Bailey's. She scopes each guy to find the culprit. Finds him, kisses him, group hug. I want to see what happens next.....because you know something happens next. Also disturbing..

(knuckles turning white in anticipation)You know, whenever I try to do something cool for this page, something goes wrong. I had a really cool mp3 from PaPERHOUsE playing here for about a day before Tripod decided it couldn't handle the size. Fine. So I try to upload a shorter song, a very cool and I'm thinking rare Bjork song that was only about 3 minutes long. So I go in to Tripod and delete the Black Shiny Bug song, and attempt to upload the Bjork song. Tripod goes completely haywire
and throws an ERROR 500 at me, making it completely impossible to access any of my files. And I don't expect to hear from them for at least a week. My other file manager will only allow uploads of 1mb or less. That fucking sucks, but what can I expect from a free, and very lousy service? Not only that, but I am trying to burn a CD of these Bjork songs I found, and "Easy" CD Creator keeps seizing up my computer, effectively ruining two CD's.
Also, the busier this page gets, the longer it takes to load, which can't be good for traffic. I can't wait until I can afford a reliable host, because this site will serve a purpose other than just being a daily journal. I'm going to make it so damn sticky..... I won't be a BlogWhore and put up a donation button, but if someone really wanted to help ( I'm not begging, mind you ), they would buy wonderful sexy socks for themselves or their loved ones. I get a tester pair of each style of sock when they arrive, and they are heaven for the tarsus. And for you pervs out there, no, the testers are not for sale!

Grouchy. Very angry at technology right now. I'm going to go watch cartoons.