Yummy Wakame directs attention to an unreleased Star Wars movie clip. Just wait for the download~patience, young Padewan.
Halloween Special

(via Don't Read This.)
Is it too soon for a game of this type?
Scope Assault
(and some other fun games)
Newsday.com - Radio Talk Show Host Bell to Retire

I post this for one reason~something I didn't know about Art Bell.
"Bell, who created the show [Coast To Coast AM] in 1993, had resigned in April 2000 because of ongoing torment he said his family had suffered since his son was kidnapped and raped in 1997 by a substitute teacher. He also said he left because he was falsely accused of being a child molester."

WTF Dept: There really is a fetish for everything! Kaol's Quicksand Videos
"I loved you once in silence
And misery was all I knew
Trying so to keep my love from showing
All the while not knowing you loved me too
Yes, loved me in lonesome silence
Your heart filled with dark despair
Knowing love would flame in you forever
And I'd never, never know the flame was there
Then one day we cast away our secret longing
The raging tide we held inside would hold no more
The silence at last was broken
We flung wide our prison door
Every joyous word of love was spoken
And after all had been said here we are, my love
Silent once more, and not far, my love
From where we were before"

I love this picture. That's what my dad looked like when I was young. My parents had the soundtrack to the film on what used to be known as an "LP", and as a child I would stare at this picture while listening to it, actually feeling the story within the songs.My dad would sing along to "I Wonder What The King Is Doing Tonight". A flash of Good Memory. And the film was on the other night; I hadn't seen it in years.
Then RIchard Harris goes and dies, reminding me of my dad's recent passing, and I thought "oh Great. Two Primadonnas in The Great Beyond trying to outdo each other with renditions of "How To Handle A Woman".
Enjoy yourselves, guys. And dad, please don't make fun of Mr. Harris' eyeshadow.

Gene Expression
"A geneticist, a capitalist, a biochemist, two engineers, an economist, a mathematician ... and a blender."
(this was a great read. I loved the back-and-forth)

(travel vicariously)

The Spleenville Journal
(smothered in sarcasm-turns out I came across this blog earlier while checking a link at Inblognito,even left a comment about SUVs on both. I only found out after reading through most of the site. Small Blogoshphere!)
Dear Sprint,
I am highly offended by your new commercial where Wife says "get a movie-something old", and Husband hears "get a monkey with a cold".
Anyone with an ounce of good sense knows you do not expose an ailing monkey to a child.
The immune system is very delicate at that stage, and the monkey could contract something more potentially dangerous from the carpet rodent.
I won't even go into why the husband didn't scratch his head about the request.
Googlism for: Sylvain
Sylvain is a well known tactical training officer with an international reputation (shhhhut uppppp)
Sylvain is quickly reknowned by musicians of his entourage (okay, that you can say all you want)
Sylvain is the father of canadian jiu (no, Sylvain is the father of Sheyn, Your Future King)
Sylvain is a great american original (but aren't they all?)
Sylvain is so cool that he never (...never what?? I'm not too cool to never! )
Sylvain is 30 ( close)
Sylvain is a quebec native and has made a name for himself across canada (filthy lie)
Sylvain is 13th on the grid (actually 17th, but that's damn close)
Sylvain is in great shape at the end of the season (Sylvain is never out of season)
Sylvain is the founder of sacred fools theater company(he is now, and thanks for the idea!)
Sylvain is one of only five canadians who had signed as a free agent (what's with all the canadian references??)
Sylvain is suffering from the altitude (possibly....)
Sylvain is developing musical conceived instruments from household salvaged (now that's always true)
Sylvain is working on (.........being even more ambiguous..........)
Sylvain is now back in provence (or so I'd prefer you believe)
Sylvain is married to katie (Sylvain has never even dated a Katie)
Sylvain is gravely ill with aids (Holy Fuck! I am?? How could Google know that?? Was it Katie? Did that bitch give me AIDS??)
Sylvain is a project manager in this field for 12 years now(Oh who cares? I've got AIDS!! Aw, hell..the insurance money...the green monkeys with syringes on their fingers.......it all adds up...)
Sylvain is a hell of a guitar player(Oh sure. Knock me down, then throw insignificant gratuities at me. Patronize a dying man. But...yeah, I can play a little.....)
Sylvain is still perfecting his earlier culinary perfections (Hey, now yer talkin--fuck the life threatening disease--let's eat!)
Sylvain is the only macadamian who knows how to build an igloo. (Metaphor! A Nut Who Lives In Frozen Isolation! Freaking Spot On!)
Sylvain is part of the team since 1987 (Beach Boys Outrigger Canoe Club--Hawaii 1987/1996)
Sylvain is (Yes. I Am.)
Sylvain is performing at the republic celebration (some might not define it as "performing")
Sylvain is out promoting his latest album (next year, promise)
sylvain is always available to answer any of your questions and specify those needs with you
sylvain is using the new interface to write sensors; the c++ api was presented in paris and is working fine; it is not in cvs yet
sylvain is his name
sylvain is someone else who is not me
sylvain is real
sylvain is discouraged from going
sylvain is back on the scene and slashing up a storm
sylvain is een getalenteerde bretoense fluitist en uillean
sylvain is aware of the stinging irony

sylvain is crushing the accelerator
I had no idea there was such a thing as Right and Wrong Racism......
It's wordy; maybe I'll read it later.


