Wow, Anthony Michael Hall looks quite different these days--not the awkward-looking geek he used to be.....
If you've got a fast internet connect and a few spare moments!
News From Babylon : Downloads brings somewhat of a human aspect to war with a video I found both fascinating and disturbing:
"This video, which appears to be from Afghanistan shows what appears to be the view from an infrared or nightvision camera in a helicopter, and an attack on and around a Mosque and a cave in the side of a hill. See the soldiers use 500lb bombs on what appear to be lone, fleeing, unarmed humans while making pig-like squealing noises on the radio. Very large (21MB). RealVideo format. 9 minutes, 47 seconds. black & white. With audio."
What are those noises they are making on the radio?
A True Word - Here's to you, Dr Robertson
"The first American tax dollars in Bush’s Faith Based initiative: half a million to Pat Robertson. Since September 11, there have been few voices so aggressive in their attacks on Islam as these same evangelical Christians.As the evangelicals pursued this hateful agenda, the White House was attempting to demonstrate that they held no ill will towards Islam as a religion or Muslims as a people. George W. Bush constantly reiterated that Islam was a 'religion of peace', attended mosques, and seemed to be making an attempt, whether earnest or otherwise, to send a message to the American people that Islam was not the enemy."

Looks like a conflict of interest to me.
Breathtaking Nuclear Hypocrisy
"The statement that the North Koreans must 'live up to treaties and agreements and obligations' before there can be negotiations heedlessly fails to acknowledge that the United States has utterly failed to live up to our own agreements and obligations under the Non-Proliferation Treaty."
New layout to reflect my decision to shut down the Furnace and Tarsus.
Latter- it's not really neccessary- I can put here what would usually go there anyway.
Former-someone's gotten into it somehow and gummed it all up. I won't say how I know this, but I do.
My political viewpoints haven't been too popular,so I guess it was a matter of time. So I'll just whittle down the amount of politica I normally post to those articles that claim to report an occurance without the inconvenience of being considered "left" or "right". That--and I've grown weary of internet anger, and apprehensive of pissing off the Big G. Lost more readers than gained with that damn page. Won't back down completely, just need to redirect my attention.
Within a day or two, the Chapel will return to being the Main Focus.


From science and computers, a new face of Jesus
"Using archaeological and anatomical science rather than artistic interpretation makes this the most accurate likeness ever created."
Broad peasant's face, dark olive skin, short curly hair and a prominent nose. He would have stood 5-foot-1-inch tall and weighed 110 pounds.
Obviously quite a bit more accurate than the usual artist's depiction of a tall, white, handsome, studly-yet-effeminate Jesus.
Hm. The guy looks like he'd fit the Profile and would probably be sitting in a Gitmo cell indefinitely if he were a real person and alive today............
WishList Item~
"The latest fun leisure vehicle seen recently at the Olympic Opening Ceremony celebration held Sydney, Australia! Easy and fun to ride - simply start it up, hop on, adjust the throttle and off you go!"

Top Speed--15 mph. Bet you could trick it to go 60.


Found in my Inbox~
A Sorta Fairy Tale.
Quirky, yet shiny Tori Amos Video.
Happy Wednesday! Part II
Did Jesus Eat Magic Mushrooms At Last Supper?
"Clark Heinrich says man has enjoyed the psychedelic effects of mushrooms since thousands of years before Christ -- and figured the King of Kings probably turned on as well."

Interesting- that would probably also explain all the "visions" the various "prophets" had.
Imagine a religion based on a book that is essentially a record of hallucinagenic drug trips!
Much more plausible to me than believing those visions were inspired by a bi-polar deity who preferred not to Teach By Example............

Happy Wednesday!
Was Mary a teenage mum?
"A BBC program that suggested the Virgin Mary might have been 13 when she gave birth to Jesus has prompted more than 500 complaints."

What's to complain about? A common occurance Back In The Day.

"The program, called Virgin Mary, speculated that she was probably just 13 when she gave birth. It also considered, before rejecting, the possibility that the Virgin Mary became pregnant after being raped by a Roman soldier.The show also raised doubts about the birth of Jesus in a Bethlehem stable and the presence of the Three Wise Men."

Thus-far unindicted Bishop Hollis:
"To include, within a historical examination of her life, confused and unfounded guesswork, which carries with it crude and offensive speculation, is not only unscholarly but runs the risk of undermining the very integrity of the project itself."

Why, theology itself is not much more than confused and unfounded guesswork!
Sure, there is accurate and relevant history in the bible, but the bulk of it is based on "visons" and interpretations of earlier oral myths. Contemplating a Supreme Being at all is inherently confusing and based on unfounded, unprovable myths and fairy tales. So any consideration of Mary's past can logically include speculations based on what is known about ancient cutural practices, such as marrying and giving birth before the age of 15.
BTW- was Jesus born in September or January? Theology experts still debate, but it's roundly accepted that he was not born in December.
If I am ever to be honored for anything after I die, I'd appreciate it if my birthday was celebrated on the actual month I was born, not a month after or three months before.
Also, don't lump a bunch of other people's history and beliefs into mine for the sake of convenience.
And don't do things on that day that have nothing to do with me, like chopping down trees, dressing them up, then throwing them away.

