Found Galactic database at Something Awful, a website I rarely ever visit, because it's basically horseshit. But there's this big furor going on about them photoshopping Muppets in grotesque and un-natural sexual situations.(Read:Muppet lampooners hit by corporate ban).
Henson, Inc, forbade them from using any muppet image in such a manner. SA and FARK cry "freedom of expression!" I say..Grow Up. It's not that funny, really.
Anyway, the editor writes an article about this Galactic site and complains repeatedly that it takes forever to load.I found it loaded far faster than their sack-of-crap site.Sometimes that mofo doesn't load at all, and I wasted valuable minutes waiting for their forum to load so I could tell them so.

Yeah, I got called all kinds of names for posting my opinion on both SA and Fark. It's not even that big a deal to me, I just like to troll sometimes, because THAT is funny.
And yeah, I know sometimes my own site takes forever to load. But that's just because I don't really know what I'm doing.
SA's link is in the Diverse frame, if you really feel like wasting your time.
Interesting site, but the reason I blogged it is because of the illustration on the top left,---wEb{*}5h!ts---
I forgot about this cool site. I like the simulated cigarette smoke.konspiracy.co.uk

We just hit number 666~glad I could be around to see it turn over.
Still one of my favorite Weird Flash sites:brittlebones
Hmm. Nice design, great wallpapers::: shadowness ::
I posted this ages ago, but it's showing up all over other websites today, so here it is again:Armegalo Games
From Aberrant News, A handy tool for the upcoming planet show:Solar System Simulator
Gregg Braden's Zero Point theory may come true:Earth's magnetic pole is flipping sides.


Spur-of-the-moment public comment for today is:
"Judging by the size of your vehicle, I can see that you support terrorism."
"Nice SUV. I guess the terrorists have already won."
I guess that flag you're proudly displaying cancels out the fact that your truck eats up as much fuel as 3 normal vehicles."
Luckily, I am scary-looking enough not to incite a negative response.
What I am sick of hearing: "post 9/11".
Ican't believe that Americans are so naive to think that this wouldn't happen, especially since most of you allowed Bush into office.And I really don't expect any Americans to look at things from the Arab point of view.Sharon sees it as an excuse to participate in his favorite sport: killing humans.And he is supported by the American Regime. Last night, FOX NEWS mentioned briefly that some groups are looking into whether or not Bush knew about the attacks beforehand, while the newscaaster shook his head in disbelief that such a thing could ever be brought up. C'mon. Look at all the ways the Bush Family benefits from this, and it becomes obvious that they all knew it would happen, and planned ahead. It would be incredibly naive of us all to think that it isn't at least possible.

My review of "Bacardi Silver": I didn't like it when it was called ZIMA.
My review of "The Osbournes": I was really skeptical at first, but it's fucking brilliant man. Ozzy is fucking hilarious! He's got that fucking lost-grandpa-look in his eyes that is so fucking endearing. I especially enjoyed the lounge versions of Ozzy's fucking songs.
There's something very surreal about this picture......
Took me a moment to notice it.

Do you think I need a haircut?
Oh,man. I got lost in this site..........Zeitgenossen


I see this strip everywhere, time to blog it:www.mnftiu.cc | get your war on |
This is UberNeat:Astro Photo Gallery
Wasn't originally gonna post this, but since I ran into it twice, whatTheHell:Experiment #06
Gonna have to check this out:Digital Vision >>
I don't know about the rest of the site, but the front page animation is genius:CHIMERA.X2.NU__freedom of opinion and expression
DHTML magic:youngpup.net
All kinds of experiments to found here:bodytag - web programming explorations
A variation on the City At Sea theme, I presume: Victory City: The City of the Future
I don't know who made this, but it's pretty cool. Nice music.Just let it load completely.

There is so much going on here, I'll have to explore it all later:Heavy.com
This site looks lie it's under construction....I just dig the Flashgurl character:JULIA BALES :: INTERACTIVE ARTIST
A few multimedia projects here:||| MK12 World Wide Websight v.3.5 |||
This looks fun, sort of like Habbo.Welcome to Zanpo, Virtual City 2.0
This was mentioned months ago by Childress:BBC News | SOUTH ASIA | Lost city found off Indian coast
Interesting article with resources:A Pagan Polyamory Page
Watched a docu on ancient civs with Childress, remembered this article:AR1 Top Ten Ancient Civilizations With Advanced Technology


If you have this site bookmarked or linked, please make note of the new URL. I have dumped BlogSpot for a friendlier, prettier, more attentive hostess. So I only have a few items today.