Fun Diversion~LOOPLABS
Decent Flash Design....
If you are a True Perilousian, you'll appreciate this:
"Absolute Proof of A Martian Alien Colony"
Boy, I sure would like that book...........
Our Little Corner Of The World~!
Actually surprised...and a little concerned.....that the resolution is so good.
Some Kind Of Bliss
I Am Wilson
Jewish Buddha
Short Strange Trip
Thinking It Through (via STF)
Instant Gratification in the Khu.
Then a game~Drones (stickman fighting-pretty cool)

One of my recipes got posted at The Red Kitchen!
Cool......I've got a bunch more. Love To Cook.
Top Ten People America Wants To Kick In the Balls.
10. Me First.
9. Eh, I like the guy.
8. Every Day. Repeatedly.
7. Who?
6. Quite So.
5. No actual testicles to kick.
4. And then some
3. Yeah, okay, whatever.
2. Not really. C'mon, who is this guy? Who cares?
1. Yeah, I suppose-can I go back to number 8 now?


Coolio's again...he links to LovinSocks which links to Fetishize-Me.....I gotta say I'm not really Lovin' dirty Socks. I like 'em clean and warm. Slightly used is fine, but dirty? Naw.
That's okay, though; it's a good site run by good people.
While I'm here, please tell me you can see the F-Me Banner in the left hand corner....it's real important so if you don't see it let me know!
It's spiralled out of control...........Am I THIS or NOT?
via Coolio's.
(I'm working on that wallpaper, Coolie.)
Orisinal has a new game: Bottom Of theSea.
via catch


Art Bell (who announced tonight that he will be retiring from Coast To Coast, handing the reigns over to George Norry) directs attention to an Albany NY news video of a Rod. If you are a Perilousian, you know what a Rod is. Either way, check it out.ALBANY UFO / ROD.
Lots more pics and videos of Rods inside Roswell Rods.
Note- the Rods don't originate in Roswell Silly, Jose Escamilla, Rods' Discoverer, does.
Rods mentioned seven times in this post. Now eight.
New Scientist:Internet's foundations shaken by attack.
"Nine of the 13 "root" internet servers that direct all web traffic around the globe were subjected to a serious attack early on Tuesday. Attacks on these servers have the potential to bring the net to a halt.
The FBI and the Whitehouse are now investigating the incident. A spokesman for the FBI's National Infrastructure Protection Centre said officials were 'aware of the denial of service attack and addressing this matter'.
Another official described it as the most sophisticated attack ever mounted against critical internet infrastructure.
It is not clear who launched the attack or why. The servers were bombarded with fake traffic from a host of 'zombie' machines that had been hijacked by hackers. The technique is known as a distributed denial of service attack.
Ten of the root DNS servers are located in the US and the other three are kept at secret locations outside the US. Richard Clarke, cyber-security advisor to President Bush recently warned that DNS servers could be a potential target for terrorists."

I was online late last night- I crashed several times, but I thought it was because this machine doesn't always like to run Wild Tangent.
Anyway, whew. Life would seem so....empty....without the warm, inviting glow of the internet!
[Satanist] Claims Sex Acts [with children] Part of Religion.
Idiot! Doesn't he know that's Catholicism? Oh wait...that's right. Same religion.
Wow. Many posts with a religious flavor today--it's a coincidence I swear!
IOL : New book says Jesus was short, unattractive
"The Eleven Commandments, written by two journalists for the Avvenire bishops' daily paper, is dedicated to exposing the 'equivocations and lies' contained in the Bible and traditional Christian teaching.
Some of the myths exploded in the new book are likely to cause shock for some churchgoers, however.

Among them, it reveals that Jesus Christ was born neither on December 25 nor in a manger with an ox and an ass for warmth. Furthermore, he was short and - according to modern aesthetics - not very nice to look at.

Jesus lived into his forties, around 10 years longer than the Bible suggests, and his father Joseph is more likely to have been an affluent and well-respected architect than a humble carpenter.

The 10 commandments were neither dictated to Moses by God, the book says, nor were they ever engraved on stone tablets.

Joshua could not have brought down the walls of Jericho with his light trumpet batallion, since archeologists have shown that the town was already a ruin by the time he was born.

