Not much collected today, spent much time arguing with the WWDN crowd about the stupidity of April Fool's Day. What is it about holidays that bring out the worst in me?
There was a bunch of things I was going to write about, but I completely forgot all of it, so I'm just going to throw this stuff at you until I remember. Oh yeah, check out Art Bell tonight, it's all about Voices Of The Dead.
Personality Test: The Desert Test
Based on Japanese Archetypes the desert represents a hardship. Each of the animals represents an aspect of your life. The order in which you sacrifice the animals might be said to represent the importance of these things to you. The one that you sacrificed first is the least important, and the one that you kept is the most important.

1 You sacrificed the Lion. The Lion represents pride.
I sacrificed the lion because I didn't want it competing with me for food.
2 You sacrificed the Sheep. The Sheep represents friendship.
It's the desert. If I get cold, I'll sleep in the cow.
3 You sacrificed the Cow. The Cow represents basic needs.
I'm tired. I'd rather ride the horse than the cow.
If I get thirsty I can milk the monkey.
4 You sacrificed the Horse. The Horse represents your passion.
Of course.Monkeys drink their own pee and are cute and fuzzy.
5 You kept the Monkey. The Monkey represents your children
Like I said.

Did you know that Andy Garcia is in the Guinness Book Of World Records as the most famous conjoined twin? 20 Shocking Celebrity Stories
A must-read about one of the coolest women on the planet: Angie.

Ms Portman's okay, I guess. Liked her in "The Professional".She has yet to grow into those gun-boat feet of hers.NataliePortman.Com
Addicting Game:Insaniquarium.
Poeple are very pissed off at this, as well they should be: Yahoo users fume over "spam" switch - Tech News - CNET.com
Title says it best:Crazy dutchman.
"Second:Optimum time it take to write a number by hand."clock
Post now, read later: herdofsheep - the news shepherd for news sheep
Weird and Unusual Places:Midnight Society
Found at Aberrant News:Music Machine
At first, I was tempted to skip over this site, as it looked pretty boring. Then I sat back and watched in awe.Suteki * da * yo - OekakiPoteto

Some random flash site: 222
New Tool Newsletter: TOOL
I'll probably post more later, after I'm finished thinking about Hello Kitty going on fabulous adventures where no other cute lil kitty has gone before. And I already misplaced the URL to that site. *sigh*

Who's Your Inner Psycho?

Yeah. In more ways than one.



Call me a humorless old crank, call me a party-pooper, but I think April Fool's Day is one of the most ridiculous, pointless, dumbshit holidays humans ever made up. Practical jokes are not funny, they are mean-spirited, juvenile, and potentially destructive, especially in this age of heightened tensions. It doesn't take much anymore to piss off even the most mild-mannered of us. Look at somebody wrong, you just might get killed.
The TImes of India ran a story today saying that OBL was caught at a train station in Delhi, and at the end it says "GOT YOU! APRIL FOOL!" Haha.Real fuckin funny.Of course it was pretty obvious that it was fake, since it didn't make US mainstream media, but come on.Is this kind of shit really neccessary? Especially in the news? What kind of evolved beings are we? Wil Wheaton's gimmick was to make up a story about how he's going to have a recurring role on Enterprise. He went into considerable detail about it,and alot of people believed it, including me, until I realized what day it is.Yahoo's Yank was to secretly reset all the member's advertisement recieving options to yes, including phone calls, which means all member's will get heavily spammed and harrassed on the phone until they figure out that they have to reset it. Hilarious. So, my April Fool's downer for the day: No Lovely.No, that's mean. A little lovely.
Maybe I'm just cranky because it's cold in here, and Blogger has been unavailable all day again I'm beginning to wonder if it's been sold or abandoned..
You know what though? This site rawks. Why? Because I offer more links than evenI have time for every freaking day. Because, even though it's slow to load, this site is pretty on my eyes. I don't even care if I get that many visitors.I never cared for large crowds.(crowd=over3-4) I often find myself wondering why I bother to update every day. It's Because I'm a packrat. I collect shiny objects.

So, I spent ChristopherWalken day argueing about religion in various news groups and such. Big waste of time, I know, but I consider it somewhat of an intellectual excercise. And, as to be expected, nothing is ever resolved. The arguements are necessarily circular, convoluted, and pointless. Here is how I usually end my participation in the debate:"God" is in everything, is everything, and there is nothing we, or It, can do about it. There is no one path back to First Source, indeed there is no path,as It is Everywhere. It does not favor one person over another, It does not have emotions as humans understand them. It judges no one, as all are fragments of the One, and as such, all experiences, Good Or Evil, benefit the One. The whole point of existence is to experience EVERYTHING.
Worship is pointless. The One does not care if you believe in it or not, or if you worship It or not.
First Source can never be accurately described, or even conceived of. All the sacred texts fall ridiculously short of accurately conceptualizing It, and are laughable for anthropomorphizing It.
And I realize that this is God's Weird Way of making Itself known to me, and the irony therein.
>Nuff said.
So. What did I collect today?
An Interesting rant about Resident Bush: None o' yer Biz'ness.
You knew about this, right? School Of The Americas.
I used to go to some pretty cool virtual worlds, but Habbo.org threw this new one on me. Habbo Hotel if you've got time to waste.
Also found at Habbo.Ninjai: The Little Ninja.

Too cool for words Giger Flash movie:Element Zero. See also ::0::
No, really, go see it. An article about HR GIGER:Probing the Alien Artist's Mind.
The Octopus is one of my favorite creatures of the sea. BBC News | SCI/TECH | Giant octopus puzzles scientists.
More proof that miracles can be explained by science:Scientists explain the healing hands effect.
It's about time:MEG Scalar Energy Device Patented - Production Starts Next Year. Tesla would be pleased.
An excerpt from Michael Moore's book, "Stupid White Men":Guardian Unlimited Books | Extracts | White frights.
Add to either news or diverse:dangerous.com.
Something I will go back and read later.....abuddhas memes.
Add to Spirit: The Anomalist.

This site claims it will describe your personality by answering one question:The Question.
Another site to peruse later:The CrazyFuckedUpShit Network.
And another:Daily Rotten: Weird News.
Pretty vector:Digitank.
Fun flash site:sodaplay.
I'm having some kind of weird graphics problem today, so blog now, view later:Monoedge Inc..More vector experiments: [sparklab]
Intentionally difficult to navigate, supposed to be nifty, from what I hear:PLAYGROUP.
Confusing.But again, I'm not all that bright.:: subROUTE® :: Another site recommended to me, will check as soon as the internet is fixed...notamax.
If you have shockwave ( and if you have been checking these links, you should by now), you can draw stuff here:::scratchdisk::
Now THIS is what I call fun!Dubya Goes to War!
I can't figure out what the hell this is.....etherbrian.
Featured at greynothing, this is one of my favorite sites of all time.....conclave obscurum.
Another greynothing favorite that's been updated.....oneEyEblack.
Wow, this looks interesting.content¯
Just plain weird.www.lollekundbollek.de.
And this is just fukkin nuts...********** PORNOGRAFUX **********There's more, but I'm toocranky. Maybe I'll start cutting this down to a few days a week.


It truly is a glorious holiday today, Christopher Walken's Birthday. So I will be taking the day off, and remember, Jesus has high cholesterol, so go hide the eggs.