Before we pass too harsh a judgement on catholic priests:

Let us remember who their biggest influence is. I'm just kidding, of course. It's terrible that so many children have been abused by a so-called "moral" religious institution, but at least now they have been exposed for what they really
are: predators. They devour the weak, vulnerable, lonely and confused. With all the settlements the CC has to pay off, they must just go broke. GOOD.It's about time people discovered what monsters they have for religious leaders, and ended their evil influence forever.

I want this Octopus. Real Bad.

Submitted by GardenGirl: Mayan Calander Explained.
Also from GardenGirl: VIrtual Hawaii........
I read everything I can on the subject:Ananova - Physics professor confident his time machine will work.
This website has, well, more links than me.SHIFT
Wow. I feel so much better now.SHIFT | AUTOPHENE
This is quite strange:bam-b.com
The Official Berkeley Breathed Website.
Hellooooo Kitty!J-List -- your friend in Japan

Which tarot card are you?

Very Good News. The Fool is one of the best cards in the deck.


NOTE: This was an entry from a few days ago. I had to delete the original post and re-enter it. Don't ask; long story. In related news, I am unable to access my page at all tonight, but I seem to be able to edit some things. Do you care? No? Didn't think so. Today's entry is below this one.

Ah, Blogger. Really, is it just me? I just want to do an itty bitty update, and she slams the door. There are problems all over this page.Tried to fix it at 4 this am but no dice. Now I can't edit anything unless I delete it and start all over again. So this is going in "as-is". I love you Blogger, but you gotta be there for me too, you know?? I'd give you money if I knew I could rely on you.
Anyway, why are people so upset about the Queen Mum dying?
Why is anybody suprised? She was 102 for chissakes. Sure, it's sad when a loved one dies, but jeez, she was older than dirt. Gotta hand it to the inbred Royals, though, They got longevity.
So much so that Chuck probably won't make King until he's in his 70's...but he'll probably have a good three-decade run of it.
Today, I watched Fox "news" confrontational right-wing republican asshole chunderhead Bill O'Reilly attempt stand-up comedy as he broadcast his show live from Las Vegas. It was both amusing and nauseating at the same time, as he waxed idiotic, feeding on every audience member's tittle, while insulting Rosie O'Donnell for being gay and Alec Baldwin for caring about what happens to the planet. Hey, don't disrespect Alec, man. Those are fighting words.
He is the only Baldwin with an ounce of talent, and hilarious besides. I admit to watching, and yelling at, The O'Reilly Factor, simply because he does bring up some important issues, then always ruins it with his own preverted take on the subject. And, well, Laurie Dhue intervenes with the headlines every once in awhile. Something about those lips, that smirk... I've written O'Reilly many times, hoping he'll read my e-mail on his little show, but I guess my comments just aren't "pithy" enough.
I spent a good chunk of yesterday playing that damn Insaniquarium game before actually looking around for content.
Seemed hopeless at first, until I stumbled across a few good portals. I can't give you those URL's, because then you might not visit me. Which brings up the subject: why do I post so many flash sites here? Well, I am relatively new to the internet. I had very little prior computer experience just a few years ago. Hell, I still remember when personal computers were largely the whims of science-ficton writers. When we first got a computer, what was the first thing I did when I was all alone with it? That's right. Porn. Lots and lots of Porn. I almost did nothing else but look at porn. Games, yeah, but mostly porn. But of course, the novelty wears off eventually, and though I still look at porn, my horizons have expanded to other obsessions.For awhile, I was addicted to Virtual Worlds, creating interesting avatars and chatting with some very lonely and desperate people. That's when I first dipped my toe into creating with html. But that got boring after awhile: same little cliques of people who thought I was too weird to associate with for extended periods of time, and they never really had anything of value to say.So I went with basic chat, which is kind of a backward approach. I would argue all kinds of topics in Yahoo chat, just for the sake of arguing.
That wore the nerves down real quick, because apparently, this type of interaction is real big with the trailer park crowd.So, as a musician, I started looking into music creation programs. Though I still dabble in it, it can be exceedinlgy arduous and dull, if I am not so inspired. After 9/11, I was so entranced by world events that I started an alternative news website just so I could have all the resources at my disposal. That's where I got alot of the news sites in the frame on the left. So...things calmed down after a bit, the news saturated everything to the point of overkill, and I needed another form of entertainment. So I discovered webcams, and that became an obsession for a bit,and I was visiting many portals a day, getting to know the regulars, until I realized that the people broadcasting were pretty much the same as as the chatgroups. Sitting there in their underwear doing basically nothing, and saying nothing, of value. Some sites were downright frightening. Old fat men whacking off while watching each other whack off. That died, and I started looking at amateur film-makers,as it's always been an interest of mine, and from there I discovered flash sites.
That's where I am now. I know virtually nothing about flash creation. The technology progressess so fast that I feel I will never catch up. As soon as I learn the basics, people will already be leading productive lives in a virtual world of their own creation.
It seems to encompass not only a beautiful technology, but the creator's emotions as well. I imagine I might get bored of this soon enough, but until then, if I see something visually stimulating, I post it here. I'll probably revert back to regular news posts eventually, but right now, I think we all need a break, don't you??
On that note, look at some interesting sites I found, while I try to install this webcam software.
I just give up on the human race already: Woman Pregnant with Clone
I will read anything on the subject:Professor's time travel idea
From Aberrant News:Gay or Straight. A photo quiz from B3ta. Let's not talk about how poorly I did.
This looks very interesting:_SUK & KOCH_

