Make your own weird noisy "music".
Before the Flood, There Was No Moon.

"As it turns out, a lot of myths, legends, and tales say that there used to be no Moon in the sky. The Moon appeared after the Great Flood. This was noticed by the people who lived in the south of Greece, as well as by African tribes and others. However, there were a lot of ebb and flow traces found in many ancient cities. As is well known, it's is the Moon that causes ebbs and flows. This does not coincide with the no-Moon theory before the Flood. However, if there was no Moon, then maybe there was another celestial body to fulfil its functions? Other sources say that there used to be two or even several moons shining in the sky. It is not ruled out that those other Earth satellites were in charge of ebbs and flows."

It should also be noted that ancient Sumerian texts recorded the "Great Flood". All of the early Mesopotamian stories and fables were later "adopted" into both the Old and New Testament; names and locations changed to reflect that current era. I do mean all; Judaism, christianity and Islam can all be traced back to one primary source.

I was skeptical at first, but the octopus taught me how to make meatloaf.


What a strange........game??


Dress Your Fetish Doll

Cute Game.


My theory? There's a manufactured Universe in there.
Webcam Image of a Shadow_Person.
We hear wierd things around the house at night too, but I think it's just Dad being a prankster. I wish he'd just come right out and tell me he's there. The guy was a prominent spiritualist in the 60's-early 70's, if anyone could communicate from the Other Side, it would be him.
But so far, he's true to his tradition of Silence.
Probably keeping a close eye on Mom most of the time.
Anyway, I might try leaving my webcam on sometime and see if anything ever shows up.
"This girl Christina in my gym class is such a weirdo sneak! Every day when I get to the locker room, she's like naked already, sitting on the bench cross-legged and humming and stuff. Then one day, I left my locker unlocked and when I came back from the shower, she was sniffing my panties and crying! That's why you should lock lockers!"
White Cheerleader Epiphanies! - chickenhead.com
Fun Game, somewhat difficult-XiaoXiao #9
Download Small Medication Labels
Yahoo! News - Sniper Reportedly Leaves Tarot 'Death' Card

This shows that the sniper is no genius. It's a vaguely ironic choice, but anyone who has even the simplest understanding of the Tarot knows that the Death card has nothing to do with actual,physical death.


She's gonna be a Big Star.....my current favorite character on Firefly.
Aw, what a cute game!!Girl Power.
via Coolio.
See also Tank War.


"chapel perilous is a wastepaper basket that's bigger on the inside than the outside and lasts forever."
The Prior-Art-O-Matic
This gave me flashbacks: Depth Spinner
Will It start a trend? One can only hope.Father Kills Self In Front Of Planned Parenthood Clinic.
(I know that sounds harsh, but if pro-lifers are going to kill people, better that it be themselves.)
In case you might be following the Hoagland Mars City Image Contraversy: MarsNews.com - Is the THEMIS Team Engaged in Scientific Fraud?