Nice, original design:thePharmacy
Pretty....too bad I can't read the language.:::Welcome to my nightmare :::
Very cool visuals:HxDBeN AreA --- SiCKDrEaMS ---
Strange and beautiful imagery:Crankbunny - Then I started thinking. Thinking about the future
Had too many windows open when I found this link to look around.
Sounds interesting, will peruse later:Suicide Girls
(update: it's a pay-site, and there are only a few Lovelies, IMO)
Cool little interactive experiments: pixelsweat.
The endless cycle of the Universe.

Nees reve ev'I noitagivan drawkcab tsrif.snoitkelfer

Watch the population grow. The birth/death ratio is unnerving:secret situation.

He'll do drawrings for you: exploding dog.

This might be the most bizarre thing I've seen in a long time:adding and subtracting.
Or was it an optical illusion?


A pretty fun game from Yahoo:Collapse!
Online THOTH deck: yet another Geocities site. What's up with that?Tarot Inspiration
Don Tyson is a big name in the esoteric world-author of many great books- I wonder why he's on Tripod. Donald Tyson's Supernatural World
A~Z Guide :Occultopedia.com
This is quite handy, if you know what Gematria is:Hebrew Gematria Calculator
Finding all these virtual divinations was purely coincidental.badcookie.
This will mess with your head:grimoire 1.1__nepenthe


Another Virtual Tarot site,Tori Amos Tarot
I like the flash intro, though I haven't listened to the music yet. Described as "psychadelic hard rock".ufomammut
I read the WWN for laughs, as it is a dubious news source at best, but I've actually read about this some years ago from other, more reliable sources:FEMA's Concentration Camps

Choose your Divination:Facade.com
Cooking Chaos:The Z(Cluster) Cookbook

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In an effort to free up space for this site, I am closing down "greynothing" for good. Everything must go!
Here are all the noteworthy links from that site. This should keep you busy for a few hours.

Johnny Vector
Ashley Wood
My Pet Skeleton
Art Of McKean
SuperDeux SuckDesign
one eye black
Abnormal Behavior Child
A Robot Named John
Happy Pencil
Stay Honest
The Horus Project
Destroy Rock City
The Basement Show
Jim Goad
Sacred Cow
George Carlin

~not responsible for links that no longer function~


Interesting esoterica art site: some links in there are dead, but the live ones are worth a look-see:Electrum Magicum
I can't remember if I've posted this before:brittlebones
TOOL Flash Art: difficult to navigate.DiSSECTIONAL
DarkDarkDark and More Dark:TheDarkNetwork.com
Photo of a Shadow Person.
Also, photos of the 9/11 UFO's.
And a photo of a possible Dero.
All found HERE.
Extreme Cultural Fetishism:Bound Feet
Create your own tombstone:The Graveyard
Please don't ask how I found this site: afraidtoask.com
There's a virtual Ouija Board in there........w i t c h b o a r d . c o m
Mindless Diversion:Ghost Shoot

Not affiliated with Miss Cleao:ONLINE TAROT READING: No fees whatsoever!
The Weather in Hell


Browser Destruction:::ni9e::
Nice Brain!nsm
I know I've posted this twice before, but it's just genius.
Nice Graphics. Check out the "special projects" section.Loreille | Montreal |
Cuppla new entries:* PG *
Nice Flash Music Site:Cinematic Orchestra

Wilson's Thought For The Month (several months after the last Thought):
"Perils of Cocaine Abuse
23 Mars 81 p.s.U.
Two recent political leaders allegedly had this nefarious habit.
Both came to power after dubious elections, by non-electorial and irregular methods.
Both nations immediately experienced attacks on famous public buildings.
Both blamed an ethnic minority before forensics had any evidence.
Both led "witch-hunts" against the accused minority.
Both suspended civil liberties "temporarily."
Both put the citizenry under surveillance.
Both maintained secret and clandestine governments.
Both launched wars against most of the world.
One had a funny mustache. Can you name the other one?"
Maybe you missed this the last time I posted it.Cocoon...
Oops. That's a different video. Wow. Are those really..........those?
Anyway, the other video is in the archives somewhere. Just look for a picture of her and click on it.
Update: Never mind. Here it is.
Nice, short animation,IFILM - Fifty Percent Grey, plus a ton of other movies.