This is very moving, both aurally and visually........When I Was 12...
Some cool fonts:Misprinted Type - Typefaces
Came across this guy again..he cracks me up! Limmy.com
Okay, this site really is a keeper::: I WANT MY FLASH TV! ::
Funny e-postacard site:Don't be a stranger
Kinda funny.......Taliban Phone Hell
Post now, watch later:2exhale - where art lives
Get revenge with this collection of revenge ideas, pranks, practical jokes, and letter packages that address personal and hygiene problems!
A long overdue how-to:Sex Guide
Interesting Idea:Freedom Ship - City at Sea.
Worthy Re-Post
I didn't think of it first dept: Stalking Service
Are YOU an e-bore? I tested quite high.....e-bore-ometer
Re-Post: The Jesus Test
I don't know, it made me smile...HiHo!
Post now, figure out later: ·-·´¯`·-· RandomZen.Net
Well. THIS is interesting.EgoMedia. It takes over your desktop, but not in a bad way.
Here's another site I forgot all about. I think I stumbled on this one a couple of years ago, when we first got a computer.: B A N J A - the online game
The cool thing about this site is it was written in DHTML.pl st! c bg | geomet$/k|||/tu%|&| |c|u|$bu|||(h&%%|$(||!$)|c&$4|/&)h(§c||%$$||My site sucks.
I like this little dancing bot movie.bionicdots.com
It's got a little of "Song To The Siren" in it.
I just dig the design of this site:MANFRED D3Z!GN REMIX - version.1.x
A Flash Subculture:* PG *
I dunno, decide for yourself: Dr. Alderete
Some of these are downright strange: A New World Trade Center
Planetary Traffic Jam:Space News
I can't wait that long...... Asteroid on possible collision course, in 900 years
Ah. childhood memories........JunkBot
I get a headache when I imagine how long this must have taken:STAR WARS ASCIIMATION
If you're like me, your weblog is your home page. And you refresh every few minutes to see if your hits went up. Then you check your stat site, and find out it's mostly internet corps on some sort of automated site-check, which you are clueless about because you've never bothered to find out how it works. And those little zero's next to the comments remind you how tiny and insignificant you are in this vast digital reality. And you consider changing your layout daily. But, if you're like me, you just say fuck it and watch cartoons.


Today's Big News, for me anyway, is that scientists have discovered that all of life, including humans, evolved from sponges.
In other news, Cameron Diaz is on SNL tonight.