Highly addictive Lemmings Clone~
Levity from South Knox Bubba


Here's another cutsie xmas game~
Playdo Community
Shiny Game on-site~Stay In The Light! Darkness Falls
Damned Tooth Fairy!
Oh, I forgot to mention~Tarsus Net will be closed down, and anything that would normally go there will go here.DOMAI Simple Tasteful Nudes.
Thinking of closing the Furnace down too, but I need a place to post the longer rants, and the political stuff would just over-run the Chapel, which is why I made Furnace in the first place.
Found in Comments~
Shiny site indeed. Wish I knew how to design like that.
Or at all, for that matter.
(shiny can mean many things-in this case it means "beautiful".)
Text takes a bit of effort to read, but many say that about the Chapel too. Someone suggested once that I go black text on white background. I can't do that. This is my homepage, and I need colors to look at.
newsobserver.com - Challenge to virgin birth raises uproar
"Just as Christians get ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus (despite his not being born in december),-- one that goes to the very heart of the Christmas story. Was Jesus born of a virgin?
"He was the child of human parents, complete with a belly button and genetic code."
Either that, or Mary had extra-marital relations with a Ghost.

via DiRTy.
This is pretty fun, despite the theme~
Last XMas 2
Playtarot Reader~A Lego Witch reads the Tarot for you.
Thanks to Coolio.
Two Quick Items of Note~
the kind folks at Unknown News have added me to their webring "Reliable Alternatives" (see the banner down there?), though I can only hope to live up to the "reliable" part. Thanks guys!
Farscape marathon on Sci-Fi today. Final episodes begin January 10, 2003.
IMO, they should have pumped the money normally spent on SG-1 into reviving Farscape, best show on that channel. SG-1 sucks Rudolph, never made it though a single episode.
If Firefly ever gets pulled, I may blow a vital blood vessel.
Enterprise just isn't nearly as good as it
should be.
Mal can kick both Archer's and Crichton's asses at the same time!
Journal | White Apples by Jonathan Carroll
Always a relaxing Read. I like to visit once a month. Like Princess Gummi who is really only to be appreciated every other day or so, and misc.etc is more of a weekly thing.
Another Warm House~Triptych Cryptic.
Aaron's Formula Will Break Barriers Of Time
Aaron says the formula posted on his site isn't complete. He has the rest of it locked in his head. But what he has revealed is enough to change human thought forever. It is a key to unlocking the puzzle of time itself and releasing all mankind from the numbing effects of organized religious slavery.

In his studies of time and numbers, and experimenting with the formula, Donahue said he made a startling discovery. Humans have been blocked from expanding their mental abilities and seeing future and past events by clocks and calendars. These devices were creations of the church, and cleverly designed to confuse the human brain.

Alotta Goetia, and his "visions" are dire indeed.


BBC NEWS | UK | Controversial Virgin Mary film defended
"The documentary, to be screened on Sunday evening, questions the Mary of popular imagination.

It portrays her as a poor and downtrodden girl, who might have conceived Jesus as a result of being raped."

See, back in The Day, in that particular part of the world, Mary would have been stoned to death for any relations at all, let alone raped. Hasn't changed much as the ages passsed.So Joseph did what any true gentleman would do in that situation.
But, I thought that was common knowledge by now......

Pretty Tough Moon Lander clone~
Titoonic Space Cab
Because Elephants Are Cool.
Hoaxers vs. Rocket Scientists: Even NASA Unsure How to Counter Claims of Faked Moon Missions
"The story went _ and still goes _ something like this: America was desperate to beat the Soviet Union in the high-stakes race to the moon, but lacked the technology to pull it off. So NASA faked the six manned moon landings in a studio somewhere out West.
'I don't know what real achievements they've done because when do you trust a liar?' Rene says. `I know we have a shuttle running right around above our heads, but that's only 175 miles (282 kilometers) up. It's under the shield. You cannot go through the shield and live.'

He's talking, of course, about the radiation shield."

......and, of course, that nasty little detail is not explained in the article.
That aside, I have no reason to trust NASA or the government to tell the truth about anything in particular, but have little reason to believe we didn't land on the moon either. My theory is that we had the technology far earlier, had been to the moon and back many times, Russia too, and the 1969 landings, while probably real, were scaled back technologically to reflect public knowledge of what we had at the time.
IOW, our technology exceeds what we the public are allowed to be aware of. I believe bases on the moon were established before 1969.
I'm a nutcase, I know........because I also believe The Cold War was a ruse as well. Geopolitics is a perpetual drama, and we are merely the audience. Sometimes an antagonist is needed to keep the story interesting.

Joe Strummer dies - Dec. 23, 2002
Damn. He was only 50.
Never could find that last picture~Beetle Buggin'.
A synchronicity. I had run out of smokes, but have a pouch of Natural Spirit just sitting there.
But I don't know how to roll! I know, go figure. Anyway, and without a notion, my good buddy DiRTy somehow picks up on my need-to-smoke vibe and posts SoYouWanna roll your own cigarettes?
Well Done!! But I'm still not smart enough to figure it out...........
This is the Santa I know.....


Do you, uh.....Rageman.com
I like when I see in referrals that people visit the Chapel from here....Fetishize Me's footless links
Aw in't that cute~~!cheeky girls game
Another game--shoot the bubbles~ pretty difficult
BubBle TrOuBle