Jonas was never swallowed by a whale, the Israelites never crossed the Red Sea, David did not kill Goliath, Saint Peter was not crucified upside-down, Saint Paul did not fall off his horse on the way to Damascus and, if Eve ate a fruit in the Garden of Eden, it was an orange or a fig, not an apple."

Yes! Finally! Go to it fellas!! But watch out, don't get Ashcroft mad!
Man, I hope this gets alot of press. It could be that my "prayers" might be answered within my own lifetime-that all religions are exposed as the Frauds and Monumental Scams they are and rejected by civilization for good and ever.
Blort points to Britney Smears' Poop Shoot
You are not supposed to be doing this kind of stuff at work. I'll tell.
Coolio points to Make Your Own Britney.
If you are at work........get back to work.
Holier Than Thou

"Anyone who has never read the bible yet claims to be a Christian is a mindless sheep, but anyone who has read the bible and still claims to be a Christian is just plain mindless. In this chapter I will show how the Christian bible can be used to justify murder, bigotry, hatred, misogyny, rape, spousal abuse, child abuse, homophobia, slavery, and genocide. I will also show how I arrived at the conclusion that if Christianity is real, then the Christian god IS Satan. The 'god' depicted in the Christian bible is a murderous, irrational, misogynistic, tyrannical despot who is unworthy of worship.
  • According to Exodus 22:20, anyone who worships any god other than the christian god shall be "destroyed utterly".
  • Deuteronomy 13:12-15 tells us something very similar, except now god isn't so vague about how these people are to be "destroyed utterly". The Deuteronomy verse tells us to "...smite the [nonbelievers] with the edge of the sword, destroying [them] utterly...". So much for "thou shalt not kill". Perhaps that commandment should have read "thou shalt not kill a christian, non-christians are fair game".
  • The previous two passages only referred to people who worshipped other gods, but it doesn't end there! The christian god has an equal hatred for agnostics and atheists as shown in 2 Chronicles 15, which tells us "That whosoever would not seek the LORD God of Israel should be put to death, whether small or great, whether man or woman". I guess that means god wants me dead for writing this essay. If god wants me dead, why am I still breathing?
  • Occasionally god will do his dirty work himself, rather than foisting it onto his followers. Acts 12:21-23 shows how god killed Herod and made worms eat his body. What horrible crime did Herod commit to earn this? He made a speech to a crowd who adored him more than they adored god.
  • John 3:18 tells us that those who don't believe in god are condemned. This is reiterated by Mark 16:16."

    His words, not mine. Because I already know the Bible is based on myths from far earlier religious texts, and is largely metaphorical. I find the works of Neale Donald Walsch closer to actual truth than that outdated collection, and the texts "borrowed" are far more colorful and interesting as well, especially the Sumerian and Mithraic.
    I once had a website devoted to articles like this, but have concluded the Study of Cults for the time being..
    Good reference article, though.
    I would mention again that I don't have a problem with faith.
    It is an aberration of the mind, whereas religion is an aberration of society.
    Also- remember that anyone who claims to be a Satanist is actually a christian, since their object of worship is a christian concept. They hate it when you point that out to them.
  • 22.10.02

    Problematic Verses in the Koran.
    A Greek Orthodox Christian argues with a Muslim.
    Talk about redundant!
    I find it curious, however, that the Muslim doesn't point out the thousands of problematic verses in the Bible.
    Hey, kids--I'll settle your debate with one sentence-all religions are Monumental Scams.
    A cult is not defined by the number of it's followers.
    Faith, on the other hand, is subjective and highly personal; I've got no problem with that.
    Been Here Yet?
    Christina Aguilera topless.
    If you like that sort of thing. She's doesn't do much for me.
    She's pretty- for a blonde. Wonder what she sees in Tiger Woods?

    Do the Full Screen Slide Show-right click for the next pic.


    Hehehe. My skinny white legs are featured in today's Socks Of The Daytm!
    Seriously, I see no problem with men, comfortable in their masculinity and sexual preference, wearing any of the socks featured at Fetishize-Me. They look and feel great! I especially like the velvet thigh high's, but the ones in this pic are very comfortable-I'm still wearing them right now!
    (Note-you are not allowed to use my preference in clothing against me)
    Do It Your Damn Self Dept: Hand-drawn Holograms
    Difficult, addicting, lovely colors and sounds
    Black Hawk Striker


    Shhh. I'm reading.
    "God is usually held to be omnibenevolent, infinitely loving. Such a God may permit necessary suffering, but never unnecessary suffering. This is a tricky proposition to defend. A single instance of unnecessary suffering would disprove it, so this belief depends on all suffering being the minimum necessary."

    "Did God have to design geology in such a way that thousands would die in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions? Was it necessary to give us so many varieties of pain, and such intensity of pain?"