You know what's nifty about Iceland? They rely almost exclusively on natural resources, rather than fossil fuels, and have the most hotsprings in the world. It's just a beautiful country. I would also very much like to visit Newfoundland.
I was flipping through the channels late one night, when I landed on one of those "music" channels that plays a video or two in between insipid reality shows. Some tall skinny wigrack, I think his name is Bach, was yammering on about cutting-edge musicians throughout history. I was about to tune away when a name he mentioned caught my attention: Paganini, an Italian violinist considered by his peers to be the greatest of all time. At one of his concerts, hundreds of people were hospitalized for "over-enchantment". Many people actually believed he had sold his soul to the devil,that he was not a human being, and had to prove his existence in court by providing evidence that he had human parents. It was common practice for pedestrians to poke at him with their canes to determine that he was not a spectre. I find that very intruiging. Here are a few legends about him, if you are interested.
After hearing from another old and dear friend, a certain band that he introduced me to years ago came flooding back to my sometimes questionable memory.
So, I've got a little quiz for you. Listen to this song (assuming the sound file works, which is really up to Tripod's ever-changing whims)

1. Name the band.
2.Name the singer. That naked guy is your clue.
3.Name this symbol, and who designed it.
BONUS: Describe what the "city of 9 gates" are.

You won't really win anything, except my hard-earned respect and admiration.
Lookie what I got today...this very cool lava lamp! It's an original, and goes very nicely with my vast skull collection. And FYI, M&M's has a new flavor,caramel!
I'm going to go ahead and throw these links out before Blogger dies again. It's already wheezing and hacking as I type this.

What the fuck is wrong with people?!?! Friendly beatings claim host's life. "I suppose we did go a bit far....." What amazes me is that the guy went back to work every day and took this shit. Guess it's an issue of "honor".

I'm a big fan of ente....enti.....enty...the study of bugs:CNN.com - Big new bug identified
Very Cool:Images of Nature - Microscopy Images
New Egyptology site to check out:Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association
What GWB does with in his free time:www.truefacts.co.uk article 'dubya'
It helps to have a little background..Why Sharon is a War Criminal
These truly are "interesting" times:Cat Attack Now Described As 'Hate Crime'
Or truly desperate times: Human For Sale How much are you worth?
Or just plain bizzare times: Spontaneous Involuntary Invisibility.
Shatner's...Weblog......WilliamShatner.com - The Official William Shatner Website
Oh Sirrrr. It was tellible. Dey poot cleecher's in our eearrrrsss.......The Official Walter Koenig Website
I don't know if you know this, but one of the best writers of all time posts in his weblog almost every day...Neil Gaiman's Journal
A new Search Engine to try:Teoma Search
I found this and had to add it for my honey:Wasabi - Fresh from Pacific Farms
Also for my honey and her knucklehead:La Petite Maison - Doghouses
Aahhh, to Dream......The World Of Private Islands
I haven't even seen the first one yet.......TheOneRing.net™ | Movies | The Two Towers Initial Footage
When you need catholic priest jokes in a hurry:The Humor of Hades
Holy shnit!!Celebrities
Mmmore Jessica.
I apologize for this in advance.....Albino Blacksheep - Flash / Porno Invasion!
It's a skill: Incriminati
Gee, I don't know why this site makes me laff! 420TIMES.COM
Luckily, I need no help:For The Hopelessly Happy
This could have helped me 10 years ago.....How to Dance Gothic
I scored very poorly on this: 0-33.....The Dirty Sanchez, Etc.
Yes, he is serious. My pictures
Buncha Movies:park catalog
I'll have to look into this:BFY
Why? I have no idea.....Send you name to Mars
Um....not sure yet...meatjam
Fab-o Digital Art:Dusso.com
THIS is why I love Flash......Broken Saints
Creepy intro music......Evil Pupil vs California
Great Snowboard Game:AlienZap.com
Another snowboarding game:Titoonic SNOWBOARD
Let's just get all the winter-themed games out of the way, shall we?Polar Rescue This one is deceptively difficult. Or..I just suck at video games.
I Know Where Bruce Lee Lives
This Pong video is rather humerous:MadBlast
Weird, Wrong in so many ways, Fun:PIS spil
Silly at first, then, an hour later.....Kick-Ups
That's all for today. Time to dream up something different and exotic for dinner.