Ran into this three times, so it's a charm:T O K I - D O K I
Just Kinda Weird: Oculart
Interesting way to showcase one's work:ROBOT GALAXY
I don't know. It loads okay from my end, but I think it's running just as slow as it ever was. It's obvious I don't know very much about HTML yet. Plus, I'm dealing with a free image hoster that is slower than molasses. The whole point was to consolidate, get it to load faster without comprimising the main design too much. It took me a day and 1/2 to build the new template, and I'm not sure if I like it yet. I think it's a little better looking than the old version. I will continue to learn how to build, and will eventually switch to a paid hosting service when I can afford it. In the meantime, please bear with the slow loading images.
Someday, I'll get it to snap right up like Mistress' site.
Go here to see what it looks like upstairs:<::CP::>


I've put alot of time and effort into building this site, but I'm afraid that, as much as I like it, I'm going to have to tear it down and re-build it, because it is much too slow at loading images, if they load at all. I gotta have images, I just gotta. So I'm going to have to slim it waaaay down. May have to find a better image hoster, too. I started a new template the other day, but when I came back here, I just didn't have the heart to discard it just yet. But I gotta let go. A friend of mine mentioned that navigation here is difficult, though I have no problems with it myself. He said he'd help me out, but haven't heard from him since. So tell me. Is navigating this site difficult? What frustrates you most when you visit? Slow loading time? Images don't show up? Images suck? Hate those i~frames? Too much rambling, not enough links? Help me out here. Either post your thoughts in the altar (brief version), or throw me a line via the submission form below the i~frames. I'd really appreciate it.
You know, despite what many cynical sites have to say about the paranormal (see SA and FARK), I believe in UFO's. They may or may not be aliens from another galaxy; "UFO" is not defined as "alien craft". I don't recall ever seeing one, except foggy childhood memories of witnessing highly unusual things. But then, to children, most of the world outside their back yard is highly unusual. Anyway, I choose not to close my mind to the infinite possibilities in Universe (there should logically be no "the" preceding the word "Universe, don't YOU think?) I suspect that people who ridicule or laugh at such claims are just frightened by what they cannot readily explain. If something cannot be defined by their narrow worldview frame of reference, it is to be mocked and dismissed as lunacy.
It is this denial, this refusal to entertain spectacular possibilities, that hinders the spiritual evolutionary progress of the entire species. What gets me is that the average religious fundamentalist is willing to accept the wild claims of miracles, angels, and monsters put forth by their religious texts, but flatly disbelieve any such claims made within the current timeframe. I personally don't care what anyone thinks about my beliefs, but am rather irritated that those few who want to elevate to the next level of Experience have to wait around for the many that refuse to evolve. It's all of us or none of us, which seems rather unfair to me. Anyway, here's a site that got roundly laughed at by both the above mentioned sites, but that I found quite interesting, and might add to the Spirit frame if it proves to be a good resource. Aliens and UFOs Among Us
This is what God looks like:
In case you were curious, the Vegas trip was a success. The reason for going was to experience the lingerie trade show,and see if there was anything worth selling on Fetishize~Me. The Boss found many cool new socks and some other, non-sock items that will be worth your time to check out. We won't receive what we've ordered for a bit, so be patient and keep checking. Expansion baby! Yeah!
We wasted a bit of green on the casino floor, with nothing to show for it but a good time. The Luxor is just incredible on the inside. I want to live there. But without the people, or all the flashy arcade lights.
Second night there, we old folks got tired out before midnight, went back to the hotel and watched an incredible show on starfish.( After watching the random, free porn.) These creatures have no brain whatsoever, yet interact with each other just like the rest of the animal kingdom. They sped up the film, and it is just so beautiful to watch these things go about their lives in a much slower time frame than ours. Go to PBS
and check out "Circle of Life". Amazing. Then we watched a sea cucumber poop. Not amazing, but rather entertaining. Anyway, this was my second time to Vegas, first time to the Strip Proper. It's alot smaller than I thought it would be, but what I liked is being able to smoke and drink anywhere.
I took advantage of that. The other thing I noticed is that this is one WELL-FED country we live in!
Also, Mistress and I stood out far more than I thought we would, even at the trade show.
Guess we are just too beautiful to look away from.
This was my first time flying since..well, you know. Security was tight at PDX, and I was "randomly" chosen for screening, but all in all it was uneventful. No delays, no phobias, wonderful view of the Nevada landscape, lax security at the Vegas Airport, cold pizza sticks I pocketed from our bodacious buffet in Camelot..

I had a great time, being away from the house, the computer, the animals, Portland,and being with my Mistress who took very good care of me,tolerated my initial grouchiness, fed me nickels for the slot machines. Loving and Living with the Boss is the best career (and life) decision I ever made.
Good to be home.
I love the navigation of this site:Littleloud
I like the lyrics of this song:mysteries exist02
An article about one of my favorite authors:disinformation | the gospel according to philip k. dick
Cool Animation, I like sites that have little things you can click on:Cosh Studio

This is pretty cool. Check out Konspiracy Korner.UnpluggedTV